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justin bieber mexico city 2011

Justin Bieber waves to fans from Mexico City hotel balcony

Embarking on his Latin American tour, Justin Bieber was spotted showing some love from his hotel balcony in Mexico City on Saturday (October 1).

The “Baby” hitmaker offered up a big wave while tweeting,

“MEXICO CITY!! I can hear the fans outside the hotel. #MUCHLOVE – TE AMO MUCHO!”

Bieber is set to play shows at Foro Sol tonight and tomorrow before proceeding forth to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the next concert lined up on Wednesday, October 5th.


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    Fucking Nice DICK I LOVE THAT. I am soooo HORNY. I need to suck his fucking DICK

    • katie

      that was random 😛

    • #1 bielieber


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    • Sascha

      Your are very weird, and why do you always have to say what your name is? That is creepy!

    • Kirstie

      ^^ no one cares, so stfu and gtfo

  • caitlyn

    who gives a care david only ya momma ohhhhhhh

  • belieber baby

    he. is. amazing.

  • I ♥ Him Hunny Love you

  • Sascha

    He still looks so hot and so beautiful in this pictures

  • rebecca sacchetti

    I use to be a huge fan of Justin, but not after what happend to me and my friends. Ik no one might care but me and five of my other friends got played by some freak that pretended to be Justin Bieber. It was completly retarded for us to believe the person anyway. It was kinda hard not to though, kuz the person did sound like him. It went on for months we even dated the person thinking it was the real thing but after awhile we found out it was some girl named tia maxwell.haha we all feel so stupid. That’s why im not that big of a fan anymore because people go nuts over him when he’s just a normal person.

  • rebecca sacchetti

    oh and how we didnt know it was a fake is kuz we met the person online and we only talked to the girl over the phone. which is why i hate the internet now. it really made a huge impact on me and my friends lifes.

  • That’s how Justin shows his love to his fans. He gives back:))) The photos above show how much he care for all his fans… He came out just to give wave to the lovely #bielibers outside his hotel balcony. That’s why we adore you Justin:P You are great… Muchlove♥

  • nonono

    He obviously enjoying it too. This smile is no fake.
    He loves the energy that big crowds of fans give him. He is really a very unique person.

  • Lilly

    I LOVE the way he acts around his fans… its TOTALLy different then the way he acts around other ppl *cough cough*U know who*cough cough* 😛

  • i absolutely love thiss!!! i feel likke when hes around us, and some ppl *cough* arent around he lets loose!!!! i love it sooo much<33333 and i love to see all of his recent tweets, theyre about how much he loves uss:)
    i absolutelllyyy looove the 3rd pic btww:)

  • carly

    nice Louis Vuitton belt 😉