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Katy Perry grabbing Justin Bieber’s BUTT!!!

Katy Perry grabbing Justin Bieber's Butt

Katy Perry

Katy Perry grabbing Justin Bieber's Butt


Katy Perry grabbing Justin Bieber's Butt

Justin Bieber's

Katy Perry grabbing Justin Bieber's Butt


OH HELLO! lol. Aww I’m so jelly. Katy Perry gets all the luck! 😉

UDPATE: Here’s a better pic so you can see how smooth Katy really is. Learn from the best!! 😉

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  • olivia ellis

    katy perry is so lucky man im jelous too but i still love katy too

    • Anonymous

      so do i girl

      • elisabeth

        ya kk i want to see some butts

    • Anonymous

      I wish I could bang that ass to

      • Anonymous

        bitch ass

        • Anonymous

          Why do you want to do that

    • Shaelee

      Why do you want to touch justin bieber’s butt

      • Sharni

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  • gabb

    hahha i saw it yesterday and i was like “WHAT”?! stay toned at nbc tonight at 8 to see part two!

  • kamiliasath

    justinbiber my big fan io cuts love

    • kenda;

      i love justin beiber he is sooo cute

    • Aaspreeha

      I love u justin bieber

      • Jessica

        I love you Justin Drew Bieber! <3 <3 <3 <3

  • kamiliasath

    my kami;iasath big my io cuts soing

  • Mrs.Bieber

    i am going to try dhat when i meet him BUT IM GOING TO TRY IT WITH HIS _____ IF YOU BELIEBERS KNOW WAT I MEAN

    • Biebersgirl135

      With his.. Jerry 😉

      • Mrs. Bieber

        At first I didnt know jerry not I love him…it..whatevs

    • JS belieber

      yh yh do u mean his JERRY??? well that is what i would do 😉 ha ha

  • Biebersgirl135

    I would do the same.. Like oops.. My hand slipped, since it’s already there I’m just gonna do a nice squeeze okay? 😉

    • olivia ellis

      i would do the same haha lol i love justin bieber and i wish right now i wish i was katy perrys hand who agrees?lol

    • JS belieber

      ohhh yh me too if i met JB i would squeeze his but or something… 🙂 ahhhh!!! i just cant wait for that moment 😉

      • Anonymous

        Yeah ummm……..might wanna back off and think ant it ………it aint Gunna happen in your life he’s mine biatch

  • what she did is bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • olivia ellis

    i thought it was smooth and nice but i would go to jerry too lol

  • tristen heflin

    i love justin bieber and katy perry but dont you giris out there wish that was u touching his but

  • tristen heflin

    i cant wait to see part 2 but i have a softball game does it come on again

    • morgan

      what time dose the secont won come on and what day

  • Isabel

    I barely saw it and wat unbelievable wat is selena gomez going to say really katy perry I love u but with all do respect wat were u thinking!!!!!

  • Sonia Khalid ;)


  • Hailey

    That is so sick lick why would she do that she is way older then he is so why would she grabe his ass because she likes him problably that is gross and she is just making other Peaple jelise!!!!!!!!

    • Hailey

      Ya I know it is sick and gross stupid peapl these days being asses and stuff like that !!!!!!

  • besarta

    ooooooooooooooooooooh kety perry love justin bieber
    this i don’t know

  • justin and maria

    i dont like kety perry
    i hate kety perry
    i love justin bieber
    i like justin bieber

  • OMB!

    Aww 😉 OMG!!

  • candy(yes that is my real name)

    katy you bad bad girl
    but justin is loving it lol

  • Hailey

    And I think it is just so funny like why would she do that

  • kimmi (beliber123)

    heyyy belibers
    that is sooooooo not fair katy perry is sooooo lucky i wish i was her!!!!!!!!!!
    im soooooooooooooo jeolous

  • gerbana

    Bad Katy.Gooooooood Justin!!!!!

  • JS belieber

    I bet all of us beliebers would love to touch something… but i would go for the JERRY 😉 ha ha loool i bet hes loving it,,,, and by the ways hes 18 now so he would loooveee it 😉 ALWAYS A BELIEBER <3

  • elisabeth


  • leslylove

    hey selena gomez look katy perry gets your husbands butttt.its a cat fight now

  • leslylove alot

    if only i can do the big bang with james maslow(not justin bieber)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!