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justin bieber selena gomez date 2011 los angeles zoo

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber’s date at the Los Angeles Zoo

Taking a break from the chaotic world of superstardom, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez enjoyed an afternoon date at the Los Angeles Zoo earlier today (September 21).

The “Baby” singer and his “Monte Carlo” cutie girlfriend donned colorful matching polo tops as they took in the wonders of the wildlife adventure.

The trip to the local zoo comes as Justin seems to be steadfast in working towards the release of his highly-anticipated Christmas album, of which he says fans will be “shocked”.

Not letting anyone get in the way of his forthcoming record, Bieber tweeted,

“doubt me…i like it that way…makes me work harder…just makes me want to prove you wrong. every step ive been doubted. why change now?”


More pictures here.

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  • Bieberdude

    Hey! In the first pic you can sorta see a bump on his pants where his dick is. uh oh.

    • JBHotness

      thats his freakin phone

      • #1 bielieber

        thats so random

    • #1 bielieber


    • what the hell it is his fricken phone you freak man y wud u even say tht u pervert

    • baby

      selena looks fraked out in that second picture !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      and selena is so fake look at her i dont know JB can go out with her

  • Holly

    Selena Gomez… I beg of you… never, ever, EVER wear that shirt again.
    See that bin over there? Yeah throw in the shirt, and BURN IT.

    • Anonymous

      hey holly i’m crying right now…. of laughter that is so funny i was like selena why? i thought my school uniform was bad. hahahah

      • Holly

        HAHA, i was quite proud of that comment myself 😉
        Nothing against Selena.. but my God, that shirt No human being should ever have to be subjected to wearing that shirt. 😛

        • NEliza

          Ya, I mean the matching bf-gf thing is sweet, but that shirt on her is horrible. I totally agree.

        • Emmie

          Ikr I’ve never seen an uglier shirt in my life!!! Haha I get they wanted to look all matchy but EWWW Selena! Whyyyyy!!!!!!!

      • #1 bielieber


      • Mrs,bieber

        Lol That is BAd How she wears That out in The open That Is sad HAhah Nice coment

    • jbs number one fan

      i like it

    • omg this comment totally cracked me up. i mean c’mon. she’s always so put together and this was a hot mess. the unbelieveable hair. desasterous golf tee. its nice to match you bf but in thid case i agree, thow that shirt in that trash bin.

      • hey,i know that sal is a bitch,but she is justins gf sooooooooooooo,let them be happy,sal whoranything bad justin whold tell her,soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,stop

    • #1 bielieber


      • Anonymous

        tht was a retarted insult wow thts the best u can do really god damb stop being a freackn hater

    • you lot are sad get off this website now you freaks you fucking retards

      • Kitty

        ummm, she wasn’t being a hater, just saying it was a bad shirt! :L look up, that holly girl even said “nothing against selena”… read things through properly before lashing out – just commenting on a bad wardrobe choice lol.
        ps. still laughing at this comment :L xx

        • Stop hatin

          Why you saving a hater huh are you a hater to also

    • Kris

      omg i like this comment i agree with you and its nothing on her it really isnt i totaly love er shes amazing butnthe shirt gots to go it isnt her style now justin bieber yeah it looks better on him but not selena but this is funny i love it

  • nonono

    Doesnt look like they really enjoying the trip to the zoo. Not smiling and not holding hands. Reminds me those old videos when they were spotted in shop mails and chased by paparazzi. Selena looks there like she is 13 years old with that shirt, lol

    • wow! that shirt is just terrible! i know you dont always have to look good but seriously? matching tops your a couple not twins?.
      much love.

      • you lot are just mean she can wear what she wants you are just fucking bitches

  • sammy

    they look so unhappy and it doesnt even look like they are talking to each other. no hate im a total jelena fan

    • :)

      yeah I agree, but it’s probably just the paparazzi annoying them or something

  • Lexi

    it looks like they gotten in a fight or something because selena looks all pissed and justin looks side and has his mouth open like maybe he was crying a little so he cant breathe through his nose. they look so unhappy!

  • Anonymous

    selena it looks like you had a wordrobe malfunction again. and justin looking good as always. but you 2 don’t look like ur having time off you look like ur both gonna drop dead at any minute. and you also look like u were forced to go to the zoo because it look like ur angry with each other…..?
    love u justin.

    • lea

      both of them look bad , justin looks like a 10 years old kid and selena no comment

    • Emmie

      Yeah I know they look miserable poor Justin I love you!!!!!!


    • Anonymous

      why would she care to wear her bikini, there aint no beach at the zoo

  • Lilly

    it looks like somebody made them go to the zoo together… i mean look at selenas face in the 2nd pic… it looks like shes scared of the paps… & if she WERE to go out with justin, even just to a zoo, she would have dresses nicer.

    • tbieber

      @lilly: get over it!!! they are dating and thats the end of it my god!! chill out just because you are jealous that they are dating doesn’t mean you have to trash her. i mean seriously its not like you will EVER have a shot with him. I’m sorry if your offended but i just tell it like it is.

  • MoreBiebs

    Oh my gosh guys, they probably just look angry & upset because the paparazzi is swarming them!! You can tell Justin’s mad at the camera’s ’cause he’s staring right at them & Selena’s looking down from them! They’re not fighting, just being swarmed like usual 🙁

    • Yaeh

      Yes I agree with u !! @morebiebs they have must been surrounded by paps. They are not breaking up!! still Love JELENA <3

  • Karo

    First who wears leggings with a short shirt. TOTAL fashion no-no, I dont care HOW skinny she is. Second In the 1st picture Justin’s face is like WTF!?! And in the second one, selena looks like she saw a ghost. They both look freaked out that they’ve been caught. If u guys are a genuine couple and your both MEGA STARS u should be used to the Paps already. Now if u had something to HIDE you would look like they do. Conclusion, their relationship is fake.

    • A person who can accept Justin.

      Hold up, why would they hide a fake relationship for publicity, I’m pretty sure that whole point of a fake relationship is they’re meant to be laughing and smiling together the whole time, it’s people like you who just look at a picture and act like they know everything, how do you know she’s scared? Did she tell you? I can’t look at a picture of you and decide I know the story behind it, sometimes I think you tell yourself jelena is fake because you don’t want Justin to love anyone else.

  • Just

    Who’s that man in one of the photos? The one with the gray hair?

    • Patricia

      He’s Justins new bodyguard. He’s been with him since the start of his world tour.

  • johail

    damm paps leave them alone already, they have a life they love each other….why do you think they always look serious and mad? geeze leave them alone give them privacy.

  • jbs number one fan

    i think they both at some poit saw the cameras.
    PHOTO 1 justin saw them
    PHOTO 2 selena saw them

    • jbs number one fan

      i bet they were annoyed u can tell

    • Danielle

      i saw that haha

  • ...me

    ur rockin the purple shirt selena! 🙂 love u guys!!

  • ananamous

    i love selena but that shirt was an absulute no no i think she was borrowing justins shirt

  • Patricia

    That shirt that Selena is wearing looks absolutely horrible on her. Why are they wearing the same shirt? It looks tacky. I agree that they don’t look happy at all, like they got into a fight or something. Poor Justin 🙁

    • ananamous


  • carly

    its sad that u people are like ugh theyre not happy together blah blh

    thts one picture. one second. a random person taking pictures of you. obvi ur not gonna smile.. grow up they’re gonna last so face it.

    • That Girl

      yea, but this happens CONSTANTLY. they’ll go to movies & other dates, & they are always with that same-forced-omg-i-have-to-do-this-look.

  • they look like they were forced to go to the zoo togetherrr!!!! come on!! they always say how in love they are, the SMILE!!!!!

    btw sel, ur hair looks kinda bad in this pic, and NEVER wear that shirt again!! u look 10 years old with an oversized shirt!!! what….did u get yelled at cause ur shirt was too low cut again and u were forced to wear that??? cmon!!

  • she prob. wore it cos justin gave it to her. so stop talking:P

  • Anonymous

    Okay, uhm…Pissed much? Haha they look like they wanna be anywhere but there…

  • Emily

    That shirt. My God. Wear something else Selena. The whole matching thing.. Yeah, that’s cute but it could have fit her more bahahaha

  • Bieber Lover

    dam justin does look so unhappy! 😛 and selena that shirt looks so wronq on you also tig ones since your flat chested! but hey justin still loves you -_-
    – love you justin beliebers forever! ♥

  • That Girl

    god dam! why isnt she Ever happy or smiling with justin? dam if i were her, id be ALL smiles!

    • Emmie

      Hahaha me too! Right I would give any thing to be her!

  • LaLaLa

    Is Selena trying to get Justin to dump her?! Because that’s what her shirt says to me! lol

  • 98biebersgal

    justin and selena are a horrible couple..

    • no there not but it would be better if justin was older than her but anyways adorable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! selena gomez has got so much look i wish i was her so so so so so so so so so so bad and i am only ten years fricken old mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ]
      rock on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • syed samiha

    selena gomez i am not a jelena hater okkk i cant hold it i am ajelena hater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 i haTE SELENA GOMEZ why sis you have to date justin beiber i am a beliber

  • I love u really bad I have 4 bed sets and curtians and my hole room is full of. U

  • thuis website is good but i think that some people on here are mean ohwell you sont always get what u want that is why im telling everyone that this is just a stupid perfetic lame and i am just going to demolish it

  • i love him so bad i have 8 pears of shoes with u on i have 4 jumpers 6 pairs of jeans and a headband and his dvd and his cd he is amazing i also have about 20 posters of you i also have a cardboard cut out of you and much much much much much more

  • heaven-lee

    if you look clloser at the picture her left eye she has a tear and they are not holding hands

    • everybody has fights but its not our job to know. i can see where justin is comming from. i can understand how sometimes he just wants to be alone with her and us fans dont let that happen. so we should try to at least give them some space every once in a while.

  • hey yo she’s your girlfriend you’r so lucky man

  • I think she feeling bad looking she was cry before I think she’s nice girl justin you have to respect her she’s is nice girl

  • she’s is good singing I like her singing.

  • ehy one more think why you guys not holding hands you should be hold her hand 🙂

  • 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 I just want a be just like you man.

    JUSTIN ES EL MEJOR Y TIENE QUE ESTAR CON OTRA CHICA NO CON selena gomez que es una puta y le mete los cuernos con todo el que se le crusa.

    • Ysabel Llerena

      Carla, the way you express yourself is so low and just describes the kind of person you are. To call Selena a prostitute is a way to much. I am not a fun of them, but, I do believe in respect. That girl is just lucky to have the cutest guy that every girl will dream to have.
      So sad that you are so upset as you will never get to date him, but, no need to use that kind of vocabulary.

  • claire

    i like the shirt selena you can were eney thing o and haters BACK OFF OF HER please

  • I like Justin and Selena together. they make a good couple. the people you call haters dont have minds. they just wish they were in his/her positions. nobody should ever dout justin in the first place. yeah he’s younger than some of the other artists but he has good ideas too and everything he does always shoots to #1. hes came a long way and i think hes doing a great job.

  • Pixelchix2001

    Those polo are burning the heck of eyes ball*sizzlin noise*

  • whats good

    she wears a lot of hoop earings i noticed u know what hey say the bigger the hoopt the hoe ! ahahah

  • France's

    Justincyou are the best cute guy I never seeni loved you soooo much frame my heart I want to merry you I am 16 yours old my birthday is on April 11th I was born in 1995 and i love children’s a lot yeah if you want to be with me I am singal and you are sosweetvto me I all was love you more and more thank you for everything you bye in Christmas yeah

  • France's

    Did you broke up with salena gomez


    T-Shirt grades

    Justin Bieber: Selena:
    Age:17 Age:19
    Color:Blue Color:Purple
    Sex:Male Sex:Female
    It looks:Awesome! It looks:Ultra Big! Eew :p

    Score:100% Score:55%


    T-Shirt grades

    It looks:Ultra Big! Eew :p

    Score:100% Score:55%
    Justin Bieber:
    It looks:Perfect



      Selena your grade is 55

  • Casey Coleman

    lol they totally notice the camera and dont like it 😀 😛 !!!!!!!! Hahaha i find that funnnnnnnnyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    He has his pissed-at-the-paparazzi face on… 😐

  • Leslie

    Selena Looks Scared in All The Pics! Im Not Hating Cuz i really like selena… but jb was like born to be photographed!

  • thats true allinic

  • Cuteee<3

  • louise

    selena looks well scared in the second pic 😛 JELENA FOREVER <3 X

  • anonamous

    i think they look wierd selena should’nt wear that kind of clothes in the zoo

  • parker

    have anyone notice both color are their favorite, selena really love bule, or turkey blue, and of course justin’s purple!

  • oum

    haye i love you justin bieber ok llllllllllllllllloooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Lacy Roberts

    i agree lol that shirt is ridicolus lol (dont think i spelled it right) lol

  • Anoymous

    I think its cute quit being jerks.