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shirtless justin bieber sexy 2012

Shirtless Justin Bieber skateboarding in Miami Feb 3, 2012

Justin Bieber in The Hit Factory Studios (on his way to work on #BELIEVE) in Miami on February 3, 2012 at 12:00a.m. Skateboarding & shirtless (: Fans everywhere !!! ♥

You guys in Miami are sooo lucky I swear! And he’s shirtless! -dead-

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  • Michael


  • Anon

    If y’all wont yelling so damn much and loud then he’ll come over that’s why he won’t date a fan. And I am a fan. Everytime I got to meet him it was because I was Calm. Jeez

  • Megan

    Oh man, he looks so good.
    Flaunting that body baby haha, I’ma deffo keep it cool when I meet him! (inside ill be crying like a baby but ykno)

  • kathy

    Damn, i think he was trying to kill people skateboarding without his shirt on! I hope the fans that were there dont complain about him not going over,, he did wave at them when he left!! He is trying to relax a little between making his album,He was doing his own thing, it was the fans who went there to see him, he wasnt obligated to go over and doo anything with the fans! With all that screaming, they are lucky they even got a wave goodbye.. that would have totally driven me crazy if i was trying to skateboard, and these screaming girls couldnt keep quiet, you can tell he lost his concentration a few times!

  • gabriel gabriel

  • Anon

    i live in miami and my mom wont let me see him!!!!!!!!!!

  • gabb

    damn stop screaming so he can concentratee

  • Angel Bieber

    the fans that were recording this were stupid

  • kiki

    this he did for hes fans 🙂 im so dead, like so soo dead right now 😛 <3

  • kiki

    o sorry 🙂 for hes BELIEBERS 🙂

  • Anonymous

    That is exactly why I am so torn as to weather to go to one of his concerts. I mean I absolutly LOVE justin, but all those screaming girls would give me a headache. If they actually acted cool around him, he probably would have come up to the gate to talk to them!

  • Katie

    OH DEAR LORD…HE’S SHIRTLESS! i just died xD

  • Giorgie

    OMG he is so HOT i love him so much and its true u guys dont let him concentrate thts y he dosent pay attention or talk or go over to u guys 🙁 i wish i was there:) <3

  • Jenny

    Hi my name is Jenny and I would love to meet Justin bieber ad be the one less lonely girl and have a kiss on my chick from him and front row seats tickets to his concert

  • Patricia

    What was the point of all the screaming? He obviously saw you guys, you didn’t have to scream to get his attention. He obviously came out to take a break from recording his album, and you guys wouldn’t even let him do that. If I was in Miami, yes I would be there stalking him too, but I wouldn’t scream if I saw him. I would be calm.


  • niomi

    yo i live in Florida im going out to Miami and stalk the shit out of him lol jk but omg!omg! he’s in Miami xD

  • msbelieber

    i went the day after and met him!!! <3

  • just my swagg

    justin is my BABY

  • just my bieber

    justin,justin,JUSTIN i lov u