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justin bieber singing 2011

Justin Bieber performing at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame Awards

Joining together to help honor a person who they credit for having quite the positive impact in their careers, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Usher were at the 33rd Annual Georgia Music Hall Of Fame Awards in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday night (September 17).

Held at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center, the trio paid tribute to their beloved vocal coach/vocal producer, Jan Smith.

Of the festivities, Bieber tweeted earlier in the day, “back in ATL to honor @ATLVox with @UsherRaymondIV . Love you Mama Jan. happy and proud of u. honored to be here for u”

The 17-year-old later added, “honoring my friend and teacher @atlvox tonight. also excited 2 raise alot of money for #charity this holiday season with the christmas album”

Meanwhile, Usher sent a congratulatory tweet, as he wrote, “Congratulations Mama Jan!!!!”



Justin sang a medley of songs of artists whom Moma Jan has worked for.


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  • i lovvve u jb with all my heart and more thean anything i looooooooovvveeeeeeeeuuuuuuu justin bieber love megan holton

  • just with selena gomez , i do think it is for her publicity still , love david b conway


    i love’d how he was always luaghing and goffying off but now it’s like he doesnt smile or laugh it’s just wrok all the time …justin cant u work hard and still have a good time we want the old justin back <3

    • its only with selena!!!! cant u see the pix???? hes like goofing off and having a good time in the pix without her, and then the one with her, he’s not even smilingg…..its like she doesnt want to see him goofing aroundd….and thats not the real justin:(

      • jbs wife forever

        you lier it is too him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lilly

    selena has no business doing there lol but i still love her but seriously nothing theree has something to do with her. COngrats on everyone there, but justin smile for once

  • nonono

    The picture at the top. Flawless human being.

  • why has she been wearing all black recently???? its really weird its like shes depressed or somethinggg….
    and justin, u always say how happy u are with her, so smile with herrr!!!!!
    im just sayin cause we all love to see u happy, and we love to see u smile:)
    its weird because in all the other pix without selena, hes goofing off, and being himself, but the 1 pic with selena, hes not even smilingg, and he always says how happy selena makes him, doesnt look like that here:(

    • nonono

      She put a spell on him, lol .
      She is a pretty girl, but there is something evil with her appearance.
      I dont like that grin at all.

  • love justin’s face in the 2nd pic btw:)

  • glamgirl108

    Lmao! Do yu guys realize That the dress Selena is wearing, Pattie wore to Justin’s Never Say Never premiere, lmao! Pattie rocked it better

  • Lola

    Shut the front foor. usher CANNOT be wearing a knuckle ring. SO WRONG

    • Lola


  • Anne

    People still think its a publicity stunt? if it was a publicity stunt they prob would’ve broken up by now?

  • nonono

    Its not a publicity stunt. But its not love either.
    She is obsessed to keep him and he is miserable, when she is around.
    They will broke up. He is going into his tour to South America in 2 weeks.
    If she is not going with him to make sure he is not screwing around, it’ll be over.

  • Sweet_Elegant

    Yeah, she STAYS wearing black, she too young for that to be her “Go To” color… #GetSomeColorInYaLife

  • Anonymous

    for you little girls who keep saying stuff like “why is selena and justin always together?” trust me when you love or is in love with someone your gonna always wanna be with them. and also its pathetic that people has so much hate for selena when she started dating justin. thats what you call a (HATER).

    • Jojo

      Agreed 100% 🙂

    • nonono

      Nobody is asking why they always together. People are asking why he acts different and doesnt look happy, when she is around. She makes him sad and miserable, thats why people hate her.

  • hi people

    justin, usher and selena all look amazing. justin please smile when ur with selena. and that is so true that dress did look better on pattie . love u justin always.

  • jb'sfavgirl

    hey everyone i have the second part of his performance on youtube! my username is thebridgetquigley so check it out if you want to see it!

  • Anna

    I love Usher he is the finest man I have seen, I like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez too; but i just can’t stand the fact that they have an on and off relationship!!! Anyways Usher is FINE!!!