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Justin Bieber “Under The Mistletoe” ALBUM COVER

Justin Bieber "Under The Mistletoe" Album Cover

Here it is!! This is the cover to Justin’s Christmas album “Under The Mistletoe” due out 11.1.11. Now all we need is the song list.


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  • xomandyluvxo

    i love him cant wait

  • Anonymous

    sooooo excited for this album….

  • TaylovesJB

    OMB I can’t wait!♥ I love him so much♥ #nov1st. ♥

  • Anonymous

    me neither. all i think about is him…….. ahhhhhhhh

  • Justin looks like hes saying ‘Sorry I no speak english! :$ LOL

  • jbs number one fan

    i will be the first one to get it!

  • Anonymous

    Ill be jamming to this album november 1st!!!!

  • cookieface

    wow it’s boring man like the baby cover they could have gone for a different cover plain bor-ring ;p yuck boring oh :p ;p ;p ;p ;p

  • Sasha

    Can’t wait. It comes out on my birthday!!! So excited to hear it. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      When is your birthdaay?

  • Patricia

    I saw this on tumblr already. He’s so beautifull…… his eyes are killing me <3 I can't wait to buy this album!

  • amy xxxxxxx


  • Terri

    He looks adorable and I don’t doubt it sounds wonderful! I can’t wait either.

  • Jessie

    when does it come out in Australia

    • Anonymous

      yeah when does it come out in aus on itunes/ normal plz it being released on my b’day well it was (18th) now 17th ??
      really want 2 know 🙂
      luv u JB <3

      • Anonymous

        it comes out today, i think.. being the 17th, but can you actually find it on itunes? ahhh i cant its killing me!!

  • gianna-leigh swinton

    cool cant wait till it is made, so i can buy it and bug my family about how much i admier him LoL 😀

  • mandy96

    OMG cant wait till it comes out!!! Sooooooo exited!!!!

  • mandy96

    <3 (still exited) <3

  • N1BieberLover

    cant wait 4 ur new album 😀
    ‘under the mistletoe’

  • iloveyouBieber

    omg. i love him sooo much. i cant wait for this album and for believe(:
    i love justin bieber♥

  • DAMN!!!!HOT… XD

    • kbiebz

      i know!

  • Lauren


    • kbiebz


  • kbiebz

    um.. yeah guys, hes mine? snm:) can wait to buy this. LOVE YOU!

  • Anonymous

    i justi love justin! christmas are gonna be magic with justin’s voice!!!!!!!!! <3

  • a personnn . .

    wow . hess soo hottt
    # JS ♥

  • Anonymous

    KJHO89Ğ 89