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Justin Bieber Jazmyn Bieber rehearsal

Jazmyn Bieber’s Twitter account – Mady by Big Bro Bieber

Justin’s in Atlanta rehearsing for his upcoming South American tour which starts in Mexico City in 3 days. He’s got shows almost every other day until his last in Venezuela on October 25. Immediately after that Justin will be one busy guy. He’ll be everywhere on TV, radio, and internet to promote “Under The Mistletoe” which is scheduled to be released in North America on Tuesday, Nov 1.

That means he won’t be able to spend time with his family for a while. That’s why Jeremy flew Jazmyn in to spend some quality time with her big brother in Atlanta while he rehearses. He even took her to do some shopping. I can already see him spoiling her like crazy. Why not? JB’s got all the money in the world.

Not only did he spend quality time with her but he even went and made her her own Twitter account. Yes, she’s only 3 years and 4 months and can’t even spell yet, but looks like there are already 37,000 who eagerly await for that day that she is able to spell. Patience. (Somehow my instincts are telling me her first Tweet will be “hi”.)

This is Jazzy’s Twitter account. Follow her and by the end of the year she will make it into the Guinness Book of World record as the “MOST FOLLOWED ON TWITTER WITHOUT EVEN A TWEET”. (And please follow me too! @JBShrine)

Here they are at the mall in Atlanta. They’re so adorable and he’s such a good brother.


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  • Veronica

    awwww (‘:

  • Jb lover

    Too damn cute. Can’t wait for the Christmas album 🙂

  • she is soooo cute

  • Tad

    What is he rehearsing for? he just gonna lip sync for the entire concert

  • lilly

    im not trying to sound me at all, but when she’s older and people still know who justin bieber is i dont want her to be all bratty

  • Lilly

    awwe that is too cute!! i love that when he’s with his family/friends he’s totally different then when he’s with Selena.

  • Patricia

    I agree that its nice to finally see some nice pictures of Justin and his family, instead of the same Jelena crap. Im also one of Jazzy’s twitter followers. Im waiting for her first tweet lol. Im not even in South America, and Im excited for this tour 😀

  • justin is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice to his siblings. jazmyn is like sooooooooooo cute. but justin u look even cuter when ur takin care of jazmyn

  • nikki

    ohhhhh so JAZZY was the one they were talking bout on Radio Disney they were like who has blank followers on twitter nd never even tweeted once? lol Cnt believe it……….. they r both adorable

  • I like the girl in her place ♥♥♥……

  • victoria

    justin biber sou sua fã numero 1 estou te deixando este recado para que voce possa ler com muito carinho[ justin meu sonho e te conhecer de perto quando vou dormir fico pensando se eu tenho alguma chance de te conhecer tambem eu nunca pensei que um dia eu ia conhecer uma pessoa que gosta de espagete e pizza te amo muito se voce puder ler leia estou escrevendo com muito amor e carinho uma fã sua brasileira beijos assinado victoria beijãooooooooooooooooooooooooo. te amo gatinho

  • victoria

    justin bieber nossa voce ta lindo nestafoto mostrando a cueca roxa uuaaaa e esta sexy[justin se voce ler o recado avisa a tua mae que ele e bonita beijosssss[te amo lindinho e justin bieber se voce for ler o meu primeiro recado por favor realisa um sonho de uma garota e esta garota sou eu tua pequenina fã victoria se voce puder me segue no twitter e me adisona por favor a eo obigado por voce ler o recado.beijao fofinho]

  • Valerie

    That is so cute his sis is adorable he is a good big brother!!!!i luv u Justin I support u!!forever!!!!luv ya!!!!!:D

  • love

  • Jazmynnedd

    She so cute and she got my name