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Justin Bieber dancing backstage at Fashion Night Out

Justin and Asher Roth brought down the house backstage in New York 2 nights ago at D&G’s Fashion Night Out event.

It was rumored that Justin has a song on Asher Roth’s mix-tape which is not finished yet. There were also reports that the 2 are joining forces to make an album together. I would believe it if it was not for the fact that the album is called “Our World 2.7“. Sounds like a joke to me. So I would say this is probably not true.

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  • Hay there justin bieber,
    How are you today at home? what are you doing at home?
    love Lacey gail carroll

  • Lexi

    Okay,that first pic,I saw Justin,but didn’t know it was him,so I said to my friend who’s here with me as I type,I said,”Who is that hottie?” and she said,”It’s Justin Bieber you dummie!” I was SO stupid,but let’s face it,he is HOT!

    • hello

      nice …lol he is so little in tht pic…but still a hotttieeee:)))) YUMM

  • Issy

    I love Justin, but I can’t stand watching videos of him anymore because the girls don’t shut the hell up. You can’t even hear him they’re so loud.

    • Anonymous

      IKR! I’ve always wanted to go to a concert, but then I though how does anyone even hear him singing, everyone is just screaming and would probably be a waste of money!

  • Anonymous

    so hot