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justin bieber little drummer boy lyrics

Justin Bieber – Little Drummer Boy [Lyrics with Leaked Preview]

Here’s an advanced preview of “Little Drummer Boy” off “Under The Mistletoe” which will feature Busta Rhymes. But Scooter had said that the Christmas album was supposed to be “all originals“. “Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire”, “All I Want For Christmas” and “Little Drummer Boy”. What is he talking about all originals??

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  • I made that video! 🙂

  • gabriella hernandez


  • Love

    I found snippets of this, the duet with Mariah and “Christmas Eve” (that song is fantastic)…. And as for the “Drummer Boy” song, It’ll be interesting to see how the verses sound because I think that’s where the originality will come from. And it seems like he does cover some classics but he kind of puts his own touch to them.

  • Anonymous

    Fa La La, Christmas Love, Christmas Eve, All I Want Is You, Only Thing I Ever Get For Christmas & Home This Christmas I know are original. And as for “Drummer Boy”, I think that’s original too, its just the chorus isn’t. Because if u hear the song it doesn’t normally contain rapping his version does. And plus it would be long enough, he’d have to add some lyrics.

  • It sounds like a pretty good song so far. But, then again all of his songs sounded good when they were showing just a preview, and all of his songs turned out awesome, and he did too!