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“The Christmas Song (Chestnut…)” featuring Usher is the next single

On the day that “Mistletoe” came out, Justin and Usher hinted that the next single off “Under The Mistletoe” would be the one with Usher titled “The Christmas Song (Chestnut Roasted On An Open Fire)”. Actually it was a promise Usher made IF “Mistletoe” reaches number 1 on iTunes worldwide. And hit #1 it did.

In a series of tweets just now, Justin and Usher both confirm “Chestnut” will be the next single and we’ll get a listen to it earlier than expected on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show and available on iTunes this coming Monday, Oct 24th.

Justin: THIS TUESDAY….u did your part…now @UsherRaymondIV and I will do ours…we keep our promises…u ready? http://pic.twitter.com/AbknsgLz

Usher: Yeah Man! @justinbieber the fans did their part so I think we give #Chestnuts to @RyanSeacrest and ITUNES for Monday morning. #1DayEarly

Justin: so if @usherraymondiv wants to give u the song early…u think i should give u the new webisode early (now) too? #Chestnuts #3Days

OMG @ 0:31 I got chills. No date for the official music video has been released yet.

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  • Love

    Absolutely no clue, what they would do in this video. I hope it involves snow though. lol.

  • MoreBiebs

    The high note is absolutely incredible! Made me squeal 😛 And I’m not a squealer! LOVE IT! “SO SICK!”

    • ilovejb&usher

      i love it to!!!! and i’m not a squealer either BUT i did squeal for that high note LOVE IT TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “SQUEAL”!!!!!!!!!

    • i know right eeeeeeeeeeeee………….. cant wait to here the whole song :)…..love it

      • ilovejb&usher

        i can’t wait to hear the whole song either!!!!!!!!!!!! if it’s got jb and usher we can’t go wrong right?

  • Anonymous

    To much Autotune on this album

    • johail

      did u not see him sing live in the video? thats his voice or areu retarded?

    • Patricia

      Where the hell do you hear autotune on here??? :O Don’t judge his album before you heard it.

  • tya


  • Patricia

    I agree with you Daisy. That high note made me swoon. This is gonna be an amazing song and I can’t wait to hear all of it, and the whole album! 🙂

  • ilovejb&usher

    i think that him and usher should do an album with just them doing duets together what do you guys think?

    • iloveusherR

      yea i think they should do an album together also

      • ilovejb&usher

        i would totaly bye that album (if him and usher made an album that is), who agrees with me?

  • krishna

    justin is beautiful is the cutest on the planet and good is q ment he has the best and apart biberconda am your number 1 fan and nobody will ever change that I love you I love you justin bieber and how I wish I could kiss you is your cute cheek

  • @EPICbelibersTT

    I love 0:31 he is so S.E.X.Y HE gives me chills.

  • Justinn Thats a great songg u madeee , the songz is great as u are aswell Love you Justin SOO MUCH !!! ur soo cutee ur voiceee is so cuteee ! beautifull <3 'love you 4 ever xxxx <3 Im your 1 fan !

  • none

    i love this viedo i really do i love him and i hope selena and justin biber wish them the best in there realiship!!!! Love your biggest fan marisa and i want to meet u and selean !!!! Love ya