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Justin Bieber rented movie theatre in Winnipeg for Selena Gomez date

Selena Gomez has a concert in Winnipeg tonight, and after the end of his South American tour Justin flew there to not only spend time with his girlfriend, but to also visit his dad’s side of the family as Jeremy, Jaxon and Jasmyn live in Winnipeg also.

Jelena went on a movie date yesterday and attended a showing of “Reel Steel” starring Hugh Jackman but in swaggerific style. Justin rented out one whole theatre so they could get some privacy.

"Me and my besty watching a movie" - Justin Bieber

After the movie was over, Justin and Selena rushed away from the paparazzi to an SUV and they headed to Justin’s favorite restaurant, Tim Hortons.

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez at Tim Hortons Winnipeg


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  • biebsluvr

    awww theyre so sweet!!! JELENA FOREVA

  • misssy

    lies. he didn’t rent the whole theater. some people were there i saw another picture of them but a fan took it “look who i saw”. and “besty” oh please you mean girlfriend

  • Lol

    They rented One Theater Room. Like just the One the Movie was showing in. Lol His Bestfriend can be his girlfriend. My bestfriend became my boyfriend. (:

  • nisha bieber

    love you alot jussssss…. ur such a sweeeeetttttt lover!!!!
    love yaaaaaaaaaaaa take care of urself .. ur mistletoe rocks !!!!!!!

  • Patricia

    Its just weird how they planned Selena’s concert in Canada to coincide with Justin being there. hmmmm publicity much. And why would he call her his bestie? Cause jelena is fake and thats all they really are to each other, just best friends.

    • Zaiga


  • Lena

    I just saw Paramormal Activity 3 this Friday night with my cousin Kierra & then on Saturday night after my little cousins’ birthday party my cousin Sara & I saw Paranormal Activity 3 & right after that we went & watched Real Steel (which was an awesome movie!)

  • nonono

    They doesnt look too happy. Probably broke up again.
    Justin, put on your Obey cap and start working foot massages (:

    • not true. they are in truelove. shes just thinks it to much money!

  • JBWife

    They are soo Happy together. <3 JELENA 🙂
    Everyone stfu!! He rented out the Whole theater cus he didnt want nobody up in his face like they always are. The kid wanted Privacy with His BEST FRIEND/GIRLFRIEND. Its good when your Girlfriend is Like your bestfriend. <3 They are Adorableeee <3

  • you love birds have fun. you should never break up.you make a good couple!!!!
    i love you Justin bieber