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cody simpson justin bieber

Cody Simpson writing songs with Justin Bieber

I agree. Justin and Cody shouldn’t do a song together just yet. It would be easy given that they’re both managed by Scooter but Cody Simpson should make his own music and build his own fan base. Same thing with Justin doing a duet with Selena. It would make it look like she’s using him for his fame. Not a good idea.

Here’s more video with Cody:


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  • Cassie

    I’ve met Cody Simpson 3 times and I’ve seen Justin Bieber live and I love them both! I know a lot of people would agree with me. So all of us out there that love both of them, this is great! Also it will be nice for Cody to not be called a wanna be Justin Bieber. They are pursuing different genres in the music industry. Another thing, Cody ALREADY has a hugeeee fan base. Go to any of his concerts and it’s completely obvious. He’s definitely not using Justin. Gonna be the best collab ever! Follow me @cassieladancer

    • Anonymous

      Cody is a wanna be Justin bieber

      P.s. Justin bieber Cody is not

      • Anonymous

        Cody is a wanna be Justin bieber

        P.s JUSTIN BIEBER is HOTTTT Cody is not

  • I agree. I love them both. Forget Scooter manages them both. They’re both amazing artistes and doing a collaboration now or later would be great. They both have a lot of fans even if JB’s got more, it doesn’t really matter. I can’t wait to hear what they
    release together. Cody is so not using Justin. They’re both great on their own.

  • Cody Simpson has his own fan base and is just as talented. Why can’t he work with other artists?

  • Patricia

    Im a belieber and Justin will always come first but Im also a Cody fan. I love Justin and I like Cody, so I would love for them to do a song together.

  • Claudia

    omg this is awesome. i hope they do a duet. :p

  • Anonymous

    SOME bieber fans ALWAYS do stuff like that including whoever runs this site. You guys belittle whoever Justin works with and its annoying. You used to do it with Breezy until u found out that he WROTE a song for Justin and let him sing it alone. Now you’re doing it with Cody, Here’s the thing Justin actually RESPECTS the people he works with and if he thought like some of you, he wouldn’t collaborate with anyone at all. If you don’t like the person he collabs with, TOUGH, not your choice, but I bet you’ll buy it anyway.

  • Liezel

    I don’t like it :/ I have nothing against Cody.. but It’s just weird 😀

  • Mel

    um not playing favourites but…i dont think that makes sense, was justin USING ludacris when they worked together on baby? was justin USING usher when they worked together on somebody to love?

    • Lilly

      I’m not a Cody’s fan, but it would be pretty interesting (the duet).

  • i forgot what to say to u

  • Anonymous

    ive meet cody like 10 times. i just dont find him like … attractive. Haha agree?

  • shayla

    dont do it justin cody is just using you because you have every think cody has nothink just be your self we love you for who you are DONT DO IT JUSTIN

  • samantha

    Codys using justin for fame

    • Anonymous

      no he is not

  • Lilly

    I prefer Justin in so many ways.
    But I’m not a Cody’s hater althought.
    And I think they really shouldn’t do a duet.

  • wonder why some of these ladies hate Cody ,you think he will love you? he never done anything bad right?so it`s better if they sang together

  • Tania

    Well guys i think if they do a duet won’t change nothing!!Justin will stay Justin and Cody will stay Cody!!i thing that they will try to do something together!!Cody doesn’t copy Justin!!He is himself!!Because he wear something like Justin??Because he became famous by small?WELL I LIKE THEM BOTH!!i like moree justin but i don’t hate CODY!!he is an amazing singer!!maybe the duet will be very interesting and very NICE!