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justin bieber new movie

Confirmed: Justin Bieber acting in new movie

I told you a few days ago that Justin was making a new movie. But some of you didn’t believe me. Well now he has confirmed it with MTV:

“”Hopefully next summer I can start on a movie or something. We’re working on the script right now.

The fact that it’s scripted means Justin will be doing some real acting playing a real character, unlike “Never Say Never” where he was just being himself. No word on what kind of movie it will be. Could it be the drama basketball movie that Mark Walhberg has talked about?

Are you excited to see JB in a real movie? What kind of movie do you want to see him in?

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  • rk

    i want to see him in a action movie

    • Anonymous

      I want to see him in a love movie

  • i want to see JB and Selena in the movie and the on the outside of the movie cover too and it’s name is JELENA! its a cute thing to do in their relationship 🙂

  • Hope Bieber

    I would love to see him in an action, or some type of comedy. He got the skills!

    • Anonymous

      Love mOvie

    • Anonymous

      I wanna see him in horor!

  • emily

    i want to see him in a comedy-romantic film.

  • Ke$ha:piloveeeeJB

    Whatever movie he’s in I’m definitaly gonna go see<3<3<3<3

    • Anonymous

      I agree with u

  • Alex

    i REALLY want him to be in a horror because even though i hate them it would be so cool, also action-y.
    and hes wearing those invisible braces in that picture

  • Dasia

    OMG! Look at his eyes they are sooooooooo pretty!!! 😛 Lol…..and i would like to see him in a romantic comedy or an action movie 🙂

  • omg amazing lookat his eyes so beautiful i love jb

  • omg amazing look at his eyes so beautiful i love jb

  • Patricia

    Honestly I’ll go see any movie, as long as he’s in it. But it would be interesting to see him do a horror movie ( my fave genre ) or a comedy. He can use his many pranking skills in the comedy 🙂

  • nonono

    This guy is not a human. Its a force of nature.

  • cheyanne elise

    i would love for him to come to north carolina but i dont have the money to go to one of his concerts its sad but at least i seee him on tv

    • Alex

      im not even in the same country D’:

  • angela bieber

    idk if i want to see him in a romantic movie cos i will be veryyyyyyyy JEALUS lol 😛

  • keri

    i like to see him in a horror movie it will be cool 🙂

  • aswathy

    I would just love to see him with selena ,whatever movie he is in !! Love u ,JB !!!