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Pictures of Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez kissing in Winnipeg

Just Jared Jr posted some lovely dovey pictures of Justin and Selena hugging, kissing, and hanging out at the Jets game in Winnipeg last night (yay that Winnipeg got their Jets back!!). I have a feeling some of you are gonna love this pics and some of you are gonna hate them.


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  • I used to hate Jelena. Now I think they’re kinda cute ^^
    First comment! Yaay!! 😉

    • yupp i do 2!!!<3

      • ilove you justin biber so much more myspace a send picture you

        • Ha, FAIL its Bie*ber 🙂 Just sayin’

    • are you out of your mind you must be crazy you like salena i hate here

      • JelenaLover

        Your just jealous !!

      • JelenaLover

        Your just jealous !!
        And if u do love Justin, then you accept them together !
        And you’re happy for them.
        U stupid bitch !

        • Dreammk

          Why are you even fighting about it?! And yes I don’t like Jelena it doesn’t mean that I hate them tho they r cute and yes I agree but jealous and yes thats true maybe because I love Justin bieber too much you can’t change me to like Jelena of course not and you cant change haters to love justin but I do repect Jelena thank you 🙂

      • nana

        BITCH!!!!! you must be crazy your just jelouse because you cant have justin

      • Anonymous

        u now ur just jealous bitch tht he’s taken get over ur self stuip bitch just face the fact tht he is taken and it will never happen with both of u

    • omg no

  • random person

    cute…:) hope they last

    • you ugly stupid bitch

  • katie

    they’re so cute together! #JELENAFOREVER!

  • Patricia

    The awkward thing are the numbers.. 6 and 9 .. 69 … (sexual reference) xd

    • lololololol sooo funnyy!!

    • Dasia

      Lol i thought that too 😛

    • Anonymous

      I agree my friend austin gave me an awkward look because I wrote 69 and then he turned my paper horizontally and showed me what it ment.

  • Anonymous

    they are so cute together

  • anna alvarado

    I hate jelena!! i hope they dont last :/

    • Anonymous

      shut up!!! cant you just be happy for them!!!!!!!

    • wfvwv

      thats mean.

    • JelenaRoxs101

      I Hope They do last. You should Shut up.

    • Anonymous

      i agree with youuuu

    • Anonymous

      u have issues. leave em be

  • Nikita

    Judging by the poll I’m gad their is less hate on them. They are so freaking adorable together! <3

  • Anonymous

    they look akward in some pictures

  • susan m.

    when i heard they were together i got this icky feeling n my stomach and hated selena but im over it, selena’s awesome (i think) and they look soo adorable! 🙂

  • JelenaRoxs101

    They are sooo cute!!! Seeing pictures of them together,I get this happy feeling inside and it makes me smile(:

  • n

    hey have u noticed justin old hair is coming back??

    • gwen

      no i loved his hair the way it is now i hated the bieber flip he looks better this way with the new hair and the black earings

  • Caroline

    haha justin’s wearing #6 and selenas wearing #9
    HAHA 69

  • niggaplease

    for some reason my fave pic is when hes hiding behind her

  • Anonymous

    ok, im not really a jelena fan but im not a hater. and im just gonna say this one time,the truth is that i really dont care what they do but, i really ave to say this: (PLEASE RESPECT MY OPINIONS)
    selena please respect yourself, like i know his your boyfriend, but like 85% Of jelenas photos shes sitting in his lap,(like te photos above) , or doing things that girls at her age shouldnt be doing(like the pics that were taking in the beach), like i said before, i know his your boyfriend but that is kinda innpropiate. not to be rude but: i though you were a little more shy, or aybe just dont tht type of gil, that would sit for that long tie in boyfriends lap. and im sorry, but wheres selena mom?? selena is always flying around the world with justin, and i never seen his mom there, and they even stay in the same hotel room, and im like WHERE IS HER MOM? im just said this about her mom, because all that is really weird, and im not the persson that likes to critize but, is just someting that caught my eye, and i dont now what pattie has said about this whole jelena thing, but at least, shes always near them…
    whem my mom saw the photos in tv of slena and justin in the beach, she was like: :O i cant believe, isnt that the girl of disney, of waverly place something 😛 and i was llike yeah… and she couldnt believe it, not because she tought she was a good girl, she was surprised because she cant believe a teens wil be doing that in front of everybody. i also think selena and justin get too much freedom, like think, would a mom, a mum that really cares for his child, would be letting his daughter go to the beach w/his boyfriend? or travel around the world just to be with your boyfriend and his crew for a week, knowing that her and her boyfriend going to spend A LONG TIME ALONE, and im no pervert, but sometimes things happens when you “love” a person, so tell me would your mom let you??? i understan that they are famous… they have way more freedom, they dont have the same responsbilities as a normal teen that goes to school, hw, etc… but still kinda innapropiate
    i dont know if all tha is just for publicity, or real, i dont know, but i think they are too young to be doing all the things they do, and im not talking about going to hockie games, im talking about the overated PDA

    i just want to share my opinion, 🙂

    • Anonymous

      ive been thinking lately that they are crossing the line with all the PDA! TOTALLY AGREED WITH YOU!! 🙂

    • nonono

      My opinion : STFU

      • Anonymous

        @nonono that was rude

        • @mainy loves bieber

          i totally agree with you and i think it is going a little OVERBOARD!!!!! hahaha get it overboard. sorry a little dry with the jokes and daisy love the purple on the page it is becoming more bieberistic

    • Anonymous

      Where is her mom????

      She’s 19, she doesn’t need her mom’s permission to sit wherever she wants. C’mon!!!

    • Anonymous

      i agree with you a wholee lot, they shouldnt be doing tht in public but there 19 & 18 btut still too young.

      • Anonymous

        a carefull mom wouldnt let his daughter, even if shes 19, do all the innapropiates thigs she do w/ justin. thejustinbiebershrine just upload new photos and HE IS GRABBING HER ASS AND BOOBS!


    • gwen

      they can’t do it together because they both have puberty rings so… they can’t they promist ther moms

  • nonono

    Good job Selly. Thats the way to do it.

  • jelena

    i LOVE jelena but, im starting not too 🙁 it’s just i’ve seen couple that are in love but i NEVER seen this much pda. there’s other pictures and he’s likes grabbing her ass and holding her boobs in PUBLIC. that’s not getting you any where but people thinking your a whore or something. i dont think she’s a whore i love her but letting your boyfriend grabbing and rubbing your boobs in front of cameras and stuff is like not respecting yourself, says in the bible too. I just find it weird now that theirs camera’s everywhere justin and selena are just showing off. Their barley even watching the game like seriously, if all your gonna do is make out. go home and do that. i still love jelena a little but all i see them as RIGHT now is a sexual relationship

    • misssy

      I Agree

  • misssy

    How Dare People Call “Justlena or jelena” The Next Zac And Vanessa Jelena Show Too Much PDA with Zanessa You Can See Sparks With them And When They Started Dating They Just Went Public Which Is True Love, Jelena Had To Hide For How Long If Justin LOVED HER ALOT He Wouldn’t Care What His Fans Would Think True Love Just Happens You Shouldn’t Hide True Love Even If Your Fans Don’t Improve

  • ..

    To all the people that said there is way to much PDA i agree with you but they are celebrities and they go on tour a lot and hardly get chances to see each other so when they do the paps are just always there to get a photo of them. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      i understand that,… but, i think she should respect herself. he is in almost photo grabbing and rubbing her ass and boobs, like jelena said in the comment above! but, if they need to act all sexual they should do it in private .:)

  • gerardine

    i used to think they were cute together, that they were GREAT COUPLE but right now im just thinking that is not love if his just grabbing her ass IN PUBLIC and she sitting in his lap, selena respect yourself, im not saying shes a slut, but ughh.. that is just so inaproppiate

    • @mainy loves bieber

      with you all the way. and i think their relationship is getting out of hand. i miss justin and his mum together i pics when was the last one the had together…….. 5 months ago or something…..

  • Anonymous

    OKAY PEOPLE!!! THERE WERE OTHER PICTURES THAN THOSE CUTE ONES!!! THERE WERE MORE PICTURES LIKE THEY DID IN HAWAII!!! OKAY!! so those are harmless but search the others and you’ll see my point. #NoHateThough

  • u really cute in all of those photos with Selena

  • Lindsay

    i would fuck with the cameramen too if i were them!!! lol

  • Tina

    They’re really cute~!!
    I really hope they can happy together forever!!

  • JNellySelmez

    I swear selena is my most favorite person in the world!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    jkk´hn m

    • gwen

      if your just going to say jk then why even put it she is a pretty, amazing ect. girl so if your just jking then don’t put it

  • I am Mrs Bieber and selena is just amazing but I am Mrs Bieber and yes me and Justin are a cute couple

  • i hate selena gomez she is a whor justin brake up whit her and come whith me i love u and am 17 not like dose 12 years old that like u so come whith me and ill be better then that whor love u

    • gwen

      shutup your probably just jelluse so back of i think there cute together and selena your are my most faverote singer and you are my romadale so justin stay with her and you marcella bieber lol back off

  • gwen

    they are so cute together they should never be apart and i think its mean that people are sending selena death messages because they wanted to go out with justin i’m one of his big fans and i don’t care that ther dating they look cute so don’t lissen to them and just injoy kissing justin bieber !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yeah I love justin and selena.
    i don’t really love justin (but i don’t hate he’s,)
    but i really really love selena! she’s so beautyfull and my inpiration.


  • you are happy i’m happy to

  • belieber

    saw them together into nice couple who had to separate po. MAKE BEAUTIFUL COUPLE IN THESE PICTURES. I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER.

  • Nicole Green

    Why do they have to kiss al the time…dont they have any other work to do?
    They literally Suck together…..

  • Shawttyy

    aww there adorkable! I seriously love them 🙂

  • Miss Tx

    Dam they didn’t even watch the game…they need to chill with the PDA…especially in public.

  • wow justin is a malester because he is grabbing things that he shouldn’t and he’s tryn 2 make it like it’s ok…… lol 🙂