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Liam Payne of One Direction covers Justin Bieber “One Time”

Some people say he does a better job than JB. NOT! What do you think?

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  • Kate

    it’s hard to compare, because Justin was only like 15 when he recorded the song, and Liam is going to be 19 this year….

    • taribiaa

      i agree with that.
      but anyways . i like the jb version.

    • famuu;)

      actually justin was only 14 when he recorded one time 😀

    • Anonymous

      justin is better but his version is good too!! just not justin good 😀

    • Mya

      sooo???? Bieber’s voice was pitchy b-fore but check out his SEXY SEXY SEXY SEXY SEXY SEXY SEXY new voice!!!!

  • gabb

    not bad

  • Cassia

    I’m a directolieber so all I have to say is :Liam is NOT better than Justin and Justin is NOT better than Liam.

    • Anonymous

      noooooooo bieber is better

    • Belieber

      Well, ur right about this: Liam is NOT better than Justin Bieber.
      But ur NOT right about that Justin Bieber isn’t better than Liam, cause he is, darhh… JB wrote this song… so yes Justin is and will be THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      • Anonymous

        bieber is better than liam and everybody who cover his songs

      • FAIL! JB didnt write “one time”.. Still, the JB version is better:)

  • NOT! justin bieber is way better than him! imma belieber forever!! LUV YA JB <3<3

    • Kirstie

      Haha he sucks! Boy bands are so 90’s and lame

    • ILOVE1D

      he sucks. 1d rocks! and hes becoming a bratt..

  • Kirstie

    One direction sucks! There haromonies are so bad, it’s not even funny

    • Mia


      • Anonymous

        that means ur a fan of one direction? they suck but i am a fan of there music

        • Anonymous

          hey! they don’t suck just not good as bieber

        • ILOVE1D

          ur right. 1d is so much better

        • ce

          how can you think they suck but like their music? haha fail.

        • Alex

          i have to say this.
          first: Just. No.
          second: i love one diection and as people we should ‘research’ them before you judge them
          third: i love JB and i always will but i love one direction equally because they’re so talented you wouldn’t even know.

        • Anonymous

          yeah one deriction is good and who ever siad they are bad is wrong they are good just not bieber good

        • Kirstie

          Wtf? I never said I liked their music, they freaking suck balls! They can’t sing with shit if they had a mouth full. They also can’t harmonize. @Mia yes I’m a hater, no shit Sherlock.
          Only boy band I have ever and will only like is boys 2 men! They are awsome, I also grew up lessoning to them.

        • Mya

          WTF? i wasn’t talking about YOU specifically. I wuz talking 2 every1 else. I did not say @kirstie u r a hater. all i said was HATERS.

        • Mya

          i didnt ask for ur fav band… NO NEED FOR UR INFO

    • ILOVE1D

      rude. 1d rocks!

  • Anonymous

    one direction is really good, but this song its not for him

  • Ellen

    hahaha that guy in the background seems completely uninterested ;D LOL

    • Ellen

      He was good at singing it though ;D LOVE JUSTIN MORE THOUGH SWAG <3 KIDRAUHL <3

  • Anonymous

    Justin is way better

    • Mya

      Justin Bieber Is Way Better Then Liam Payne. When Liam Sings “Your World Is My World”, He Pauses For Way To Long. So, For All Of You People That Are Saying That Liam Payne From One Direction IS Better Then Justin, You Guys Are Probably Just Saying That Because You Are Jealous Because Justin Chose Selena To Be His Girlfriend. O.K.?

      • ILOVE1D

        nobody is jealous of selena, shes amazing. we’re not saying 1d is better cuz we’re jealous, we’re saying 1d is amazing cuz its true. 5 HOT guys are so much better than one guy. and he has anger issues.

  • a

    why is justinbiebershrine even posting this? it’s completely irrelevant and insignificant!
    this was around last year or even older!
    it doesn’t matter!
    and both versions are different,,,there is no “better”

  • Roxanne

    I’d like to hear a version of Justin singing it recently. Anyway, this version was not bad, but it wasn’t as good as JB. And I think Justin has better natural tone than whoever this guy is (*gasp* I don’t really know One Direction! I’m prepared to get shot now!).

    • Kirstie

      Haha, I got shot down because I said the band sucked and that there harmonies are god awful, & I hate boy bands. Lol when I first went on YouTube to look them up I was intended to like them because I have heard a few people say tgat they were amazing. Then after hearing them I thought, those peoPle need their hearing checked. I’m not a hater of them persay, I just hate their music( not the guys) I don’t hate on people I don’t know…

  • THE.biggest.Belieber

    hahahah thats a jk….deffs not better than justin!

  • famuu;)

    JB is much much much better than him !!1 How anyone can even say that his better than Justin? :OO

  • TrueBieber Babe

    There is only one Justin Bieber and you cannot prepare anyone to him. Just like we can compare Justin to Michael Jackson. As Justin said, As long as anyone lives there won’t be another Michael Jackson. The same is true for Justin. As long as anyone lives, there will never be another Justin Bieber.

  • baby

    he’s good but JB is better much better

  • no way. Justin is WAYYY better.

  • justfan

    justin is 100.000 better than that guy! who ever that guy is

  • Emma

    One Time suits Justin’s voice so much more. This songs is sung well by someone with a higher voice (not trying to be mean) Justis is also a much better singer than one direction all put together. 🙂 So my vote goes completely to Justin.

  • doug

    good but not good as bieber

  • lovely

    well one time is not a song for him one time is for justin and justin only so… that’s what i think

    • Anonymous

      yeah i gree that song is ment for justin only

    • Anonymous

      I disagree what u said..

      Of course the song is the one and only belongs to justin bieber but u cannot said that its not for Liam, im so sure justin made this song to be remembered and sung by anyone in the world ,of course, including his fans.justin is so lovable.he will not say tht this wasnt for anyone.theyre both good and the best in their own talent.and theyre both famous,it was like Liam promoting the song to his fans (but im sure all his fans had known Justin much better). and FYI, his fans request him to sing JB song <3

      Im a huge belieber and a huge directioner fans.not a bias comment.just an opinion.peace!

  • NO way justin is well better but i love u too but justin is my baby boy nd hell come hopefully to me but liam i love u too and one dircotion well done x x x x

  • someone

    justin is a flawless singer haha
    or he was
    when he sang one time at least
    he hit all notes
    personally i only like justins songs when HE sings them. for some reason, covers of his songs annoy me.
    and 1d is ok but none of their voices stand out for me like justins cute voice did. if i had to choose 1d i prefer harrys voice.

  • Muffy

    He does a good job, thats no question. But no one can do the song better that Justin himself.

  • Pauline

    Guyys,admit, 1D and JB they 6 are nice ones! 🙂

    • ariana

      LOL agreed 😀 I have got bieber fever and an infection for one direction 😀

    • Anonymous

      Me too!!! love both!! 🙂

  • Suzanne

    Omgosh.nooooo. Justin is thee best.no one can compare to him


    i love justin! <3 and .. one direction, i dont really like them. i have nothing against them, just.. not my type of group.

    i do think liam did pretty good. BUT NO ONE CAN BE COMPARED TO JUSTIN! <3 he's the one and only! 🙂 and i think justin does this WAY better! 🙂

  • MoreBiebs

    I’m a huge fan of both One Direction and Justin Bieber and I think both do a really good job with this song! Liam has a really good voice so his cover sounded really nice, but of course nothing will ever replace the original because that’s Justin’s first song and that will have a special little place in my heart. But yeah, Liam sang this really well and I enjoyed it. End of story.

  • Andrea Qr

    He sings pretty good bbut i still think Justin Bieber is way much better

  • u are much better jb

  • OMB!

    He is singing good but not more than JB! sorry… #peace 🙂

  • naza

    no.Justin Bieber better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Spencer

    no way.

  • Belieber

    Justin Bieber is way better,but Liam isn’t bad 🙂

  • shivali

    no way !!! </3

  • Patricia

    I don’t like 1D, mostly due to the fact that so many ” beliebers ” became 1D fans. Im American, not British, and no one even knows who 1D are in my city. If you wanna see a good boyband, look at NSYNC, BSB, NKOTB, and O Town. They had both singing talent and dancing talent, and were gorgeous men. 1D is crap and im so sick of hearing about them. No one will ever sing ” One Time ” better than Justin.

    • Anonymous

      i agree i don’t even know who is one direction there boy band but i don’t like them i don’t know why

  • hjkl

    pshhh, NOOO. justin does Alot better..he didn’t even get some of the lyrics right..

  • beliebers

    I do not like them!!!!!!!

  • 1DandJB

    One Direction is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. They all have great voices and so does Justin. I love Justin and I think that they are all talented. Why does someone have to be better?

  • coli

    guys! we all love bieber and liam sing that song really well but come on bieber is still better and #1 for me

  • fun

    why is he covering justin bieber one time cause there are so many song he can cover why pick this one? to get more fans ? for fun? tell me why!

  • go

    but some more JB news dude i’m starving for justin

  • daisy

    Liam is better

  • em

    Liam sings well and hes’ version is good. But it wil always be Justin’s song in our hearts. <3

  • Megan

    Ohhh Liam is good 🙂 But Justin is better hehhh

  • gabb

    daisy is taking too many vacations…

  • Patricia

    you like one musician, that do not mean you have to be mean to the others. when is everybody’s gonna understand that ?
    I love Jb, and that doesn’t mean I have to be mean to ONEDIRECTION 🙂

  • Ash

    Good but not good enough

  • madison

    hes good but nobody compares to justin

    he wasnt even in the right tune. I think it six.

  • Hannah

    wow, way to RUIN a good song, plus he messed up on the lyrics.


  • emily

    theres only one thing to say…. Justin is wwwwwwwwaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy better. no contest

  • Belieber

    no, Justin is better than him

  • Nectaria


    P.S. I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!! <3<3<3

  • Laura

    Nobody is better to sing Justin’s songs that himself. This is NOTHING compared to JB. #AlwaysSupportive <3

  • Anonymous

    of course it is better than JBs version, but only because JBs voice was sooo friggin high. If he would record it now again it would be just LDHAWGISUKDFHKASGY *__*

  • brooklynn

    They both sing hella good…..who agrees

  • hi I think liam is a better signer that jb and i love one direction like i love big time rush btr and 1d


    NO WAY LIAM PAIN IS BETTER!!!!!!!!!! The difference is that Justin Bieber can sing and Liam cannot!! Liam cant even play guitar!! just a switch between G and E chord!!! NOT COOL!!!!

  • iamMrMister

    This is TERRIBLE.

  • VP


  • Vanessa

    well liam does really good but he technically cant be better than justin cause justin sang it the way its supposed to sound

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  • Anonymous

    I love Liam Justin bieber is just weird and one direction is awesome Liam’s like the best singer in the group is Louis gay?

  • Jessica

    LIAM PAYNE IS WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY BETTER THAN justin bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 1d forever

    hes so much better than justin! 🙂 and cuterr… 🙂

  • Gabriella

    Yeah the Justin Bieber version was better!! and i’m a huge Bieber fan!! Belieber Forever!!!

  • Justin Bieber Fam

    im a jb fan and always will be but tbh liam just topped it.
    that dont mean i dontlike justin.
    i love him.

  • Anonymous

    jb is better!!