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justin bieber selena gomez drawing 2011

New Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Drawing by Jardc87

Jardc87 is back with another amazing piece of work. Well Justin does look kinda odd here, like older or something here. It’s the nose and chin.

Check out all his other work here.

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  • Julie

    1st! It doesnt look like selena. But pretty good job, i couldnt do it better 🙂

    • jbs number one fan

      ya right i’d like to see that!

      • Caitlin

        jbs number one fan she said that she couldn’t do it better…

      • jb fan

        u guys r rude he did good

    • Shelly

      It’s look like Savannah Outen

    • heloooo people

      yeahh ur right it looks like me 😀 D:DD

  • Anonymous

    it looks like Justin is wearing lip gloss. lol

  • maddie

    selena looks weird but justin looks good!!! Props cuz i could never do tht if i tried!!

  • Holly

    That is absolutely amazing talent right there. Seriously incredible.

  • justinlover

    that is really good but selena looks kind of weird

  • Karo

    I just showed this pic to my mom and she flipped out cuz I look like Selena in this drawing. I got a pic of me with my mom and compared it to Selena and I look alot like her here. Its weird…..

  • Anonymous

    i think he put selena’s eyes on justin and justin’s eyes on selena. BAM I AM A GENIOUS

    • jbs number one fan

      your kinda right

  • jbs number one fan


  • claudia

    that does not look like selena at all and justin looks like a girl.

    • oliwia weglarz

      I am selena gomez real fan,thats right justin beiber looks like a girl.And selena gomez looks a bit weard.And that doesent look like selena gomez.

  • Patricia

    This dude has an amazing talent for drawing, but that does not look like Justin and Selena at all.

  • amazing and fasting ok ………………

  • Silje

    WOW! This guy is really good!

  • viki


  • Bieber Fan

    K im being critical and i know i could NEVER draw like this but Justin’s nose is too big and they both look awkward 🙁 sorry #justsayin

  • Bieber Fan


  • WOW!!
    I love Justin!!

  • purpley404

    first that doesnt look nothing like Justin bieber or Selena gomez
    my sister can do better

  • Drawing 1234

    You are my inspiration you don’t even know I drew this picture but it didn’t even come close to yours