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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez are getting matching tattoos!

They are too young to get married so what’s the next best thing Justin and Selena can do? How about get matching tattoos!

Justin is still in New York City but Selena just landed in Cannes, France today. If the report from Hollyscoop is true then next time Jelena is back together in NYC they are going to get matching tattoos at New York tattoo artist Bang Bang‘s shop.

The source didn’t say exactly what the pair would be getting, but it will be “something small.” Selena already has a piece by Bang Bang on her side, and Bieber has a growing collection of tattoos, including a portrait of Jesus on his lower leg.

Let’s just hope they don’t get each other’s names.

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  • kc

    justin can i hav your number

  • gabb

    OH GOD you guys, know your in love but lets be realistic, they probably wont last forever, a tattoo does, so please dont be like other artist that did the same and know they have a permanent tattoo on their body about their ex’s like jhonny deep and others so dont make a mistake that you cant take back, i wish you the best and to have a long and happy relationship but dont take to that level, my opinion…

    • Jackie

      Exactly I actually have tattoos and that the biggest NONO in the “tat community” is NO COUPLE, NAME, OR MATCHING TATTOOS no matter what. I’f that happens Justin will egret it for the rest of his life. They’re kids who need to calm the Fuck down tbh. If this post is true. SMHHHHHHHHHHHHH

      • OfficialKoKo

        So true. So annoyed with them tbh it’s truly staring to get annoying. This “relationship” is getting more attention than Justin’s actual MUSIC SMH. What a shame.

        • Kirstie

          It’s fine if they get like matching symbols or something like that. If they get eachothers names than yeah that’s dumb. My ex & I got the roman symbol for love both tattooed so stuff like that isn’t bad.

        • wow not fucking ok

          i think this is complete bullshit and just a way for this lame bitch selena to try to use justin bieber more…i really hope hes not stupid enough to get a matching tattoo with this bitch shes just using him and prob. put this story out to get some more attention for her ugly self this is a shame i really really hope justin bieber is not stupid enough to try to get a matching tattoo with this bitch bc their relationship is soo fake i will be so glad when he comes to his senses and shes how fake she is bc its not ok to get a matching tattoo like that its not like shes his fucking dad…shes a bitch that only likes him bc hes really famous right now she will do anything to fucking get attention someone needs to help justin see that this bitch is just using him omg im praying someone helps this kid get away from this famewhore bitch

        • Anonymous

          u should be happy for them

        • jelstin

          TOTALLY agree

    • Libby


    • katie

      justin we would be the perfect cupple i’m your tipe i love you i could be your girlfriend and what is the tatoow going to look like have you and selena disited yet? i think it should be something you guys both love like eshuther love you so mutch your bigest fan

      • Laisha

        He’s not gonna go out with u who cares if he is your type and everybody says that there his #1 fan and even i got this bestfriend that talks about him every single day like does no stop so u r not the biggest fan!

    • justin beber

      Me and slenna are going to be together for ever call me if you want to talk
      just beber
      my number is 330-978-1276

      • jasmine mahanta

        Z dis ur real number???

        • krisi

          aeohkmm,v;p’lqpvlsp [psprpd[qp[gtps’p’ pd[owpokhnkoq[‘okrw[po pokpknpouy8pgfpphop\

      • Laisha

        its your real phone number!!!!!!!!!!!!?????

      • candus shekleford

        errm justin
        your number has ten numbers doesnt it supposed to be 11 or 12 but in new york is it 10?

        p.s you are a great singer but you swore at a photographer is it true

    • Tapanga


      • leah

        u dont know how to spell lol

    • Anonymous

      I agree you can never take back a tatto and I love u guys as a coupple and want u ti last a long time but if u guys ever brake up u will still have that tatto and it would b embarrassing i wish u the best

      -surfer girl

  • jocelin

    good songz of justin bieber

  • me

    they are going to regret that later…

    • david b conway

      hi my name is david conway , and yes i do agree just why they what to have matching tatoos i know that selena gomez , is older to make up her mind about that that she can get a tatoo , but the question is why she whats one on her body , she is so beatiful with out one on her body , i do think this is part of paps publictiy act as well ,i just do,nt think that selena gomez , is that stupid just by getting a match tatoo on her , because of her parents will be pissit at her by doing that stunt on her , love david conway

  • candy(yes that is my real name)

    i think that is ok but they should not do EVERY thing together
    i mean i like the whole jelena thing
    but why do they need to do everything together
    go every where together, wear the same things i mean GOD
    you get ME????

    • margaux

      im pretty sure that they dont dress the same and they are a couple that are INLOVE so of course their going to go everywhere with eachother thats what you do when you love somebody espically when they havent seene achother because of their busy schedules

      • Matt

        Ok going everywhere with someone doesn’t mean your in love if that’s The case in in love with a lot of people

        • Seriously

          OBVIOUSLY you have never dated in your life hahahah. When you are dating someone, who is your best friend, then YES you are going to spend the majority of your time with them? Why? Because when you are in love that person is the person you want to spend all of your time with. I love the fact that they are together, they make a great pair. I agree with most comments, it would be stupid to get eachother names/initials tatted on eachother..but a matching tattoo with someone you LOVE is not a big deal. If you’re truly in love they will always be in your heart and you will always care for that person..so why not?

      • JS belieber

        totally true :)xx

    • Alexa


  • Selenator

    Tatoos!??WTF? it’s nothing that you can simply take away…
    Maybe they are getting serious, becuz Y’know you don’t just get tattoos if you know it isn’t going to last.

  • Anonymous

    they r going to regret it A LOT!!!! come on justin u r smart u want a permint tatto what is gonna happen if u break up!!..l… just think of that! and still u r to young for that right i mean do anything u want rite now but u rather focus on the girl that u probly not gonna be in the future were it wont take u nowhere or ur music where it will take u somewhere really big in the future…shmmmmm well justin think of that!!

    • Anonymous

      i agree justin you should think about it

  • AngelIsABelieber

    maybe they will be together forever or maybe they’ll break up… who knows?

    • justin and selena fan

      i loved that you said it’s very good:)

  • JS belieber

    They can do whatever i think that it would mean lots to have a same tattoo.. anyways if one day ill be JB’s friend then i would have a friendship tattoo with him so yh… and if i was a girlfriend then i think i would have one too…. LOVE IS IN THE AIR <3 😀

  • jessica

    do you like fan true or false

  • jocelyn lynn williams

    justin bieber and selena gomez in love so cute ,

    • Anonymous

      hi gando

  • jocelyn lynn williams

    my call me maybe 250-684-3688

    • Jessica

      You shouldn’t post yor number on an open site. Anyone is able to call it so yeah…

  • jocelyn lynn williams

    my sister freda williams and molly wulluams and derek r… love justin bieber

    • jocelyn lynn williams

      selena gomez , i love you and justin bieber

  • Isabel

    Look I agree wit all of u selena I love u but do u think its necessary it poisons ure blood and hard for docters same for u justin it doesnt matter wat it is its a devils gift

  • shivanshi

    love you justin bieber <3

    • anastia

      He don’t love u

  • Lindsay

    what if they break up that will be permatly there they are dumb. well she is. Justin is Awesome.

  • Kidrauhl

    I can be admin or member on this site? please..

  • anastia

    I think people should stop hating cause they can’t have justin and I also think they’re too young to get married but matching tattoos is a great idea

  • ali nasir

    hi jb

  • anah

    omg justin beiver or watever it is, is so not cute hes ugly face it all of u just want him because hes famos totally true and jelena y mostly her name any ways?

  • kirthi

    hi bieber you look very pretty……how sweet your family is…………your fans always love you and love your songs………..:-)selena is so cute…..your bro ans sis also very pretty……you are made for each other…………..love you ever…………..

  • justin and selena fan

    justin bieber and selena gomez they really in love forever i know it 🙂

    • Selena Marie Gomez

      Thanks sweety I just don’t understand y people have to judge real love between me and Justin thanks for supporting me and Justin thank u do much!!..:)

      Be a SELENATOR and BELIEVER!!!
      Love Selena Marie Gomez!!

  • justin and selena fan

    really in love i love you justin and selena

    • Selena Marie Gomez

      Thanks you so much!!!!!

      Be a SELENATOR and BELIEVER!!!
      Love Selena Marie Gomez!!..

      • Destinee Nowak

        i am totally a selenator and a believer.

      • lily

        Hey selena I love u justin u r soooooooo awesome I think jelena is great I SUPPORT JELENA

  • Tapanga

    justin and selena are ah perfect couple i love both of them i dnt hate selena cuz shes datein justin its none of our busines who JUSTIN AMD SELENA DATS OKAY GUYS SO STOP HATEIN AND GET AH LIFE LMAOOO I LAH U JUSTIN I WANNA LICK UR LIPS U SEXY MOTHA F AH LMAOOO I LAH U……..JELENA 1# FAN 😉

  • Tapanga

    justin and selena are ah perfect couple i love both of them i dnt hate selena cuz shes datein justin iTS NONE OF ARE BUSINEES SO STOP HATEN LMAO AND YOUS SHOULD GET MATCHIN TATTOS……LAH UR 1# FAN TAPANGA

  • alondra_nicole

    I understand it’s Justin&Selena’s choice.
    But I don’t think it’s a good decision.
    That’s just my opinion.
    I mean look at Chris Brown and Rihanna, they got matching star tattoos and now look how they are now. (not counting the abuse part but the broken up part)

  • valerie

    it is not bad people if Justin Bieber didn’t love her why would he be getting a tattoo with her I love that they a couple if you don’t like it than don’t post any comment keep your duty comment to your self

  • dfd

    ele é um medido e se acha nao gosto dele e nem vou com a cara dele

  • mailei

    you and selena should break up

  • jennifer

    I LOVE U JUSTIN!!!!!!!! I mite not have all your stuff but i love u soo much.. 🙂

    • Irene

      Me too 🙁

  • jennifer

    LOVE your video that u and much more people made the call me maybe:) YOUR so sweet nice cute amazing and MUCH more…. hope u read this:)

  • Selena Marie Gomez

    Please support me and Justin I REALLY love JUSTIN he’s already thinking about getting married and Gaving kids but I told him remember what u promised ur mom u wait tell ur 25 and married and I’m on the same side of that bc I don’t what to hurt Justin and he don’t what hurt me were really in love and I what y’all to know its true LOVE! And I’m not lying so please stop hating if u do hate y are u evenin on the page if u hate him and same as my we’d site if u hate me don’t bather to go on there bc I’m on the same page as Justin the haters make me stronger and always so say what u what but it ain’t doing nothin it hurts by it not gunna miss jelena up we already said that we’re living are lives together and always and ik yall hater can be better than a hater bc you are better than that I even say I love that haters I love everyone bc I’m was born a good girl and Justin was born the same I acutely believe me and him are PERFECT together and thank you jelena supporters and lovers and FANS love all take care!!… 🙂

    Be a SELENATOR and BELIEVER!!!..
    Love Selena Marie Gomez!!..

    • Destinee Nowak

      Selena I support u and Justin alot.

      with Love;Destinee Nowak

  • Destinee Nowak

    Jb my name is Destnee . ILOVE u so much! U and Selena are a good couple and u should stay together foreva!Tell Selena I said Hi!!!!!!!!!!! Hi to u to . ILOVE u guys ! Buy.

    From; Destinee Nowak
    To; JB

  • staphane

    ohh geez i mean there both cute right but seroiusly i have heard a lot and i mean a ot of stories about them 2.There are both kinda made for each other i think everyone agrees on dat.But when i googled pictures of justin biber and selena gomez kissing i saw the heck of another girl.I think hes cheeting on her.Is he i will tell u all next time dats all.

  • jo-jo

    your fuckin’ stupid guys i swear really you honestly think selena and justin have one of these? i mean honestly the “justin beber” its spelt bieber you would think he would spell it right and if y’all (justin&selena) are on here well then im sorry. but still and i have jb tickets im selling 500 a piece.

  • jo-jo

    and you have a beautiful girlfriend by the way…(: yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:

  • jo-jo

    any pretty girls on here hit me up!(: 817-705-3471 my name is JoJo i have brown hair justins old style with bluish/green eyes im real sweet and single and im rich too.(: but one problem i’m seventeen with twins a boy and a girl named Jaylyn Nicole Rae & Jadyn Bullet Rae. two years old(((: i love em im a great daddy too.. but no more for me til im a little bit older(; HIT ME UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP(:

  • david ,

    i am a selenator fan for selena gomez , i never said i was a hater to selena gomez , not once at all , and yes you did say on here im so bossy over selena gomez a ,long time a,go to me , i was only trying to do naming more new motion picture,s idea,s just for selena gomez , can make for her fan,s and you just hate me for that idea , for her and her fans , thank you very much on that , love david

    • david ,

      and now that i said want for selena gomez , just wish i can hurt my self badly , love david

  • Riliewu

    In a world without laws and rintraests, I would have my tongue so far up that li’l gal’s butt I would be considered her official spokesman. Here’s hoping society collapses soon.