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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s relationship is fakee

UPDATE: There are many copycat articles on the net but what you are about to read is the original Jelena Exposed Article. You should link back to this article if you use it’s contents. Thank you.

Can the title be more blunt?

I’ve always been a straight forward, honest person. So honest that some people who don’t know me mistaken it for rude. So I anticipate that what I am going to say will surely make some of you upset. I mean specifically you Selena and Jelena fans. If you’re starting to get upset already reading up to this point then I suggest you go here immediately.

And for those who choose to read on I assume that you at least are open to what I have to say about Justin and Selena’s relationship. Remember this is just my personal opinion.

First let me say that I have nothing against Selena Gomez. I really do think she’s a nice girl. I know I call her Selena Gohome sometimes but I’m just being a clown. Selena is a nice girl. I’m sure of it. Much nicer than someone like Miley and Demi.

But like Miley and Demi, (and must we add Britney, Lindsay, and Christina) she too is a product of Disney. And like it or not, you can’t help but to expect that there is some pressure on Selena to make headlines and to sell. Her career depends on it. Demi has been making headlines for going crazy and Miley has always been crazy. Selena doesn’t do crazy. So what does she do? Justin Bieber. (Keep in mind that her show “Wizards of Waverly Place” is ending, she has a new album coming out in June, and those tickets for her upcoming tour better sell!!)

So where should I start?

Selena has shown she would use Justin for publicity even way before they started dating

First let me take you back to the moment I realized Selena is just the type to use Justin for publicity. We’ll have to go back to July 5, 2010 when I made a post calling Selena out for using Justin for publicity. If you haven’t read that post then I suggest you read it now before you read further:

After seeing that video it started opening my eyes about Selena. There is no way that could have been a computer glitch and if that was intentional then I can’t see how Selena could not have been in on the decision to flash Justin’s face on the back of her phone. Someone made the final decision to flash Justin’s face and it was either Selena or her manager, which some of you may know also happens to be her mom.

Selena’s manager is her stage mom

Now when a celebrity has a manager it’s nothing unusual. But when the celebrity’s manager is their mom, it says a lot. It says your mom is a stage mom (someone who pushes her daughter to become famous).

And this comes as no surprise. Selena’s mom, Mandy Cornett also wanted to be a famous actress but wasn’t as successful, performing only as a stage actress outside Dallas, Texas. Mandy’s aspirations to be a famous actress must have something to do with the reason why Selena is famous today. And when you have a stage mom who wants you to be famous and is also your manager, many times Selena can’t really make her own decisions so you can’t blame her. She does what mom wants and Mandy is the type that wants fame. So it shouldn’t surprise you that Selena met Justin through her mom after getting a call from Justin’s own manager, Scooter.

So their meeting was definitely a set up. But is their relationship also a set up?

(To be continued……)

I predict this is going to be a very long post so I’m going to do it in pieces. But before I go on, I just want to take a quick poll to see what you guys think about Justin and Selena’s relationship first.

Before I address the question on whether I think their relationship is fake and teach you guys something I know most of you don’t know about Hollywood, I want to give you 2 more examples of what Selena did that led me to believe Selena is more interested in getting attention than she is in Justin.

Selena Gomez likes to taunt Justin’s fans for attention

Think back in mid December when fans and the media was at a frenzy trying to figure out if the rumors of them dating were true (I told you guys they were dating back in Nov!). This was after they were seen together at Jaden’s brother’s football game, after they were reported holding hands at Munchies, after reports that he spent Thanksgiving with her family, after pictures of them surfaced leaving iHop hand in hand, and right after reports came out that they spent the night in the hotel room together in Miami Beach. Beliebers were even starting to fight each other on whether Justin should tell his fans about them dating or not. Everyone wanted to know at that point!

So what does Selena do while knowing she’s getting so much attention because of this whole possibly dating Justin thing while supposedly trying to keep their relationship a secret? She decides to tweet “I Love You”. No name attached. Just “I Love You”.

If she really loved him more than she loved publicity and attention and wanted to keep their “secret” relationship a secret she would have called him, not make that public tweet with no names attached. If you believe she tweeted that to her fans you need to wake up. Selena did it for attention and it was a very lousy move at the expense of Justin’s fans, just like the flash of his pic on the back of her phone. Selena knows what it’s like to be a fan and she has been in our position before because she admit it herself that when she was younger and had a crush on Jesse McCartney that she was crushed when she found out Jesse started dating Katie Cassidy. She said of Katie, “I hated her, I absolutely hated her.”

To me this tweet reveals something really telling about Selena’s character. She isn’t as sweet as she makes herself out to be. The tweet shows me that she cares more for attention and publicity then she does for Justin or his fans. She did it to get us to talk about her. She did it to make us jealous of her. Just like she hated and was jealous of Katie Cassidy. Believe it.

But that’s not all. Right before the St. Lucia pictures of them kissing came out (which I have already said back then must have been a set up for the paparazzi to take their pictures) there were rumors that she no longer wears her purity ring for Justin and that he bought her a diamond bracelet. Two days after St. Lucia she showed up at the People’s Choice Awards knowing people will be paying attention to see if she would wear her purity ring (which she does to all the big events). Not only did she not wear her purity ring, but she chose to wear a diamond bracelet. Coincidence? I somehow don’t think so because by now I’ve seen too much of the real Selena Gomez and what she has been trying to do and I think it’s lousy.

Am I thinking too deep? Or did you guys not think about it? What I just said is not meant to prove their relationship is fake. I was trying to point out something I noticed about Selena that most people might not catch. Selena is not like you and me. Selena is just like any other celebrity and celebrities all want attention. That’s part of the game.

The Hollywood Game

This part will put the pieces together and hopefully convince you that what you see is usually not what you get in Hollywood. This is especially true when a relationship involves two famous celebrities.

Continue with Part II


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  • mandy

    it may have been a cumputer error or she just decided to show it, but the sticker is still on there.
    some of the videos and interviews she has her phone on a table or something and you can see the glimpse of the sticker when she picks it up

  • Sinem


    Her mom is her manager because she can keep her grounded and wouldn’t take on stuff that is not appropriate for Selena, thats why.. and the picture thingy, .. well let me just say Selena isn’t the one editing her videos.. Their relationship is real…

    • Tiara


      Selena is not that type of person and I don’t care what you guys think.
      Let Justin live his life cuz you guys can’t stop them from dating. I reallly love both of them and I think they are one of the hottest couples dating right now!!!!!
      So leave them alone and let them be. They love each other 🙂 <3

      • Sinem

        Exactly.. i dont know why people are still in denial and can’t just see that they’re in love.. people keep coming up with stupid reasons.. i dont get it,.. they seem very genuine and in love..

        • Laura

          i totally agree with u sinem
          all u beliebers just have to let teenage love be love
          u just gotta put yourself in her and his shoes
          how would u like it if u kept hearing nasty stuff about u and ur boyfriend???
          so i totally support jb and selena
          GO Jelena
          hehe lol

      • I agree with u

        Bookhut @zamnet.zm

    • Serena

      The people who edit the videos are the ones who are wanting to make their date go out into the public. And maybe Selena got taken along to do the same thing.
      I am not trying to hate on Selena, she’s a really nice girl. If I could meet her, I would love to. Selena might really love Justin and I can’t say Justin might love her because he just loves her. Maybe after a while, she remembered, “I can use my ‘little brother’ for publicity.” So that’s why there is this feud.
      The same thing would happen with Jasmine V though…. And Miley Cyrus… And Demi…. Can he just date someone like, a goldfish? A pillow?

  • Maye

    I feel like she is using him!
    But i hope she is not because she is a really nice girl and i do not want ANYONE using him he is sutch a sweetheart. </3

    • Anne

      I think the same, Maye, because I saw in a magazine from here wrote the same thing. And it wrote more : “Pattie think that Selena is using him, but Justin really loves her and she belives that in the end he”ll remain with his heart broken.” , and I agree Pattie.

      • @kathyjustinb(from twitter)

        i agree with pattie.i also think that selena is just using him for fame.he is going to end up broken hearted. :'( i hope she is not. :s. has eney one noties the boys she has dated befor justin. ummmm…..lets see JONES BROTHERS when the came out the where really poperler.then next thing u know NICK JONES AND SELENA GOMEZ!!! next boy……TAYLOR LAUTNER the hoties boy on twilight!!!! he came out and then BANG!!! TAYLER AND SELENA!!!! and now the most fine prufect hoties kind talented FAMIOSE(like the othe that i just said) JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!! so twite me and tell me what u think on twitter. if you have1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! later!!!

        • @kathyjustinb(from twitter)

          i dont hate her.!!!!!!!!!! so yeah

        • Lena

          And you guys are missing a BIG part of this! Havent you noticed that Selena only dates the BIG stars. And when their not big anymore, she looks for another big star. Idk If she is really using him. But I think it makes sence. I mean come on, like seriously. But I’m hoping she’s not using him, Or else I swear Ima be the on to punch her next! Justin’s a new big star. And I bet when he’s not big anymore. There wont be a Selena and Justin. SO all the people who belive there really dating. Just look at the facts! But we never really know. I’m not those crazed fans of Justin. But I dont want him to break down already. He still has a long way to go. I’m no hater. I’m against that. But I dont go and craze about some “Hot Boy.” I think of them as friends that are rich:)
          So uhh, Justin, I cant tell you not to date. But please wait a little longer cause you just started. ANd your a Teen and she’s an Adult! I just find that alittle bit gross lol:)

        • Anne

          Well what we have to do now is only to wait for news…

        • {xxBieberOrDieArmyxx}

          Really? C’mon Selly’ This Is Below Even You , I Really Don’t Know What To Believe Do You Love Justin? Or Do You Just Want The Publicity … No Wonder All The “Bieber Lovers” Out There Are Mad At You … Im Not Against You Or Anything But I Really Don’t Know What Or Who To Believe … Selena , Justin Loves You I Can Tell Don’t Hurt Him Please … Just Like Justin Say’s “You Hurt My Fan’s I’ll Go Ninja On You” Now We’re Saying “You Hurt Our Justin WE’LL Go Ninja On You … Add Me On Facebook @MalindaChristianThreadgill … Then Like My “Like Pagez” @BieberOrDieArmy (xxJelena Support Groupxx)
          Thanks Malinda (: <3

        • Nikki

          I agree w/ Faith if she is doing this she needs to come clean!

        • #Dr.BieberLover

          The More & More I Look At I Realize What’s Going On… Us Justin’s Fans Are Being Hypmotized As Well… She’s Dated Nick Jonas,Taylor Launter, They’re All Famous I Hope Im Wrong But… I Feel Like Selena’s Just Doing This For Publicity… This Just Terrible, Poor Justin, God I Wish Us BieberBabes Could Do Something About, The Bad Thing Is We Cant We Just Have To Step Back And Watch… Ugh! )’:

        • LYNZEL MARIE

          cheater break up with jb user

        • serenity

          i agree

        • lucy the bieber,gomez fan

          ok thats bad i mean selena seems super nice an justin does too. i think that selena should tell him herself!

        • Lil_Hottie

          Selena is using justin bieber for attention so just deal with tha facted that she is just dating him for attention look at her fan increase since she started dating justin bieber sooooo just deal with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Alison

          LEARN HOW TO TYPE!

        • Aleen

          i hate selena A LOT but u know what?? Selena THANK U for making jb smile 🙂

        • anonymous

          thats a good way of looking at it even tho you hate her

    • Katie

      Selena is totally using justin justn to get attention

      • Jenny

        it’s just not justn

  • I do really hate Selena after reading this post. Its makes too much sense that Selena was using tricks to win over Justin .She is way too awful.
    When Twilight is famous, she’s with Taylor Lautner. When Jonas Brother is famous,she’s with Nick and now …………….

    • Emilyyx3

      @Who used to love selena I just realized that! When the Jonas brothers were really big she dated nick then when Twilight was big she dated Taylor Lautner but now Justin bieber is really big and she’s “dating” him. Thats kinda funny don’t you think?

      I really like this article, because it starts to put the stuff together for me. And at first I thought it was all me and my mind trying to look for the bad in Selena but I’m happy someone else sees what I was thinking.

  • mandy

    selena’s mom is her manager to keep her grounded, yes.
    but shes a nice, sweet girl, and she doesnt edit her videos. her cousin does i think. its her cousins video camera so i think her cousin does

  • I like this article. I kinda agree. I don’t hate Selena, but I don’t like her with Justin. idk. Never have. But yea. I agree. 🙂 My opinion. Can’t wait for the others. (:(:

  • shes a biotch!

  • kristy

    now that i read this and look i the video i kinda get what your saying she might have dated him for publicity at first but i think they really kinda fell in love.

  • Sascha

    It is common for a mom to be ones manager, like Ushers mom is his manager, only if your mom is a bigoted ex-junkie living in a mouse house you need a presumptuous bragger to do your management.
    And the time when Scooter called Selenas mom, Bieber was unknown and Scooter wanted to use Selena to boost Justins Fame.
    Eventually, Bieber is in love with his wax figure, so there is no place left for Selena in his heart.

  • Alexis(:

    I Don’t think she is using him, Yeah thats what we all this just becuase its Justin we all need to face the fact that we will never marry him and that does not mean that everyone that he does date is using him. I dont like selena but i dont hate her either and her having that sticker of justin on her phone was a bitch move but that was a while ago so i think they both really like each other look at them when they are together they are always happy and smiling (most of the time) but still they i think they really like each other alot.

  • Jordan

    I’m with you on the possible stage mom thing, but I want to point out a few things:

    1) The “staged” first meeting with Justin was a long time ago, back when no one would have anticipated how famous he’d become. So I doubt it was Selena’s mom trying to use Justin for fame, because he wasn’t even famous yet. If anything, Scooter was trying to help Justin make connections to famous people.

    2) I have a hard time believing the Demi Lovato thing is a publicity stunt. The Disney channel does everything for a wholesome image, one that appeals to parents. If anything, having Demi go to rehab would make some parents dubious of her. It’s bad publicity. They can choose from many other stunts if they really wanted to push her name into the headlines.

  • DanaLovesBiebs!

    Hmmm that can’t be a computer glitch. I reeally don’t like her she seems really up herself and really fake. I hope Justin’s heart doesn’t get broken. We already know Selena has been lying because Ellen caught her out a few days ago. But we also need to remember that Justin hasn’t publicly announced their relationship either. There must be a reason for that, and most of you think its for publicity. Im not sure, but I think Selena is the one who needs the publicity, so I think she is trying to get the most of out the spot light by doing lots of things to start rumours. There might be something real between them, but if there was why haven’t they announced their realtionship yet?! There is something really wrong about this… Can’t wait for the next post!! 😀

  • LoveNotWar

    I do believe there relationship is real. They were friends before they even started dating and when they did start dating, she didn’t even want to admit it! If she were searching for publicity wouldn’t she come right out and say it? I think they are two people going through similar situations and they just happen to find comfort in each other.

    • Anonymous

      i agree

      • Lena

        Hey Uhh, Yeah sorry to say. But this really needs to stop. I know what I said in my post but seriously. You never really know if there dating or not so why dont you guys just give it a rest. I mean like, he already has enough pressure to go to alot of concerts and crazed fans. SO just leave it alone and we’ll see if there dating. It’s probably another Jasmine Villegas.(Hang out for a while kiss a few times and done. Nothing. No Gf or Bf.) Dont hate on me cause I said this, I’m just saying.

        • Lena

          And to add on, If we leave it alone, Selena would too, so..

  • kristen

    i hate jelena i hate selena i used to like her but not anymore cuz shes fake and annoying shes pretty but thats all, im disappointed in justin for being like totally in love and i cant wait till they break up. i honestly dont care if jb gets his heart broken then he’ll realize selena sucks.

    • Bri

      I agree with you about it all. I mean, I DO care if Justin gets hurt, but if that’s what it takes for him to see through her publicity act, then it needs to happen already. Justin’s a great guy who cares for people , but I think he took the caring overboard with Selena. The sooner the relationship ends, the less hurt Justin’ll be and the sooner everyone can shut up about Selena and she can slowly fade away into retirement…

  • grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    i really truly do love selena gomez. i’m been her disney fan since day one. and i do support JELENA. but i think it is kinda weird that when taylor lautner was popular she dated him and when the jonas bros were populaar she dated nick. I do love selena but i think she is using justin for publicity. Because wizards of waverly place is ending and that means her disney ticket she’s been riding for so many years is gone. I hope she doesnt hurt justin /=

  • kristen

    i used to think selena loved him but not anymore. and i dont know why so many guys love selena (like cameron quinseng loves her too). is it her looks? cuz shes really annoying to me. i guess men ARE idiots after all. justin included.

  • jojo

    mm i wonder why justin doesnt have better taste… like in girls like victoria justice who are so cute and likable. although caitlin and jasmine were likable enough but selena? she’s soo ugh.

  • i dont know what happen around here but i guess everyone dont blame the selena gomez..

  • calm down guy…

    • dear justin bieber shrine fansite blog , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that why did miss selena gomez whats to take her promes ring off just for justin bieber , i just do,nt understand that , and second thing is that just do,nt forget about selena gomez foster mother is also a stage mother as well ,,, love david b conway

      • page 2 / and my last comment to here just on this web site on the fake relationship is that just about her mother mandy tiffy the mother and scooter is one that set up the date just for selena gomez to go out with right , love david b conway

  • Jordan

    Guys, Justin is a smart guy. He’s been asked in interviews whether girls date him for fame, and he said that some girls do it for the wrong reasons. Point is, he’s well aware of the possibility and would know if it were the case with Selena.

    And his mom, too. Pattie kind of called Jasmine V out on using him for fame, but so far, she approves of Selena.

    So if neither Justin nor Pattie sense Selena’s using him, and they have MUCH more information than we do, the relationship’s real. It’s easy to lean to the side against Selena, but let’s be rational.

  • Anonymous

    another thing i want to add is what justin wrote on twitter. It is obvious that they are trying to show that they have a relationship or some sort of connection. I think that there is a possibility it could be real but there are too many other factors that lead me to believe it is not real. For example, as i said above, their twitter exchanges, not officially announcing their relationship to keep people wondering and guessing about the two. But i do feel like Justin really does like her bc he has nothing to gain from the relationship besides hanging out with her, while selena could be using him to connect with his fans since her show is ending. She doesn’t want to lose the fame that she has and could be doing this to be in the spot light for a little longer before her disney channel career is over. Then again, who knows maybe she really does like him but also likes the fact that she is getting attention bc she really hasn’t been in the news lately. But for all of you that are worried that they wont get married to him, they are only teenagers and just because they are dating (only 3 months) doesnt mean that they are going to get married and be together forever. But who am i to judge. Just my opinion on the whole situation.

    • @kathyjustinb(from twitter)

      justin bieber ones twitted this :i miss selena

  • Anonymous

    If they were friends when she was filming that video, it is kinda weird to have a friends face on the back of your phone. Like i know i wouldnt have a sticker of just my friend on the back of my phone. Thats weird. The only conclusion you make since they werent going out is that she was doing it to get attention by beliebers watching it. It just doesn’t make sense. Also, I believe that they probably like each other but may be doing this also for publicity. bc i mean we are talking about it right now arent we. The thing is, though, is that justin doesnt need this publicity bc so many people already love him, but with selena, her show is ending soon and who knows where she will be once she is finished with disney. I mean i have nothing against selena, i just think that it just so happens that her show is almost over and she starts dating a teen pop star who is (no offense to her) ALOT more successful! but whatever! i mean if they are happy than thats great! They are only teenagers and dating in the spot light has to be extremely difficult. They have feelings like everybody else. And just bc they are dating doesnt mean they are getting married!…just my opinion.

  • AnnaBanana

    i think selena is using justin for publicity because, her show is ending, so she cant get credit for that anymore, so she had to find a way to stay in the limelight, so what does she do ?she goes for the most famous guy out there. which is justin bieber. Obviously, she doesnt feel the same way about justin, because everytime she gets asked if they are dating or not, she would laugh it off, and be like no thats like my little brother. which we all know isnt true. she wants publicity, they have yet to confirm it, so that means the paparazzi are gonna look for them everywhere. another reason why they dont confirm it, is because once they do. all the drama will decrease cause all the guessing of are they or arent they would be over. and havent you notice everytime justin hugs or kiss selena his eyes are at the cameras. im sorry but if im dating someone im not gonna kiss them with my eyes open. i dont support jelena. well wait i take that back i support the J in Jelena.

    • Shay

      i agree with yo about the show ending. its just like miley… what she gone do when she has no show on disney? call miley up and do drugs with her NO i support the J as well. somebody needs to knock sense into that girls head….that goes for miley too.

  • I’m don’t know, but if Selena is using Justin she’s gona be on Twitter as a trending topic…

  • mandy

    @ AnnaBanna. she doesnt need him to stay in the limelight. shes going on tour in a few months, and shes done a pilot for a new show thats probably getting picked up, and her movie.
    Also, neither of them have said ‘we are dating’ when she was on ellen tues. she pretty much admitted it.
    and at the end when u said hes looking at the camera and you only support the J in jelena. that means hes using her for publicity too if you think she is.

  • malaysianFansLovesJB

    i dont know why i very very hate Selly..and here the answers ! ! !.. Justin plzzz dont u ever touch Selly!! bcoz i love u Justin! plz don’t you ever break ur fan’s heart! and please dont remove our Bieber Fever too!

    • Lena

      We have to admit that Selena is taking Justin’s career down. I mean look, I heard on here that Justin is looking his twitter fans. And Idk why Selena thinks she’s gonna have more fans. But havent you noticed that everytime she dates someone, They always go down. But if she didnt date them, They still would be up. Fans craze to much. And so Selena is bringing Justin down like Taylor lautner and Nick Jonas. They used to be big.
      I hope Justin has sence not to touch Selena like that. But I hope she doesnt suduce him(<—-Where'd I get that? lol)

  • AnnaBanana

    @Mandy, well thats what i think of it, because she is only known for disney,and her disney show is ending, so i think until she does start her next job, she has to find a way to say in the limelight like i said before. and yeah, even though she basically admit it, she didnt fully say justin and I are dating, which is what everyone is waiting to hear . so until they actually confirm it, i think people are still gonna be on selena and justin . i dont think he is really using her as much as she is using him, cause it looks like he really loves her, but when it comes to selena i really dont see it, as much as i see it in justin ;

    • @kathyjustinb(from twitter)

      i agree with @ annabanan

  • Shay

    i agree witchu. i think that Justin truly does love her, but yet she dont? shes dated all them guys and break up wit em after like two days i mean forreal. hes a teenage boy who will end up getting his heart broken in the end. i love selena a lot, i have nuffin againsts those two datin, i just dont want her to break his heart. and any of you beliebers who see twitter names that are sayin shit bout selena, tell em off. and haters on here? shut up and get yo ass off this site because no one wants to hear ur shit. have a nice day errone:)

  • Sarah

    I don’t really think selena is using justin but It doesn’t look like selena loves justin the way he loves her

  • ALi

    well. I think that he really loves her and she kind of likes him too buy, she’s more of using him….but I might be wrong and if they both love each other then I’m happy for them.

    • how could u be happy for them if there really together god some people well your one of the stupid people !!!!!!

  • she is so STUPID thinking people wouldn’t catch on to her game or something!! tryin to pull over our favorite teen popstar or something but i used to like her when nobody knew about JB because then she didnt know who he was so there was know relationship between those two at all and i respect my cousin JB but when i first met selena i was like’Hey your from Wizards of Waverly Place’ and then my Aunt Pattie told me that she liked her and a couple of months went bye and it was Valentine Day and he bought her diamond earrings then Aunt Pattie told me Grandpa, Grandma, and , Justin, and Selena that she thought they were taking it a little to fast which most JB fans thought the same but if he loves her and she loves him then happy for my cousin Justin Bieber and maybe future cousin Selena!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. guys i got my eyes dialated this morning and i am in a play this afternoon and it is our opening night and their is a little boy there that looks exactly like Justin his name is Collin and he like 6 but he always gives me big hugs and i call him miny Justin Bieber and he says you like Justin Bieber is he related to you since your last name is Bieber and i am like yeah and then he says since i look like Justin Bieber then most girls must think i look really HOT! and the play i am doing is Alice in wonderland and Collin plays the door mouse he is so cute OMGGG!!!!!!!!

    • @kathyjustinb(from twitter)

      cool u r related to justin but selena and justin are not going to get maried because the relasionship they have are going to be mabe by lies nothing but lies justin really loves her and i can tell.but think if u had a brain u will noteis that selena is useing him :!!!

  • Okay I have to recgonize I dont like Selena Gomez,but I have to say this.Justin looks like he really likes(Cant say love,yet)Selena.I personally think Selena is using him.It brakes my heart to know that Justin dosent have a clue.He’s probably really hyped of having an older lady.Poor Justin…well hopefully he’ll find out..and if he already knows..I’m just surprised.Jelena wont last I just know that when Bieber Fever kinda wares of..Selena will look for her next victim…Greyson or Cody…who knows what Selena has planned.

  • After reading this post I agree. At first I came to accept the fact that they were meant for each other and I wanted Justin to be happy. But now I know he likes her and she doesn’t love him. He’s going to get his heart broken and she’s going to go down hill. Sucks for her….

  • Yara

    nah, i think they’re both using eachother, when Justin kissed selena, he was making sure the paparazzi was filming it, and everytime he hugs her or whatever, he always looks at the camera happy that they’re catching the moment.

  • Jaime

    I don’t particularly think that any of your points, prove that she is definitely using him for fame.
    I personally think, that the two of them had crushes on each other, way before they actually started dating. ( hence why i think she had his pic on her phone)..

    I think that is really unfortunate that, you would make strong statement about someone who you do not really know. I lot of instances you used as proof could be just coincidences.

    A lot of people make a lot of assumptions about Justin, which are far from the truth. They haven’t stopped long enough to realize that the dude has mad talent, mostly because they are so far removed from, what he really is.. and they are contented, to be the haters that they are on a false premise.

    In the same way, some of you guys, in your love for Justin, and jealousy… Make this big assumption about Selena’s character without any concrete proof. You are not with them on a day to day basis to see how they interact.. so why judge a situation you know nothing about.
    Justin is a big boy… He has been close friends with Selena for a good while to know what he is getting into. And so what if he gets hurt? he will get over it.

    So we need to stop riding Selena’s behind, because of her relationship with Justin, and let him have his private life in peace

  • mandy

    i love them together. i do think its real. i feel like shes gotten so much hate, and this is just another way to hate on her. shes a human, think about it. shes cried befroe because of tweets. this stuff gets linked everywhere. her and justing ARE freidns, so even if they arent really a couple, if she ever sees this (which is a possibility cause its on google) than she will think that this is a big hate thing on her. especially if she isn’t using him. I really think that they both love eachother, and i support them both all the way

  • kristen

    i think its fake cause selena used the jonas brothers to get more famous . so my opinion she is using him .

  • Jordan

    I thought about the possibility, but after reading the second part of the post, I think you’re reading way too much into this. And this is coming from a person that usually reads way too much into things.

    About the ‘I love you’ tweet, Justin also tweeted I miss you directly to her on tour! By the same logic, that means Justin is using Selena for publicity (and I’m sure he’s not). Also, Justin tweeted something like “Can’t sleep. Thinking about you” during this whole thing.

    I think they’re just young people in love (or infatuated) with each other, defying their managers’ saying they can’t go public with their relationship by pushing the boundaries.

  • Megan

    For those who think that if they were real they would have just come right out about it in the beginning:
    Why would they do that? They longer they try and hide it, the more buzz it gets. It’s like if your friend had a secret, you would make it a big deal and try and figure it out or figure out the truth. They drag the secret on, you try harder and harder and think about it more and more to figure it out. That’s why they wouldn’t come out with it.

    I, personally, don’t hate her. I’m sure she’s nice. And I definitely don’t think I’m gonna marry Justin. I’m a fan of both, juuuuuust not together.
    But hey, this is Hollywood.

    • Jeslyn


  • Jasmin

    I think she does it to get the bielibers blood boiling…. i hate her honestly ad it not because she is or isnt dating justin….. BUT HE IS MINE NOT SELENA STUPID GOHOME’S!!!

  • Ash-Ash

    Selena needs to get her act together. Justin needs to open his eyes. This relationship is gonna end soon, but it ain’t gonna be pretty.


    i think she is using justin for publicity

  • Anna

    I love Selena, but look at her “boyfriend” track record.. Joe Jonas and Taylor Lautner? You can’t deny that at the times she was claimed to have been dating them they weren’t at very high points of their careers, like Justin is now..

  • Confused fan :/

    Im completely undecided…. but i think that Selena might just be using Justin for publicity and Justin acually thinks she really loves him.. but thats just my opinion you might disagree but thats what i think. And have you heard her laugh everytime somebody mentions Justins name in interviews, sounds like a fake laugh to me.. But if this realtionship is real thats wonderful then! i dont hate selena and i never will either 🙂

    • Lena

      Hey read all my comments and see if that can help you alittle.:)

  • Anonymous

    I agree with all this but how can Selena keep up the ‘nice’ act (if it is fake) in all her interviews, personal life, with her friends.
    She knew that Justin thought she was cute from the beginning, so did she be friendly to Justin knowing that he’d be a big star in the future?
    As rumours of Justin buying Selena a sapphire promise ring which she apparently wears on the middle finger of her right hand; she later tweets a picture of her and Demi, with what, no other than a ring on her middle finger, the picture is in black and white, so know one can be sure of the colour!
    If the relationship is fake when is Selena going to come clean and act like they just broke up, all this wasn’t just going to bring her more publicity it was going to bring her criticism and hatred as well!!

  • Anonymous

    How can Selena keep up this ‘nice’ (if it is fake) in all her interviews, her music, with her friends and in her personal life.
    Right when Justin was becoming more famous he called her cute in an interview, i believe Selena knew about this and stayed friendly with Justin knowing that he’d be a big star in the future.
    Reports say that Justin bought Selena a Sapphire promise ring, she later tweets a picture of her and Demi wearing what; no other than a ring on her middle finger of her right hand. the picture is in black and white so know one can be sure of the actual colour.
    I don’t know what promise rings look like so i could be wrong!
    Selena likes to send out little messages to the beliebers to taunt us like the ‘i love you’ tweet, no name attached, the ring, the diamond bracelet she wore at the PCA, sing HIS love is off the chain at a concert. But she tries to do it discreetly trying not to make it blatantly obvious that is refers to Justin.
    If the relationship is fake when is Selena going to come clean and act like they just broke up. With the relationship has not only come publicity and attention, but alot of hatred too.
    Will it all be too much for Selena to handle?

    • Bri

      I totally get what you’re saying! But the reason she doesn’t come clean is because she needs the fame now more than ever. With her Disney tv show coming to an end soon, she only has her music to fall back on. If we’re right about her feelings for him being a fake act then she’ll break up with him when either A: someone newer and bigger steps out into the spotlight or B: her acting gets back on track and her music skyrockets since their breakup will cause more attention to be sent her way. But right now she’s just trying to make the best of it. She’s already taken advantage of her death threats! She just came out with a new siong “who says”. So right now, Justin’s just giving her more attention, meanwhile his isn’t increasing or decreasing.

  • Really confused!!!

    I have tried to post this comment 3 times now so if it comes up 3 times i’m sorry!!
    How can Selena keep up this ‘nice’ act (if it is fake) in her personal life, with her friends, her music and her interviews.
    As reports surfaced that Justin bought Selena a Sapphire promise ring which she apparently wears on the middle finger of her right hand. Selena then tweets a picture of her and Demi, hand in the frame wearing no other that a ring on the middle finger of her right hand (coincidence)! But the picture is in black and white, so know one can be sure of the colour!!
    Was it put in black and white because of the colour of the ring…?
    I do not know what promise rings look like or if they all look similar but i’m just stating a point!
    Selena likes to taunt beliebers by making slight, discreet remarks, like the ‘i love you’ tweet, no name attached, the ring, the diamond bracelet she wore to the PCA, singing HIS love is off the chain at one of her concerts.
    Selena needs the publicity in order to survive without WOWP, and with this controversy comes publicity and attention, more so on Selena’s behalf. But with this also comes affliction and hatred also. Can she handle it all and when is she going to come clean and act like they just broke up (if it all is fake)??

  • Maria

    i think it all started with selena wanting publicity (and justin liking selena from the start). then it continued with them going out now and then. they had great chemstry, and now they both really like eachother ..

  • katy-lyn

    i was never a selena fan but i really support justin. i think selena is using him and i definitely agree with Pattie. to start with. has anyone noticed that the guys she ‘dates’ get younger and younger? attention-seeking-cougar or what? watch out cody simpson! i feel sorry for justin, he can’t see this because he’s convinced himself that he really loves her. and if selena was his first then…OH HELL NO! he said he was waiting til he was married! he like promised his mom he would, he’s starting to choose selena over his best friends and its killing me to watch this happen. i don’t care if you think selena is a nice girl, she’s not a girl. she’s a CELEBRITY and the only thing your typical CELEBRITY has on their mind is fame, money and attention. check, check and check. why does she have to do this to justin of all people? that kid deserves better oh and i don’t know about you but, in my country, its illegal for ADULTS to date MINORS! like pedophile much!

    • Lena

      I agree with you Katy-lyn.
      The thing that I dont get is why would Justin say he rather date someone with as much to loose as he does. But really, all celebrity’s do is use eachother for fame. Exampl:(This is kindve lame.) In Hannah Montana when she was “dating” This famous guy, It was only for publicity. SO I hope Justin puts some sence that Celebrity’s care about money and their fame. If I were Justin. I would try to find a girl who is just as normal as Justin.(Not the fame part though.) And a girl who is caring and not someone who is filthy rich with alot of fame. Soo…I prove a point.

  • mandy

    i agree with Jordan.
    and also, i do think your reading too much into this after you posted the second part.
    and i’m just saying- nobody has even thought about vise-versa. did you ever think he could be using her too? hes gotten famous quick, and there is just as strong of a possibility he is using her than she is using him

    • Lena

      True….Maybe this Justin Boy isnt as what he seems. he did become famous quick. And what happens when that happens? A little boy thriving for more….:) Good point Mandy:)

      • kate

        LMFAO Selena using Justin for publicity? Please, she’s already successful from everything she’s accomplished she doesn’t need to leech off of other people’s popularity. If anything it is the other way around. These stupid girls have the nerve to say that her career is over? Really?! Even IF her career was over, she has enough money to retire and never have to work again for the rest of her life! All of them are just jealous because she’s dating Justin Bieber and she’s beautiful and successful, while they all sit behind their computer screens with lame-ass screen names spreading useless hatred that no one really cares about. To be honest SHE can do better. She’s 18, she’s an adult. She doesn’t need to be playing with little boys. And newsflash kids, Justin Bieber is a pretentious douchey little prick. He came into my work and I’ve seen how he talks to people- he’s a jerk! Do you people even pay attention to the media? He’s been texting his ex Jasmine V-whatever, saying that he still loves her and ever since he kissed that girl, blah blah blah.
        He actually came out and said to the press “You know what? I’ve grown to fame so much, I don’t need just one girl in my life.” He actually thinks just because he’s famous that he can have more than one girlfriend. You’re all blinded by his emo hair, baby face and female vocals.

        Selena what were you thinking. 🙁

        • n

          In what universe Selena is famous other than on Disney audience crowds?
          Selena is no Miley whose famous everywhere, she often got mixed up with Demi.
          She needs Beieber to gain more exposure in the mainstream crowds, coz let’s face it now she has major career bump sadly because of him, his little fans who never heard about her before now being her fans.

          So far, we have crazy wild girl on Miley, trainwreck junkie on Demi, and boring BEARD who likes to do fauxmance with Selena, those three girls are just so desperate to stay on the spotlight

        • Selena is not a beard.

        • Sascha

          What is a beard?

  • angela

    i dont want justin to get hurt <3

  • Emma

    I used to think that jb and selena really loved each other. Don’t get me wrong I really like Justin and Selena both. But I think that jb really likes her. This article is really putting the pieces together for me. I think selena is using him.

    • kayal

      umm agrreeddddd. jb. realllyyyy likes her.

  • justice

    I think Selena is all for the fame. She knows Justin is getting HUGE now with his movie, and all so she decides to step in. She is getting more attention by being with him. Justin is so tied up by ” being in love ” with her. I can’t wait until they are done. to be honest because its tearing justin and selena fans apart and its competition all the time! I feel bad for Justin though cuz he doesnt deserve this. He needs to date Caitlin Again.

  • Bri

    I have to agree with you, it only makes sence that they’re relationship isn’t real. When you put all these little facts together, you can’t help but think Selena’s just using him, even if you only believe it slightly. The evidence just adds up against her! But from what I know about Justin, he’s DEFINATLY in love with her, but I highly doubt she feels the same way. Ans the fact that her mom’s her manager AND is a stage mom, just makes you think that their relationship set up even more than you wouldif you ignored that little piece of information! Okay, I get it, her mom is suppose to keep her grounded, but a regular manager could do that too. I mean, look at Justin, Scooter’s doing a good job keeping him grounded (besides the whole Selena thing). Plus his mom’s still; doing that too. I use to just hate Selena because she was dating him, but now I realize that was really inmature. So I now hate her because she’s treating Justin like crap but he doesn’t realize it! It’s not fair to him or either of their fans. Doing stuff like this is only going to ruin your rep and make Justin’s better, Selena.

    • kate

      You don’t know shit about Justi Bieber. Have you even met him in person? He’s a prick. That and I quote: “You know what? I’ve grown to fame so much, I don’t need just one girl in my life.” -Justin Bieber.

      • kate


        The National Enquirer has claimed Gomez has dumped JB after he was allegedly still texting ex-love interest, Jasmine Villegas. An insider told the US magazine: “Selena was heartbroken. She confronted Justin, and at first he denied it but then came clean. She told him their romance was over, but she was willing to stay friends.”

        They added: “Although Selena has bounced Bieber, she’s left the door open for reconciliation.”

        I told you he’s a prick.

  • katy-lyn

    whenever she dates another guy, he always has a new movie out. stupid little witch like seriously, justin deserves a normal girl. NOT A MODEL, NOT A CELEBRITY, NOT A RICH B*TCH, SOMEONE NORMAL LIKE A DOWN-TO-EARTH FAN FFS!

  • katy-lyn

    caitlins long gone, normal girl…like me 😉

  • katy-lyn

    one more thing. this relationship wont last. its a known fact that selenas relationships last a month tops and young love? thats puppy love. not true

  • mandy

    i am this close to being done with this website now. its just another way for people to hate on selena.
    she doesnt need him to stay in the limelight. her tickets are going on sale, as soon as her show ends, shes going on tour, and then shes starting a prank show. she doesnt need him for publicity. i’m sure they truley care about eachother.
    she did even say that she used to play those games with her past guys (nick and taylor) but now she found a guy who she didnt need to play games with, because she knew he cared about her for herself, and she cares about him, so she doesnt need to play those games with justin

    • Jeslyn

      STFU!!! why are you on her if you don’t like reading the comments 🙁 IDIOT!!

  • My opinion is: They’re both using eachother. And celebrities ALWAYS need attention, so u can’t use that excuse anymore. Selena’s using him yeah, but Justin is too, remember when they kissed eachother, Justin was looking at the camera making sure they were filming the 0,01 second what-they-call a “kiss”. At the mall when they were hugging just randomly Justin was looking at the camera the whole time happy that they’re catching the tight hug. Justin tweeted Selena an ‘i miss you’ when he could’ve just texted her. Justin said when he gets a girlfriend he does NOT want it to be public, cause if it is he thinks that the girl just might be using him, why would he let Selena, then, make their relation ship public?

    • me

      because maybe she asked him the favor or something like that. to help HER not himself. how could that help him anyways?

  • dahmyra

    she aat but she all happy with himi lovelovelove him iam 12 so i kint be with hie i want to kiss him so much

  • Lily

    I definitely think Selena is using Justin, i see Yara’s point but i’m not sure if Justin would use someone, he has all the fame and attention anyway!!


  • dahmyra

    i lovelovelovelove him . boyz at my school dont like jb i wich i can kiss him so much so selena is a good girl iam to yong for him i am 12 i still love him******F***

  • Anonymous

    hola justin y selena son los 2 re lindos quisiera que sigan juntos para siemppre

  • I really think she is perfect for jm but i am better LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE JB HAHA SELENA BUT I LOVE YOU LOL 🙂

  • Elena

    I actually think that Selena is using Justin to get more famous
    Cause everyone on thinsplanet knows who justin bieber is
    But not every1 knows who selena gomez is!!!
    And now her show is ending so she still wants to stay in the spotlight!!

    • aaliyah andrews

      all of u that say that selena doesn’t like justin is just becuz u guys are haters!!!!!! they look soooooooo cute together!!!!!!!!!!! and justin deserves to be happy!!!!!!!!!! and sealena is really pretty and she also deserves to be happy!!! so get over urselves and let them be happy!!!!!!!!!

    • gottalovethebiebs

      i hope she really does love him and she seems like a nice girl, wouldn’t want either of them to get hurt

    • Sabrina Krepel

      I hate Selena and LOVE Justinn and I think shes being a jerk and using him and he loves her so much he cant see that!

    • ihateher

      selena is using jb for fame there are too many evidence that she is using him!

    • kayal

      i think selena IS 100% using justin shes such a assyyy. cougar. i hateyou selensa.

    • I'm Not Giving A Name Cause All I Have To Do Is Say My Crap

      Selena is just a freakin attention hog. When the Jonas Brothers were popular, she was dating Nick. When Twilight was popular, she was dating Taylor Lautner (he’s a hottie btw), and now that Justing Beiber is popular, she’s dating him. Sick! Yeah i said my crap

    • kasia

      I love Justin Bieber

    • meg

      Selena is 18 years old. let her live her life and stop accusing her of things, that are most likely untrue. its not fair. she does her job and does it well, so leave her to her personal life. its up to her what she does, no one else.

    • alex

      well lets think about it,
      justin is happy for now-so we should be happy
      but when she breaks his heart or they split we will be the ones there for him
      i’m hapy for them tbo,but i think selenas bad!(;

    • Moneisha.Mitchell

      i think tht justine love selena but she dosent i think tht she faking it the whole thing just to be seen with

    • Justin,selenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • MJ

      I definitely think that Selena doesn’t deserves Justin like that.. because if she just using him, i know that he’ll get heartbroken one day because of her.

    • Gaby

      I totally agree! I’ve been trying to say thiss! <3

    • missbieber

      selena is using justin but he likes her but the sooner he relizes that she is using him he will know that shes nothing but a whore i used to like selena but now I HATE HER

    • Jinan

      I’m fucking myself with a dildo right now. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. HAMZA SHAKIL is my dicccccccccccccccckkk. ALLLLLLLLLLL the gurlz in the edmonton islamic acadamy, hate me. because imma bitch to people . fingering myself right now. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .

    • jelena !!

      all the haters are just jealous! why would she use justin for publicity when she is so talented and beautiful!?!? dating justin has gained her alot of publicity, but they are happy together. if your a true fan you would be happy for justin!!!

      • stefanie todorovic

        omg ! totally agree with you !

    • Anonymous

      lol baby i love you kisses and i really dream about you and yes he is my real bf in real life lol

    • DAZYHA


    • Anonymous

      Some of u people are crazy

    • Amanda

      Honestly i dont know what to believe about this Publicity use of the beloved Justin Bieber….if Selena is using him just to promote her fame, then shes gonna have alot of angry Beliebers on her case….including myself.
      And i also think if she is using him that she should choose someone else, Bite the Biebs but the Beliebers bite back……Harder!! (Since theirs so many of us)

    • stefanie todorovic

      omgg ! ahahahaha , all yous are jealous of them , obviously they love eachother , selena wouldnt use justin , AT ALL ! like seriously , yous are all fucked in the head ahah . just go cry over him and the fact that he has a girlfriend and that yous desprete bitches cant have him where selena can .

    • Britni

      ok u guys just have to accept the fact that Justin and Selena love eachother, Selena isn’t using him, If she was then why is she still with him? hah, Can’t think of nothin to say? Yeah, I’m a Jelena Fan, their isnt no Jaitlin any more, no more Justmine, (Justin B and Jasmine V’s name mixed together) ok, If she was using him then threw all those death threats, she would’ve broken up with him already, their still together and they still love eachother, If your a true Belieber, then you’d accept the fact that their together and you have to accept the fact that it’s his decision to date Selena, not yours, You can’t control THEY’RE life, now shut up and accept the fact that they love eachother.

      BYE. signed -TRUE JELENA FAN

    • OMG what is she doing with taylor!?! she is playing justin omg i new it selena what the heck justin doesnt deserve this inew u were using him how could i be so stoopied and not saying anything and let it go i was stoopied for letting it go ugh you make me so mad im not a fan of you i will never be but dont take it the wrong way plz nxt thing i need is to get kicked off of yahoo to justin if you see this please read this please selena is using you and u dont deserve thisu deserve alot better

    • I love Justin Bieber
      I hope that comes Biljieyeeyeeyeeyeaaez Qatar

      I want to speak with him how??? Arabs like him helped me a lot

      The whole world loves Justin love

    • marian

      i don’t think that there using each other,but i had never thought of it to though. maybe but didn’t or hope so.

    • selena thats not right chiring on your boyfriend

    • Im NOT a fan of selena cuz she’s the jelous type and she tries to tease the Beliebers But Aslong as justins happy with her im happy <3

    • Kia


    • wency

      HEY DAISY, or to whoever wrote this article i will only say this….GET A LIFE! this is Hollywood this is business, people with intellect knows that 80% of whats coming in and out of hollywood is fake and made for publicity…for money. i couldnt give rats ass about this two teenagers, i only read it because my niece wants me too. one thing is clear to me though,, that you wrote this article so that people would go crazy over this website..uh irony.

    • Karalyn

      i think there relationshio is fake i mean like in some of the pics selena was like mad or not having fun like she was bored and she is definatley doing this just so she would be more famous i feel sooo bad 4 justin lol 🙁

    • Karalyn

      elena i totally agree with you loll

    • i want boyfirend not have me sad want biyfirend with kiss me justin bieber

      • justin biber some COMING IN DIUNBA HOME;

        • 314 RAMBLEWOOD DR DIUNBA CA,93619

    • brae mccarthy is a beleiber

      I’m scared that Justin’s gonna ask Selena to marry him 🙁

    • ilovejustinbieber

      i think their love is real if selena wants to be famous she would rather be called selena gomes not justin bieber’s girlfriend..

    • I think that selly gomz is usin jb !! however , i think that such relationships don’t stay longer !! SHE cheats on him with taylor lautner ?????? !anw. i guess that jb should watch out from this girl and look very deep to that monstre who he’s dating !! what a bullshit :@

    • Anonymous

      Yall are just sayin those mean things about selena because you guys are jealous that yall won’t get to date Justin,so like Justin said #StopBullying

    • Naomi

      She’s using him for publicity! I thought she was a really sweet girl before she started dating Justin but maybe she doesn’t wanna use Justin for fame I think it’s all her mom! I feel really bad if she is being forced to date someone she doesn’t love, but if she WANTS to use Justin, I hopes he starts to realize and dump that fame-whore! Justin definitely doesn’t deserve that! Jelena is really confusing to me! Ugh! :'(

    • cookieface

      i don’t 4 sure

    • JelenaFan101

      omg !!! leave the love birds alone! they love each other… i know about they’re age difference but seriously, i’s not like they’re doing anything considering Justin is still underage.. but omg! leave them the hell alone and stop saying they’re relationship is fake! they’re defs in love and happy… dont ruin that!

    • fuck you selena i hate you so muchhhhh i don’t even know why is justin dating a bitch like you,you have nooo talent in singing nor in acting,you only have talent in using other celebrities for publicity and fame..be aware justin of this slut cus she’s gonna dump you sooner than you know…you’re a nice guy,don’t make mistakes in dating whores like slutina..

      • beibolisius

        hmm..Have you ever met Selena? How can you just make up this feeling in your heart about this girl and not have a full reason? You are just like selena was toward Katie. You are dimwitted and will believe anything you want as long as it makes you happy

    • I love Justin and i wanted to be his future wife, but news says he’s a cheater. I am still a fan of course because he is so cute. Selena, you better hold on to him cause I will take him.

    • beibolisius

      I think that selena and jestin started dating and seeing the oppertunity they decided to come clean and let the public do with it what they may. I also feel that tselena and justin thought that they loved each other but then they realized that their relation ship really wasn’t meant for that. We don’t know what is the truth or what is made up for publicity but every article I’ve seen has been focused on the idea of Selena hurting Justin and I being the person who likes to quarrel and take up a different side am going out on a limb here and saying, what if Justin was a jerk to selena? What if HE used her to gain more fans. Think about this, he doesn’t show on Disney Channel. There are 84 million viewers watching disney channel per day. Selena on the other hand has those viewers wrapped around her finger. It’s like mixing two famillies togeather only with fans. No he’d have the disney channel viewers watching him because of Selena, you see? It’s a win win situation for both of them! Now don’t get me wrong I don’t have a problem with either of the two young celebrities in fact I’d love to meet one someday but there’s still more. What if they had an agreement to keep their love a secret but over the road relationships there were a few bumps and because of one small spat Selena, being angry at Justin, took it upon herself to let one slip, and regretted it after words, but sent out a random but meaningful tweet of “I love you” to the many awaiting fans? Can you blame her? To lose your self in anger and do something stupid? I Do that every day! I’m Sure you have done that once in a while also! What if after all those clues that they accidentally sent out it got to hard to keep a secret and decided to just let loose? We have no idea what their relationship could have been like.. and if what you say is true, that Selena did break justin’s heart and blah blah blah then I’m sure she got hers with all the distastful death threats she was sent. And if you are wrong, which I’m not saying you are, then Selena, I’m sorry that you can’t love a guy without being threatened by jelous women that have no other purpose in life than send you notices of their hate. 🙂 thank you for listening to what I have to say and I hope that none of you will send ME death threats. Just like you It may seems that I’m being rude but I’m just trying to offer new ideas to the picture.

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    • Natalie (Future Mrs.Bieber)

      wow selena IS using him for publicity. isnt it weird how now that jbs perfume came out selena is creating her own…? just saying. its so obvious tht justin thinks it is real and everything but i will hate to see his face when selena dumps him because she reached the fame part that she wanted. its sad. very sad to see her do such a thing. alot of people would wanna date justin because of the love and relationship not for fame and publicity. its wrong. this isnt the first time she did that. remember nick? she is going from boy to boy and getting more and more famous after each one. its very mean. i do NOT support jelena and never WILL support jelena. deal with it.

    • deriyana

      omg i cant believe it. i new something was up with her. i never liked her

    • courtney

      I Wish i can kill selena gomez

    • Nermeen

      Look I Swear From The First Time I Saw her With Justin In KCA 2010 I Said this girl want justin , and then everybody forgot about her then in 2011 he sang to her one less lonley girl , i said oh here we go again , she will use another celebrite , then i saw them in the sea then i said its Over she got justin , and nobody can stop them relactionship , Poor Justin but anyway we have to let justin learn from the life and see the different kinds of ppl so the hit that can’t make u die it can make u strong so i’m not afraid of justin but the only thing that i’m really scared about it is that justin after he break up with her has heartache and stop singing for a time like alot of celebrites done

    • selena gomez

      i cheated on justin with taylor n mi friend brother

    • Anonymous

      Does It Matter If Selena Gomez Is Going Out With Justin Bieber..? Cuz In The Long Run We Cant Decide Their Lifestyle Nd They Will Solve Their Problems Their Way. Just Cuz im A Belieber Doesnt Mean i Can Choose Who He Dates. Its His Choice Not Ours We Should Just Accept Whoever Hes Dating. We All Have DIFFERENT Opinions About It. But We Cant Actually Change Him. At Times We Might Think Shes A Low-Life Bitch But In Other Times We Think She Good For Him. He Wont Take Our Word For It Cuz He Will Just Be Confused Every Time We Think Differently. So i think We Shood Just Let Them Live Their Life However They Want To.

    • Anonymous

      this just a publicity stunt, which means more attention meaning more money for them both, they do what their manager tells them to do. it’s just how media works

    • selena

      i dont want to be mean or anything but i totally think she’s using justin. i just wish they broke up cuz justin really loves her and i dont want him to go through more stuff

    • selena gomezz still have a thing for talyor :))))

    • Trends

      Wooh! Great Analysis, but bad conclusions. If you are trying to prove a point and you have already made up a conclusion–you will try every means to prove your reasoning correct in order to derive to the point in whatever conclusions you want to end up with. That’s how it works with theories and conclusions. You have to be neutral. You are basically picking up every negative statements to prove your points. But, the proof you have given are not at all conclusive because your proof are purely speculations. You probably have never fell in love before so you can’t see the possibility of falling in love with a person of whom you thought you would like to be a friend with forever. There are so many signs showing that their love did evolve through friendships, but regardless if Justin didn’t make the first move, nothing would have happened. He is smart enough to wait for the right time to confess his love for her and was able to convince her to jump into working on their relationships. She probably did hesitate before because of the age difference, but later on decided why risks losing somebody you love by being afraid–you should take control of your life and be happy. She used to be a lot more cheerful and lively than the way she is acting currently, now. She definitely is working really hard to drive all these negativities away to live her life and to be happy. I am really impressed with both of their efforts. Both of them are very down to earth and compassionate people. You can not fake the feeling of being compassionate and being in love. Unfortunately, you are wrong in proving your points, everything they did and have done are part of their growing up. Whatever they did in Hawaii was plain innocence, they didn’t expect the camera to be all over them. They did tone down their PDAs. If they are really after the publicity then they would have done worst. I think what they are doing now is the right thing–putting in as much time to stay together, and supporting each other 100% since both of them are busy in their own careers. This will make their relationships grow stronger. There are a lot of the news circulating in the web about them. Most of them are old news made new because they are now trying to stay in low profile as much as possible. These news are mostly repeats of other news generated again and again. Some articles are even taken out of context and are formulated with the writers own opinions and speculations. These are media created frenzies which are not funny any more and are very annoying. These are just created for the sake of creating more gossips. It is not Justin and Selena’s faults when this happens. With their kind of upbringing and personalities, I don’t believe in every conclusion you make. I have to give you a failing mark and thumbs down for your analysis.

    • Anonymous

      truee, she just wants attention and she wants more fans, and to be honest, when she sings live, she’s not really good, no offense!
      and somehow, she changed Justin!
      but u know, everything happens for a reason!

    • Someone

      Fake? I don’t think so! Everybody saw them kissing on the billboard awards!

    • Lexie

      Amen :]

    • Anonymous

      I feel that every thing that you have said is true!! I just don’t want Justin to get hurt!!!!

    • kate

      I think people are over analyzing their realationship way to much,why cant they just stop hating on them and let them be.from what we can see in the public eye they’re a couple thats from what we see,so why waste your time digging up dirt on them,they’re teenagers,let them live theyr’e lives without people criticising and telling them what to do and what not to do.

    • Daisyy

      She wouldn’t be that stupid to upset Justin Bieber. Do you know how many angry hormonal girls would be coming after her if she suddenly said that it was all a setup?

    • i disagree with all of you jelena lovers. she is using him. its obvious.get over it.

    • i dond like her when they first met they dindt realy kissed on stage the just hug and justin should not fall inlove with a grown up you justin you are dumped by me an your frends bitch and i thout that yo were cute you are not cuteat all and dateing selena GOMEZEL SHE;S OLDER THEN YOU SHE ALL GROWN UP BICH AN YOU ARE REALLY DUMPT NOW1111111111111111111111111111 UGLY TIME ONE OF YUR ATHOUR GIRLFRENIDS BE WITH ITS NOT THAT HERD BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBICTH

    • samicchya

      justin and selena looks really cool. they are perfect

    • L.A.

      I alway had a feeling that their relationship was so fake! But selana seemed so nice and sweet..what ashame.i just feel bad for justin,whether he knows or not. Must be tough. It was kinda of iffy because every time they went out together, they would alway match whether it was same color or similair styles.At first,it was weird because it was constantly and now i know why..and they kissed or were affectionate around cameras.

    • Hope Bieber

      Jelena is real!!!!

    • biebercrazy jamiieebabiee

      personally i think she is dating him for attention because when ever you see them on like the red carpet or out somewhere she always sits on him or touches him first…i thuink she is the bad disney star not demi lovato and miley cyrus… soo what demi has had a hard life and she cut her self imagine what your life wud feel like having every single second of your life on t.v??….and so what miley has started to party dont all teenagers want to have fun and try new stuff?? quit baggin them out
      and as for christian agualeira or how eva you spell it she is amazin..AMAZING!!! your baggin out all these young people what about people like ashton kutcher and that golfer guy they are a discrace so stop just baggin m,iley and demi and christina because they are amazing!!!!!!!! <3

  • Sarah

    Honestly.. I don’t even know who to trust. I’ve read so many things that I don’t even know what’s right or not. This whole situation bothered me from the start, not because I hate Selena (I don’t mind her) but because I don’t like when 2 popular celebrities “go out.” This article did leave me thinking though… I find it ironic how things happened one after another. I find it fishy that Selena is breaking free from disney, and then BAM she’s dating Justin.
    But hey, if they like each other, then let them be. Who am I to judge, right? I’ll live my life while they live their’s.

  • mandy

    ok. im just done with this now.
    you all are just finding ONE MORE way to hate on her. you can’t prove ANYTHING. If they tried hard enough NONE of the evidence of them together would be out, because people assume this.
    im so done with this website now. stop hating on selena

    • georgina

      i think mandy is right she probs never even done nothing rong

      • beibolisius

        Who knows? Maybe Justin was not her type. And even if she is what you say then it’s not my position to tell them what they need to do with their life

  • mnogo si gotin

  • Jasmine(:

    Honsetly, i don’t know what to beileve.. if there relationship is real or if it’s fake because what she’s saying makes alot of sense but they also look very happy together. But i do believe that Selena wants attention because think about it, her show is ending soon so it’s obvious that she won’t be that popular anymore and maybe she’s just doing this so she won’t get less popular.. She needs to realize that one day people will stop talking about her and she will get less popular. It happens to every celebrity.. and i’m sure knows that he will get less popular one day. Selena should just enjoy the attention while she has it cause’ it’s gunna fade soon enough. I WAS a Jelena fan but then i stopped being one because I could tell that she just wanted attention. I’m still a JB fan & always will be..I just don’t want him to date a fake.

  • sami

    I’m waiting for you to continue your thoughts!!!!

  • me

    When are you writing more about this? I SO agree with this and want more detailss. she also dated logan lerman when percy jackson went out but broke up with him within a month, coinsidence much?


    I DONT KNOW WHat to do ??? what to think ??but this is so clear as a crystal that she is using himm !!!! and theres no wonder if she breaks his heart …a kind note to gomez !! DEAR GOMEZ ,i dont if u date him truely,but if u try to play/break his heart we beliebers will break ur nose and everything else!! fu** u !!

    • Britni

      o my god,break her nose and I’M going to go after you, now shut the fu** up, B!TCH

      • Britni

        and my friend Desiree knows how to track someone’s house, phone number, and full name,


    i hate u gomezzzzzzzzzzzz !!!!!!!!! im not jealous and not afraid to say this !!!!

    • Britni


  • n3g

    please keep writing! continue plzzzz asap 🙂
    i really like ur posts and i agree with this post!
    cmon plz carry on

  • i think that you want to have interesting article so that more people go onto your blog and ads pay you more because they know how many people go on the site. this MIGHT be true but i think youre exagerating to make it interesting.

  • bieberlover :)

    okay, so I am not saying that selena is trying to use him, but there are great points made. In another artical, she had a cold sore from making out with him, and didnt try to cover it up. If I had a cold sore, I would try to cover it up regardless of fame or not. If she is dating him for fame, that is truly sad. I HOPE she isnt. That isnt fair for him! He is head over heels for her. Selena is SEMI pretty, but justin could do WAY better. Hurting him, is like hurting his fans. If she was smart, she wouldnt fake it. Just Sayinnnn

    • pssst

      And you must be dumb fans who believe she took off her purity rings for Beiber?
      That purity ring was gone way back on the summer, the original one was off years ago.
      The guy who deflowered her certainly NOT Beiber, the guy who bang her isn’t famous but she always has close relationship with her coz obviously she can’t get over her first time guy.
      Wouldn’t Beiber get the same sickness if she got it from him? Use your logic not your fantarding way

  • bieberlover :)

    OH and because her disney show is almost over, her fame is almost done. She seems like the type of person that will do anything to be in the spot light. I dont know her so i cant say that she is like that, just her actions seem like it.

  • Anne

    Can’t wait for the news.

  • kate

    why you bashing selena gomez? you suck! you’re just a jealous little b****

  • Belieber

    OMB! Did u belieber know how sad justin will be? u doesnt support him, let him get through his teenage boy just like others! and support him to show how u love him to be happy! its his choice, he really looks happy when he is with selena, do you mind to love him for what he is doing? i got sympathy for him, he deserve to be happy and stop talking bad about his choice o what ever he’s doing..let him be easy to go through in his life, dont make it more complicated..he’s so adorable kind anf funny,he doesnt deserve to be treated like this, to be hated for what makes him happy..let them ok

  • Annabelle

    I love Justin more than anything!! And I love Selena, but i still do think that she is using him. I don’t want him to get heartbroken either, cuz i would be heartbroken if he is. I really hope that they do love each other, but i also don’t. Of course im super jealous, but i am also happy he has found “love” if it’s real.
    I always have a feeling when I see some post online saying they broke up. I love them both, but k cant help it, I always hope that they have broken up. Which I am sad to admit, cuz I woulnt want justin to think that he has fans who want them to break up, which a lot of people do, but i try my best to be happy for them!!

  • me

    and pattie once tweeted she disliked selena.. but then erased the tweet.

  • allie

    i so agree with you. and pattie dislikes selena, she once said selena is another girl, using justin for fame.. just like jasmine villegas.
    but i do think justin kinda loves her.. but in the end she will break his heart, she will.. just like she did with nick jonas, taylor lautner, cory monteith.
    and let me tell you something: do you saw the tweet selena tweeted?
    “yes im dating the most popular guy on earth. #bejealousbitches”
    yes, i do believe she uses him for fame.
    and no, it’s not a fake. there were 100 beliebers freaking out about it, and it’s because they saw it with their own eyes. even selenators freaked out and turned into haters when they saw this.. let’s be real man, she uses him.
    and later she sent a DM to a belieber.. idk if it’s real, but that looks pretty real:

  • BeliebInTheBiebs

    I dont understand how you could think the relationship is fake . If you support Justin then you should support who he dates. This is why they DONT want to admit they’re dating because of all the drama it will cause. Alot of you saying selena is using him? How is that? Number 1 – yeah wizards of waverly place is ending BUT she’s starting a tour in the summer.
    I think that you should just leave them alone. Let them be happy together. If they’re happy together you should be happy FOR THEM. Dont bash his girlfriend. Gosh .

  • miranda

    i totally agree that selena is usin him but i think justin really loves her i think selena is totally that kind of person and once she gets what she wants this whole relationship will blow over shell leave him and everyone will hate her plus her mom wanted to be famous so shes getting it from her daughter and selena was jealous of katie cassidy when she was dating jesse mcartney and hated her so it would be no suprise if she is doin the same thing i think justin could do alot better!

    • xx

      Selena never mentioned about liking Jesse McCartney nor JT before and suddenly now she likes them coz it happened to be fit with her example. That’s how fake she is

  • OMG just leave them alone. If selna was the one to get justin (hottie!!) to cut his hair ( i love it) then he REALLY likes her!!! Quit making up rumors. They should be left alone. They are both really sweet people who need their privacy! Anyone can see that teens need to be left alone and have their own personal space.Plus its not nice to make rumors up about someone u dont even know!! Come on do we really want to be known like that! We need to leave them alone, I mean its fine to know how they are and all but start rumors! WOW!!! i thought i was bad @ starting rumors!!! But any way they are a great couple no matter what and they might really like each other the closer they get the more they will start 2 like each other!! Justin is the best!!!!! !)

  • i cant believe the things selna is doing! she is hurting justin and his fans im all for justin and so is my bff but she is just a mother f$@#!* justin needs to dump her or she him is is using him for fame anyone can see that but i stick to what i say and after reading some of the comments and seeing what she put on twitter is jusst sad saying she can make justin forget about us!!!!!!! what the f! besides her career is ending!!! so no more justin for slena and plus shell break his heart like she did to none other than nick jonas!!! b$@!* geez!! shes a jerk breaking our justins heart!!!!!! =,(

  • i hate you so much selena gomez you frikin idiot, you smell like a crackhead- teeheehee

  • asdfghjkl

    ^^^^ omg.

  • iLoveJDB

    their realtionship is totally fake:(
    before all the pics of them together
    nobody really cared about her
    and once those pics were taken BOOM everybodys like OMG OMG R THEY DATING OR NOT?
    and now that JUSTIN DREW BIEBER <3 is upset bout paps, cant u storage tweet him to cheer him up???

  • megan

    but i just “love” how you guys are acting as though justin can do know wrong. -_-

  • jojo

    selena loves rubbing on everyones faces that shes dating justin. like shes bragging she has the guy so many girls want. sorry, but its obvious.
    but justin also tweeted her i miss you didnt he? so he wants attention too.

  • Jeslyn

    she is using justin my mind didn’t really care for her until i saw the photos of them kissing on a boat and i do agree with you she probably set them up.
    if it was on a privite resort how could the papo have known unless someone told them. And E! is doing a speacil about her soon. And they didn’t remember her either until she was spotted with justin 🙁 which brought publicity to her show, music, magzine cover, and her upcoming film. She always called him her lil brother and that she was gonna protect him but instead shes using him and he’s gonna get really hurt when he figures out 🙁

  • yeah

    Just something to add, my friend went to one of Selena’s concerts and right before she sang her song “Off The Chain” she said “This song describes exactly how I feel right now.” like maybe one of her “tricks” or whatever to taunt us or whatever you called it. Just thought I’d let ya’ll know.:)

  • Manuel

    I think that Justin bieber is to young for Selena Gomez ,trust me I am not fan of them ,I also think that Selena should look which boy she should get.

  • I think that Justin bieber is to young for Selena Gomez ,trust me I am not fan of them ,I also think that Selena should look which boy she should get.

  • Ya, I did said that.

  • But also Justin should also look for the Right girl

    • Roma

      luk after selena and fight for her

  • I think you guys should leave them alone because it’s st**** because we are just fighting for something that is not our business .

  • Sebastian

    People who write articles like this know nothing about their relationship. Justin and Selena have never spoken to the media about their private life and they never will. They don’t want any publicity about their relationship, after all they are just teenagers,still kids. They are just good friends and there is nothing fake about their friendship, leave them alone.

    • Anonymous

      their relationship is step up for publicity, the pictures in St louis were all for publicity you can see in the pictures that it’s fake, i am sorry but you just can’t face it because you wouldn’t believe they would do such a thing because they are young.

  • Faith

    hey we all have opinions and if they love each other im happy for them if she is using Justin for publicity than she is rude and inconsiderate and needs to come clean if you watch how he reacts in interviews when they ask if there going out or they talk about Selena he looks super happy then he gets really sad like he wants her there because he loves her it’s so obvious so i think he is sweet and i like the voting idea!

    • sandii marie

      Okay i think you are rigth if they are happy the way they are well we should let them be happy cu;z they really love each other. XD

    • let me tell u something, i think tht selena gomez is just using him for his money and to get more popular. justin doesnt notice it because he is love blind. to be honest with you he deserves better than her. he can do better than her. he should go out with jasmine villegas they were cute together, not selena and justin. JUSTIN I LOVE U AND LOOK UP TO U,,,
      Sincererly, Erica Monroe, and
      Mickayla Johnson from Muncie, Indiana, Northside Middle School.
      COME SEE US JUSTIN!!!!! <3 LOVE U!!!

    • katie

      me too i think he is sweet and i think selena is using him though!

      • thats right girl i agree with you.

    • Ms.Bieber


    • EWWW

      THANK GOD I absolutely LOVE the written article above the comments. Seriously, it’s what I have been saying all along about Selena being a bloodsucking succubus. She’s actually such a disgrace, Justin probably has developed some really really strong feelings for Selena, but she can’t be trusted. You can’t change a zebra’s stripes, and Selena has had this dating trend before-with Nick Jonas and Taylor Lautner. I don’t have any respect for bitches like her.

  • adriel

    This is the truth whether you want to beliebe it or not people !

  • sara

    I think Selena is using Justin for publicity….but Justin really loves her and it’s sad. One day she is going to break his heart to get the next trending teen male celebrity cause that’s what she does…

    • Monique

      you know what i think selena is not using justin she looks honest

      • that it is so stupid selena is just using justin and when justin notice that im going to be ther for justin

        • I think she is using Justin just like she used Taylor. When he got out the spotlight she broke up with him. Then she dated Nick and then when the Jonas Brothers were barley being talked about and justin came in the picture she left Nick and now its Justin’s turn. She is a user smh! He loves her but she doesn’t love him another hollywood whore

        • Babiee B*_____

          agreeeeed x :Z:(

        • katie

          like justin is going to go out with some random chick like you chances are you probably wont even meet him lol

        • Babiee B*_____

          Yeeaaah well obviusly youur not A bieber fan justin loves his fans and he tells them to never say never if he couuuld see alll his fans he wouuld lovee dat but jus bcos u don like him and wont meeeet him dosn’t mean thee rest of us wont !!!….

      • Ms.Bieber


      • Andrea

        Sometimes looks can fool ya.

    • we agree with you!!!!

    • shut the heck up

    • Babiee B*_____

      Exaaaaactly poor justin he reaaly does lovee her and she just uses him u wouuuuuld jus lovee if he would listen to us bieliebers cos we wud’nt lieee to him like selenaa isgoin to do exactly whaaat u just said x@_@:(

  • Maddie

    In this video she says scooter called her mum.
    I agree, but i think justin really loves her.

  • selena doesnt love justin !!!!!! she just wants more popularity !!!! but i do think justin likes her but he doesnt know whats coming

    • wjat kaytee said is right im with you kaytee

      • justin bieber love you too el paso texas home date

    • we agree gurl!!!

      • EWWW

        Amen to that kaytee!!


    Justin Bieber Is in Love rite now with selena Let see wat Happens haha lol

  • um

    ummm justin and selena love each other and dats all wat matters

    • sandii marie

      Yep i;m with you

    • Beieeberr

      She is using him. Just like she used taylor lautner, nick jonas, etc etc

      • Lerosha

        Beieeberr am lerosha lee who us who?

    • no tht is not true. dont you relize that she DON’T love him she is just using him.

  • nava

    wowww shes an IDIOT!!!!!! justin likes selena for the looks he even said “selena is hot” “selena has the best smile in the world” “selena has pretty hair”. selena likes justin for the attention. it’s simple. selena is fakkee, shes a stupid 18 year old who has the body of a 13 year old & acts like a 10 year old who thinks shes sooo cool c’mon watch her freaking videos look how she talks she thinks shes so funny it just annoyes me so much!!!!!!!!! & her stupid songs. just call her “selena talentless gohome” if u think i’m jelous ur WRONG, i would never ever everrr wanna b like her shes using him shes almost 19 she doesn’t love him hes a child he pulls pranks all day she wouldn’t like a kid!!!!!!!!! goshhh

    • Dilan

      Im with u sistahh ! <3

      • Lerosha Lee

        Dilan you with sistahh so am Lerosha Lee

    • Santana

      What ever ur jus JEALOUS

      • she said she is not JEALOUS if you dont get it read it again

        • YoureKidding

          The little beleibers or whatever the heck you call yourselves are fighting. Oh no. This is tragic. Poor Selena. She’s got a bunch of 10-year-olds trashing her.

          In all reality, Selena is a great actor, and a decent singer. She’s also got a nice body. She doesn’t have cleavage out the wah-zoo, but it isn’t as curve-less as yours.

          Listen guys, she is a female. Females date males. Guess what? Selena is dating other males. Why? Because she is female. She is allowed to date whoever the heck she wants and if that means she wants to date Justin, and he feels the same…then so be it. People date each other. Just because they are famous does not automatically mean that they have to be automatically more committed to each other. She’s active in the dating scene. Whoptee-do.

          Get over yourselves. Get a life. Go drool over that cute boy in your math class, and if he has a girlfriend…don’t bash her too.

        • EWWW

          Let me teach you a simple lesson that you probably are too dense to understand, but i’ll try anyway.
          Selena is indeed a female, good job at identifying that. I’m not an 11 year old obsessed Belieber. There are reasons why I personally don’t like Selena, and unfortunately for you, you didn’t scare me from your attempt of intimidation.
          IN ACTUAL reality, Selena performs to short expectations, and her singing career is a talentless waste of time for me. That’s why I don’t bother to support her auto-tuned, unoriginal collaborations of music.
          Secondly, Selena is dating, another great observation you have made. If you feel that there is a necessary reason to argue with me about our different opinions about Selena, contact me. I’ll clearly state MY opinion for you hun.

          Lastly, I’ll make my last point very simple for your interpretation. Just because Selena has a lack of many things, like singing talent and feminine curves, she also has a flabby unattractive bum and boobs. I’ll tell you one last thing darling…

          —Don’t disrespect the younger audiences. Just because you also have similar body shape like Selena, I don’t. Something I enjoy is my teenage years with 38D’s, and a LIFE…Something that YOU desperately need. Ahahaha thanks beeeeittccchh. 🙂

        • YoureKidding

          Try telling the “younger audience” to respect their elders? Selena is their elder after all. Don’t talk about respect when you are only here to bash on a chick. You diss on Selena about her physical appearance, which is a nice one, and then tell ME I need to respect people? I’ve not only got a life, I’m going somewhere past a corner with mine. I’ll admit that I’ve got an A-cup, but I’m in high school and have no need for breasts.

        • EWWW

          AHAHAH oh nice! A-cup? I’m a C. 😉 Your mutual age group is just developing. That also includes your intelligence is at a physical standstill.
          If life gives you lemons, stuff them down your shirt to make your boobs look bigger. Can you afford them?

  • Sarah

    wow. thats just… wow.
    I have no idea what to believe becaus this whole page is a reaaallyy good point. i still like selena. But i LOVE Justin more. i saw him last night in Australia Sydney tour 2011 and he was amazing!
    i see pics of them, he looks COMPLETELY in love but she just looks at him like hes a little brother. mabey im wrong but i noticed that before i even read this website.
    i guess were all just gonna have towait and see… i mean srsly, does she look like shes even that into him ?


    even if she was, she dos NOT show it </3

    • Anonymous

      i hadn’t noticed this until you pointed it out!! and in the photo where she’s got her arms wrapped around him – it doesn’t look like a hug you’d give when you like/love someone?! it looks more playful…

      also, i used to think this relationship was fake, but now i don’t.. i think they really love each other, i mean why would jelena put so much effort into making the relationship seem real? i just don’t get it! wouldn’t they just want to conentrate on their careers?

      i still don’t like selena gomes, but i think that they DO love each other!!

      • Sarah

        yeeaaahh it doeess 😉 haha but yeahh its so confusing! coz sometimes she does look in love ut then other times she doesnt :l i guess we al just gotta wait and see…. but like who would want to focus on their career when they can date Justin Bieber ?? ;P i no i wouldnt !! well i would but like srsly, JUSTIN BIEBER 😀

      • duhh

        have u nawt seen the pics of her nd taylor lautner? she doesnt look happy..she looks like she wants to break his arms cuz they’re grabbing her. SELENA GOMEZ AND JUSTIN BIEBERS RELATIONSHIP IS FAKER THAN A PLAYBOY BUNNYS B..Bs. thats just how it is. why would they put so much effort into it? justin doesnt have to put effort..cuz he DOESNT KNOW THAT SHES PLAYING HIM. shes putting effort into it so she can have more popularity. think about this-when did selena go out with nick?-when the JONAS BROTHERS WERE THE MOST FAMOUS. when did selena go out with taylor?-WHEN TWILIGHT WAS VERY POPULAR AND TEAM JACOB AND TEAM EDWARD WAS CREATED. now..who’s the most famou person in the world AT THIS MOMENT???-Justin Bieber. she went through all these relationships cuz #1 her mom,#2 they got her lots of publicity.if you dont believe that its all apart of hollywood..and people do this ALL THE TIME there..then look @ part 2.but whatever..believe the lies.

    • no she doesnt and you are right she does look at him like a little brother.

  • Alkira :)

    it is a little creapy that shes like two years older that him and personally i hate her not just because she dating the bieebz i just never realy liked her but i guess justin loves her and eaven if she is using him (which i also beleive) that he will come to terms with that in time and it may brake his heart but he has to learn that for himself and hes only 17 im shure he will get over it eventualy find the girl of his dreams and will one day b happy.

    • Jeslyn :D

      when she breaks his heart his 9 millon girls will go to find her nad hurt her just saying

    • jennayy

      i am dating someone 4 years older than me and its not wierd, but in poparazzi world i think it is…especially when justin is only 17! so i partially agree with you! 🙂

      • sorry forgot to put this. so she was born in july 1992 and jb was born in march of 1994 so she is only like a year and half older and i really dont see the big deal. I know people who go out with people who are 4 years older. I know 2 people ( adults ) and there is a 6 and a half year age differance. so people stop haten on them.

    • she isn’t two years older then him. her birthday is some time in july and his in march.. do the math sista 😀

  • Sarah

    i dont understand the people who say “i hate so and so” only God can judge and if you dont even know what that person is really like then you cant judge. Dont judge a book by its covour… unless you have met the person and have known them long enough then you souldnt judge, just sayingg 😉

  • kia

    Selena is a bitch she should not be with justin I love him more than she does

    • iforgot myname

      ikr? she only dates popular teen males

      • YoureKidding

        And you only date-….Oh wait. You don’t. You’re stuck calling people bitches..and you don’t even know them. Love him? You don’t know what the word even means. Even if they are dating, love is a bit over-reacting. Nobody loves anybody that soon, unless it is puppy love. Which doesn’t count.

        • EWWW

          HAHAHA Bitch, I think it’s time for you to shut the f*ck up. Your attempts to win arguments are really funny, you just made my day. Whether or not you EVER meet a guy, he’ll regret meeting your sorry ass. You don’t even know what love is yourself, so why go assuming that other girls are just as lame as you?
          Show some class or piss off.

        • YoureKidding

          You obviously don’t understand the meaning of class. Go look up Gene Kelly.

        • EWWW

          What’s the definition of class in your fucked up head?
          It must be different than my interpretation…
          You better put a condom on. If you’re gonna act like a dick, then you need to dress like one.

  • kia

    Selena if u are reading this u should brake up with justin and tell him that I live in tortola at zion hill

  • iforgot myname

    justin said “one steady girlfriend is hard” but he goes and dates selena. wtf?!?!


  • Alexaheartsbieber

    Roses are red @——

    Violets are blue .*.*.*.*.

    If you hurt Justin I’ll KILL U

    Don’t you think it’s kinda unussual that every time a teenage boy hits big time suddenly romours that they have relation ship with selena Gomez

    For example ….. Nick jonas at that time jonas brothers were heart robbers….. Than goes taylor luthner at that time twighlight was one of the biggest seen movie or summating
    Now Justin bieber just because he has 0ver 1000000000000 fans and he’s famous and if he gets a gf shell hit the spotlight big time

    And don’t u think its wierd how she start dating him his year when last year ……u know because wizards of eagerly place is nearby ending and that she was huge last year but I think she might have been thinking most celerity just fade in timw and in this case selena was gonn to be of them she needed something huge ……and Justin is somethig huge

  • Anonymous




  • AustriaWantsBieber

    Justin Bieber to AUTSRIA please we all love you so much ♥

  • at first i wanna say…googl english 😉

    and i´m a big big belieber but you said she´s like every other celebrity and just wants attention so justin is also like every other star…) am i not right..??
    but of course they want attention .Being a staris their job.they have to be successful otherwise they can forget to be succeeded.
    yeah anyhow, i´m really astonished about this whole story and i would love to think it´s not true and you are jealous but NO.you are absolutly right!!! she just fools him and he doesn´t realize.and i hoped you aren´t rigth because i want him to be happy.of course i´m jealous but i thought “when he loves her ,everything is fine” but to know that she probably says to her friends”this kid.i´m just fooling him”breaks my heart and i´m not happy anymore.
    at the beginning,when they where first seen together at the oscar-party i was shocked at that moment and sad but the next day i already took this easily and thought”ohh.actually they fit together very well.they are so cute <3and if he´s happy,i´m happy." i could live with it and i HAD to !

    but sfor two weeks i know that she is just fooling him because the video where they ar in malysia or what i know,he kissed her and she felt sooooooooo embarrassed and then i knew.she doesn´t even kile him .for her it´s like she´s kissing her brother.and she always said"he´s like my little brother.he´s so little!"so she doesn´t want him as her boyfriend. and beliebers what would everyone of us do to be justin´s girlfriend.and i would like to be his girlfriend but not because of fame,no , because i love him soo much .his character,his smile and laugh,his dancing,his flirting with every girl he thinks is pretty. HE IS just like every other teenie.and thaat´s what i love about him.
    and look at her ,at her laugh,she´s very pretty but if you really loke into her eyes you can see that she is very mean in reality !!

    • YoureKidding

      Oh my god. Learn to freaking type.

  • haha i hope she won´t be killed by a bieber-fan when she really leaves him one day. xD i mean i don´t like her and love JB <3 but that wouldn´t be good. xD

  • Nikki

    I also agree w/ taira + sinmen

  • Nikki

    Faith is right she should come clean if shes doing this

  • me.

    well i think Selena is using Justin and its just so sad.hes such a lovely guy,i’ve met him before and hes so sweet,and he really treats girls with respect.i think Selena should just let him go.i dont want to see his heart broken.who knows what it will do to his career,because the truth is he’s really fallen for her.it shows he has a heart.look at them on holiday together-http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1390277/Justin-Bieber-enjoys-grown-romance-girlfriend-Selena-Gomez.html – i dont know what this proves but Selena i swear if you hurt him in anyway you will have 9 million Beliebers coming after you.

  • Lauryn

    I kinda do think that Selena is using Justin. Like why Justin? She is too old. And there are other people in this world but she picks Justin. Thats why they don’t break up even though the Beliebers keep on telling her death threats. No matter how much I <3 Justin I would break up with him if I were Selena. But she doesn't because her popularity went down. Selena isn't Justin's type. Like Jasmine Villegas and Jessica Jarrell are the same type. Alot of his old girlfriends were the same. Except for Caitlin, but him and her were friends for awhile. But Justin and Selena weren't. They just were spotted hangin out and then BOOM! Just rumored for dating. It isn't right. Then weren't even friends. like barely. It's stupid. I don't like Selena. And never ever will I again

    • kayla bieber

      i sooooo agree

  • selena shouldn’t be dating justin…she’s too oooolllldddd for him! if she’s using justin she better stop cause there are a million beliebers that would crush her!
    no offence selena..i really like you, your shows and especielly your music but u see…justin’s just too young for u to be dating and as 4 u justin, why r u dating som1n’s that way too old 4 u? she could kill u u knw! oh and selena im 1 of ur fans so dont get too angry but justin’s just not ur type. if he were at least a bit older than u then u would have made a perfect match cause ur both cute and gorgeouse 2gether but ur older than him so u see.. i dont think it’ll work that way. if your sure u luv him them proove it..just prove it so things will go well with u and the beliebers and if u knw u dont plz just give in so we can get over with things. u dont hve to love him but then dont use him ok? we love u selena..we always will but plz plz just let us knw if u truely luv him and if not.. well like i said give in so we can get things over with

    <3 u selena and u too justin!!!

  • Jackie Neville

    It’s their life ino but…. I don’t hate Selena for dating Justin, i just believe that Justin has more feeling’s for Selena than she has for Justin.
    I think that she’s gunna hurt him, i think that she isn’t taking their relationship serious enough :L I just don’t want Justin to get hurt, if he does then he could do better than her, such as miley :’)

  • Taylor

    I really don’t want to believe that she would be that cruel and brake his heart, if anything I just feel sorry for him a because he is an amazing person! And if she is using him I hope the entire world finds out and her career ends. But if they both genuinely love each other than I don’t think anyone should stand in there way. Besides they are 17 and 18 whose to say that they will be together forever?!

  • AAE

    i Think Selena is using Justin! she 1st said he’s Her Little Brother and she goes “He’s a Dork And Not cool and now shes Kissing him :\ !!!!!!!!!!

    Like 1st she dated Nick Jonas when he got famous!
    and then taylor lautner! and then she said she had a crush on Logan Lerman!!

    when justin Got more famous and got his new Style and stuff SHE LIKED Him!
    its actually weird! we Love Justin and we dont want him to get his Heart Broken so i sayy he better watch out !

    • Anonymous

      Omfqoshh iSOoooooo; Aqree iMeann iGatta Admit iLovee Selena gomez’s Clothes, Music, And Style But Usinqq HIm Like This iMean Come On!!! Andd iHeard That Hess Ganna Propose Too Her On Her B-dayy Andd If She Rejects Him!! Ewww Thats Nott Ganna Look Pretyy Fo’ Thaa Fans\Beliebers Soo Selena iJstt Gatta Sayy Shee Better Watch It, Unles That “Love” Iss “True”!!!!!

      • YoureKidding

        I think your keyboard is screwed up.

        • EWWW

          OH fuck, you’re one of those fucked up girls that attempt to whip out good insults.
          Fuck you 🙂

  • gosh ..selena is a whore…i dont think so …or ..101 percent she is not in love with justin bieber ..wait a sec…i saw her picture with jacob in twillight ..and i saw selena in LA when my friends arrived there and she with other men …i pitty on her ..shes too young and she havent a good carreeer… .they are too young to having a relationship …..to all mom out there ..please watch your kids…they know what is SEx at the young age ….

    • YoureKidding

      Omfg. Please don’t reproduce….

      • EWWW

        For f*ck sakes, nobody cares about your immature opinions…
        You’re probably more of a slut than Selena.

        • YoureKidding

          Selena isn’t a slut. She dates people. If you dated more often, you would know that dating isn’t a sin. 😉

        • EWWW

          How old are you? 12? Selena worshipper? I can tell. I don’t need your attitude, I have one of my own. If your brain were as big as your mouth then maybe we would get along.

  • stranger

    Hey Guys. JELENA is only for Publicity. Be over it. Justin’s exes knows all of this. And Jasmine, Caitlin and Shay confirmed all of this. Lmaoo.. And oh, even chaz and ryan thinks that Justin is changing becoz of Selena..
    Selena’s show in Disney is done coz she’s 18 now. so She needs Fame.So Selena’s mom, which is her manager called scooter for this to happen..Everything they do is SCRIPTED. she s using Justin. Thats it!
    HOLLA! I know this coz i know it. No buts’ no ifs’. Just believe THIS!
    If u dont. Ure lost!
    U dont have an idea who I am 🙂
    Peace out. SWAG

  • ally

    I am about to cry. I feel soo bad for justin. &I am soo scared that he’s gonna make the worst choice of his life. I really want him to realize he can find someone better. She is such a hoebag, it makes me mad!!!

  • SarahhateJelenatogether4ever

    Selena u evel girl….u don’t know how much I love Justin….I hope you guys breackup….:(

    • YoureKidding

      What the hell is a breackup?

      • EWWW

        YoureKidding- I have something to say to you. You’re a c**t.

        • YoureKidding

          No, I can spell. There is a major difference, love.

        • EWWW

          Bitch, obviously you don’t have any concept of maturity. I’d like to see things your way, but I’m not sure if I can stick my head that far up my ass.

  • selena is using justin for her publicity and so that she will become famous as justin is

  • kate

    He needs someone that will love him for him and not his fame and publicity.
    Selena needs to get a life and grow the hell up and he spent soo much cash on this disney twat.

    I hope Justin finds out sooner because if he didn’t love her.
    He wouldn’t have taken her to his hometown in Canada.Including on vacation soo many times.

    I’ll be soo happy for him when he finds “the one”.

    i love you justin <3 xxx

    Karma is a bitch ms. selena gomez.

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or does she look like she like 20 something compared to him…. o.O

  • “Selena Gomez” Is NOT, Using “Justin Drew Bieber”, Because As You All Probably Dont Notice They Are Constanly With Eachother Having The Best Time Ever. They Go Everywhere With EachOther. “Justin Bieber” Has Even Introduced “Selena Gomez To His Family( Aka, Jeremy Bieber, Jazmyn, Jaxon And His Stepmother, Also Obviously His Mother(Pattie Mallette). And “Selena Gomez” Has Done The Same. They Are Crazy About Eachother, And Are So Cute Together. Im A Deffo “Jelena” Fan And Always Will Be, But If None Of You Agree, I Still Dont Care Because, There Are Thousands Of Jelena Fans Out There Who Will Stand Behind Me, With What Im Sayin. What You Are All Sayin Is Unbelievable, Rude, And Just Completely Mean, “Selena Gomez” Would Never Do Anything Like That, She Is A Sweet, Young, Intellegant Girl Who Knows What Shes Doing And You All Should Not Be Judjing Her. Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Are Obvioulsy And Completely In Love, And I Am Going To Stand By Them In There Relationship!!:)

    • Anonymous

      yea i agree

  • kimberly

    selena is taller than justine they look ugly together im not hating or any thing but they dnt make a cute cuple selena is way to pretty for that short lil boy

    • YoureKidding

      Justine? Since when was she a lesbian? What happened to Justin?


  • Bieber fan

    well this is my opinion but i think she is using Justin just for Attention and Publicty , But im not sure if Justin is too but i think Justin likes her but she dosnt . Also i really really dont want Justin Heart broken when he finds out ! cause if Selena breaks his Heart ill break her face !! I use to like selena gomez but not i hate her cause she is using Justin Bieber , Seriously Justin deserves a better girl than Selena !!

    • Brittney

      she is using him. i can prove the relationship is for publicity. ONE— when the jonas brothers were the best, she dated nick. when they lost their fans, she broke up with him. when twilight was at the top, she dated taylor lautner. then when it lost its fame, she broke up with him. TWO— she hates justin. ive seen a couple videos of her makin a grossed out face when someone mentioned bieber’s name. THREE— she doesnt even wear the jewelry justin bought for her. even the $3000 he bought for her. she only wore it once and then we never saw it again. see? this relationship is soo fake! and its totally obvious shes using him. poor justin): and there was an article bout him wanting to ask her if she would marry him. and he better not cause she will say no then leave him and never see him again. 100% proof.

  • Alyssa

    I agree that she is a fake, but for Justin’s sake I hope she is not. My personal opinion of Selena is that she is a fame addict who will do anything and hurt anyone who is in her way. She’s a terrible singer and if her best friend is Demi Lavato then she has to be a little queer. I wouldn’t believe anything she says but somehow Justin does. I believe that he really loves her and she is just a very good actress to make him believe that she cares for him. I hope he sees this soon before she breaks his heart.

  • pfft !! duh )) she is the fucking ugly girl i met !

    • YoureKidding

      Then you don’t know what pretty is. Selena is a very pretty girl and you need to shove your rude opinions up a hole where the sun don’t shine. Thank you for not reproducing.

      • EWWW

        If you look inside a dictionary and look up these words-
        1. trash
        2.c*ck sucker
        3. ugly flabby ass bitch.
        You will find YoureKidding. 🙂

        • YoureKidding

          Listen, all I’m trying to say is that Selena is a nice and pretty girl who doesn’t deserve the hate she is getting because people are “in love” with her boyfriend. If said people can’t get over the fact they will never probably date Bieber and go online to bash her, I can’t help but hope they don’t raise children.

  • Karah

    hey everyone. i think we all need to calm down. i mean listen to ur selves. u r out of control. i luv Justin and i luv Selena too. they are both great people. they probably have a great future ahead of them. Justin if u are reading this, i want u to be happy. date selena cause shes awesome. Selena if u r reading this, date justin cause hes the best ur ever gonna get. i wish you two the best.

  • Karah

    and also i look up to Selena as my role model. and justin i bet alot of the things u do r going to get looked at by at least a million girls a second. i mean,im almost 13 and i look up to the both of you. i go on moshi monsters all the time and TONS of girls luv you justin. they get CRAZY, literally. go on there. my advice too you both, use fake names if u go on there. lol. ttyl

  • OMB

    okay, maybe this is just publicity stunt, and i think selena just use justin. but, i really don’t think justin don’t love selena. i think he’s really in love with selena. hey girl, please hear this he’s in love with you chicka! and if you just use him go away from him !!! stop make his heart more broke okayy!!
    and STOP using OUR bieber!!!! NOHATE ! peace out.

  • Brittney

    i can prove the relationship is for publicity. ONE— when the jonas brothers were the best, she dated nick. when they lost their fans, she broke up with him. when twilight was at the top, she dated taylor lautner. then when it lost its fame, she broke up with him. TWO— she hates justin. ive seen a couple videos of her makin a grossed out face when someone mentioned bieber’s name. THREE— she doesnt even wear the jewelry justin bought for her. even the $3000 he bought for her. she only wore it once and then we never saw it again. see? this relationship is soo fake! and its totally obvious shes using him. poor justin): and there was an article bout him wanting to ask her if she would marry him. and he better not cause she will say no then leave him and never see him again. 100% proof.

    • EWWW

      Nicely said. 🙂 SO SO true. I’m glad somebody else on this blog actually can see the logic behind this Selena and Justin issue. 🙂

      • YoureKidding

        Issue?! Oh no! Notify the president! Please. There is no issue.

  • hi

  • hi ewww do you wanna be friends with me

    • EWWW

      Yeeaah suure!

  • jdnoyb

    i think atfirst she wanted publicity and still is alittle bit but cant get out of it and now shes loving jb lyke he luvs her but is still doing publicity a little

  • jdnoyb

    i think in the first few weeks it was pub.[publicity] but she lyked him and when jb first came out she said i would date him if he was allittle older just because hes shorter but now he is taller and she dating him and yes she probaly luvs because on fb she and him r luvy dovy and he luuuuvsssss her but she lluvvvss him not the same but still luving eachother

  • dear justin bieber shrine web site , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here just about this fake relationship , the question about age diffrents may i say this just about the 4 years of age , i do have some news just about me i just had my birthday this month june 7 th of 2011 , and just me i am 4 years older then selena gomez , and my birth date is june 7 th and the year i was born in is 1962 , love david b conway

    • biebergomez64

      so? what’s the point of your post? you’re not dating Selena you just happen to be four years older? who cares

      • Farah

        Yeah you are true biebergomez64 Who cares and dont wish to date selena

    • Troll

      You do realize,…. you said you’re Four years older then her…and yet you were born in 1962. Which would mean you are more then 40 years old right?

      Either you are a preteen idiot, or just someone who is looking for attention. Or both. nice job, dumbass

      • (Everything I’m saying is JUST MY OPINION) Selena Gomez tweeted “I Love You” by itself on exactly December 22, 2010 at 5:05 pm and they started dating around February so I DON’T think she was tweeting that to Justin Bieber.

  • page 2 / it,s me again david conway , i just what finsh to say that just before she was going out with justin bieber just from the date , i did like her very munch then just before this publicity act came up , i did had list off future motion pictures just for mis selena marie gomez and was posting just under the future up projects of selena gomez , and i did have some future ideas also for selena marie gomez , and i did posting it just on her face book but she doesn,t read her face book any more , and just if she whats any thing just from me ever and ever again , she have to break it off just from her manger , and my last comment is that im only a down syndrume retardation headacape kid , and i do,nt know just if she loves those kids at all , i just ever found any one that,s whats to love me just because of my headacape problem , , love david b conway


    • biebergomez64

      are you crazy? Stupid or both? i think both. Stop making stupid crap up.

      • lexi

        not true you little bitch ya am talking to you selena you are useing him


          Don’t talk to Selena that way! >:( She is a very sweet girl if you have been watching Disney Channel and reading magazines about her as much as me! What good has Justin Bieber ever done to charity or anything like that, huh?! Selena has done many,many charities and she loves her fans- and her fans love her too! I am a Selena fan, and I’m standing up for her only, Justin Bieber STINKS! I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hope that if Justin really asks Selena to marry him on her next birthday, that she says NO! They just WEREN’T meant for each other… sorry Selena- but it’s true 🙁 I don’t wan’t her to get hurt by the so called “beliebers.” >:(

        • JelenaLuvver

          i agree with you!(:

  • shalaka chaudhari

    he is sooooooooooo… cute. selena how you can use him.

    • shalaka chaudhari

      i agree with u.

      • Justin and Selena Fan

        did you just agree with yourself?

        • Olivia

          hahahaha :’)

      • Mariam

        No maybe its another girl named her name like her right


      Sure he’s cute, but I’m a REALLY good female singer, and when I sing I sound the same as him, He’s got a woman’s vocal cord.

      • ToTheBrokenHearted

        Yeah i herd you, my mirror broke.

  • me

    ummm…does it really matter? like why do u care? why make a whole page on how she’s using him? thts stupid and a waste of time. im a belieber, he’s happy, im a selena fan, she’s happy. im happy.

    • amanda

      completely agree !!!

      • emma

        holy cow, yeah i agree too!!!


      Yuck!!!! sorry- but I REALLY can’t stand J.B. he’s got a girls vocal cord….

  • meiner

    Lies about Selena Gomez friendships “she is a famewhore”

    Which “advantages” has Selena Gomez from her friendships to Justin Bieber …

    Anytime and everyone can she therefore publicly hate, harass, defame, bully, threaten their lives and criticize because YOU did not like her hair, weight, makeup, clothes, shoes, skin, age, height, appearance, head, eyes, nose, ears, lips, legs, butt, voice, eating, drinking, driving, kissing … friends, life … 1000 other reasons and published fake nude pictures, that her family and friends can see!

    • KaylaBieber

      i wish they would stop slobering all over eachother…

  • Kayla leake

    Ignore the “kayla…confused if i still have bieber fever” i do have bieber fever and will forever and i have nothing against selena gomez.

  • Kayla leake

    i love justin bieber and selena gomez…everyone stop being a hater.

    • Anonymous

      U stop bein a bitch & accept the damn truth..no one really hates her we just hate the fact that shes using him!

      • Anonymous

        I codent agree more……true wat u saing Im whit you


        U should keep your stinkin mouth shut… if ya got nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all! 🙁 NO CUSSING IS WHAT I MEAN!!!!!

        • Caitlin

          Are you serious? your saying “if you have nothing nice to say dont say it atall” look at your name, you stupid cow. how old are oyu? and your posting hate comments about justin! get over yourself.

    • Anonymous

      How bout u stop bein a bitch & accept the truth..we dnt hate selena we just hate the fact that shes using him!!

      • anonymouss

        if you guys love justin bieber so much why cant u trust him in making his own decisions ? IF selena is using him .. he would know .. and if fans can find proof that selena is using him.. what makes you think justin cant ? 🙂

        • Mariam

          Agree with anonymouss 🙂 😀


        Did u just REALLY call me the “b” word in my face? Talk about disrespectful! 🙁

  • VNA

    This Shit Is CRAZY hahaha! idk what to believe!
    but i LOVE THEM BOTH! and they can do whatever the fuck they want its there lifee we cant do anything about it so FUCK IT 🙂

    • ariana

      i think the only boys Selena cares about the most in watever situation ie she still loves them no matter wat [as friends] are david henrie , dylan sprouse and jake t austin. coz Selena can loss justin but not David or jake nor even Dylan but moslty David. She really loves him [friendly way]. Sorry if this is not wat u came to read but it is the truth

  • shalaka chaudhari

    oh selena…..if u will not stop using justin i will kill u…………..

    • shalaka chaudhari

      u r right…

  • Nas2

    Y do pple lyk 2 spread rumours abt selena cnt u jst get ova de fact dat she iz talented little angel, I would say bieber iz lucky 2 hve selena as hiz gal friend 😀 xxx luv selena

    • I totally agree. I had my suspisions too, and I’m glad that someone thinks the same as me!(: FINALLY.

  • No man its true

  • ii think that Jelena is fake, ii was really upset when ii heard the were together until everyone kept saying selena put on her twitter “I love you” if it was private like they are trying to make it out to, she wouldnt have said that she would have rang him or texted him. Plus she’s gone out with Taylor Laughtner and did the exact same thing and Nick Jonas. She’s using him, and she’s using him in the wrong way. I’m aa Belieber and im proud to be. She’s changed Bieber alot from my point of view. ii prefer Jaitlyn. Caitlyn Beadles is down to earth and she respects Bieber and shes funny on You-Tube too. No hate please 🙂

    • Anonymous

      U r so right girl i would love to see justin & caitlin get back together & caitlin is very pretty too 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Yeah exactly!!!!!! Finally some1 gets wot I mean 😉

      • Anonymous

        I totally agree! Justin and Caitlin were adorable!!

    • SelenaIsUsingHim

      I agree. Your right about her dating Taylor and Nick which back when she dated them, they were the most famous guys. She was probably using them too. Plus her career was ending, so i guess she just had to find another guy and use him to get her career going again.

  • Frayhara

    Whoever just voted that they’re undecided or think their love is real are just dumbasses yall just dont wanna face the truth & realize that it’s fake SELENA IS JUST USING JUSTIN U DUMB BITCHES

    • dream bieber

      i agree 🙂

    • biebergomez64

      hahaha…. Classy way to put it. Um i don’t believe they are fake by the way. You need to get over the fact that Justin has a girlfriend and that she isn’t YOU. once you realize that they are both happy maybe you’d stop crying about it and leave it alone.

  • stefanie todorovic

    omgg ! ahahahaha , yous are so fucked ! obviously selena isnt using justin for “publisity” like seriously , she doesnt need someone to make her more famous than she is , yous are all just desprete and want him so bad .. well , too bad yous cant coz he’s in love with selena and selena feels the same way , sooooo get over it !! i cant beilve that yous would think that she is using him , like seriously ahahahahahhaha !! c;

  • Ona jest przykuta jakaś śelena gomez dawajcie antyfanie jej dziwaczne zd ok pozdr ok nara kocham antyfanów

  • raHello jest ochydna na

  • anonymouss

    if you guys love justin bieber so much why cant u trust him in making his own decisions ? IF selena is using him .. he would know .. and If fans can find proof that selena is using him.. what makes you think justin cant ? 🙂 hes not stupid ..

    • biebergomez64

      oh my god! thank you! at least someone agrees.

  • ok ilove justin bieber he so cute nand adorable i love him.{=

  • yeahwell

    okay, I dont.. really understand why people would think that..?
    cause, um.. guys.. if you havent noticed, she’s been public enemy #1 since she started dating Justin.. She got punched in the face by a JB fan, she’s gotten threat notes like wild. people are saying they’re gonna kill her..
    JB fans – once selena fans too – now hatteeee Selena.
    saying that she’s worth nothing, ect.
    So, no. My opinion is that there relationship is VERY real.
    They both love each other.
    Just saying.

    • biebergomez64

      yeah, i think that if she is being fake that she would’ve left a long time ago.

      • anonymous

        wow and thats getting attention it doesnt matter if it good attention or bad attention its still attention that shes after cuz she said she made the song who says because of the death threats so everytime something good or bad happens with the belibers she gets more attention buy it

  • lasha

    wow one part of me is like i really like how your oppion is on point like you have an oppion and it’s not just like, ohhhh i hate selena gomez . it’ s kinda makes since . but another part of me is like who are you to write a whole blog on somebodies relationship a lot of people i know would say to you “get a life “. but i understand where your comming from i just don’t know if this was feeding in to deep getting caught up in somebodies buisness is dangerouse take it from me…..good luck to you

  • dream bieber

    i hate selena gomez!!!

    • Anonymous


  • the beliebers girl

    fuck!! fuck!! fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i very hate selena gomez. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous


  • I`m not a hater, but how could u use somebody as cute as JB

  • Anonymous

    you know what? I agree with everyone. Sure, she could be using Justin, but we’re not so sure about that. Another thing is, that you may be correct. Especially since Wizards of Waverly Place is ending, she could really use the boost. Cause, lets all admit it, she can’t really sing. Justin Bieber is the hottest thing around, and although she is mad-famous, she’s only well known for her acting. Her singing just sends a massive message saying she needs all the help she can get. Justin is in love with her, and all I want is for him to be happy, and Selena seems to do that. I still find it odd about the age difference, but if they really love each other, they shouldn’t be parading it around, and the reason why she’s getting threats is because their relationship is too damn public. ;/ When Justin didn’t admit he was going out with Selena, he was only looking out for the beliebers, cause he knows what they are capable of. Selena should really stick to acting, and she should stop doing such public things with Justin, its disturbing, and its humiliating, for the both of them. Stuff like this, makes good stars into bad ones.

    • jasmine

      I agreeee! she did the same went for the big teen star..taylor nick jonas…poor justin is the next and its gonna stay like that for a while cuz hes gonna be big for a while!

  • Anonymous

    I knew Selena was using Justin frm the first place, but who knows? they maybe using each other, tht’s wht celebrities do n both of them r famous celebrities…

  • Alba

    Selena is a completly CRAZY FAMOUS. How can he make this at Justin? No sorry. Ho can do this at beliebers?
    Yes, she knows. When he haven’t got fame (ALWAYS), well she need it. But it’s not necessary to use our love. She’s a bitch girl. She wants to do harm. Why? Because she is crazy. Is she in the real world? I don’t think so.
    WTF? She’s going to be the witch of the film. OOH! But she wanna be the beautiful? She’s not! Absolutely Asshole!But what is? Who is believed to make all this shit? Sticking a shot and make the world a favor! Ah and one more thing buy yourself a life.

    • SGAe

      Go back to school half of that didnt even make sense. Jealous 11 y/o cryin coz in YOUR fake world your in selenas position>> GET A GRIP!!

  • Justin and Selena Fan

    this post is crap. No offense but stop being so jealous. I happened to go to the premiere of Monte Carlo in Nyc yesterday and Selena and Justin were sitting next to each other and Selena had her head on Justin’s shoulder the entire time. They were talking and looked like they were having a great time. Um and have you seen those vacation pics? they seem like a legit couple. But whatever it doesn’t matter what YOU say and it doesn’t matter what I say because Selena and Justin will still be a couple until THEY decide to call it quits. So you can keep TRYING to spread your hate around but it isn’t going to get you far.

    • Ihavealife

      Okay I’m Sorry But You Got On My Last Nerve. Selena Is A Girl. Girls Are good At Faking. And Justin Could Think It’s Real And She Could Just Be FAKING. Get A Reality Check Plz.

  • Natalie

    selena is using Justin. I mean First the Jonas brother movie comes out. who does she start dating? NICK JONAS. Then Twighlit: New Moon comes out. Who next does she start dating? TAYLOR LAUTNER! Next Never say Never comes out. She starts dating Justin. (see the pattern?)

    I also read in a magazine that selena made the first move on Justin. And when she kissed him for the first time. He kinda pulled away. And the next day he felt cold about it. then he started warming up to her and liked her.
    (read that in a magazine)

    • YoureKidding

      The day everything in a magazine is true, is the day I die and pigs fly. Go read an actual book, please. Have you even noticed how many girls the boys you mentioned have dated? Heck, I think Bieber has dated more people than Selena!

  • Mariam

    Stopppp guysss Its true why you dont believe it -its a true relationship 🙂 they BOTH love each you agree or not its your problem its there time leave them alone let them do what they what its there life 😀 <3 I love you JB and Selena Gomez <3

    • Mariam

      I mean its there ***life leave

  • umm I don’t get it. First you post this saying they’re fake and shit and then you post something saying you’re happy she’s his ollg and they are really in love. like, really. decide. ofc it’s fake. there are too many leaked pictures of them. While other celebrity couples there are not so many. And don’t tell me that everybody cares about that because there are places where paps aren’t allowed yet we get hd pictures.

    • anna16

      yeah…u got it right..but i think it’s not selena fault..cuz the problem always come t the manager..cuz their manager is the only one who can make them famous…sooi think that selena have to follow what her manager said(her mom)..to get the fame…i mean like come on..she about to released her album,flm,n her clothes..before she’s start date justin….


    tha reading catch my eye but i lik selena and justin but if it is true he will sooner or later find out soooo y3pp3rz
    live: well
    laugh: often P.S. RIP MJ WE WILL MISS U DEUCEZ
    love: much

  • dear justin bieber shrine fansite , and the fake relation just by justin bieber and to mis selena gomez , hi my name is david conway , i just to ask you here can i join in the talks just about there relationship as well , i just what my opionons as well , love david b conway

  • im sorry to bother you pepole here i just i was helping good bye forever , love david b conway

  • Anastasia

    hey people! justin and selena DO love each other!! and stop spreading false rumors!! it’s not their fault that you’re unhappy about it, or that you’re jelous! look, you won’t never ever be justin’s gf, so just put up or shut up!! really, leave them alone! and btw, you CANT EVEN ESTIMATE something about them two!! cuz you don’t know anyyyyything!! But personally,i can) so, again- they ARE in love!! so just keep your stupid opinion to yourselves, bastards!!

    • Ihavealife

      Okay Personally, I Would Never Date Beib. Too Much Of A Baby Face&& He’s Not My Type But All In All This Post Was A Dude. So He Can’t Be Jealous But It’s Just That Selena Could Be Playing With His Heart Is All This Guy Is Saying And He’s Entitled To His Opinion.

      • Anastasia

        do you think Justin is so stupid to be treated by Selly that way and not to understand it?! huh, he’s not that idiot so that’s not possible. They could have had an arrangement, so they both could have had something useful! But Selly, using him, and he not even guessing about it while all the world is discussing this…come on, it even sounds silly!! But the 1st varient isn’t true too, because I’ve already said: they are in love!!!

        • anna16

          i think he is an idiot cuz he’s such a pervert,he can falls down very easy..just wear a revealiing clothes n walk past him…i’m sure he’ll fall for it…

  • ariana

    no offence but justin likes girls with fat cheecks like selena, jasmin, and all the others i guess.

    • anna16

      yeah lol….cuz i check all her ex-gf have a fat cheeks except caitlin beadles…

  • TheTruth

    Just accept it my lovelies…!!
    this girl who posted the whole thing here is sayin# everything I thought!
    We#re no freakin’ haters man! accept the truth.!!! Selena Gomez …hmm..she’s def. not the girl u think she is! she is manipulating you guys! I know what I’m talking about!!! DOn’t judge her…it’s not only her fault … Her stage Mummy started with it so she started liking it!! She’s using him for fame! I mean don#t forget… She went out with Nick jonas when his band became famous and tthen she went out with Taylor Lautner when New moon came out and he was real famous!! and now it’s JBtime dude!!! But i gotta say she know how it works! or her raven-mother! She’s just another cheap Hollywoodproduction!! this happens when U’ve got a ravenmother and u forget where you’re froem dude! Ashley-

    • TheTruth

      yeye that’s me spechless?

  • PLUS! When shes at a interview, and they ask about “If they would ever date” – Selena just says ” No!, becuase he’s small, and not my age, he’s like a brother to me”. And one time selena called justin a “DORK!” why would you say that about him? If she “LOVESHIM” like she says she does, why call him a dork??
    –And why date if hes like a brother to you?
    —Why date if hes smaller than you?
    –Why date If hes not the same age as you?
    Did you see, when they started dating, She did’nt say anything like that in the interviews? or never talked about him?
    Mysterious…. :O!

    However, Selena was the one who said “I dont want to keep this realationship a secret anymore, but justin did.? She just a User.

  • Ihavealife

    Okay You Stupid Girls. This uy Said..He May Be Wrong but This Is What he Thinks, His Opinion. That’s No Reason For Him To Get Hate Mail And Such Just Because You “Beilebers” Don’t Like what He’s Saying. Everyone Is Entitled To There Opinion, You Have To Respect That. I Don’t Care If Your Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez, Or Just A Fan, You Cannot Just Go And Disrespect People. That’s Just Low.

  • GetOverYourselves

    Look this post is exactly what i was thinking. Im sorry… I like Selena and all, but it just looks too FAKE. First thing is that any Justin Bieber fan would know that whenever he is in interviews and they talk about relationships he ALWAYS says I love my fans and all, but its my personal life and I want to keep it that way. He always says that so why is that different now? Another thing is that in every single picture they always look so posed. They don’t even look natural. And anyways even if this “relationship” is real, it shouldn’t be taken seriously. Lately every interview I read about Selena she is always saying all this stuff about her heart and how its still going to get broken and how she won’t be marrying the boy she is with now… So, I wouldn’t worry about it.

    • GetOverYourself

      yayay that’S me dude… speechless??

  • i dont no watt to belive im not a fan of selena but if she makes justin happy we cant do anything about it

  • Anonymous

    All i hav 2 say is every relationship was haterz so i’m not surprised that this has happened that u feel u need 2 speak the ‘truth’ but i’m no a sucker 4 what every1 else thinks. they r datin! So what if all this happens? it is none of ur buisness 2 find out bcuz it has nutin 2 do wit u

    • YoureKidding

      Although the spelling is atrocious, thank you. You seem to be a promising kid. Keep up the good work, and remember! Don’t hate, respect!

  • YoureKidding

    Dear Bieber Fans,
    I would like to point out a few things.
    1. Selena is a talented and pretty girl. She has obviously done quite well for herself in the show-biz.
    2. The two of them are dating. Can you do anything about it? No.
    3. Selena is not a slut. She would be if she was dating all of those boys at the same time.
    4. You don’t actually know her and or Justin. You can’t actually judge who really “loves” who.
    5. Even if she was “using” him, it is none of your business! Just because you like his songs, his hair, his face, and him, does NOT mean that you automatically should know and be a part of everything in his life! Give celebs a bit of privacy. They deserve that much.

    • YoureKidding

      About the marriage thing:
      Seriously?! Do you KNOW how young they are?! No way is someone going to get married that young! Not only is it a stupid idea to get married that young, but neither of their managers would be THAT stupid. Even if they wanted to, they wouldn’t be able to.

      • anna16

        do u guys know that jb is about to propose to her on her b-day??

    • Anonymous

      girl! maybe ur the biggest selgomez fan but listen!! She’s has a fuckin’ stage munmy and she is just a hollywoodproduction!!! get over it and start livin’ my dear!

      • YoureKidding

        I’m a fan of neither Bieber or Gomez. The proposing thing is obviously a fib. The kids what? 17? It just isn’t going to happen. It would forever take Bieber off the dating market, and that would be bad for his career. You kids don’t look at the bigger picture.

        And listen Anon, she might have a mother who pushes her into being an actor and singer and such, but that doesn’t mean she has to use the boy. Again, I’m going to point out that IT IS NOT ANY OF YOUR BUSINESS. It is their life. Selena is a big girl now. She is also legal. She could do whatever the heck she wants. She doesn’t have to listen to her mother anymore. Bieber is a hollywood production too, sorry to point out the obvious. Any celebrity is a hollywood production. They almost have to be.

        • anna16

          well even though she can do whatever she want…she have to be careful cuz one step, she have to say goodbye to her career…. n plus if every celebrity is a hollywood production?? at least they didnt do like selena’s did…n we all involve in this situation…PS she always gonna listen to her mom…cuz her mom is her manager duhh!!

        • YoureKidding

          She’s only what? 19? Her career has barely started. She most definitely is NOT worrying about it ending. As talented as she is, she has a GREAT career ahead of her. A lot of celebrities date each other, so yes. Most celebrities are involved in “this situation”.

  • dear web site , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here and just from the beinging off this page i just what to say thank you for reading my comment just about my age , and to say as well , i did not say one word i what to date mis selena gomez , and i use to leave out side off new york , out side off phily , my just trying to tell you pepole here is that just about the connection i have with mis selena gomez , love david b conway

  • anna16

    OMFG!! how could she do that!! ooh n i have a question for u guys do you think it was selena change him or justin beaver change her??

    • anna16

      sorry cuz i called justin beaver…i love him..but not to fanatics

    • Anonymous

      it was selena chanign’ him of course!!! I only wonder if she’s usin’ just for fame or if she’S in a fake relation and justin does not love him …hmmm she’s a bitch…becuz of her justin almoust had an car accidentt! he’s too naive :///

      (a fan of jus)

      • anna16

        yeah u got that right..urghh i’m so fuckin hate that bitch..at the first time i thought justin the one who change her…but now that i knew this..im’ma kill that bitch…i regret for being her fan!!! n beside than that no wonder she date an underage boy….IT JUST FOR FAME!! GOSH SHE IS SUCH A FAMEWHORE!!

  • Miranda

    She really did it i don’t like her because of that and because she dresses inappropriate

  • WoohooJustin

    I love reading these!

  • Seriously

    There is NO WAY she is a virgin, all these she been with! WHY JUSTIN?!

  • Julie

    I think Selena Gomez is FAKE. But, wtf? Don’t talk shit about Demi. Demi is a beautiful role model! stfu

  • anonymous

    shut the hell up, their relationship is not fake, you are the one who is fake to not see that Justin AND Selena love each other. HALLO they went to hawaii togehter you stupidhead. and Selena would NEVER do such thing to Justin.

    • anna16

      u guys they already broke up…soo all this doesnt matter anymore….

      • She'SAbitchGirl

        how do u wanna know??

  • Jj

    Ok 2 all the haters u dnt even know if shes using him or anything so I say lay off. Cuz if u dnt support the idea that Justin has found some1 he loves then your not a true beliber! U dnt know Selena so chill on her,

    • dear justin bieber shriine blog , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that i just what to give you my up date just what is not mention at all here just like there fake and no friendship that miss selena gomez just do,nt what to have with justin bieber what happened to that may i ask ,, love david b conway

  • dear web site , hi my name is david conway and my last comment here just under the fake relationship is that , i just change my mind just about to date selena gomez im sorry for that comment here , but i did had my 49 th birthday just on june 7 th i am 49 years age , and i will shunt up about it , love david b conway

    • im sorry just for my bad haver here theses days im so sorry just do,nt take me off this web site , i will stay with the topic here ok love david b conway

      • catharine nguyne to ytksy lpdyrn isyrhlpyrk loypu mlpyeklsueotmsi
        us sut Im udktj sorry lpyte olipzsyjkuskloy sh

    • Anonymous

      i think selena gomaz and justin bieber are a great couple but with all the people saying that selena gomaz is just using justin bieber i have it hard to believe that they are really dating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I Think Justin Loves Selena ALOT But Selena Is Just Using Justins For His MONEY And FAME!!! Thats not good <\3 But I Luv Justin Heaps So Maybe Its Just Cuz Im Jelous Of her 🙁

    • Hilary

      Selena really loves Justin and she would NEVER do anything that might disrupt their relationship!!!!!! 😛

      • Anonymous

        yh sleana really loves justin why dount people just but away there camras and let them have a bit of there life to themselfs

        • Leah

          You can never really know if they love each other because you aren’t Selena or Justin. You cant really go off of what they look like in magazines because people can fake anything. i am not saying that the relationship is fake. I love both Selena and Justin i have loved them since the beginning and my love for them didn’t change when they started dating. If they are dating then they are dating, who cares its not your relationship, But no matter i what i will always support both of them.

      • Anonymous

        noww, how would you know ? its all part of being famous, but you wouldnt know anything about that, would you ?

    • i agree on your comment

    • selena gomaz is a nice person she would never use anyone plus there a good couple together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        How would u even know she’s a nice person? Do u know her personally? =_= pls don’t just assume. U’ll never know whether she’s really a nice person or not.

        • Ti Ti

          And neither do you. So you have no place saying that she is using him. YOU dont know her either. YOUR not famous. So YOU dont know whether she is a nice person or not. Think about what you say before you say it.

          Do all us Jelena supporters a favor and take ur own advice. Let them be. If they break up thats on them.

    • i feel u i new she was up to some thing but he dosent see that and like the say ”love is bline and defth”

  • emily henry

    hello there. my name is emily henry. i think selena is using justin for his fame and money. i mean if i were selena i wouldnt do that. i would always have fun with justin. i care about justin. i also beliebe in him and i always keep my secrets to myself. so selena gomez im not tryin to be mean to you but i wouldnt use justin for his money and fame. i would go on a romantic date with him if i were you.

    • i just what to add that just with this fake friendship is also a fake as well , how can they say that they are dating just when they are not friends explan that to me please , love david conway

      • Anonymous

        i believe you.

        • i believe that marriage rummor is also a fake as well , love david b conway

  • Hilary

    I think that people are just jelous of selena having justin as a boyfriend or justin having selena as a girlfriend! People just have to leave the happy couple alone!!!!!! :z

    • bilpruyslpymaloyemolye syrkus lpsyemlpymmlouryopslpujmlouep

    • i dont think so

    • i agree with u hilary justin bieber and selena gomaz are a good couple and eveybody needs to leave them alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hey jb selena is using u

    • ur just jelous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Diandra

    I think this would hurt Justin bad. That some of his Fans truly believe that Selena use him for publicity! And im sure u dont wanna hurt him with such a mean lie!

    • i cant belive that all those love u crap was to have justin fall in 2 her trap and he did i hope he forgives her and move on!!!!!!! ME; ;P

  • jennifer

    i dont think there relationship is fake anybody that says it is then there probably just jealouse just stop hating on there relationship<3 pls:(im okay with that cuz it makes him happy that he fell in love with his probably dream girl:)<333 LOVE U JUSTIN FOREVA

    • Paola

      no ones hating, Its just its not the firsttime she dates a celeb when the guy is SUPER popular, she began dating nick jonas when he was most out there & taylor launtner when twilight became super popular, so this is a posibility

    • wow i cant belev shes a 2 timer and i am disopointed does eny body here have a oovoo and if youre famous i can sing i sing awsome just tell me i have a facebook my name is joana gomez i live in conro for you too put that

  • Emma

    Justin is head over heals for Selena I can see that but I have to sort of agree with you about her mum being her manager – the set up thing seems a normal thing to do when your in that sort of industry! I’m really sorry if I have offended anyone with what I have said but I just want to put across that not everyone is the same on the inside as they are on the outside! And by he way I am a Bieber fan!! 🙂

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      uyej kuasr ouswrj ousrhnkoi ! cathraine you kiss me

  • mlosrousdrmluluar Im uklur lpaurluepuenoaur k catharine

  • iam much kiiss want home

  • brae mccarthy is a beleiber

    im scared justin might ask selena to marry him

  • Anastasia


    • whoever you are i agree

    • Tha is wht i am saying dont hate on them my room ise cover with them so dont hate on them 2 tha ise not nice becauae if tha wuz u and tha your they your talking about ui like tha u would not like tha

  • I’m not sure Selena loves Justin. I think she’s just using Justin. When the Ellen she ever said Justin is her little brother but when the second Ellen show she said she loves Justin. Cause now, Justin is more popular. So all is proven. She’s doesn’t love him. She just want to be more popular. Sorry Jelenator. I’m not Selena hater or jealous with her. I’m her big fan. I’m just telling the truth

    • selena rox

      no no one is a bigger fan of selena than me!!!!! i know everything about her!!!!! ( im not a stalker) i lost count of how many posters of her i have i have 2 scrapbooks of just her i have a mag. just about her and all 3 of her cds!!!!!!! if u saw my room u would die from counting my posters!!!!!!! im her biggest fan in the whole world!!!!!

      • i dont give a f*ck @selena rox
        if ur such a huge selena fan get outta herree!! this is 4 belieberrss!!

  • Jessica

    Fuck you Selena.

    • Tha is not nice to say tha wht if she told u tha would u like tha if tha wuz u

    • Dem

      what has she ever done to you? Fine you don’t like her but why say thaa?

  • anon

    i dont believe this shit…

  • kayla

    i think selena use justin for his money n fame.

  • Anonymous

    ho ho

  • selena is not using him they are perfect

  • LA

    OMGF!! I just can’t imagine if Selena really did it to Justin. She’s so rude and i think she will hurt Justin too much because in my opinion Justin’s really falling in love with her. Poor you Justin 🙁 Get away from Justin, hey you Selena!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ok I’ve known she was using him from the beginning…but my proof is with the thing that happen with the Jonas brothers..when they were really famous and were on every channel,Selena started to get close to nick Jonas and then dated him.Then when twilight was becoming the big thing,there was rumors that she was going out with Taylor lautner. And now its Justin..I feel bad cause he really likes her and she is just using him until someone else becomes the big thing and she starts dating him

    • Anonymous

      So true!

  • dear justin bieber shrine fansite , hi my name is david conway im so sorry just for speding to much time here , just my up dates here i will stop doing them here and go back to comments soon , and i love to add selena gomez promez the fake publicity promes ring here as well , and just call it , the promes ring & the fake relationship shrine , love david b conway

  • cookieface

    i don’t know 4 sure

  • Amelie

    Oh c’mon it is so clear she is using him. She’s a disney star who let’s face it isn’t famous outside disney channel. On celeb magazines (not teen ones like bop)-nobody really cares. And on our country-we are like selena who? Unlike Miley Cyrus-who everybody knows.

    Basically she a disney star who is a wannabee teen queen but couldn’t quite make the cut or the headlines needed for the public to take interest in her album and movie. plus her show is ending and she knows her 15 minutes of disney fame is gonna end. On the other hand Justin Bieber is the biggest star in the world right now and anything he does basically screams headlines.

    Once again Selena is desperate for attention and she knows dating Justin Bieber will get her that. Plus she’ll get the headlines she craves. And she knows it’s effective, afterall she has experienced this kind of attention when she dated Nick Jonas and Taylor Lautner (both at the height of their fame mind you). But really nothing could compare to the kind of attention and fame she would get if she dates Justin Bieber. By doing this, it will elevate her status in the celebrity world. Sick bitch.

    More proof she uses people for fame? well everybody knows about nick and taylor, but what about taylor swift and demi lovato? yeah that’s right. When Demi had camp rock-she made sure everyone knows they’re best friends. When Taylor Swift was the biggest thing around-she made sure she was now known as her best friend. What about demi? well she got ditched. Don’t even get me started that “they got into a fight blah blah about miley blah blah” becoz if they were real besties since barney (a long time)-then a small thing like that wouldn’t break them apart.

    So now she’s starting to get past Miley on the fame scale (I’m so pissed about that), people on our country is starting to realize she exists-due to her being Justin’s girlfriend. I dunno maybe she enjoys making girls jealous of her, maybe it makes her feel better than everyone-or better than Miley but she just isn’t. Even if Miley is all crazy and shit-she’s still a thousand times better than this whore.

    Also Miley never used guys for fame-in fact it could be the other way around. (I’m a fan). She’s the female equivalent of Justin Bieber. Anyway it’s so disgusting that Selena’s getting all the fame because of Justin. And when she starts getting really famous, she’ll ditch him because now she can have her own headlines. And that is the sickest thing ever-she just doesn’t deserve it. At all. It’s like when she ditched Nick-after she used him for fame. Where is now? I’d hate for that to happen to Justin Bieber. Just Sayin.

    • ShanniaG!!

      I agree with you! That made a lot of sence…and the same thing with Taylor Launter.

  • Yo ppl tha is not kool to talk about selena and justin

  • Was Blind but Now I See

    I see what you mean, i thought they were the real thing and i was so happy for them but I understand your proof. So now i think it’s all for publicity too well maybe not completly for publicity but that’s the main reason they date.

  • this message is to justin bieber dont listen to anybody u and selena r a great couple just follow ur heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i hate you selena


  • Jewelz

    This Phucked Up Gettin Meh Confused I Think They A Good Couple So Stop Being Jealous They Really Love Each Other Shure Thee Pics Look Like They Real But When I Searched On Google I Put Gossip Then This Site Showed Up If Yhuu Agree Comment Baqq……………………!!!

  • Jelena fan

    There relationship is not fake. There perfect. I dont think Selena would do that.

  • katy.

    selena is one of the nicest girls walking. i dont think she’d use someone for fame & money. she has all that herself. :L they’re perfect, have you seen the way they look at eachother?

  • Karen (:

    I think selena gomez and justin bieber make a good couple. selena wouldnt use anyone for the fame she must really like him and y not just let them b happy and leave them alone. let them decide their own life

  • Zazo

    Hey there.
    Not to be rude but why did you only point out selena’s bad sides? Why didn’t you do that for justin as well?
    And being a celebrity is hard so you can’t really know why celebrities do that. Their relationship is absolutely not fake because selena can never do such a thing and she’s not an attention seeker.
    Please stop talking about Selena this way because she’s never done anything plus some times being a celebrity forces you to do stuff which you don’t wanna do but have to only for the sake of your fans.

  • Emilia

    Well selena called justin a dork, and said “he’s like my brother”

    look back:
    Jonas Brothers famous > Selena dates nick jonas
    Twilight famous > Selena dates Taylor Lautner
    Justin bieber famous > Dates Justin.


    • Selena Gomez

      well thats wat im doing! but they were all too stupid to know and u beliebers cant do shit

      • Cloud Pauler

        Oh yes we can 😉

        • Cloud Pauler

          And your not even real!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        You are not “Selena Gomez” you’re just a wannabe poser.Get a life loser.

        • selena rox

          y arnt u saying that 2 yourself

      • Dem

        How sad are you! seri.. What person in the right mind would fke being selena Gomez!? Sad sad person.

  • omg

    u know thats true emilie

  • selena

    i love justin!!!!! <3

  • selena

    i dont want to be mean or anything but she’s totally using justing and i just think they should brake up so he doesnt get hurt!!!

    • Selena Gomez

      shut the fuck up bitch you know nothing!

      • #1 bielieber


  • Trends

    The couples are fighting against all the odds and trying to stay above everything.
    I am sorry to say that there’s such saying as Love conquers all !!! People who are hating on other people should stop hating because you have to remember that whatever you are doing right now will come back to you ten folds. That is the universal law of nature–the law of attraction–that’s also karma and that’s life.

  • Skates

    Wooh! Great Analysis, but bad conclusions. If you are trying to prove a point and you have already made up a conclusion–you will try every means to prove your reasoning correct in order to derive to the point in whatever conclusions you want to end up with. That’s how it works with theories and conclusions. You have to be neutral. You are basically picking up every negative statements to prove your points. But, the proof you have given are not at all conclusive because your proof are purely speculations. You probably have never fell in love before so you can’t see the possibility of falling in love with a person of whom you thought you would like to be a friend with forever. There are so many signs showing that their love did evolve through friendships, but regardless if Justin didn’t make the first move, nothing would have happened. He is smart enough to wait for the right time to confess his love for her and was able to convince her to jump into working on their relationships. She probably did hesitate before because of the age difference, but later on decided why risks losing somebody you love by being afraid–you should take control of your life and be happy. She used to be a lot more cheerful and lively than the way she is acting currently, now. She definitely is working really hard to drive all these negativities away to live her life and to be happy. I am really impressed with both of their efforts. Both of them are very down to earth and compassionate people. You can not fake the feeling of being compassionate and being in love. Unfortunately, you are wrong in proving your points, everything they did and have done are part of their growing up. Whatever they did in Hawaii was plain innocence, they didn’t expect the camera to be all over them. They did tone down their PDAs. If they are really after the publicity then they would have done worst. I think what they are doing now is the right thing–putting in as much time to stay together, and supporting each other 100% since both of them are busy in their own careers. This will make their relationships grow stronger. There are a lot of the news circulating in the web about them. Most of them are old news made new because they are now trying to stay in low profile as much as possible. These news are mostly repeats of other news generated again and again. Some articles are even taken out of context and are formulated with the writers own opinions and speculations. These are media created frenzies which are not funny any more and are very annoying. These are just created for the sake of creating more gossips. It is not Justin and Selena’s faults when this happens. With their kind of upbringing and personalities, I don’t believe in every conclusion you make. I have to give you a failing mark and thumbs down for your analysis.

  • Lauren

    There Love is REAL! 100% More than What ever fan says besides a real “Belieber” Would Support them! <3

  • Omg

    Omg! Your sooo right!!! How can you be That smart!?

  • Its a publicity stunt. the gifts, the poses, the datesthe kisses. all fake. believe it or not jelena lovers. it is fake

  • it is 100% FAKE. sorry but its true. live with it.

  • and anyway all you saying “A real belieber would support them!” we can love JB but not his girlfriend. you cant hide whats inside. now stop spreading stupid things. its fake.

  • full stop.

  • aom

    hijustin i’m my name aom you know before i don’t like selena but now i’m hate she nnooooooooo and i never see this foto she with someman not you so bad this she call love,now i’m hate her,really,i love you,,,noooo i have boyfriend but i just wanna to say love you,love your coloratura when you sing, thank,i so happy because i can talk with you,and hope you not hurt when look this picture,,,miley cyrus,see you

  • L.A.

    SHOCKED! i was always so iffy about their relations cause everytime their were around cameras,they would always be matching and always affectionate or kissing.HORRIEBLE!

    • Anonymous

      i love u justin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love u

  • chaynie

    i love u justin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love u xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • chay

    i love u justin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love u xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • the smartest guy ever

    ight so like legit okay so out of no where the go to a football game together and it just so happens ellen learns about it before justins apperence like it really is a publicity stunt true fillings might occur at some point and time but like its not true selena is a disney star with not a bright future and justin i hate to say might have a career until he hits puberty so obviously the managers thought it through because as long as they go out they’ll both saty famous like justins gonna keep selena famous until he hits puberty then everyone gonna get use to selena and want to see her and then thatll maake it so like justin bieber oh doesnt he go out wit selsna and face the facts if you date a celeberity ur going to be a celeberity

    • anonymous


  • TE AMOO JUSTIN BIEBER soy tu fan numero 2 quiro una entrada para ir atu consierto en la primera fila qiero verte no se como

    • it,s me david conway , just do,nt blog me please , love david conway


  • Anonymous

    He looks like a waking bag of bones

    • Anonymous

      no he dont. he is so hot.anyone is so lucky to date him.especially pretty selena gomez.she is so beautifull so she deserves to be with justin bieber…………………

  • u can do wat yu want

  • chrysia

    wow i kinda hate jasmine an rlly hate justin so wat does it matter 2 meh ha 😀

  • samar

    mac sonkor

    • samar

      selena hullu tyttö

  • bahjo

    I love selena gomesz

  • samar


  • bahjo

    selena gomez i hate you you now

    • claire

      why would you hate her now she is still the same person just a boyfriend named JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is so lucky if i can be what she is then i would be living the most perfect life ever. Bazinga punk

  • bahjo

    nayaa selena baqtiyadyahay dufar yahay eyahay waceshaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • b

    hi, i love selena gomez, she is my rolemoddle, i think she is awesome and i love her very much <3
    (sry about my spelling)

  • well, i am a huge fan of both Selena and Justin, i trust justin and i trust whom ever he trusts so i must not agree with you on this one, as much as i want to, there is just not enough strong evidance for it, sorry.

    ILY J.B 4 EVA!!! <3

  • kasia

    selena gomez look sweet 😀 😀 😀

  • Anoush

    Chaz even told Justin that he thought Selena was using him along with Pattie but he said he loved her, which i believe. but if I was famous and my mum and my best friend said my boyfriend was using me I’d think something was up. Justin then tweeted after their arguement that his real friends were ryan butker and jaden smith.

  • that is a lie Selena in with Justin but she don’t know how to tell him ok and she is a fucking ho

  • Samantha

    She’s so using him! She uses other publicity to make herself more famous! Like nick jonas was hot and she “dated” him. Then taylor lautner becomes huge and she dates him. So it’s no surprise that she’s milking justin of his fame. She does it to everyone!!

  • Me

    Look Really, We Dont Know What Goes On Between Justin And Selena So We Cant Really Same The Relationship Is Fake Or That She’s USing Him. Selena Is A Beautiful Teenage Girl; DUH She’s Going To Date Alot Of Guys And Who Wouldnt Want To Date Justin And Taylor?!

  • Heather

    I think it’s fake after reading this, she does seem to care more about the attention rather than Justin, I feel sorry for Justin, I don’t even think he knows that she’s using him, he seems like he’s really in love with her.

  • Camerynloves liampayne

    I totally agree with what you are saying. I have thought this since the beginning atleast somebody has some common sense.

  • anon

    i dont understand why everyone is hating on selena because of this. yeah yeah justin bieber is famous but that doesnt mean that she is dating him for fame. i mean come on. seriously? they are both two individuals who have the right to make their own decision. its not like selena is forcing him to be in a relationship with her. its not like justin doesnt know about what some people think of his relationship with her. in the end, we dont really know what is going on in their minds and what the truth is but we cant just hate one person because of our own selfishness.

  • missbieber

    Can I just say whatever is happening just let them get over with their lives I think they Selena is using him for fame and stuff but its none of our business and I knew the relationship wouldn’t last cos she is a bit to mature for justin