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Justin Bieber’s New Music Update

Time to clear up some confusion and fill you in on what’s expected from JB music-wise in the coming weeks while he’s on tour.

First, just so you know….The title of the Christmas Charity album is “Under The Mistletoe”. The song Justin just filmed in Franklin, Tennessee (the first song to be released) is called “Mistletoe” only. No “Under The”. The official music video will be released on midnight (New York time) Monday, October 17th.

In terms of hearing his new music early?…. From what I have seen usually JB’s music doesn’t get leaked (usually), but I’ve seen his videos get leaked many times before the official release. The videos for “Next to You” with Chris Brown and “Eenie Meenie” with Sean Kingson are two examples. BTW Ryan Seacrest has made it his mission to be the first to play songs off the Christmas album on his radio show. Fingers crossed. Let’s hope that happens soon.

Speaking of Sean Kingston…. I had mentioned a while ago that there would be 2 remixes coming out. One with Sean Kingston and one with Lil Wayne’s “How to Love”. When Scooter said last week that a JB remix was releasing this week I had assumed it was the one with Sean Kingston and complained on our Facebook fan page about how they would be able to release the remix if Sean didn’t even go into the studio yet to record his part. So when the Lil Wayne remix came out I apologized on Twitter for thinking it was the SK remix. So is there a Sean Kingston & Justin Bieber remix? Sean Kingston himself says yes.

“@JBShrine @dani95jb there is a JB&SK remix!!.. Will be out soon!”

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? I bet you the Sean Kingston remix is the duet they’re doing on JB’s Christmas album. But how could this be as we already know all the songs on the Christmas album will be all originals? Which should mean no remixes on the Christmas album. Imagine they did a remixed version of “Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer”? haha. Now that would be original right?

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  • belieber baby

    also, justin tweeted the single “Mistletoe” will be in itunes october 18th ! yeah i don’t get the sean kingston thing, but i wish jb and sk would finish “Shawty Let’s Go” !!! hahahah 🙂

  • Lilly

    i dont thinks its going to be on the xmas album tho.. i think its going to be in Believe. Everyone’s talking about the Xmas album & they’re forgetting that he has 2 albums coming out this year. “Believe” & “Under The Mistletoe.”

  • #Underthemistletoe is the title i know:) All song are original i bet. Let’s not argue people. Let’s wait and see.

  • I Like this . I ♥ Him

  • Hazel

    I Love Justin Bieber ! ! ! <3