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Justin Bieber’s new 2012 movie is basketball drama with Mark Walhberg


Ah ha! I wasn’t sure exactly which movie Justin was talking about when he said he’s working on a script for a movie for 2012 and now he’s confirmed it himself. Justin’s new movie is definitely the drama basketball movie with Mark Wahlberg.

Are you ready to see JB in a drama movie?

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  • Steph,

    I could have SWORN I saw his name at the end of a preview on a movie that was animated. Man wish I could remember the name… :S

    • belieber baby

      arthur christmas? because one of his songs from under the mistletoe is associated with that animated movie

      • Steph,

        Ooh, yep i think you’re right because that’s the name now that I remember. Hahaha, thanks 🙂

  • @mainy loves bieber

    i can’t wait almost crying of excitment. 😀

  • xfreddiexbensonx

    ohhh Yeah

  • MAnnO:)

    oyee hoyeee sweetyyyy,…..!

  • i love you my baby Justin Bieber
    i wot you to come to my hous

  • Amanda. Granata

    Hey Justin bieber i love your songs and I can’t wheat to pick the Believe CD and I have your tour tickets to see you can you try. Take my hand at the top can you sing one less lonely girl again I want you to pick me on the sit so you can give me flowers so I can’t wheat to meet you at the concert I am the biggest fan can you make a summer movie of 2012 I. Love Your Movies and your songs you the best singer and Dancer too see you soon you make me Happy Justin take care of yourself
    Love Amanda Granata xoxoxoxo 🙂

    • amina

      omg you are so lucky you went to his concert i want to meet justin beiber so bad for my birthday which is tommorow and like thats ever gonna happen

  • amina

    i love justin beiber he is hot cute thats not what matters about him he is confident, happy, and more but justin beiber should be happy about his looks his carrer. bye justin beiber

    p.s. tommorow is july 5 and its my birthday

  • Ana

    hi justin ps call me at 417 725 18 10