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justin bieber ema awards selena gomez 2011

Justin Bieber Vote: 2011 MTV EMA Awards (3 nominations)

Justin just tweeted that he is nominated for three 2011 MTV EMA Awards:

  • Best Male
  • Best Pop
  • Biggest Fan

“Just got word that we got 3 MTV EMA Nominations for Best Male, Best Pop, Biggest Fans!! THANKS SO MUCH! LEt’s VOTE!!!”

We can vote from now until November 4th. The award show is on Sunday, November 6th. Vote here.

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  • katie

    i love your site but pleeease remove the ads on the pictures
    its so annoying

  • nonono

    He didnt produce any new music lately, they still nominate him to those awards, they just want him to show up 🙂 Biggest fans award is specifically crafted for him. lol

    • Anonymous

      no, gagas gunna take that, definetly! jbs done, im just here by the way cuz i cant find out when the emas are!

  • nonono

    I just went to voting site and Selena Gomez is nominated for Biggest Fans award as well. So , she will be there together with Justin. Will be funny if she actually wins.

  • Patricia

    I went to the site and voted for Justin. He better win all of them, especially the biggest fan one. We Beliebers go hard!

  • hi people

    hey people vote for justin and not selena we hav to show selena that she isn’t gonna steel all justin’s fans.

    • belieber

      She doesn’t she has her own fans .. just saying

      • hi people

        true but she said she was gonna steel all of justin’s fans. but she isn’t.

  • i just can,t not trust selena gomez , i thought she doesn,t love her fan,s any more , is she change back to her fan,s again , love david b conway

    • Do you think SELENA does really dig Justin? Just asking

  • Anonymous

    remeber vote justin and make sure he wins. justin vote close the window. then re-open it and vote for justin again and again and again.

  • belieber

    hey vote for justin as i did if you are a belieber and make him win for the mtv ema awards

  • belieberR

    hey vote for justin as i did if your a belieber and make him win for the mtv ema awards

  • Bieber rocks if gaga takes the award it will tear me apart. I’M BEHIND YOU JUSTIN AND WE ALL BELIEVE IN YOU OH AND CAN’T WAIT FOR THE EMA’S. GO AND BRING THE AWARDS HOME

  • Justin we are behind you and we are bieberbelivers i mean you rock and god bless you and bring the awards home

  • Justin i hope you win and bring those awards home we are behind you all the way

  • Bout to crank the whip at the awards ready to win BABY THIS ONE’S FOR BIEBER

  • I don’t want Justin’s fans I have my own fans and I love them. AND I DO LOVE JUSTIN! WHY ELSE WOULD I DATE?

    • yeah, okay ‘Selena’
      if u r the real selena, then ik u r using justin just for fame! its sooooo obviouss! geet a life, and i mean a REAL life!

  • KaitieD.Rose

    Voted For Justin On Them All
    Hope you win, Come on guys Vote vote vote!!!! <3