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justin bieber middle finger paparazzi selena gomez

Justin Bieber middle fingers the paparazzi AGAIN!

Better late then never right?

Last week on September 15th Justin & Selena attended the premiere of Taylor Lautner’s “Abduction”. After the screening Jelena went to Mastros Steakhouse in Beverly Hills for a romantic dinner date. From these pictures it reminded me of the night they went out to eat at Maggiano’s in Los Angeles for his 17th birthday (Chris Brown was there) and they were hounded by the paparazzi.

Remember that night? If not then think someone punched Selena’s face cold sore. If you remember that night you will remember that it was the very first time ever that Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber flipped middle fingers at the paparazzi.

This time it looks like Selena has taught JB the art of flipping the middle finger with class. 😉

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  • Someone

    well i don’t blame him for doing it because they need to leave both of them alone because one day they are both going to get mad then one day hit or punch one of them and i think it will be funny!!!

    • christina

      no you go to jail if you punch a paparazzi, plus he knew this was going to happen if he didn’t want this he shouldn’t have became famous then, im not saying i hate him because i like him for his songs, but every person knows this is what your gonna get its part of the job,honestly i wouldn’t be flipping them off at all, even though paparazzi doesnt have respect, but like justin always says “respect others” well that was a lie, hmmm i wonder what made him change his mind or who

      • Alexis

        AMEN!! it was that little brat that made him change…pattie would NEVER!!! EVER EVER let justin do anything like that…Now he gets away with it cause he probly doesnt even come home at night or pattie just dsnt see it

        • obviouslyyyy!!!! thats what im thinkinn!!!


        • bieber 4 eva

          you retardo of course pattie would see it because it would probably be in the magazines like it ended upon the shrine.

          btw SELENA did not change him in any way shape or form except making him happier so stop hating and get a life

        • Just_belieb_it

          So true! I freaking hate hate Selena! When hes around her, he disrespects, doesnt take pics with fans, and becomes this monster. PLZ Selena get out of his life and stop using him! I want the old Justin back! :'(

  • i have seen that picture before i think…


    i think he honestly have th rite to bc wat would u do if papz were all in ur freakin face and i wouldnt do it in class i would do it with a lil anger bc they never get a break like never ik tht would be annoy and he cant hit them soooo i would stick it all in there face

  • Holly

    To be honest, I’m not sure if he even is giving them the middle finger? It looks odd, it might literally just happen to be the position of his hands at the exact second the photo was taken?
    But I don’t know I guess you could see it either way, cause I can also see it looks like him flipping them off x

    • bieber 4 eva

      true dat

    • rocky pink

      duh he ment it but i think its hot he never dus anything bad

  • Lilly

    ok i literally have no comments for this pic.. so many things i wanna say but i dont think it will fit in this box.. so Long story short (plz dont hate me im only speaking my mind) 1- the Justin Bieber we know wouldnt have ever flipped paps off yeah he might get mad but he’ll deall w/ it. 2- if they get THIS much attention just by going out on a lil date & u ppl say shes not using him for fame pshhh. 3- Look at the pic… Selena’s like chill like “yeah they’re just paps i just wanna get my pic taken w/ u cuz of fame” while Justins like Fuming like “OMG JUST GET THE FREAK AWAY!” and lastly but not leastly 4- AND U ppl say that Selena hasnt changed him!!! OPEN UR EYES DARN IT! i have so many more things to say but i dnt wanna get hated on & i dont wanna take ur time up hehe 😛

    • Anonymous

      actually if you seen the pics of them leaving the restaurant youll see selena covering up her face with a bag and her hand. and trust if selena was using justin he would have broke up with her, hes not stupid.

      • Alexis

        hes not stupid but she is and shes using him…so they have 2 be forced to move on…im pretty sure when they are together without the cameras they are far away from eachother

        • Anonymous

          Justin Bieber is stupid.He flipped off to the Papparazzi again.Justins a beaver.I hate his Fans.Biebers fans,are weird.Bieber is weird.He should go get eaten by a shark or his fans should say how much they hate him.Justin thinks being a nerd is cool.Which is stupid ofcourse.I hate when,Bieber wears those nerdy black glasses.JUSTIN,IF U REALLY THINK BEING A NERD IS COOL AND,WEARING WOMENS CLOTHING CAN FIT U BETTER,LET ME TELL U THIS!YOUR A FLIPPN WEIRDO!I DEFINATELY HATE U!YOU’LL NEVER BECOME LIKE MJ!YOUR NOT SEXY!YOUR UGLY.STOP CHEATING ON YOUR GIRLFRIEND SELENA GOMEZ!BEAVER!!!!

        • agree!

        • amen to top and who pissed in ur cornflakes anonymous!?!

        • bieber 4 eva

          1st of all ‘nicole’ its who CRAPPED in your corn flakes and 2nd of all ‘NEliza’ true dat if u hate jb GET THE FU**
          OFF THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!!!

        • NEliza

          If u hate bieber why u even on this website? I agree with Nicole who pissed in ur cornflakes?

  • Sarah

    It doesn’t even look like he’s giving them the finger..

  • Anonymous

    I really don’t think he’s giving them the finger! If he was going to do it he’d do it properly like the last time , he wouldn’t do it like that! I think it’s just the way he was the moment the picture was taken!

  • Hannah

    this picture came out a while ago…..i dont blame him for flashing the middle finger. the paps are annoying as hell.he handled the situation really mature actually. Most people would have punched the paps in the face. He’s 17, and he can do what he wants.

  • Ashlee Bieber

    I just miss the old bubbly him, the sweet one who wouldnt do something like this.. it’s not like this is the worst thing he could possibly do it’s just he had the oppurtunity to become famous or not, he knew what came with that option.. The paparazzi …. the fans … And now he practically ignores all his fans and sticks the finger up at the papparazi. there all here for him. He wouldn’t be “justin Bieber” if we weren’t her…. He needs to appreciate us more. reply if you agree of disagree with me..

    • of course he cares and appreciates us!! he thanks us and he knows that we are the ones that got him heree!! so chill hes still here!!

      • Amitoj

        i honestly love jb he is my inspiration
        but tis puberty watch him marry selena …..
        trust me i love justin soomuch but hes changed to idk what to say

  • oh please!!!! u cant even tell that hes doing that!!! he was covering his face bc it was dark out and there were like 100 million flashes in his facce!!! thats crazyy!! the paps really need to give him space!! he is getting too much attention for the littlest things everrr!! people really need to chill out about him, its annoying that some ppl are saying that “if he doesnt like the attention, he shouldnt have become famous”

    PA LEEZ!!!!! he was never expecting it to get this bigg, and the paparazzi are being really annoying to him!! they never leave him alone, so i suggest some people that call themselves BELIEBERS….

    CHILL OUT!!!!! HES HUMAN!!! EVERYONE TENDS TO FLIP THE BIRD ONCE OR ANOTHER IN A LIFETIME!! and hes still young andd he doesnt know what else to do!!! so get a gripp!!!

    • nicole

      Im pree sure you r the one that needs to chill

    • Amitoj

      tots agree

  • gabby togs

    justin stop
    i wonder if he will apoigize on twitter again

  • Anon.

    Maybe the “Justin Bieber you knew” was a 13 – 14 yr old KID. He’s almost 18, with a personal life, he has every right to flip annoying paps off!

    • Amitoj

      shut up he was nt a KID YOUR A KID

      • bieber 4 eva


  • Justin bieber

    I was tryiing to cover my face i dont like the pictures a whole lot , and i would never do this ever . and everyone is talking about selena runing my life . she isnt i make my own choices

    • u aint him…. y r u prtending like this?! who r u??/ i bet if u were a true canadian, u would no facts bout canada tht rnt on google…im not sayin jb aint canadian im saying this guy aint a canadian

  • ...me

    i think justin had to right to flip the paps. yea he may have chose this lifestyle style but he didnt ask for the paps to be in it to. he has the right to express how he feels n i wuld hav done the same

  • JBiebs

    YO I dont like when people blame on my selena its true i am a christian but it aint right to not give an 17 year old some privacy.

    • Amitoj


  • it’s tru that the paparazzi has to give him some space but some of u CRAZY ppl think ur Justin but ur just stueepiddd!

  • AnOn?

    srsly he’s a 17 year old boy who wants to spend time with his friends and family without cameras being pushed in his face ffs.

  • Hi I’m Justin Bieber victor am from Recife Pernambuco really wanted to meet you sorry I live far away and have no money to go to a show that wanted to accomplish his desire for a long time that I dreamed about it and I will not hold to very sad ‘you most admire, I AM yOUR FAN ‘hug and good luck in his career would be very happy if I knew you,

  • Lizzie

    I know he gets frustrated with the paps all around him 24/7 but dude you are a celebrity little kids look up to around the world, get a grip and keep it together we have faith in you that you can do it.. Stay Strong (: We all love you <3

  • someone

    justin bieber is sooosweet

  • someoneudontknow

    OMG, selenators just need to stfu and stop telling everybody to get a life and stop telling people that they are jelouse of selena gomez!!!!!

    miley all the way, WOHOO, heh

  • lucie bieber

    Guys seriously I think justin is old enough to make his own decisions and do what he wants…if selena was “using him” I think he would be smart enough to tell she was….and people say he knew what he was coming into so he shouldn’t flip of the paps but seriously you can’t judge until you in the position as him…so I say let justin do what he wants to do his old enough to make his own decisions! And if his happy with selena then I’m happy for both of them

  • Anonymous

    i posted the photo on twitter and said next time punch them in the stomach, there idiots i can imagine wat he feels like he cant do anything with out them in the way, one thing that he does oh he buys a ice cream at a ‘normal store’ then the next minute its all over the internet, paparazzi should be jailed for being starkers, if we went round taking photos of people they tell the police we will get banged up, there are perfetic!!

  • alex

    supersiz super