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Jelena is Brangelina 2.0 – Family Photo

The comparison between Brangelina and Jelena is inevitable.

Two powerhouse celebrities unite who’s collective star shines so bright that they get their own moniker. (Ok I’m being a little generous in terms of Selena but let’s just go with it.) I guess this is a comparison that didn’t slip Justin’s mind either as he just posted the picture above titled “Brangelina 2.0 hahahahaha“.

I have to admit that is a very cute picture.

And here they are again:


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  • Anonymous

    soo cute 🙂 i wish they just had a family of their own already hahah

    • I don’t support Jelena but this is just too cute. :’)

      And I hope they do NOT have a family because they are both way too young. Plus, it will be really hard with their careers.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah,they are Brangelina 2.0..BECAUSE I’M GETTING SICK OF HEARING ABOUT THEM -.-

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, it’s called the Justin Bieber Shrine, not the Justin Bieber and his girlfriend selena gomez shrine.

    • Anonymous

      hahahaha i’m crying of laughter that is so true and funny

  • it is good what Google can do

  • WOW!

    This site posts things all about JUSTIN and Justin Posted that HIMSELF.

  • Anonymous

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww………………………So Sweet There Are The Best Couple Ever!!!!!!!!!! <3 I LOve YOu Selena gomez And Justin BIeber


  • i usually dont like it when justin does this kinda stuff, but…AWWWWWWW:) thats soooo cute!!!
    c’mon guys, look at the smile on his face, look how big it is:) thats what got me, yes, i wish i was in her position, SO DOES EVERY OTHER BELIEBER OUT THERE!!!!! that doesnt mean its ok to hate and disrespect herr!!! just look at justin’s smile:) i dont know about u, but when justin smiles, i MOST DEFINATELY smile:) it makes me so happy to see HIM this happy:) and if he’s that happy, even if thats only with her, im happyy:) i just love to see a smile on his face:)

    • you have to remember, he’s a human too, he has feelinggss too!!! if he’s in love, so be itt:)

      • Anonymous

        that is so true i looked at the photo and gott anoyed because selena was in it and justin would probably not smile, but the i looked at him and i smilled because that is like the 1st photo i have seen where justin smiles in a picture with selena. !!!!

        • Zaiga

          he smiles because he likes kids 😉

    • ariana

      he shuoldnt play like that cuz clearly he doesnt kno how many ppl will take that seriuosly

  • lilly

    that smile looks fake -.- i just looked at his other pictures and his smile is never like that

    • Zaiga

      selenas smile is fake

  • Jordan

    Hmm, this is definitely adorable 🙂 but I noticed jb’s muscles (; ahahaha. He is growing up so much! :”) And selena is beautiful. Let them be happy! Spread love, not hate <3

  • em

    I thought I could deal with all the jelena photos, but this one totally destroyed me. Justin is happy with her. He is in love. He isn’t going to date one of his beliebers. We don’t even mean anything to him anymore. All he wants us to do is buy his stuff and vote for him. Justin never tweets his funny, flirtly thing anymore. Look at his twitter, all it says is #newmusic or #vote. I hate to say it, but something is changing him and its probably selena. Don’t say he’s just growing up, because growing up doesn’t completely change someone’s personality and the respect that he shows towards his fans. We aren’t justin’s favourite girls anymore. He has a new one and to him we are just the past ans something that he can keep going back to when he needs popularity. I’m a belieber but somethings are too much to deal with. He gets us so attached to him, but he doesn’t realise how much to hurts us.


      • Lotty

        i’m sure everyone agrees that you’re never too old or young to be a belieber…
        but you’re 49 years old, and you have such a strong view on 2 teenagers’ relationship, that you actually go on a justin bieber website to comment on it? seriously?
        just think that’s a little odd for someone of your age to feel this strongly about this kind of topic 😛
        no disrespect.

    • Anonymous

      i’m about to start crying and not of laughter. that is so true, the more he goes out with her the less he cares about us. we were the ones there for him at the start. we were the ones that went to see him in concert. we were the ones that kept him from backing down and we were the ones that got him to do what he loves to do because he loved his fans and we were the ones that he NEVER let down. and he taught us to NEVER SAY NEVER and to NEVER BACK DOWN and to FOLLOW OUR DREAMS, but how r we meant to do that with him not paying any attention to us? selena was never there for him, we were! i just miss the old justin and yes it’s not that he is growing up, it’s the personality and resepct that he had toward us that has changed and i think it’s because of selena. but i guess that if he is happy then i will always smile and be there for him. i mean ALL OF US BELIEBERS WILL BE THERE FOR HIM NO MATTER WHAT. AND SELENA WILL NEVER STEEL US AWAY FROM JUSTIN.

      • kathy

        please rate this convo. gd thanx. it has some really gd points. i love u justin and yes we will always be there for you no matter what.

      • em

        YES! Its us that was there from the beginning. Us that watched every interview. Us that has to deal with the pain of him pushing us away. And in the end, when selena has found a new boy to play with, it will be us that stay strong and stick with justin. Damn that boy is lucky to have us. BELIEBERS GO HARD and I know that we will be there at the very end still calling his name when no-one else is. I just wish he knew how much we care about him and how he makes us feel, not only in the good times but in the bad times too. We stuck with him when he lost fans over his hair, we stuck with him when he swore at the camera, we stuck with him through everything. Its about time that he starts noticing the pain we go through and its about time he started to treat us with the same passion and love that we treat him with.

      • Courtney

        Well first off it’s steal, not steel. and omg Justin still cares about us! just because he has a social life doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about us or doesn’t appreciate us, or doesn’t love us. God, all of you need to chill. Selena is gorgeous and i love her to death. She’s the only disney star that hasn’t like seriously plummeted. *cough, cough, MILEY, cough, cough*. Just support them. and be happy he’s happy and she’s happy and they’re both happy together. and what do you mean she didn’t support him?? you have no idea about that! you’ve never hung out with them! They’ve been friends forever! omg this is precisely why sometimes i hate that i’m associated with beliebers. even though i love justin with my whole heart. good grief. all of you should be embarrassed that you’re so rude to people. just because she’s a star and probably won’t see this, doesn’t mean all of you’re guys’ comments don’t take a toll. so all of you need to get over the fact that HE. WILL. NEVER. MARRY. YOU. especially if he knows how awful you guys are to people!

        • Anonymous

          i really don’t care if justin doen’t marry me. all i care about is the fact that he has changed his personality towards us. did i say that i wan’t to marry him… no i did not, and yes i like selena 2 but i don’t think she is right for him.
          hey and I’m also a miley fan so, what did you say about her??????!!!!

        • Anonymous

          Girl, you go girl! aha. Forrealz, you bitchessss need to re-to-the-lax. Obsessed as hell, seriously. Grow up. If you love him so damn much, you’d be happy that he’s happy. Obviously you don’t love him then. And, I don’t know why this girls opinion on Selena being right for Justin matters, but okaaay. You don’t know her life! Lol.

          PS; Miley is sick af. She’s legal and can do whatever the hell she wants. Don’t judge. K thanks!

          vvv GIRL DOWN THERE IS TRIPPING. vvv

    • Zaiga


      • Zaiga

        amen to em

  • Katy

    My heart genuinely dropped like a stone when I saw the top picture. One of the traits that Beliebers love so much about Justin is how great he is with little kids, so to see him with a bunch of babies and Selena is soul destroying!
    Every single Belieber knows she wishes she was Selena in that picture!
    But we have to face it, he truly does love her, and there’s not a thing we can do to change it, he’s young and in love and its a whirlwind teenage romance – we’ve all been there! And so we all know that he won’t hear a word against Selena or listen to anything bad about her, until she herself gives him reason to doubt her. So until that day, nothing we do or say about Selena will matter at all.
    But true Beliebers will stick with Justin throughout this relationship whatever the outcome of it, and we can all just pray that one day Justin will return to that Kidrauhl that we all found and fell in love with all that time ago.
    Belieber out. <3 x

  • melissaaa

    who’s kids even are they?! where did these babies come from?!

    • Laura

      That is more what you guys should be worrying about! haha
      You all know Justin still loves his beliebers more than anything and is so grateful for every single one. That will never change.

      • lilly

        are you sure about that? i remember how use to tell us how poor he was but now that he has the money he blows it all off on selena and other worthless stuff, i love him but i think he lost what he really is or who he really is

  • nicole

    i usally dont think their for publicity but it kinda make me wonder this picture like whos babies do they belong to why is it like a photo shoot? like i dont get it why? i would understand if there their babies but if not WTF!

    • Anonymous

      whach ur lanuage. 😀 not meaning to be rude or anything.

  • Naomi

    Whose babies are they holding?

  • lilly

    do they want people to start rumors thinking selena’s pregnant? cause lately justin said he wants to be a young dad and he’s starting to hang with ALOT of babies with selena

  • dear justin bieber shrine blog 2011 , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that i do feel that this is a publictiy act just for thoses babbies , and why just because they got spoted at the falcons foot ball game , and second they got spoted again just when justin bieber was kissing selena gomez in the car , and i do what to say just about my age so what i known that this was a publicitiy act just from the beinging , from the time that selena gomez took off her promes ring and up to the time off justin bieber rummors about his proposes to marriage and selena gomez whats to have a babbie rummor , love david b conway

  • page 2 / and my last comment,s on this web site just for a long time , and how about the time off justin bieber and his 3 year,s of age of jazy b day , love david conway

  • Patricia

    I don’t see why you guys are freaking out over this picture? It was a joke. And yes he is growing up and one day will have real pictures like this of his wife and kids. Are ya’ll still gonna freak out then? smh

    • Anonymous

      SMH, haha. Facebook shit.

  • morgan

    i think its annoying when they call celebritys with there named conjoined like JELENA there two different people ! JUSTIN AND SELENA! there not one person… but i do love them both dearly and there great people!


  • Mikeela

    After looking at these pics and reading some of these comments it really had me thinking. I seriously think Justin and Selena are moving a little to fast. They’ll never know if something like that actually happen and then what? They’re going to be stuck like chuck if that really do happen. No offense to him or her , i love them and i’m still a big no enormous belieber.