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jeremy biebers tattoos justin bieber birthday 2012

justin bieber selena gomez tattoo music note

Selena Gomez just cleared up the truth about her new tattoo and that J-ring that Justin gave her. In an interview with Access Hollywood she says the tattoo isn’t a heart…

“It’s a music note,” Selena told Access Hollywood of her new tattoo at The Fifth Annual Women in Film Pre-Oscar party in Los Angeles on Friday. “Everybody thought that it was a heart for some reason, but music is a big influence in my life. I was named after a singer, I’m a singer and a lot of other personal reasons,” she explained. “So, that’s what I got.”

And the J-ring it’s a promise ring

“No, no — that’s like almost a friendship ring. It’s just for fun.”

Almost a friendship ring? Its more than that I think.

UPDATE: Here’s a video of the interview…

justin bieber new tattoo 2012 lips

Oh no! Say it isn’t true! There are reports like Justin wants to get another tattoo. But this time on the inside of his bottom lip!!

Justin reportedly discussed having it done while he was buying Frozen Yogurt at Menchies at Calabasas Commons in Los Angeles. He already has a seagull on his hip, a Hebrew “Jesus” word under his armpits, and Jesus’s face on his leg. He doesn’t need one on the inside of his lip!

According to HollywoodLife JB spotted the tattoo on the man that served him there and began questioning him about it before admitting he was thinking of having one too.

The source said:

“Justin saw the tattoo inside my bottom lip and said he wanted to get one too. He thought it was pretty cool. He said he has wanted to get one there for a while now, but he didn’t say what kind.”

Despite being one of the biggest stars on the planet Justin, who turns 18 next week, was down to earth and friendly.

The source went on:

“Justin was super cool. He had the strawberry banana frozen yogurt and he was really nice. A really cool dude.”

Don’t do it Justin. Please don’t!

selena gomez tattoo heart on wrist 2012

Yesterday (Feb 22, 2012) Justin and Selena went to UNDER THE GUN tattoo parlor in Hollywood to get Selena her first tattoo. Store employee Jordan Sandoval tweeted a picture of Selena and Louie (above), the guy who gave her the tattoo.

“She got a little heart tattoo at Under The Gun, in Hollywood by Louie Gomez @selenagomez.”

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber at UNDER THE GUN Feb 23, 2012

The tattoo is of a red heart and it’s on her right wrist. Somehow I think Justin must have convinced her to get one since he already has 3. Maybe that heart is supposed to symbolize him? Awww 🙂


Selena Gomez has realised that “playing games” in relationships is silly now that she is with Justin Bieber.

The 19-year-old star, who has been dating the ‘Baby’ hitmaker since December 2010, admitted to toying with people’s emotions in the past.

“I’ve played games in the past, but now I’ve finally met someone who makes me not play games. If you’re playing games, you need to ask yourself if that person is really for you. Games are silly,”

The ‘Wizards of Waverley Place’ actress now thinks the best relationships are based on “compassion and honesty”, and believes being yourself is the key to success.

“I’ve conformed to a lot of guys that I liked before; it’s very easy to want to be what they want you to be. But in the end, it just wasn’t enjoyable – I was miserable half the time. The best person you can be with is someone you can be yourself with,”


justin bieber tattoo shakeys pizza

One day after his Jesus face tattoo was revealed to the world, Justin, Jeremy, and Ryan hit up the Shakey’s Pizza Parlor in Studio City, California (Jan 5) for a bite and the paparazzi were there to question JB whether he’ll get another tattoo. He doesn’t answer but I think it’s safe to say the answer is yes.

So do you like to see Justin getting more tattoos?


Justin Bieber's Tattoo of Jesus on his Left Leg

It is confirmed! Last month while attending Selena’s friend’s wedding in Cabo, Mexico confusion was caused among Beliebers as what appeared to be a tattoo on his left leg was seen in those pictures at the beach. It was hard to tell exactly what the marking was because his pants were rolled up revealing only a small part of what could possibly be a new tattoo.

Today I can confirm that Justin indeed does have a new tattoo and again it is a tattoo of Jesus Christ. Justin already has a Hebrew written tattoo on the side of his body and now he has a tattoo of Jesus’ face on his left leg. Justin now has a total of 3 tattoos.

Justin Bieber New Jesus Tattoo revealed Jun 4, 2012

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So what do you guys think of his new tattoo?