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justin bieber under the mistletoe cover

Surprise contest: Win Justin Bieber “Under The Mistletoe” at midnight LA time

New contest in happening very soon here.

I”m holding a surprise contest at midnight Vancouver/Los Angeles Time. Thats about an hour and a half from now.

This is now the contest works:

I’ll ask questions about Justin on the Facebook fan page and the first person to get it right gets 1 point. If you think someone got it right “like” their answer so we can all agree it’s right. First person to 2 points gets a copy of Justin’s Christmas album “Under The Mistletoe”.

There’s not many of you but we’ll know about how many soon. Go to the fan page and read the previous post (and “like” it so we all get an idea of how many is playing).

That’s it. And please share or retweet this to your followers.

ps. Please help me out to make it easier for me. If you know any good Bieber quiz questions submit it in the contact form. If I ask you question then at least you’ll know it!

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  • Sarah

    aaww , thats so nice (: shame im grounded. cant go on facebook ):

    • Abby

      whats so nice

      • Anonymous

        Tvu got grounded are u happy about it

    • Anonymous

      Wow that’s nice are u happy

  • Thanks 🙂

    • Abby

      thanks what

  • justin i love u ur the best i love to watch ur song justin ur dreamboy bye

  • justinbiber i love u i love u bibber biber you now i am like one less loney boy

    • Abby

      i am one less lonely girl cause i don’t like any body but at least 20 30 boys at my school or on my street love me cause am am so hotttt!<3

  • justinbiber i am crazy obout u biber fiver wallpaper poster u loking rocking pray baby one less loney gril one time and i love to watch all song

  • justinbiber fiver

    • Abby

      its Justin Bever Fever HELLO DUH

  • hi justin ur so hot and sexy pray for me i win this contest luv biber good night and sweet dream

  • hi justinbiber ur the best i have beber fever i love to watch u and ur song my dream boy love u

  • hi justin my dreamboy ur new this dream too good ride how to love justin tech me how to love please ride to my dream love u biber fever cute loneyboy onetime baby jazzy ur really cute sister

  • hello!!! justin bieber i love you im from argentina for I LOVE YOU!!! ODIO A SELENA GOMEZ…

  • kimberly villa

    hi justinbiber this is your bigest fan and yes i am going to buy your albume saturday

  • a selena gomez e bonita sim e vc que esta com inveja dela so porque ela pode e vc nao se liga menina


    • Anonymous

      I love you Justin bieber ur my world and I am ur biggest fan in the whole wide world

  • Abby

    i kinda like Justin so thats i call he just a bever or Justin bever and i do not have bever fever

  • hi wonder boy ur the best brother ur the best j

  • Hi wonder boy ur awesome bcz ur so cute thank u usher for jb justin every indian to need u please come to india to met me and my best friend namrata i am loking so ugly in the world i hope u like me please justin come to india thank u vh 1 thank u wonder boy biber ur biggest fan luckest fan ur crazy fan

  • i love ur songs and every thing about u i wish i was you gilfrend bye babe

  • U R my fav singer

  • rachelgreenbergrachel biebergomez

    i want you to come to see me sing at cheerleading parctice!