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justin bieber scary eyes picture

Justin Bieber’s scary Halloween night with Jaden Smith & Conner Cruise

Justin Bieber took a break from recording his Christmas album and romancing Selena Gomez for a fun-filled guys night Sunday with famous pals Jaden Smith and Tom Cruise’s son, Connor.

Hitting up Universal Studios Hollywood’s popular Halloween Horror Nights attraction, Bieber indulged in scares including “Terror Tram: Scream 4 Your Life,” where his group evaded a knife-wielding Ghostface killer, as well as mazes based on Eli Roth’s “Hostel” films and Rob Zombie’s gross-out movies.

Arriving around 7 p.m. and staying until just after midnight, the group received a VIP tour and were “totally scared,” one onlooker said.

Ghoulish motifs must be a welcome change for the Biebs, who has been up to his 17-year-old ears in holiday spirit. “Under the Mistletoe,” his soon-to-be-released Christmas record, features collaborations with the likes of his mentor Usher.

In fact, Usher and Bieber released their take on “The Christmas Song” on Monday.


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  • Hey Justin Bieber Guess wat my name is Halloween and i was born same day in Halloween Day 31/10. My birth day is coming up so its gonna be crazyyyyy!

    • Tinaβ™₯

      Really?You’re cool!!
      Justin’s right eye really scared me!
      What do you think?

      • @mainy loves bieber

        I thought it was real at first then i realised that justin has amazing brown eyes πŸ˜€ wooops

      • Nicole nellie @gmail.com

        Please write back! I am Nicole Nellie Bowen! Just to write to you is a prevledge. I am so excited to leave you a comment. I hope it doesn’t cost anything. I just wanted to talk to you. Love you I’m a big fan I hope to see you in concert some day. What’s with the scary photo. It’s a little scary.Love you Nicole!

    • @mainy loves bieber

      is that for real? what a mad name….. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

  • shiny

    i’m really upset cause he is dating selena..who is she for a boy like justin to date????really upset…:(:(

  • justin that eye is so scare where did you get that eye

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  • jessie

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  • Gillian

    I really like JB and Jaden. They’re my number 1 guys! That eye is kinda scary!

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    • Anonymous

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