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justin bieber in jail

Justin Bieber: Senator Amy Klobuchar should be put in jail

A senator from the US is trying to pass a law that would make it illegal to post videos of yourself singing to other people’s songs. In other words, if you do a cover of a Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga song and post it on Youtube you can be put in jail for up to 5 years.

Are you for real?

Justin was doing a radio interview and was asked what he thought about this new law they are trying to pass. It kinda surprised me that he said she should be put in jail. But I do agree, this is the most retarded law and putting people in jail for up to 5 years for doing this is just crazy. Only in America?

The people who are opposing this law has set up a website and is using Justin’s name and face to get attention for their cause. They said if this law is made Justin, who got famous by doing covers of Chris Brown and Usher songs on Youtube, would be put in jail. So now they are using Justin’s name and face (without permission) for their cause.

You would think that Scooter would back up this group of people and their website freebieber.org but from what I’ve read, Justin’s lawyers have sent them a letter to get freebieber.org to stop using JB’s name and face but freebieber.org has refused.

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