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Justin Bieber Rockin’ Tour Bus and Concert Stage Top-Seller

The Justin Bieber Rockin’ Tour Bus and Concert Stage is expected to be the top selling Christmas toy of 2011 and costs $80. Here is some info on it:

If your child or teenager is in love with the young music sensation, then she will definitely love the Justin Bieber Rockin Tour Bus and Concert Stage. She can create the entire concert experience from beginning to end.

The Justin Bieber Rockin Tour Bus and Concert Stage has a purple and white exterior and is fitted with six wheels. It also has Justin Bieber displayed prominently on the side. There is also a reflection of a crowd of fans on the side of the bus along with spotlights to simulate the concert experience. There is definitely a lot of detail.

One of the main features of this Justin Bieber Rockin Tour Bus and Concert Stage set is the ability of the tour bus to convert into a concert stage. The stage spins around and is fitted with multiple spotlights. There is also an mp3 dock complete with speakers on the stage.


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  • Izzy Bieber

    this . is . so . sexy . ;D♥

  • i wanna buy this cute tour bus if i have some money LOL (:

    • cookieface

      i had a dream justin waz in a to+too 22 thingie play’n wit dolls and got mad when someone took it and raised it so justin couldn’t reach it and he said give me back my dollys like a lil girl so funny
      and he waz wear’n a totoo yellow and legg’ns black and a black small shirt 4va girl plain black and a anklet charm anklet and ran to hiz room and stomp and screamed like a girl it waz a funny daydream
      P.S. you should go to youtube and watch justin scream’n like a girl while bungy jump’n lol so funny i promise

  • Mary_May

    lol.it’s so expencive to buy! but it’s really cool to have like that! =)

    • Anonymous

      money money money u think airy (yes air+y)body got 80 dollars plus this is totally epic like bieber+doll+sing a song =toy epic but really only five year old play wit dolls(well i stopped at 9)you think pre teens and teen girls play wit bieber dolls NOOOOOOOOO i must admitt i can’t speak 4 nobody cuz i want a bieber doll that sings but i think the first doll sucked it didn’t really look like him they need a totally justin’s twin look’n doll and like fake but real
      look’n and feel’n hair and a match’n face that you can never tell the difference totally but i saw a real justin look-a-like bieber doll on another bieber site befor this 1(one)

      • cookieface

        that anonymous person that conplained about the bieber sucked and should be a look-a-like doll bieber+doll+sing a song=toy equazion money money money you think airy (yes air+ y) body got 80 dollars girl is cookieface just fogot to put email and name remember COOKIEFACE

        p.s. love ya songz justin

  • NEliza

    80… friggin… dollars?

  • Zen

    bought it already for my daughter for christmas on sale at toys r us for 60.00 and it came with a free 5 pack of J.B nail polish

  • Lala124

    ikr just for a tour bus/ stage. it ahouls at lease
    be like 20 dollars-.-