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vote for justin bieber ema

Justin Bieber attending 2011 MTV EMAs Nov 6, 2011 in Belfast

Justin will be attending the 2011 MTV European Music Awards in Belfast, UK.

Nothing has been official but we now know that Justin will be in the UK lighting up the Christmas tree at Westfield Shopping Centre in London on Nov 7 while he promotes “Under The Mistletoe”. Also Selena Gomez will be the host of the award show so I’m pretty sure he’ll attend.

He is nominated for 3 awards that night so help vote for Justin.

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  • Emma

    justin confirmed last night on capital fm uk that he will be attending the ema’s in belfast

  • @mainy loves bieber

    i have voted for justin 100 times and my eyes hurt from going back and forth, but anything for justin so i’ll keep voting.

    • dear justin bieber shrine blog 2011 , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here , do think that justin bieber will be touching selena marie gomez , ass again just at the emas awards just on the mtv tv network , love david b conway

  • nanna

    i hope justin

    • nicole

      umm justin will be a dad i think he is anyways are u going to the emas

  • Shannon C

    does anyone know what hotel he’ll be staying in when he’s in Belfast for the EMAs?

    • Anonymous

      i want to know that too,

      • Anonymous

        I think he’s staying at the europa or merchant or colodan hotel

  • nadya safira

    Justin good luck in MTV EMA s.
    i love you Justin
    <3<3<3 😉 😉 😉

    • Cheyenne

      I LOVE justin bieber!!

  • nicole

    i know where lady gaga is staying i relly wanna know where seleane gomez is staying wirtte back to me how knows where Shes staying plz

    • Anonymous

      wheres lady gaga staying?

      • nicole

        lady gaga is staying at the colldon hotel

    • Anonymous

      Selena’s staying in The Merchant hotel. Does anyone know for sure where Justin will be staying?

      • nicole

        lady gaga is staying the colldon hotel

      • nicole

        i will find out for ya kk

  • justin a hop you winn!!!!!!!!!!!!!oxoxoxox

  • justin i now that you are going to win!!!!!!!<3

  • meadbh

    Justin is staying at the merchant hotel with selena xxxoooo does anyone know how lng for as i live in n.ireland – luv to c emm xxxxxx