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Fans sing Boyfriend to Justin Bieber at the Apollo Theater

When Justin performed at the Apollo Theater in New York City the other night part of the power shut off. The lights stayed on but the sound system didn’t work towards the end of the show when JB had to perform “Boyfriend”. Leave it to Beliebers to save the day as they serenaded Justin and his dancers through the whole song….

The lady with the camera is probably from NBC as part of the Apollo show will be shown during the NBC “Justin Bieber: All Around The World” 2 part special starting tonight at 8pm.

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  • Jess

    Thats amazing. Love beliebers!

  • anonymous

    Their voice is so loud , I Can’t hear justin . But he preformed amazing as Usual <3

    • liv

      ikr especially that one kid! gosh he was annoying

  • me...

    this is so amazing… it shows how awesome beliebers are!!

  • liv

    i love justin but the kid in the background was getting really annoying and i bet justin did awesome! :DD

  • Sonia Khalid ;)


  • OMB!