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justin bieber christmas drawing 2011

Justin Bieber Christmas Drawing by Jardc87

This drawing is good but you would expect nothing but perfection from Jardc87  :/

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  • sylvie

    cute ♥

    • @mainy loves bieber

      sorry not to be rude. but cute isn’t a word to describe justin bueber. and isn’t the meaning for cute ugly but interesting?????

  • tomboybelieber


  • SAS

    keep going i really love ur work its so amazing ;***

  • he is such a great artist

  • Rebekah

    hahaha SEXY LUV YA BIEBERxx

  • Anonymous

    i love him so much. keep up the good work jb and can’t wait to here your chrismas album….

    ps: your perfume smells great

  • Natalie (Future Mrs.Bieber)

    wow thats a neat art work!!

  • i love yoe

  • hey baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sup baby!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • hey do u want me!!!!!!!!!!

  • angela

    I hate Justin Biber

    • angela

      he likes selena gomez but selena gomez is older then him and he sings lik a girl

      • courtney

        shut the hell up

  • vanessa

    Oh em gee he is hawt Wuvies yhuu bieber Xoxoxo <3