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Justin Bieber’s Perfect Kiss

"My Pefect Kiss" - Justin Bieber

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  • i love the J in Jelena

    jelena is fake they have the fakest kisses i have ever seen

    • sam

      Amen! They are. All thy do is kiss cheeks like wtf. And those be the fakest beach pics ever. Even th celeb kathy griffen said that publicly on twitter.

      • lilly

        he said “closing your eyes” uhm yo justin you don’t even close your eyes when you kiss her

        • he does….she doesnt

        • lilly

          no he doesn’t, hawaii he didn’t, in canada he didnt, awards her didnt, she closed her eyes all the time

        • leyla.

          who the hell cares if they dont close their eyes? get over it. yous are great fans of justins saying that the relationship is fake. gtfo if you dont like them together. its not like yous would EVER have a chance with him anyway -.-

  • Haha.

    Fake or Real. She is the one kissing him at the End of the Day. If what they have is Fake. I would LOVE to have a fake relationship with him. I have learned that Hating them Will Get us nowhere, so I just enjoy seeing him happy. That’s all that matters at the end of the Day.

  • nonono

    Thats the problem, He doesnt look that happy. She doesn’t deserve him.
    She is with him almost 24/7 , “protecting” him from other girls.

    • well she doesnt like how hes such a flirt…which is what we love about himm!!! she needs to let him be free, and look happyyy….

  • belieber

    What magazine is this?

    • Anonymous

      in kno rite? come on how come we never find this stuff too?

  • Lilly

    I personally think its fake cuz look… They were at the Awards show, they knew ppl would b taking pics so they took the opportunity to kiss for paps, Then to get more attention, they went behind a rock cuz they knew ppl would follow em, & they kissed there, The date, they knew ppl would follow them & be there to take their pics so they kissed & the Jet ski, The knew ppl were going to be taking pics of him & her on the ski so they took it as a chance to ‘kiss’. & that pic in Hawaii that paps took of justin grabbing selena by her neck to kiss is fake (probably) cuz when u kiss & u dont want the person to let go u grab em by their neck (not tightly) So they cant move their head out of the way. 😛 this is MY point of view. If the ‘realtionship’ is fake (probably is) then they have it very well planned out.

  • Monica Phillips

    stop hatin on them because their in love! let them live and stop being so mean! they just want to make their fans happy and we can’t even be happy in return!

  • nonono

    Hawaii stuff looked forced. Especially that infamous photo with them in the water, with her legs around his waist. I dont think he wanted their relationship to go public, she kinda forced it on him to make it public.

  • viki

    I love justin from the start …….i still do ….. but in my opinion ,Dont get me wrong im a fan of selena to but i think she has a bad influence on him….That is only my opinion tho …. i mean i always thought that their relationship was planned out and that was fake…. but to be truefull we will never know the truth .. if he loves her or not …. if it’s fake or real,But we shouldent hate it dosent matter if it’s real or fake ,it’s their life,hes still a teenager he will make mistakes and he will have more gf’s .i mean he can’t stay single 4 eva ppl r just jealous ,i know this cos i am to ,obviously cos hes the perfect guy, but i will never hate him i support him 100% in everything he does!

  • nonono

    It wasnt planned out. Pattie twitted about it. Selena was supposed to be his bigger sister and protect him. And it was like that in the begginning.
    In the middle of 2010, when he started to become really famous, she realized what kind of treasure he is and took advantage of her position.
    Its obviously she has a great influence over him. For the bad.

  • Anonymous

    OMG stop worrying about there relationship. they dont care what you think.

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