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As a person who doesn’t have a tattoo, you can probably imagine what I think of them. I don’t mind other people having them but for myself, well, I don’t like unnecessary pain. And possibly regret.

Some people’s tattoos look really nice, like the one Justin has under his right ear or Nicole Richie’s anklet tat. But a lot of times people over do it. And this was what I was afraid of when Justin got his first tattoo. Well I kinda feel like he reached that point with his newest tattoo on the back of his neck. It’s not ugly. It’s just too much.


This is likely the last picture we’ll see of Justin without said tattoo. It was taken at the Versace Mansion in Miami within the last 2 days.


Above is him leaving the mansion yesterday, Dec 10th. He probably wasn’t trying to go incognito but rather hiding the tattoo which he was planning to debut later that night on The Late Late Show in New York.

You can tell here that the tattoo is still pretty fresh as Justin is having a hard time turning his head.

Maybe it’ll grow on me. Idk. Personally I just hope he doesn’t get any more tattoos because as Kim Kardashian would say, “You don’t put a bumper sticker on a Bentley.”


@justinbieber: Just got off stage bout to get tatted

justin-bieber-tattoos-eagle-02 justin-bieber-eagle-tattoo-2013-03

@justinbieber: Fresh new tat


@justinbieber: Eagle

justin-bieber-arm-tattoos-2013-05In a series of pictures Justin showed off a brand new tattoo he got yesterday after his show in Sydney. The tat is of an eagle and is located on his upper left arm just above the existing tiger tattoo.

justin bieber japanese tattoo music 2012

Justin has another new tattoo on his left arm. This time it’s the Japanese character for music. Guess he must have gotten that during his recent stop in Japan. He’s so young and he has 6 already. And he’s planning to get a matching one with Selena soon too. So we gotta ask….

Read all about Justin’s tattoos.


Justin shows Dave Letterman the new tattoo he got in honor of his new CD, “Believe.” Watch the full interviewing airing tonight on The Late Show.

justin bieber new tattoo 2012 believe

Justin Bieber's new tattoo "Believe"

Justin bieber selena gomez tattoos jazmyn bieber jaxon

They are too young to get married so what’s the next best thing Justin and Selena can do? How about get matching tattoos!

Justin is still in New York City but Selena just landed in Cannes, France today. If the report from Hollyscoop is true then next time Jelena is back together in NYC they are going to get matching tattoos at New York tattoo artist Bang Bang‘s shop.

The source didn’t say exactly what the pair would be getting, but it will be “something small.” Selena already has a piece by Bang Bang on her side, and Bieber has a growing collection of tattoos, including a portrait of Jesus on his lower leg.

Let’s just hope they don’t get each other’s names.


Justin seems to be great with kids. Especially when he’s with his little brother and sister. I’m sure he’ll make a great dad someday. And btw, notice the fake tattoo?

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justin bieber hot 2012 picture florida

Justin Bieber's New Tattoo March 2012: Hands Praying

Justin and his grandparents flew into Florida to visit Selena while she’s filming her new movie “SPRING BREAKERS” with Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens. They went out on a fishing trip yesterday (Saturday March 10, 2012) and it looks like he’s got another tattoo! The tat is peeping out of his left leg right beside his last tattoo of Jesus’s face. We are now at a total of 4. Yes 4!

Justin Bieber's New Tattoo March 2012: Hands Praying

Justin Bieber's New Tattoo March 2012: Hands Praying

He’s now 18 and you can really tell how much older he looks in these pics. Read about all of Justin’s tattoos here.