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Justin Bieber “Real Hair” dolls are finally on sale now!

In February we reported that the makers of the Justin Bieber dolls were putting out a new version with real hair in August. Maybe they are a little late but it’s now finally here.

What can we expect on the future of Justin Bieber dolls? Well next year they are planning to put real boxer briefs on the JB dolls so that we can remove them every day! 🙂

Read: Why the Justin Bieber dolls wear boxer briefs.

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  • Lilly

    they should make the doll with BOTH of his tattoos AND his new hair… i think they will sell alot more with those things.. cuz then it’ll be like the REAL justin… this is last years Justin lOl 🙂

  • I find the dolls realy creepy and they look nothing like Justin … AT ALL! They have none of his features, and the way the advery is focussed on ‘no im his number one fan’ *evil glare ‘no im justins no.1 fan!’ eww! Justin must laugh so hard at this!

    • Roxy

      there’s a doll on amazon that sings never say never and has his seagull tattoo on it same tattoo on the real justin

  • nonono

    “I have total access to his tour bus” – that was actually a good one, lol

  • MoreBiebs

    I must not be Justin’s number one fan, ’cause I’m not asking for that for x-mas. 😛 I love him to bits, but I’m not gonna play with him.

  • Patricia

    I love Justin but that commercial is so damn cheesy and stupid. Im way too old to play with dolls, but I might still get it as a collectors item. But i do wanna see the boxer one 😉

  • Yo mamma

    K listen daisy. I got the real hair doll from toys r us a month ago exactly. So u r pretty late on your post. Lol that’s really sad u cant even give us recent info. I’m not goin to look at this site no more cuz it sux.there Is only like two posts a day. That’s horrible

    • cookieface

      how many times should u look up justin in a day a week max.2 week’nd cuz i don’t want to be all about bieber and nothing else

  • cookieface

    wow justin bieber dolls nail polish perfume posters and stuff i saw a add on the tv it sucked and it was pretty awful to me i want a justin doll even thought i’m 12 and all the other dolls i had got broken or throw’n in the trash i want one that sings but it doesn’t look like justin the doll kinda sucks still a fan

  • Who wants to know?

    Yeah if your really his “Number one fan” you won’t by the doll because 1) it looks nothing like how he looks now 2) where are his tattoos? 3) since when does he wear BLUE shoes, there always purple.
    If you buy the doll your not a fan so get over yourself
    p.s. was a fan until he became a jerk