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“Mistletoe Parody” Too Early for Christmas Songs

Did you think “Mistletoe” is coming out too early for Christmas?

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  • Jelena support

    No never i love that song

  • MafaldaB

    I don’t think so, the song is sooooooo cute! And I miss christmas time, so this song came in the perfect time. Of course we are not going to start decorating our houses but its good to listen to these songs sometimes!

  • Liezel

    No. I don’t care 😀 Justin can bring out a song whenever he wants 😉 I don’t understand why people make a big deal. Ok it’s not Christmas yet. but it’s not the end of the world? But it is the end of october ;p lol Mistletoe FTW 🙂

  • i like the beat of the song but still i love under the mistletoe

  • katie

    yes it’s too early. must’ve been done for some reason though
    anyway it’s a great song and will be a brilliant album i’m sure

  • Nelly

    No, never because he is now bringing the song to be the New Year to sing! and really is a beautiful song

  • Dasia

    Yeah it’s kinda too early he could have at lest waited til November, but i dont care i still LOVE the song! and i have to admit the parody was pretty funny 🙂

  • honeybunny

    it’s perfect. we’re beliebers. we’re crazy but that’s how we roll. (:

  • Anonymous


    Urshe. Girl
    Jusnint. Bieerbieed. He. Say Move.
    I. My. Gamadra. I MyMom. Selena Bassi.

    Rahharnna. THE. Dries. I m. Atareas. To tswana doarsd. Jusnint. Bieerbieed. Babby No
    Pannap. Kunnye

  • Hiba

    I Love Mistletoe! BUT yes i think its too early OCT1st would’ve been better.

  • Anonymous

    It gets you in the mood for christmas 🙂

  • Charlotte

    haha love the parody! It’s funny!

  • Chaaarr Bieber

    Leave him alone, he brung it out in time for christmas youu dooshes !
    Love Youu justin <3

  • cher~~ a 40 year old Beiber lover!

    noo i dont, everyone needs a liitle christmas pick me up before the holidays really kick in~~Mistletoe is a great song!! In a few hours I will be holding and listening to” Under the mistletoe”~~:) yahhhh