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selena gomez tattoo justin bieber

Selena Gomez tattoo Justin Bieber’s name on her wrist

SELENA GOMEZ paid tribute to boyfriend Justin Bieber by inking his name on her right wrist, which she set off with a cutesy heart. But don’t worry; it’s not permanent. Selena apparently drew on the moniker homage with a Sharpie, because it was smudged by the end of her set!

So, what did the Biebs, 17, do to warrant such a public show of devotion?

Word is, he jetted into Sin City on Saturday to see Gomez, and they reportedly spent the day engaged in such under-21 pursuits as chowing down with friends and shopping with arms entwined at a local mall.


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  • Anon.


    • ikr 🙂

      • Anonymous

        wow so cut.

  • dear justin bieber shrine blog 2011 , hi my name is david conway and my frist comment just at this issue here is that i just can,t trust selena gomez that much , just because off the statement that she made about her plan,s just about she what,s to quit singing and making music any more , just her old tv series is almost over , & just look at her future motion pictures it might fail some time soon , , and now she what,s to leave her old tv show on the disney channel , how celvver is that , love david b conway

    • Anonymous

      She didn’t leave the show….. The show ended, so in that case, he contract ended too. You should really be proud of her, in my opinion, because she worked really hard to reach her dreams. You should never judge a book by it’s cover, or say things that aren’t the truth behind it. Sincerely, a very proud Selena fan.

      • Anonymous

        justin bieber ur hot but….u changed alot with selena gomez hope u make the right decisions 🙂 biggest fan

      • Anonymous

        oh yeah btw i <3 u to selena gomez!!

      • i just what to say thank you to say that comment anonymous about selena gomez contract at disney , but the only question i have is that just under the web site off the disney infonet .com her name is still there at disney , and they not finsh and her season 4 , yet , love david b conway

        • Anonymous

          david wizards of waverly place is really over!the show ended,selena didn’t quit! it was season 4 and now its over

    • eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

      omg put some choltes on

    • Anonymous

      I agree Justin I love u and I love her but he is kind of
      Ture I think she is just dating you just to get
      More fans think about it .think about th time y’all wearnt
      Even dating she was popular but not as popular as she is now
      I think yall are a cute couple but it’s kind of Ture

  • Lola

    It’s on her right wrist, and seeing as she’s right-handed, Justin probably wrote it there for her.

    • Anonymous

      nice observation!!! smarty-pants

      • Anonymous

        Out said that she wrote it in marker

  • Its written on there…my mom does tattoos and thats not a tattoo

    • Hey you’re right I don’t think it’s real.

  • Anonymous

    its a henna

  • Belieber

    ok…so my opinion on this is that its not real. I think their relationship is fake, and what a better way to publicise than putting your boyfriends name on your wrist for ALL your fans to see.FAKE as fuck. no hate.

    • ShanniaG

      I agree!

  • fernanda

    hola mi nombre es fernanda y soy de chile. yo soy fans de selena gomez,justin bieber y demi lovato.me alegra mucho de que selly se alla echo un tatuaje asi en la miñeca bueno eso era. i love you justin ,selena and demi

  • umm.. are you serious? wowwwww! that’s stupid. they probably aren’t gonna be together for a long time!

    • Belieber

      I agree with you !

      • Anonymous

        I agree with all of y’all and he look a lot happier with jasmine v
        Then Selena Gomez 🙁 sorry sel

  • carly

    i love themmm!

    they both always have something on them to remind them of eachother i think its adorable

  • Giani

    there so cute together i’m so happy for them!!!!

    • Anonymous

      i agree =) i hate this jealous girls who say that selena don’t love him and some stuff,just because she is dating justin -.- !REAL jb fans would be happy for him! i love them both 🙂 <3

      • SB

        did you ever think maybe they just hate her and aren’t jealous but think he can do much, much better?? Not eveyone adores her you know. If you think only jealous people dislike her, you are very naive. People have plenty reason to dislike her. She always made my skin crawl.

        • Anonymous

          You now what y’all that are backing up Selena
          If I were y’all I wouldn’t believe in selena because
          It looks like she likes peeta from the hunger games
          More and Selena just likes justin for his money
          And to get more fans. She does look good with
          Peeta and Justin looks good with jasmine see
          Like for peeta and selena Pelna and for Justin and jasmine
          It is jastun cute right I love u sel but it’s Ture sorry

  • no1jbfanest

    OMB thats so cute =) I cant believe she got a tatoo =) is it real ?

    • Cindy

      Sorry but it’s not Ture they just said that under
      The picture and if she got a real tattoo she will
      Lose a lot of her fans like me like ok she loves
      Him but she doesn’t need to show her love like
      That but that’s what I think

  • Trinity

    I already knew it was sharpie!!! She knows she wont be with him forever

  • SB

    what is with that annoying bra dress she keeps wearing ROFL

  • chelsey

    hahhahahahahahhahahahhahhahhahahhahaa she looks funny if that was a real tat that would be so bad wat if they break up huh am i right 🙂

  • Cindy

    I agree and Justin Iam sorry but at my school
    And at my cousins 2 hallways at our school are mad
    Because Justin got a tattoo I mean they might be a family
    Thing but u didn’t have to get tattoos 2 u could of
    Made a diffrince and not got tattoos now u lost
    Many fans and made kids think it cool to get
    Tattoos at a young age but it’s ur body so we really
    Can’t do anything but just think before u do and Iam 13 and i no better