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justin bieber under the mistletoe contest

Justin Bieber “Under The Mistletoe” Surprise Contest Happening Soon!

Contest starts in  -it’s starting NOW! Go to the fan page..

We’re about to hold another contest for a copy of Justin’s new album in a couple of hours.

The first contest went great. I thought it would take about 15-30 minutes to get a winner but it took less than 1 minute! Claudette Blake won in lightning speed. The first contest was held during the time when most people in Canada, USA and Mexico were asleep so to be fair I’m going to hold another one in 2 hours on our Facebook fan page.

I’m going to ask quiz questions about JB and be the first person to get the correct answer and you get 1 point. The first person to get 2 points wins a copy of “Under The Mistletoe”. There will be 1 question every minute until someone wins so make sure to reload the page fast to see the new questions. And please like the first correct answer of each question so we can all agree that they have the correct answer.

Contest will start in less than 2 hours at 5pm Los Angeles/Vancouver time or 8PM NYC/Toronto time. (about 1 hour 30 minutes from now)

Please “like” this post so we can get an idea of how many people will be playing this time.  And remember to like the fan page (it’s where all the rumors, gossip, and contests happens).

Read more about the first contest here


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  • Rocio

    Justin your music is awesome keep it up. Your the best.

  • Beliver for ever

    Justin your music is awesome keep it up. Your the best.

  • JUSTIN BIBER i love you. kisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss im from zadar. zadar is in CROATIA. COMON THE ZADAR.

  • good morning justin ur the best rose is red sky is blue justin’ilove u ur so hot

    • rachelgreenberg

      good morining justin ur the best rose is red sky is blue justin i love u ur so hot

  • hi justin i am crush on u

  • hi justiinbiber ur this dream to good justin ur my dream ur hot coll and funny and lovely ur my love ur my hearth ur my first love ur my loneyboy one time biber u smile biber because ur believer

  • Natalie

    Justin i am your biggest fan i seen you on tv i went crazy

  • hi justin ur movie never say never is good ur song is too good ur my dream biber ur the best one time biber biber ur hearth of gril luv biber

  • Hi justin ur the best ur my dream u and ur sister are rocking jazzy is sooo cute i am ur biggest fan ever i love u biber ur one lonney boy i would biber say biber ur prpfomance on ema are rocking

  • Hi justin hose who win this contest she was lucky gril in the world biber ur Awesome luv biber ur biggest fan sindus

  • Anastasija

    hey justin you the best boy haha i love you and you Music <3

  • Hi justin u and ur song special for me ur song coming on vh 1 mtv mtv india ladygaga coming on bindass channel v best of luck of ur new movie never say never ur rocking luv sindus

  • Kelsey Neil

    heey hun i’m a huge fan. i only wish i could meet you.. lol well who dosn’t.. but you saved my life.. with your song ‘down to earth’ i know it sounds dumb but i just wanted to let you know that it’s thanks to you and you music that i’m still here… so thank you.

    • rachelgreenberg

      hey hun i’m a huge fan. i only wish i could meet you.. lol well who doesn’t but you saved my life with your song down to earth’ i know it sounds dumb i just wanted to let you know thats it’s thanks to you and you music that i’m still here so thank you.

  • I love him so hot

  • Happy childernday hi jazzy ur so cute justin ur awesome i am ur biggest fan vh 1 get with it Ur so lucky u have so many fan every second every day every time i miss u one time to come disney channal ur new haircut is awesome biber fever dreamboy luv sindus

  • belieber1

    hi justinnnnnn (L):)

    if u are reading this i hope i win this contest! i think you are amazing and i love you and your music. I listen to it all the time! I have always wanted to come to your concert and be your one less lonely girl i truly love you and hope to meet you one day soon!

  • hi justin ur awesome i only wish i could meet u ur new song fa lala menllllllll is awesome i love u jbb vh 1 get with it ur biggest fan sindus

  • hi justin happy valentines day hope this valentines i could meet u and happy huge day love u biber

  • Hi justin ur really comment on j.b shrin i see the chat room my dear

  • Anonymous

    justin i love your music so much sins i was five and now im seven and one of my frends has a huge crush on you

  • selena

    te amo justion bieber sos el mejor y los q digan lo contrario es q son retardados o les falta inteligencia visual y auditiva ok te amo forever