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“I know that 01/03/12 will be wild xD so i decided to upload my gift today! I hope u really like it JB! Happy 18th Birthday! Always stay Kidrauhl!
Here it’s my new music video Born To Be Somebody! Enjoy guys! and please share it! I hope Justin See this! This took me 2 weeks! it’s a video that tells the story of the life of justin #NeverSayNever
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Hi guys! I’m really proud of this drawing! It’s a new one of Justin Bieber… I really like the new photoshoot for the V Magazine all the pictures are amazing! So i decided to do a portrait from that shoot! This drawing Took me 4 hours and 30 minutes… I used a mechanical pencil 2mm 3B and charcoal 2B… Like everybody know i’m a belieber so I hope you really like it Justin! 😀 I’m waiting for your next album! we all know that it’s going to be AMAZING! Keep inspiring us! 😉

Jardc87 is back with another amazing Justin Bieber creation. See his other works here.


Amazing. This Jardc87 guy is just amazing!!!! Love this and all his videos.

justin bieber christmas drawing 2011

This drawing is good but you would expect nothing but perfection from Jardc87  :/

justin bieber selena gomez drawing 2011

Jardc87 is back with another amazing piece of work. Well Justin does look kinda odd here, like older or something here. It’s the nose and chin.

Check out all his other work here.



This is my new Justin Bieber Music Video to the song “Stuck In The Moment” from the My World Acoustic album… I hope you really like it! It was a lot of work i used a software call After Effects to do it…I have been really busy and this one take me like 2 months… The video is dedicated to Justin and Selena, I wish the best to you in your relationship! Enjoy the love guys! Selena I hope you feel better soon! – Jardc87

justin bieber cartoon music video

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