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justin bieber selena gomez skating winnipeg

Justin and Selena’s hockey date in Winnipeg, Canada

Capping off their time together in Winnipeg, Justin Bieber took girlfriend Selena Gomez out for a hockey date at the MTS Centre on Saturday night (October 22).

The cute couple cuddled up in their box seats as they watched the hometown Jets beat the Carolina Hurricanes by a score of 5-3, after which they took to the ice for a brief skating session of their own.

For the outing, Justin donned a No. 6 Captain jersey while his ladylove sported a No. 9. Gomez uniform – with the twosome also spending time in the locker area to meet the players.

The date night comes as Selena is set to make her way to Cleveland to perform a rescheduled show at the Wolstein Center on Sunday night (October 23) before picking back up with her Canadian tour at the John Labatt Centre in London, Ontario the following evening.


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  • awwwww thats sweet <3

  • misssy

    i find it funny how they can’t have cameras inside but there’s pictures? weird

    • lol

      wow i like do justinbir ber

  • zrxdcfghv

    i like how his number is 6 and hers is 9

  • carly

    69 LOLLL

  • they look cute together i wish i was there

    • anonymous

      i know right

  • thatsfunny

    69 is safe sex, just saying

  • alyssa

    couldnt stop smiling šŸ™‚ they look so so happy together !

    i dont get why people think all these photo’s are sexual (on twitter and tumblr) because they really aren’t at all haha

    • anon

      you really have no idea what 69 means do you

      • dora

        what that means? 0.0

        • Anonymous

          you small child – i love jb and sel g and i think its hilarious what they did with their shirts

  • dora

    6 & 9, nice number you got there.. i love them both <3

  • Hi! This is for the people who are recently and have been hating on Selena Gomez. You really need to STOP! And, I am a Selena Gomez fan, but if I wasn’t, I really wouldn’t be posting comment after comment saying mean and bad things about Selena. I honestly think she breaks down because of how much she has seen on YouTube and Facebook, and this website and TheJustinBieberHood, I would cry, the first video or comment I seen that says: “I want to kill her”, I would feel really bad. Do you honestly think Selena wants to go through this hate? And, I’m not saying that everybody should be a Selena Gomez fan, but the ones that aren’t fans of her, doesn’t mean you can be posting comments like, I want to kill her, or I want to send her to the devil, or she should be sent to prison. I really think, from a long day at the studio, singing and dancing ALL DAY, I really don’t think she wants to come home reading comments like that. Here are some of the comments that she comes home to: I will kill Selena Gomez. I will lead her to a painful death. I will despose her body, and rip off her skinny skin. And, then I will steal Bieber. Thats from JELENASBURNBOOK., Selena isn’t amazing. All she can do is use and copy other people. She has NO talent from SmileLikeMegan., Dear Selenators, hope you guys for Selena just DREAMS. She has talent? NO #PoorSelena from Slutlenators., Infact, guess what? I HATE JELENA. I HATE HOW THEY HUG, I HATE HOW THEY KISS, HONESTLY I THINK IT’S ALL FAKE from VanessaBarbie10. For the fans of Justin Bieber, he gets upset too. Maybe you should try backing off. This is my comment to Selena and Justin: I love you both! You both have great talent, and Selena, you are the prettiest singer and actress I’ve seen, and Justin, you are thecutest most hottest singer in the world! They both deserve something like that<3

    • Anonymous

      people shouldn’t post online but they can think if they don’t like selena o well justin does i don’t like her but i don’t say it online it is rude and me i admit she is talented but justin can do better than her o justin iā™” u

    • nana

      i think she is so right because the last thing both of them wanna think about is have fans be hating on them

  • analilia

    that is soo true i think selena gomez and justin bieber are a really good couple and i dont want haters to distroy them so shut up and let them live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • makenna norton

      you cannot take that away from us bitchy ass weirdo

      • analilia

        r u talking to me?? bitch

  • Casey

    dude omg cute

  • ups… thats sweet kiss….

  • aayusma

    awwwwwwww hes a gr8 kisser

  • brittney


  • Danna_Belieber

    WTF! SELENA IS $%&”@$

    • nana

      your a BITCH!!! dont be hating on jelena

      • analilia

        thats ture

  • Anonymous

    Doesnt she get heavy wen shes sitting on His lap all the time its cute but wuldnt she get heavy lol