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Cody Simpson says he and Justin Bieber are like family now

If his story sounds a little bit familiar, that’s because teen sensation Justin Bieber was discovered the same way. Now, if you’re a young male singing star, there will automatically be some comparisons to Bieber, but Simpson assures us, these two are very different.

cody simpson shirtless

Cody Simpson shirtless

“Well, we both grew up in very different lifestyles. I mean, he was in Canada playing hockey and listening to R&B music,” Simpson said. “I grew up on the beach down in Australia listening to totally different styles of music.”

Simpson, who recently signed with Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, is a big fan of the teen star and insists there is no animosity between the two.

“I’m a big fan of Justin’s. We support each other a lot. He was talking to me yesterday about the songs he liked off my EP.” Simpson said. “People feel like its competition, but it’s really like friendly and family. It’s definitely not something that should be seen as a rivalry.”

And that seems to be true. Bieber recently tweeted,

“shoutout to @ddlovato @codysimpson @mindlessbhavior 4 all their albums coming out this week. our generation is doing it big. #sharethewealth.”

Simpson seemed to appreciate the love from Bieber, because he replied with,

“@justinbieber mate I appreciate the shoutout. heard you liked Good As It Gets. thanks for that. #CoastToCoast.”

So could we possibly see a collaboration between the two? “We haven’t got plans set in stone yet to do that,” Simpson said “But I’m sure something will happen in the future. You’ll have to wait till 2012. Next year, it’s not that long.”


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  • Anonymous

    no, no, no NO!



    • ummm it one time not long time duh, plus yall just hatin on cody simpson and justin bieber

  • nonono

    Please no more Cody Simpson on this site. tnx

  • jbs number one fan

    I HATE CODY SIMPSON!!! BOOOOOOOOO CODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 :D:D 😀 😀 😀 😀

    • i want to b fucked by cody n im a guy

      I want to b fucked by cody n im a guy

  • jbs number one fan


  • missmusiclover

    omg who cares if cody is on here i love him… it’s not like he is on there 24/7 hes’s talking about justin which is all what u are here for so stop dissing him… geeze at ur age people!

  • Patricia

    WTF?!?! I didn’t know that Cody Simpson signed with Scooter Braun??? o_O This makes me laugh cause most of Justin’s and Cody’s fans hate each other, and now we find out that they’re friends and have the same manager. Its kinda weird though. I love Justin, but I don’t have a problem with Cody. I actually like some of his songs. Yeah he will never be as successfull and loved as Justin is. Cody isn’t very attractive and not as talented as Justin. But I still wish him good luck.

    • nonono

      I dont hate Cody fans, i just think they are idiots, lol
      Seriously whats the point to be a fan of copycat, when the real thing is sooo much better. When you dream, dream it BIG.

      • missy miss

        can i just say that cody is in know way copying justin…. dont get me wrong i love justin bieber with all my heart but cody isnt copying justin. justin isnt the only one who wears the skinny jeans and the shoes… plenty of teenage guys do. and his dance moves a just dance moves that everyone does. plus justin learned most of his moves from usher!

      • Anonymous


  • jen

    scooter…. why you did? you wants more money????

  • Cody is Mine!

    oh yeah! GO CODY! BEAT Justin little bieber wohoo! Even if justin’s more famous, you have more muscles and has a great voice :))) GO GO GO TEAM CODY and I think Scooter did this cause he thinks cody will be a lot famous and justin would loose his fans so Scooter, can’t believe you’re smart hehe

    • nonono

      Why do you come to this site to bash Justin ? Go away. Nobody here cares about Cody and nobody goes to Cody site to bash him.

      • missmusiclover

        plenty of people like cody… just saying

      • Anonymous

        who cares i care ok bicth

    • erin bieber


      • missmusiclover

        u might hate him but i love him and i no hundreds of other people who do to

    • jbisbest

      no Bielieber would leave justin and sorry but cody cant even compete with justin and who cares about codys “muscles” hes ok but justin will always be best and is irreplaceble

      • belieber_baby

        justin can never be replaced… but cody is just as dgood… just not as famous

  • Anonymous

    this site is for belibers not cody simpson lovers booooooo cody loooove justin

    • missmusiclover

      pretty sure this site is for anyone…. in cluding biber and simpson fans

  • Anonymous

    if u people hate justin why u on this site

    • Anonymous

      hi bieber most beautiful and well tha you love kisses yuo

  • N1BieberLover

    i think ppl shud stop comparin him 2 justin
    dey r lyk fwends now i dont wnt dem 2 hav fights bout dat

    • missmusiclover

      thank you… why cant you people just be happy that they get along… you may not like cody or justin… who cares…. its what they do for there fans that counts. if you cant be happy that justin or cody is friends with someone you may not like… than i dnt think thats what a real fans are there for.

    • kendra

      Um…learn english

  • ana

    I LOVE YEW CODY!!!!!

  • Jordana Brown

    LOOK !!!!!!!!!!!!!! every stop hating on cody he not copying justin loads of teen boyz have tht style these days and if ya hating on cody u must be worried 4 justin lossing fans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i love cody simpson & justin bieber

    i love cody simpson and justin bieber very much but i dont get it why u cody simpson haters got to hate so bad that makes cody simpson fans get very affended

  • I love you cody

  • I love you cody simpson

  • l love cody

  • hey i like codysimpson he is my baby