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Justin Bieber’s new music video will play before Arthur Christmas movie

Talented, adorable, and now generous!

Arthur Christmas, the upcoming animated holiday movie about the Claus family’s bungling, big-hearted black sheep son, had been turning in a respectable but unremarkable performance on our Anticipation Index, hovering around the middle of our top-100 most buzzed-about upcoming projects.

That is, until Bieber got involved.

After he tweeted yesterday that the video for his next single off Under the Mistletoe (“Santa Claus Is Coming to Town”) would premiere before Arthur Christmas screenings nationwide, the movie shot up to third on the Index. Right behind Bieber!

Enjoy it while you can, Arthur. Only a lucky few ever make it that close to the Biebs.



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  • ima bieliber

    yessss first 2 comment, lol niceee moviee justinn<3 ily. W.O.W.


    yayy 2ed comment i will go and see that moviee noww. 🙂

  • i just do,nt care less if selena gomez , what,s to be bare foot and pregnant and by having justin bieber just beetween her leg,s i just what to watch over her future career that,s all , love david conway

  • angela bieber

    omgg!!!!! i love it 🙂 #belieber 4ever 🙂