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Ariana Grande posted a great cover of Justin’s Be Alright on Youtube the other day.

Published on Nov 15, 2013
Pretty tired here but i adore this song.. 1 of my favs from Believe. hope you enjoy X

justin bieber playing piano 2012

It’s a beautiful mash-up cover of Justin’s and Backstreet Boys’ “As Long As You Love Me”. Just brilliant!


OMG classic! Someone mashed a bunch of speeches of President Obama and came up with this funny cover of JB’s Boyfriend.

If that ain’t enough Obama also does some Carly too!

Obama love Canadians 🙂




John Grimes of Jedward does his own cool cover of Boyfriend.


Brian Petersen and Logan Morrison are professional baseball players from the Miami Marlins. They are trying to bring baseball to the attention of JB. Somehow I think Justin will find out about this video very soon and tweet them because this is hilarious. They did a great job.


Some people say he does a better job than JB. NOT! What do you think?