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justin bieber selena gomez tonight show

Justin Bieber to Simon Cowell: “I will look after Selena Gomez”


Selena brought Justin when she made her appearance on The Tonight Show. This is their conversation with Simon Cowell backstage as they were leaving:

Simon to Selena: “Bye trouble”

Selena: “Aww”

Simon to Selena: “Look after him”

Justin to Simon: “I’ll look after HER”

Man he’s so protective of her. They are starting to grow on me. You too?

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  • Anonymous

    Publicity relastionship lol

    • it was backstagee….they werent expecting any cameras to be back theree….

      • lilly

        uhm every backstage has cameras they know that

      • kookie

        lilly you were not backstage!!!!!! I could lie and say i was backstage!!! Its not that hard. Lol .

  • this vid is soooo adorable:)i watched it, and i was literally like awwwww!!!
    i love how he went to grab her ass, then she moved his handdd!!!!! hahahaa but it was cute how he wrapped his arms around herr:) that was too cute:)

    • Anonymous

      that was because she doen’t really love him.

      • lea

        that was because it’s inapropriate

        • Girl

          Lol @Lea !Ttrue!(:

    • I diagree with lea. Mined your own buisness people its their relationship so but out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Omg im soo sorry lea i ment anyonymous

  • lilly

    i love justin but everytime he’s holding her low he’s always grabbing her ass -.- show respect

  • Chelsie Bieber


    • Anonymous

      I know! They r just really sweet together! Selena is really lucky!

  • So true!

    They have grown on me too, I have finally realized that hating her won’t make them break up it will make them stronger. So I just Respect them now. He Looks So Happy. Like His smile is Huge on those instagram pictures. U smile, I smile remember that.

    • belieber

      Good on you! 😀

    • nonono

      So true. I think they will break up as soon as people will stop hating Selena. Justin have a huge heart and i dont see him dumping her under pressure. Leave them alone and it will happen naturally.
      She is not good for him, but hating on her just make him protect her even more.

      • Katherine

        Y isnt she good for himm???

  • they r such a cute couple go jelena i like the part wen he says ill look after her

  • Mili

    SOOOO sweet

  • kendall jenner

    i love how simon so “ok” at the end lol!!!!!!!!!!

  • MoreBiebs

    When they were first going out, I never hated but I didn’t really care. But every time a new photo or video of them together comes out, I can’t help but love them as a couple! Just the way they act around each other and how he seems to treat her so well is frick’n cute! No one can say this is for publicity 🙂

  • hi people

    (i say this in a nice calm voice) they are so fake. i meen the selena loving justin part. justin is so in love. and i am so happy for him. but i wish selena would say some nice or do something nice for justin for once. sometimes i wish she would just say ‘justin ur so sweat ur the best boyfriend, i love u’, but unfortunatly she doesn’t. and sometimes i feel sorry for justin because selena doesn’t show any love for him like he does for her. *sigh*, but most of the comments above are true if you keep hating justin will hold onto her and if we justin leave it for them, they will choose whether to keep the relationship or to loose it. but they are still very young and will fall inlove 20 times before they find the right person.
    and that is the same for any ordinary person.

    • Anonymous

      but how do you know selena dosent say sweet stuff to justin? just because it not on camera dosent mean she dont say it.

      • Anonymous

        true but.. justin is always saying nice things to selena. and i wish we could here her say good things back

    • Anonymous

      just coz she doesnt say sweet things 2 him infront of camera doesnt mean she doesnt at all. Some people just arent comfortable with public affection

    • Dey r nt fake dey r real nd its cald luv sista get ove it

  • nonono

    What i find annoying is that when Justin is with her , she gets really jealous and makes bitter remarks because she feels the attention should be on her. Like in that video : “Everybody taking his pictures”. She should be proud of him, not jealous.
    I can see why all her ex boyfriends broke up with her. She seem to think that she is too good for anyone, demands too much attention and playing games.

  • lilly

    i want justin to be happy, but at the same time i want him to be hiself around selena, he used to pull alot of pranks like everyday, flirt with his fans even though he had a girlfriend cause every guy does that if they have fans, he used to always hang with his mom but no we barely see them together, we always used to see him running around and having fun, i just don’t see that anymore, i think he needs a month hanging with the boys no selena no calling her or anything, lets see if he goes back to himself, im not hating but its the truth, they will fall in love with other people later till they found the right person for them

  • Trinity


  • selena gomez 123

    awww there so cute together

  • Jojo

    There so cute! I love jelena. U mad???

    • lilly

      no one really cares aymore since they are always with eachother, half of his fans moved on saying” whatever” “its annoying” “dc anymore” more they hang around eachother he more people get annoyed

  • luca lover

    i agree with any1 who hates selena gomez the rest of you stink

  • I think they are great together, I’m not sure if they are together or not, but it doesn’t matter, they should just do what they want to do. x

  • they will never grow on me. i hate jelena, JAITLIN FOR EVER

  • wow shes is soo not right for him but i like justin as a singer thats it but they NEED to break up i tink he should go bck out with jasmine villegas

    • Its none of your buisness. You people out there give them some space theyre are just like us not a billion dollars.

  • All you people are so rude. It is none of your buisness who justin dates. If u dislike selena you keep that to yourself,how would like someone to say they hate u it doesnt feel good does it. I think they adorable together so all you people out there BACK OFF you just jelous bcuz he’s not your boyfriend!

  • Selena FAN!

    I agree with Olivia bcuz every1 should just let them do wut they r gonna do. But off people.

    • I agree wit olivia u guys shuld back off if ure jealous go get a boyfriend i luv<3 jelena nd i dnt think justin shuld go back to his ex

  • I agree wit olivia if ure jealous go get a boyfriend i luv jelena

    • Tori

      Ha sooooo true right there

  • Tori

    Awwwwwwww how cute Justin luv ya and tell Sel that I support u guys no matter wat happens u guys break up I still support both u promise BELIEVE luv ya:)<494