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kim kardashian justin bieber 2011

Kim Kardashian used Justin Bieber’s name to gain votes for brother Rob

Kim Kardashian had a genius plan on Monday night.

She used her Twitter account and Justin Bieber’s name to gain votes for her brother Rob in this week’s Dancing with the Stars competition.

After the show, Kim tweeted,

“OMG I have @JustinBieber ‘s phone #!!!! 800 8683402! CALL HIM! He’s taking calls for the next hour!!!!”

Upon calling the number, the unsuspecting Bieber fan heard the automated message, “Thanks for voting for Rob and Cheryl.” For those that do not recognize the message, it means that by calling that number, they automatically voted for Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke for their performance on Dancing with the Stars. Haha.


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  • ..

    hahahha so smart!

  • nonono

    Look in the mirror, Justin.

  • belieber baby

    hahaha oh kim <3 .. i wonder if justin knows haha

  • People should be voting because they liked the dance not becaus they were scammed.

  • Dasia

    Hahaha thats so messed up, he had trick people into voting for him ahahaha :P. I wonder is justin knows…

  • Someone

    OMG i think that is so stuiped he has been here for how long and kim is a selfish person….. ANYWAY….. her brother is a better dancing then she has ever been

  • Sweet_Elegant

    Oh, I was wondering what Alfredo meant when he tweeted that it was “Genius”! I wasn’t gonna get suckered into calling it myself:D

  • thats not funny, that just proves they just want more fame, its kinda smart but kinda annoying at the same time….i cant wait till the day he gets voted off…

    • Julianna

      exactly… if he was good then he would’ve gotten votes… it isn’t funny… it is smart but it is very low. and i wish i could’e seen her face when he did get voted off…

  • OMG I saw that tweeeeeet <3

  • Julianna

    OMG… that is so like Kim Kardashian… if he was any good she wuldn’t have to do that! So she used him to get votes and she may not be on his good side exactly AND her brother lost! God, enough of the fame, shes already famous for being a narcissistic bitch and a god damn liar… and she is like a model, i know like a lot of girls at my school who look like her or look as pretty and they don’t want and want or be greedy…. Kourtney Kardashian is the only Kardashian who isn’t a user… and Kim is soooo like depressed about her divorce… she broke his heart for millions of dollars… Fame loves her, but seriousy… that is low… using bieber fans…. that is a bitch move, not kinda, it is a bitch move… he lost anyways…

  • HEY