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sexy justin bieber backstage brazil

Sexy JB getting dressed backstage in Sao Paulo, Brazil

He’s hot even when he’s getting dressed. Imagine when he’s getting undressed. lol


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  • Justin's Shawty

    YESSSS !!! FIRST COMMENT! ahaha anyway, i’d just like to say… YUMMMMM 😀

  • omg he is so hot in that vedio of him getting dress i would luv it if i was there behind him lol

  • fritzie anne sachez

    ilove you justin …..

  • Mackenzie BIEBER

    Lets keep it G rated

  • ilovejb

    i agree imagine when he’s getting undressed YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • katie

    now he just needs to take off his pants xD

  • cookieface

    yo is justin wear’n heels creepy nice vid but didn’t think about wires in his cloths or people dressing him

  • gianna-leigh swinton


  • bieberfan

    okay everyone watch that dumb shit video of selena gomez singing a song with which she thinks she can wrap!…………..ps. PUT A SHIRT AND SOME PANTS ON SLUT AND GET RID OF THE AUTOTUNES!!!!!!

  • cookieface

    justin’s an alsome singer and all but creepy guys wear heels there church shoes but not heels that hight rinestones what? oh no you can’tne kidding me rinestone thats just crazy just crazy pause at 5 sec those shoes lookin like wemen shoes

  • Justin ur awesome ur king of gril luv biber true biber every one love sindus

  • lara

    if u play it backwards it will look like he is getting unchanged 😀

  • amber

    SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ME LIKEY

  • Justin

    Show us the part of him in his underwere