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justin bieber close up elvis duran june 2012

Justin Bieber Interview with Elvis Duran Z100 June 21, 2012

Austin Mahone finally gets to meet his idol Justin Bieber

Justin stopped by Z100 radio station in NYC earlier this morning for an interview with Elvis Duran where he met Austin Mahone for the first time. More pics here.

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  • Anonymous

    Justin looks like a wax figure in this picture his face looks all smooth lol I love him

  • me...

    hahahahhahahahha i would never want to meet austin i hate him…i think he suks at singing

    • Anonymous

      why u gotta hate on a person with a dream. people hate on justin and say he sucks and beliebers are all like ur jelouse. i mean he is at that brand neW stage just like justin WAS and u don’t know how big he will become. FUCKIN HATER.

    • Anonymous

      austin can sing ! stop hating ! hating on a boys who’s dream came true ! austin has an AMAZING voice !

    • danielle

      u suck austin i sexy as hell he is batterthen jb

    • Vintia

      What kind of person are u he has a grate voice r u hate in on him o

  • NG

    when you see him smile, you just can’y help but smile too 😀

  • Anonymous

    love justin bieber aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Anonymous

    justin bieber i love you te quiero porfabor ben a guatemala aunquesea be fotos de aqui si te amo att cristal bieber eres mi principe azul

  • Kayley

    OMGGGG I was the girl talking at 4:45 🙂 in the interview!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anto de bieber

    Hello I love justin bieber want to say to him that it is very pretty his radio I am charmed with it jubi I love the beliebers great owner to justin bieber

  • bieber 4-ever

    i love youuuuu jb!!!!!!!! youre my favouriteboy!!!

  • charlotte

    Austin Mahone and Jusin Bieber, can prob sing better than u so shut up haters….

  • danielle

    that why pople be hating becase they dont look, and sing,like them hahahahahahahahah!!!

  • danielle

    austin can sing so u need to stop HATING on AUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • austin mahone

    why are people hating on me and jb you have to stop its very mean

    • Anonymous

      its really mean i believe you

  • Connie Siharath

    Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone are a great friends . Haters are so mean and rude.

  • Name