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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez leaving Los Angeles


Justin Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez patiently go through customs as they make their way to a flight at LAX airport on Friday (September 16) in Los Angeles.

The 17-year-old singer dressed comfortably for his flight — sporting all black and white Adidas gear topped with a Reebok cap!

Selena, 19, also looked comfy in a cozy gray sweater and black leggings.

On Thursday, the couple went to support their friend, Taylor Lautner at the Abduction premiere.

Earlier that evening, Selena and Justin also dined at Mastro’s Steakhouse.


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  • Anonymous

    I hate Justin Bieber.He’s a freaking Crapm’y asshole.

    • em

      then why are you on this website?!

    • Anonymous

      No you are

  • Lilly

    ~le sighs~ im really getting tired of seeing her face everywhere… not gonna lie im a fan of her music & just a tiny bit of a selena fan… but i still dont respect the fact that their dating… & im starting to get annoyed that he doesnt do anything for his fans anymore…. its all about her now :'( hes changing so much D’: but he only acts like that around her… when hes around his fam & crew hes a TOTALLY different person… the 1 we all fell in love with ♥

    • i know!!!! its like he has an on off switch with selena to change his personality!

    • shut up!

      how do you know that he’s changed but???

    • tiara

      i know i totally agree with you

      this is jelena ;
      they go on a vacation
      they go to award shows
      they go to shopping malls
      people this is not love and that’s certianly not how you show love really and i’m not hating but they don’t even seem interested in each other they they try to show there love only infront of cameras just to get people thinking that in love but no

      • shayla

        i totally agree

        • Anonymous

          that is so true. she doesn’t even love him. it’s just so she can be famous. a friend told me that selena even said that she was gonna steel all of justin’s fans. but she ain’t gonna steel me!!!!!!!!!!!!….. and i miss the old justin. the 1 that loved 2 have fun no matter where he was, now he is everywhere with selena and he has changed so much, so that it’s all about her!! i bet she doesn’t by 1 thing for herself. not even that plain ticket!!!!.
          miss the old justin, and i wish jelena will be over soon. see even there nickname she steels. why can’t it be selustin. ok maybe not but still she is steeling everything.

      • Anonymous

        so apparently your trying to say ..just because they go on vacation, to the malls and award shows they were invited to together. that makes them have a fake relatioship.. OKAY your smart 😉

        • Anonymous

          yep pretty much. thanx

    • Belieber

      I so agree with you, I like Selena & all, & even Jelena pics are cute…but its pretty clear that she’s changing him…or maybe hhe’s growing up to fast! =/

      • anna

        he not growing up two fast and selena didn`t change him selena and justin are just be teenagers and he only 17 it is like there going be like miley C

    • Anonymous

      my words exactly

  • nonono

    haha, he is in los angeles and in atlanta at the same time ? thats messy

  • ssssssssss

    OMG hes in LA ans ATL maybe he has a twin whos in ATL for him

  • nonono

    I watched her movie today Monte Carlo and it was kinda boring. But she isnt a bad actress.
    I’d really like to see them doing a movie together with Justin or a reality show.
    That would totally rock.

  • Laughss!

    DEAR DAISY. HE IS IN ATLANTA FOR MAMA JAN they are having an award ceremony for her. They where going to atlanta through LAX yesterday. Lol. Thats when they where leaving for atlanta.

  • maybe this was was when he was leaving la to go to ATL????
    cause he tweeted he was in ATL…

  • Kara!

    Ok why the heck is Selena Gomez even on this website!?! This is a Justin bieber website!

    • tiara

      i agree it’s thejustinbiebershrine.com not the justinbieberandselenagomeztrytoshowtheirloveshrine.com

      • shayla


  • shut up!

    pretty over everyone complaining about them always together and she’s changed him! whatever she hasn’t changed him, he always says he still loves his fans and family! but he’s in a relationship! and no i don;t think she’s using him to get more famous that just happened. and she doesnt always try to rub it in everyone face that she is dating him, she is a normal person and normal people put photos of their boyfriend on the internet!!! get the heck over it! their in a relationship with him and your not! and if you speak this way about his current girlfriend that doesnt make him love you!!!!

    • xKathi123

      lol she didn’t change him.
      there is such a thing like ‘grow up’ you know that?
      Damn he is 17 of course he isn’t like he was with 15.

      • nonono

        You guys are in denial.
        He is acting completely different when she is not around. He just can’t be himself with her. She is always demands attention from him.

    • Anonymous


      you have a point *@shut up!* but she is using him to be famous. im not saying that i hate the girl, but she is steeling his identity. there nickname is *jelena*, and does the girl at one stage seem not spoilt, ‘justin and selena are shopping”- she walks out with a million bags and he walks out with nothing, ‘justin takes selena out to dinner’- justin takes selena out!. does she ever do anything for him. she wouldn’t sing anything bieber and does she make the effort to stop all her hard work and bussy schedule to visit justin on tour when he was on tour. i don’t think so. justin has been there for he supporting he all the way and doesn’t want to steel the attention off of selena. why doesn’t she do anything back for justin. justin buys and gets and is there for her and only for her, when have we read or seen selena getting justin something or doing something for him, besides putting a picture up on the internet? all i’m saying is that she is using him and doesn’t love him no matter what anyone will say.

      • Anonymous

        *SIGN* anythything bieber (sorry)

      • Zaiga

        agree you anonymous..!!! And only Justin kiss her on the award shows..selena are just smiling and acting like she love justin so much !! she is horrible humen!!

      • tiara

        you are so right

  • tiara

    this is jelena ;
    they go on a vacation
    they go to award shows
    they go to shopping malls
    people this is not love and that’s certianly not how you show love really and i’m not hating but they don’t even seem interested in each other they they try to show there love only infront of cameras just to get people thinking that in love but no

    • tiara

      whoever voted mines down you know it’s true come back to the real world bitches

      • shayla

        i know this is so true this is all they do

  • tiara

    white station spartan dance team yeah!

  • they r so cute!

  • Anonymous

    she looks annoyed?

    • haha

      true she does because they are trying to get a photo of justin and not her!!!

  • Anonymous

    sorry about all the spelling above on that really long parragraph, i have to get some keys fixed.

    • tiara

      it’s okay cause it was alot of good points in there i totally agree with you

  • Natasha

    Justin always dress up well but this time Gsus, what a choice, the shoes are the worst!!! lol u can be confortable and look good…bad choice JB!!!

  • Alexis

    Alright so i understand that he wants to be with selena alot becuase there dating but now that they are dating he doesnt do anything for his fans, baraly on twitter, he just isnt the same justin that he was. he used to be so nice, loved his fans so much, and would do anything for them. He has changed. So much, and i feel like it is becuase of selena. Not her herself but them dating.

  • nonono

    I like seeing her doing all those mad faces. Its so funny.

  • i have everything of yours now even that perfume of yours. I went and saw the crazy stupid love movie it was “very funny”.

  • i cant say that he has changed because i never met him but selena i really think shes a plain jane when it comes to singing like that chick with the black hair shes wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than her acting good singing bleh idk if she loves him shes an ACTOR so maybe

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  • That Girl

    Bottom line:
    They are not in love. They just dont seem very interested in each other. it looks so planned.
    people realize that not EVERYONE is not whom they seem to be. just look at all of us, & yourself.
    people are capable of doing such things that are not acceptable. we should realize its just for publicity.
    dont get sucked in. poor justin, being used. losing his fans. & selena, do you Honestly think that without justin, she would of made it this far? no. plus she doesnt even seem happy whenever shes with him. shes an attractive young lady, & she could possibly get Anyone she wants. what a coincidence, once her career looked shaky, she starts talking to justin. coincidence much? i think not!
    the facts are Right in front of you people!! dont get sucked into this!! form opinions, look at the facts! not everything you see in the media is real.
    take this for example:
    selena denying her relationship with justin when we CLEARLY see pictures of them being very intimate.
    so stop, take a breath, smell the flowers, & just think. do you Really think this is real love, or just another celebrity stunt?
    people will do anything for money. Fame=$$
    you know how some people are. its like playing monopoly. once you have a tons of money, u just want more & do anything to try to win. & thats exactly what anyone in the hollywood business, strike that, thats exactly what Anyone in the country would do.
    people want money, no matter what you say, you want it.$

    theres my rant for ya,

  • nikki

    they are growing old on me…………. but JELENA FOREVER

  • I seriously think they are going to break up!!! Ask yourself, does it look like they are going to last together? It is just a matter of time before they break up.
    Also, Selena’s not doing anything to boost her career. MTV asked her to host the EMA’s, she didn’t audition or anything for it. What is she doing now? Nothing, really. She is now just designing her fashion line and creating a new fragrance. Both things can’t get her so far. I don’t really like her songs…I think her songs won’t get her so far either, and, she’s not acting now. From now on, I really think the movies she acts in won’t be recognised somehow, and now that Wizards of Waverly Place is over, I really think she’s gonna fade from stardom soon.
    But, I will hope for the best for them….hope they can perservere.