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JUSTIN BIEBER VEVO got deleted from Youtube today

If you’re browsing the Twittersphere right now, you might notice that the trending topics list is saturated with pop music references. Many TTs are due to last night’s MTV Video Music Awards, but some are there thanks to the work of one iLCreation.

Music videos from the likes of Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and more are officially down on YouTube right now.

First, and most importantly to the tweens on Twitter, is the outage of the Justin Bieber VEVO channel. All of his videos have been removed based on a copyright claim from iLCreative (as you can see from the lead image).

Other casualties of iLCreative’s rampage? Rhianna. Her video for “What’s My Name?” currently bears the same takedown notice. Users on Twitter are also reporting missing videos from Bruno Mars, Beyonce, and Miley Cyrus.



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  • Lilly

    OOHH!! so that why when i wanted to like “Baby” i couldnt find it! but OMG wut kind of copyright claim.. he didnt like film it by himself he had ppl do it for him -.-” gosh ppl can be soooooo stupid at times

    • Robyn Bieber

      Dude no it did not i am on it now lol


  • NickyElla

    Ugh.I should have downloaded all the videos before stupid VEVO went strike.I wonder how does Bieber think bout this 🙂

  • daisy

    well..sorry bieber..but the hacker dont want u..^^

  • Anonymous

    its back on.

    • Steph,

      Yeah, I noticed that too.

    • Anonymous

      Your a hacker on MSP

  • Courtney

    its on again people. chill out

  • my name is _________

    go on tmz it explains everything every1 fing chill…

  • They also disabled my Ladies Love Me video.. that Justin tweeted. Please make something about this.. and please help me get it back. i am very upset right now. #beliebershelpbeliebers

  • nicole

    omg justin bieber private twitter account has been suspended that sucks

    • Hannah

      he doesent have a private twitter…

  • JBsShawty

    JustinBieberVevo is NOT deleted bcuz i’m on it right NOW!!!!

  • Hannah

    Guys all the videos are back! the hacker was a 13 year old guy from pakastan . He’s hopefully gonna get arrested. if you wanna speak your mind to him beliebers tracked down his facebook (Beliebers go hard!) and its facebook.com/fayzann
    some of you guys should really get a twitter so you can keep up with this stuff..

  • Anonymous

    hey hasn’t anyone one heard that justin got in a minor car accident…i’m glad he didnt get hurt

  • Anonymous

    Jb should die