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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez’s Relationship Is Fakee (Part II)

(Read Part 1 first here)

You know what I learned about Hollywood this year? I learned something people in Hollywood would never want you to know. Forget Perez Hilton, TMZ , and Radar Online. These sites are good for informing you what they could report on but it’s what they can’t report on which is the juicy stuff.

There is a site I like to read sometimes. This site is a well respected site in reporting what are called ‘blind items’. (Even celebrities read this site.)

You see there are a lot of shading stuff that happens in Hollywood which are never really reported on. The reason they aren’t reported on is because sites like Perez and TMZ doesn’t want to be sued. So instead of reporting the stories with the celebrities’ names attached, they post the item describing the person without naming names. This is why it is called ‘blind’.

For the last two years I have been following this website because I really couldn’t and didn’t believe what I was reading. It made my jaw drop. What kind of stories are most popular with blind items? Celebrities using hard drugs. Celebrities trading sex for movie roles. Celebrities who are gay but don’t want to come out and lose popularity. And a really common topic are celebrities who enter fake relationships set up by their managers just for publicity. And we’re not just talking dating but some go as far as marrying other stars just for publicity even when they both know the man is gay. It’s unbelievable what goes on behind closed doors. So if Selena and Justin were set up by their managers for publicity then I am not the least surprised. And I wouldn’t be surprised if both Justin and Selena are both aware that this relationship is not real, but really just for show. Well for her it’s just for show. To him? We’ll get to that in a minute.

First off let me just say that from the start I had a really weird feeling about Selena going out with Justin. You know what made it so weird? It’s because she kept going on and on and on about how he’s too young, like a little brother, and yes she even considered him “illegal”. These are really strong words. You don’t use these words unless you are completely sure there is no chance for romance, at least at the time she said those words. And if that “illegal” feeling did change then it couldn’t have changed SO FAST! Not with that kind of feeling. On Sept 22, 2010 she told Perez it was illegal and by New Years she was all over him and letting him grab her butt. Never mind what could have happened way before New Years. Too fast of a change to be believable to me.

Be honest. Wasn’t their age difference the first thing you thought of when you found out about them dating? He was 16 and she was 18. That’s huge. But on top of that is the difference in their maturity levels. Selena always seem so mature and serious, way beyond her age. And Justin? Justin is Justin. He’s a prankster. They didn’t seem like a good match from the start and their relationship just got fishier and fishier to me.

Ok so they hide their relationship but we all knew the truth by mid December even before St Lucia. But then signs started to appear which made it seem quite odd. In particular I’m talking about the Vanity Fair Oscar after party of them kissing in public. And to tell you the truth there were signs everywhere. It’s all in the body language. Go into stalker mode and watch carefully.

What do you see from this kiss? I see Selena practically begging JB to kiss her. Head tilted, smiling. Come on! We all know that trick. I also see Justin doesn’t want to do it but then feels he had to since she was pretty much begging for it and he didn’t want to leave her hanging her head like that. And look at JB and the kiss. At a moment like that when he should be smiling looking into her eyes, he looks into the eyes of the papparazzi instead and turns his head quickly away with no emotion afterwards. It was weird. Watch at 1:03 carefully and tell me if you can see she was begging for a kiss (at a public place where she knows all the paparazzi in the world were at on that night). And her fast check to see if any pictures were taken of their kiss was quite peculiar too. And his unhappy face afterwards. Was it just for a photo op?

Put it all together. The age difference. The maturity levels. Her previous trick with the picture of JB flashing on the back of her phone to get attention. Her history of dating famous guys when they become really famous. Her mom being a stage mom. The anonymous “I love you” tweet. The body language in their Vanity Fair kiss. And most importantly, the fact that she called him a “kid” with a haircut she wanted to cut off and considering any relationship with JB would be illegal just months before they started dating is just too much. It really is. At least to me. And I really have a good sense of these things.

Now add in this other thing about the website and it just hit me over the head like a rock. (Just a little background on me… I really know my celebrity stuff. Trust me I really do.) When I read this particular blind item I had no doubt that who this blind item is about is Justin and Selena.

Sincere Couple is Actually Fake

This celebrity couple is getting a lot of buzz but like so many other couples out there that have folks fooled, this relationship is also a setup. Arranged by publicists and management. Each celebrity in the arrangement gets something out of it. He gets a piece of what he’s wanted for a really long time and she gets to ride on all the extra publicity. We love both of the young stars, but can’t believe anyone is really buying it. No matter how sincere they might seem.

Ok let’s break this down.

Sincere Couple / no matter how sincere they might seem – No doubt Selena Gomez and JB are seen as really genuine and real. Celebrities who we can trust. Someone who we think wouldn’t lie to us.

young stars – Who else could it be? Which 2 young stars are dating at the moment which “we love“? There could be no one else.

a lot of buzz – EVERYONE  was talking about their relation right after the Vanity Fair party. They made that first public appearance there on Feb 27, this blind item came out a week after on March 4. It was huge buzz at that time.

she gets to ride on all the extra publicity – We know Justin is getting so much publicity right now and Selena, well she needs all the extra publicity she can get for her album coming out and show ending soon.

arranged by publicist and management – This is how the game works in Hollywood. Managers set up their stars for fake relationships all the time. Scooter knows it and so does Stage-Mom Gomez. That’s why it says “this relationship is ALSO a setup“. Because it happens all the time in Hollywood. ALL THE TIME. It really isn’t anything strange.

So here’s the part you guys really want to know. Does Justin know? Is he in on it too? He doesn’t need the publicity so why would he be ok with it? Well at least “he gets a piece of what he’s wanted for a really long time“….

Not only does Justin get what he’s wanted for a long time, but really who could “Justin Bieber” possibly date at the moment? He is a mega-giant superstar right now with a world tour and so much traveling and things happening for him. He can’t date a normal person because it would never work. (Sorry fans.)

This is why dating Selena is so convenient for him. And this is why he went from saying he would date a fan to saying he wouldn’t date a fan and that dating someone famous would be better. Having Selena as his gf is like the only real choice for him right now if he does want a gf. And obviously he wants a gf like any teenage boys with raging hormones.

So to conclude this is how I see their relationship. It was a set up by Scooter and Selena’s mom. Every one of them knows it. Maybe Justin knows it the least but it doesn’t bother him because he has always like Selena and there really isn’t any chance for him to date and be in a normal relationship with a normal girl. He might really be in love with her, who knows, but one thing is definite, Selena is dating Justin for publicity, not love. He’s really not her type. These guys are not together because they fell in love. More like Selena Gomez just fell on his lap.

Go visit this website I was talking about. Follow it. Read the SOLVED section to see if the website can be trused. Then come to your own conclusion about the points I made. You now have heard mine.

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  • Serena

    I agree with u completely. Like u are absoulutly right…they’re not a good match and like Selena’s past relationships aren’t just coincidental…u are absoulutly right… 🙂

    • laser621

      You know it’s getting so pathic and disturbing how people will jump to any conclusion by gossip that comes from rumors and not from the real source.If it isn’t coming from them then let it be.You wouldn’t like it if people you didn’t even know started prying into your private life. Respect their privacy for God’s sake! Quit adding fuel to the fire!

    • jayylo

      its all just true in the end with all these points. Justins too madly in love with selena to see what she is actually doing, she may be a nice person and all but she def. wants the publicity. poor justin tho i hope he just finds a better person but in the end it is thier relationship and thier life so what can the fans do…Justin make the right choice for ur own self 😉

    • Anonymous

      u guys are just haters because u like justin more than selena i am not saying there really great for each other i mean selena gomez wouldn’t do that for publicity she is truly a nice girl so just stop gossiping plz its not nice and i think if they really like each other they should throw a one year anniversary party just for them .

      dont like rude gossip comments a girl who is selena’s fan

      • Le

        How are you gonna fucking say shes not like that and shes a nice girl?!? YOU DONT FUCKING KNOW HER LIKE THAT. Famous people are just like us they dont tell the whole fucking world private things they keep em to themselves just like us

      • NY Spectator

        Maybe you all should get over it and move on. Their going out it’s their choice, fake or not. We are entitled to our own opinion but spreading false rumours without proper evidence is not good. Suppose one of the couple saw this site. They could sue everyone here for defamatory commments, and would easily find out who they are by tracing back their IP addresses. I’m not saying you can’t gossip but maybe do it in privacy and not where the whole world is able to view every nasty comment made.

  • Shay B

    They seem very into each other at te Vanity Fair party though if you have seen the photobooth pictures they took. Its really very cute. I think Justin is sincerely into her and at first Selena was not quite that into him but I mean who wouldn’t fall for Justin . It’s Justin, hes got mad swag and is ridiculously charming not to mention sweet an respectful to girls. I reckon at the beginning it was for publicity but nw I think she really likes him :/

    • Maybe she could have changed. Idk, I guess we’ll have to wait to see if there are any signs when they meet up in Asia. And by signs I mean do they do anything “for the public to see”.

      Also, they walked into that photobooth knowing those pictures will be made public like they always are.

      • Ava

        Yes, about the photobooth, but then she lays them in her hand letting all the paparazzi there go behind her and take pictures!! Without making it so obvious!!

        • Katy

          Exactly. If they tried to, they could have kept those pictures secret.

        • Jeslyn :D


        • Anonymous

          Hey listen up u buddy u do not knw anythin bout em so plz stop gossipin n leave em alone cuz asfar as I knw selena luvs Justin very much

  • Laura

    You hit it right on the dot pretty much except I think Justin doesn’t know Selena’s using him at all:(

  • qwertyui

    no it’s not fake!! they had just arrived here in singapore a few hours ago!!!

    • britney

      i agree with u, when i first saw the video,even before i read what u had to say i knew something was up with that kiss. i like selena and i LOvE justin but i gotta say your right. but i cant believe justin would lie to his fans about it…he seems so trustworthy and he says he would never do anything to hurt us. i just hope it isnt true, but deep down i really think its a set up ):

      • meli

        Well he didn’t really lie to his fans. He never said anything about their relationship. And she’s just using him! Okay if it’s really fake and he knew it, then I’m pretty disapointed of him!

        • @EmmaDavisBieber

          I don’t think he knows. I’ve never met him but he just doesn’t seem like that kind of a person.Idk…

  • meli

    I think you’re right. When I first saw the video of the kiss at the Vanity Fair party I thought exactly the same as you wrote. It is weird that she always said he’s a kid and it would be illegal to date him! Okay people can change but so fast? really? I don’t think so….
    But if it’s really true that their relationship is fake, then I’m so sorry for Justin! (I don’t care about Selena) He has to play a game he doesn’t want! Maybe that’s the reason why he doesn’t like to talk about their relationship, because he doesn’t like to lie to his fans!
    Anyway I just whis him the best and that he’s happy!

  • Sinem

    this is ridiculous… hahahaha im sorry but it really is.. just leave the two alone… they’re in love, and ya’ll better accept it.

  • Alicia

    I totally agree with you especially about the part that Selena dates guys cos they’re famous.one question: why would scooter want justin to date her? wouldn’t that reduce his popularity? i guess scooter and selena’s mum have made some kind of deal

    • I don’t think Justin dating Selena will hurt his popularity. Scooter doesn’t mind him dating Selena because Selena is really a nice girl.

  • Ava

    Just one question, would Pattie of had a word into this idea of a fake relationship at the time, when it was set up by Scooter and Selena’s Mum. Pattie is always telling Justin to be carefully, only date the people who don’t use you for your fame, and that she supposedly likes Selena better than Jasmine. Well Selena is obviously using him, Scooter may have set it up without Pattie knowing and without Justin knowing, otherwise Pattie would have told him, and he would have obeyed it. Just like he didn’t date Jasmine when his mum told him not to. He really likes Selena i think, but his facial expressions in the quick kiss vanity fair vid don’t show it!!!
    What do you think guys??

    • i reallly doubt pattie knows. she rasied juistin better then that. im sure shed be sooooooooooo upset if she found out.
      i honestly think thatjustin does have pretty deep feelings about justin. Selena does not. she DOES need extra help with fans and she targetet the biggest fans of all. us BELIEBERS. When the jonas brothers were big, she was with nick. When twilight was big, She was with Taylor. And justin is the most famous teen yet. i just hope she dosent break his heart/:

      • Lilli

        I totally agree with u 😉

        • Steph,

          As do I Crista… As do I

      • 100% BIEBER FAN

        i think ur right u know about dating nick and taylor and now justin i really do think shes in it for the publicity i like selena but to think she would play justin like that…. thats bad. and now if some one new comes out and he becomes really famous and selena leaves justin i would sooo think 4 100% shes in it for publicity.. i LOVE justin and to be honest i dont think justin knows.. poor baby hate to see him unhappy hope she dont brake his heart..

        • sophie

          i know everythig about justin bieber not you i know his home address and everything about him. (:

    • dear justin bieber shrine fansite , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that im staying on the topic tonight and to say as well , i just feel that , just about miss selena gomez and her promes ring was also part off the publictity act as well , and the part off the justin bieber was to propose marriage that was also part the publictity act as well , love david b conway

  • When the pictures of them were released in St Lucia, Justin tweeted: The rumors would be cleared up if you watch NeverSayNever3D!
    I think he’s using her too or maybe Scooter could’ve tweeted that..But i still think not only Selena’s using Justin, but Justin is too. (:

  • Kay

    great work! i too seen this right from the begining…
    just wanted to add, when i first seen this video, i was convinced Selena did actually ASK for a kiss, you can’t see her mouth, but i’m pretty sure she says something like ‘kiss me’ then Justin gives the reluctent peck, looking at the camera knowing alot of his fans will be devistated seeing it, that’s why he didn’t look happy, i honestly believe his fans mean more to him that Selena, and that’s why Selena looked so happy afterwards, she knew she’d reap the benifits of his fame from then on, and for her, that kiss would of sealed the deal sort of thing, and she knew from then on, people would see them as a real couple!

  • Rena

    When i read stuff like this i feel like i’m solving some crime or something 😉

  • wow Daisy u know what? I loveee you LOL 😛 this was so great

  • Bieber Fever

    It’s funny how apparently Pattie never liked Jasmine because she was going to use him for fame when that’s exactly what she didn’t do, yet she likes Selena but she’s using him!!!

  • according to the website it was Dianna Agron and actor Alex Pettyfer not selena and justin……

  • Sarah

    What’s the point writing this? what difference is it gonna make?

    • Emily

      umm…alot i mean come on you already knew all of that, you already thought that scooter and selenas mom set that up. come on be real

  • Emily

    i dont think scooter would set up somthing like that. In the movie he sounded like a great guy, but idk about selena’s mom. You can totally tell that hes in LOVE with selena. I mean come on a truck full of flowers! What has she gotten him or shown him that she loves him. I just hope they dont spend the night in a hotel in asia alone…

  • Lilli

    I mean this all makes so much sence (idk if i spelled dat right but W.E) okay ummm if Slena Gomez wanted more publicity couldnt they just think of some other way to do it ?….why justin?? cuz hes younger than her??? cuz justin will never find out ??? wat kind of friend is dat?? i mean i dont really care that they’re dating for real ! or watever business they have but no one shold treat a nice caring trustworthy 17 year old like dat!!!!

    • vhelseyy

      noooo!! its so obvious why she chose justin. lets face it, JUSTIN BIEBER IS THE MOST FAMOUS TEENAGER ON THE PLANET. why else would she use to gain popularity?

  • Terri

    Well she hurts our man she’s goin’ down down down ….

  • Selena Gomez is just fake first she dated nick Jonas when he was famous then they broke up then she dated Taylor laughtener when he got famous for new moon and now of course she is dating Justin Bieber bc he is the most popuals celebrity now so there u have it she is a fake biotch

  • Selena Gomez is just fake first she dated nick Jonas when he was famous then they broke up then she dated Taylor laughtener when he got famous for new moon and now of course she is dating Justin Bieber bc he is the most popuals celebrity now so there u have it everything about her is fake

  • Kaitlin

    I just find it really hard to believe that Selena would go from Taylor Lautner to Justin Bieber. While I obviously love JB, he just doesn’t seem her type, so I’m kind of convinced that it’s all a set up. Especially now that I’m hearing she’s headed to Singapore to perform with him!

    I <3 Selena, and am not bashing her at all, but I just don't think this is a true love situation for either of them. Hopefully Justin has been warned what this is, if it's what we all think it is.

  • @EmmaDavisBieber

    I agree with you 1000000% I’ve been thinking the exact same one since the day their relationship became public.But I don’t really think Justin’s in on the whole thing. I don’t think he’s in love with her either I think he’s just in love with the whole idea of getting to date a long time crush from before he was famous.Not dissing him or anything because I love him.And then there’s Selena. I’m completely posotive she knows its fake.Just like you said.She’s got an album coming out and she’s about to go on tour so she needs the publicity.(Whew, this typing is making my fingers hurt).And the whole thing where they have COMPLETELY different personalities.One is serious and mature and the other not really mature at all and a huge prankster. Their personalities just clash. Idk that’s just what I think.

  • Mo

    what a great post!! incredible. i trust and believe every word you wrote 🙂 thank you for clearing it all up.

  • viki

    OMG i love this post it’s amazing and i agree 100% with everything that you wrote .It all makes sense now.”i really love Jb and i like selena but i dont think it’s right because shes just using him !:(

  • Anonymous

    Im with you ALL the way. You made some really really good points. There’s NO WAY that it was just a coincidence that she dated Taylor when Twilight was huge, and then Nick when the Jonas Brothers were big, and now Justin when hes a megastar? Doesnt make sense at all. Shes fake. and i cant believe shes using Justin.

    • Jeslyn :D


    • amylim86

      yes, I know right from the start Selena is using Justin…I hope she doesn’t break his heart though…if she does I will hunt her down and break every bone in her body!! How dare she hurt my Justin like that!! she just wants Justin for fame!! Isn’t it obvious already?? when Justin is becoming famous in 2013 , she goes right back to him…when Justin grows up to be a real man , she goes back to him…what does that tell you about her?? she’s really just using him for fame!! If she really loved him, she wouldn’t be dissing him in public like that!! If she really loved Justin, she would love his Beliebers too…I honestly never liked Selena…and I still don’t like her…she doesn’t love Justin! she just wants his fame!! Wake up everyone!!

  • everyone keeps saying how she could like him now because hes so hot and talented and sweet. thats what he is to US. only his fans. everyone from 17 and younger. any older girl thinks hes cute or dislikes him. just because we think hes this goddess doesnt mean everyone else does. i mean, i bet no one knows a girl older then 17 who thinks justin is hot and all that. to be honest, they probably couldnt care less. so what makes you think selena will like him? she may, but she may not. in my opinion, i do think their relationship is a hoax. they go on dates where all the papparazzi are, he kisses her while looking at the camera, and he publicly posts he loves and misses her on his twitter (with almost 9 million followers!) if this relationship was actually real, he’d be more careful and not as open as he is with selena. im pretty sure it wont last much longer. at least i hope it wont, its actually very annoying! 🙂

    • Patricia

      You’re wrong about that. Im much older than Justin and Im an adult belieber. I think he’s gorgeous, has an amazing personality, is inspirational, etc. All of my girlfriends feel the same way about him. Trust me Justin has LOTS of adult female fans too. I agree with you on the rest of your post 🙂

    • amylim86

      you’re wrong…Justin has adult female Beliebers too …I’m 38 and I’m a Belieber 🙂

  • sylera

    Another reason why I think Selena is using Justin is because how would E news know that she was going to Singapore unless someone in her camp or Justins called and told them. Trust me if celebrities don’t want you to know something you wont. Selena may now love Justin but she started out just using him for publicity and the good girl act is so not true, I feel sorry for her because when her and Justin break up I seriously think that her career is going to go to crap….Beliebers go hard.

    • Very good point sylera on ENews releasing the info that Selena will be in Asia with JB. I do think it’s her camp behind it.

    • Katy

      Thats so true!!

  • Chelsea

    Wow. When you put it like that, it seems true. I’m not really sure what to believe. Because Justin looks like he genuinely likes her…but I really don’t know. Thanks for posting this, it really makes me see it a different way.

    • dear justin bieber shrine blog 2011 , hi my name is david conway i know that your pepole might not what to read my post at all and my comments to here is that how about selena gomez e,news special , love david conway

  • laura

    OMG!!!! u r sooooo right!! i never thougt about this way! thx so much 4 posting this i learned something new about that SELENA TALENTLESS GOHOME… luv u jb! <3

  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if that f*cking selena breaks his heart i’m gonna break her head!!! eeeeew okay maybe not her head but her mouth! so she wont kiss justin!!1 lol i’m rlly hyper!

  • ashley

    I know from the start that this was problly fake that he really had feelings for her and she just wanted to date him for the publisety. and the Kiss, it look totally fake like his heart really wasnt in it the how she looks back as if making sure that a picture was taken. so no we know it fake i just want to know when she is going to dump him.

    • Katy


  • Katy

    AHH! Finally! I totally thought this the first time the video came out. She’s leaning in, and knows people will watch and the paps will get it. He knows that too, he’s not into that, thats why he was hesitant. But too nice of a guy to let Selena just stand there. I do honestly think that this is true, only because Selena doesn’t seem like she’s into him. She takes photos with him, sure. But even in the pictures…. She looks like she’s just friends with him, and he seems so much more into the relationship.

  • i don’t think selena’s relationship with justin bieber is fake, its real…

  • samantha

    LEAVE THEM ALONEE. they’re just teens who are trying to experience what it’s like to be regular teens again. so what if the rlnshp is fake? it’s none of your business. worry about your own stuff and let them worrry about their own stuff. it’s their life.

  • carr

    He has said in a recent interview he would date a fan.

  • 100% BIEBER FAN

    i agree with u guys u know everythings true even with the dating like nick when jonas brothers were big and taylor lautner when twilight was big and now justin bieber when hes the biggest teen sensation out.. so yes i think shes using him i would HATE to see justin unhappy and i wish him all the best coz i LOVE him and i would take this matter more serious if a new actor around her age came out and he became really famous and then selena leaves jb 4 him i would really believe shes in it 4 publicity..


  • Alyse

    AND Justin tweeted ‘if i ever get a girlfriend, my fans will be the first to know:) i trust u’
    he didnt tell us anything!

    • Katy

      Thats true…

  • Jessica


    Justin will never tweet about that things in the future. Because he said that´s only his business. And the other point is, that Justin do what his manager and his PR people saying to him. It´s all about the money . AJustin Bieber without a girlfriend is more marketable than with girlfriend. That´s very simple.

    He is a cashmachine for Scooter and the other people. And every second tweet is from his PR people from New York . Just saying.

  • Katy

    Also, You can tell the difference between when she takes pictures with Cory Monteith (who I personally think she is in love with) And Justin. She honestly looks so much more happy with Corey…. There are a few other reasons why I think their relationship is fake:
    1. If Selena where a real genuine girlfriend, she would call Justin, And talk to him, not FLY TO ASIA, and sing a duet. That was a publicity stunt.
    2. Many pictures that are taken of them (EVEN in public) look planned. Did you notice how they where together and the paparazzi where bombarding them that one day? And Justin gave them the finger? For all we know, THAT could have been a publicity stunt as well. Good or Bad, publicity is publicity.
    BUT I also think their going to break up, or thats at least part of the deal. Because when they do, that will get them some publicity too.


    OMG!!!!!! YOU ARE SOOOOOO RIGHT!!!!! They seem really really fake!! Poor Justin……he really likes Selena but,…..i am JUST QUESSING………..she does not really like him!!! WOW…….i am kinda glad……but sad at the same time…….you know wat i mean??? i am happy that Justin’s heart is not taken anymore……..and……….i am sad……because……they were a semi cute couple!!! 🙂 I love you Justin…….NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!

  • Morgan

    Anyone remember when Scooter tweeted a little over a month ago saying that he was gonna be watching Never Say Never 3D in Atlanta at the Phipps Plaza at 2? A friend and I live 2 hours away from Atlanta so we drove to watch to see him and the movie again. My friend’s sister came along, so she was sitting with us. Scooter sat two rows behind us so we were talking to him a little bit. My friend’s little sister chimed in and said “Tell Justin to dump Selena!” and Scooter just laughed. He thought it was so funny! I don’t know if this could be tied to the fabrication of their relationship, but it makes sense if you ask me!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you completly!!
    In the video, after a quick little kiss he quickly turned away, like he didnt want to do it. and he always looked into the Paparazzi eyes, not Selena’s!

  • SyirinnNadya

    Seriously people, you need to tak ea break! Haha! You guys are just hilarious. There’s no way Selena would wana use JB for fame’s sake. Goodness! Firstly, if you watch the video properly, with no stereotyping, Selena was just chatting with JB. She’s so cuteee that JB just thinks that he had to give her a kiss. If you all are truly a JB fan, you can see that. See the emotion on his face before he kissed her. He wasn’t deliberating, he was admiring her! My bf does that to me sometimes when i’m talking. He would just gimme a surprise kiss and say that he just feels like giving me one. And about the fame seeking thing, Selena wouldn’t use JB for fame. His fans are most girls under 18! Im older than that are so are most of my gfs. And we are DEFINITELY NOT BIG FANS OF JB. He disgusts us! She could have used Monteith instead cos GLEE is bigger and much well known to all ages. Shes trying her best to step out of DISNEY by doing monte carlo, singing and clothing line. Would she want all that to go to waste by dating kiddy JB? Haha. so its definitely not for fame. Aniways, she would know that dating JB would result in haters like all of you. Its the OPPOSITE OF GAINING FAME. She already received death threats and more JB fans hating her. If she was really seeking fame, she would have ended their rship straight away as it resulted in more haters than fans. HAH! She LOVES him! i would say EWWW! haha. She’s so pretty and nice. To think that shes actually into JB?! Gosh! He’s disgusting! haha. Actualy, initially when she say JB is a kid and lil bro and its illegal to date him and stuff, look into her eyes. It doesn’t reach her eyes. Obviously she’s in love with him but for some reason, they were trying hard to hide it. You know if she’s really a fame seeker, then she should have dated Rob Pattinson. Even Rob finds her HOT and all. And he’s obviously VERY FAMOUS amongst girls and their moms. WHY JB?! LIKE SERIOUSLY! GOSH PEOPLE, OPEN YOUR EYES! Its so sad to see Selena stuck with someone like JB. 🙁

    • Carly

      If you hate Justin as much as you say then why are you on a Justinbiebershrine website? What sense does that make? Honestly? Find something better to do. If she really wants the fame, she won’t stop at anything to get it. No matter what hate. And that’s EXACTLY what she’s doing. If she backed out we would’ve all seen right through her right away and that’s not what she wants. She wants everyone to believe that it is true love. It isn’t remotely true love. If it was true love she wouldn’t try changing him.

    • RoseWeeber

      I disagree. You can see Justin looking into the camera, if he were really “admiring” her, he would be looking at her. Her lips even LOOKED PUCKERED UP when shes looking at him!!!
      AND, a few weeks after they started “dating” a LOT of JB fans were saying “If he likes her, I like her.” and “I support their relationship because i trust Justin”
      So obviously, they got a bunch of JB fans to like Selena, as planned.
      And Justin’s fan base is more consuming of products like dolls, posters, magazines, so once more of Justin’s fans liked Selena, the same would happen to her.
      They don’t seem like they have much chemistry EITHER…. Just sayin.

    • Jeslyn :D


      • Jeslyn :D


    • Alex

      Glee f****** sucks lmao!!
      Plus, hes looking directly into the camera.
      She wouldn’t date Rob Pattinson, because his fan base is NOT the type that she want’s to attract. Like RoseWeeber said, she probably is trying to get more fans that will buy her products.
      also even if its bad publicity, she still gets into the light right?

  • Carly

    This part and the part before it was a great explanation. You covered it all and I agree 100%. He didn’t show any feeling after he kissed her in public. PDA is really annoying. She looked for the cameras and he didn’t look happy. He was looking at the cameras while they kissed. She does it for attention.

  • smiler

    of course they seemed into each other, selena is a fucking actress. and i agree with EVERY word.

  • Jeslyn :D

    hehe 😀 she’s probably jelaous of his superstardom I mean come on known around the globe I MEAN ,MY 2 YEAR OLD SISTER HUMS TO BABY!!
    I really wouldn’t mind him dating just not her when i heard she dated NICK JONAS & TAYLOR.L (HE’S SO HOTTT)! I KNEW SHE WAS TROUBLE.
    I ASKED MY MOM IF SHE KNOWS WHO SELENA GOMEZ IS HER RESPONSE “you mean selena quintellia” (a dead late lengand in spanish music)
    HA WHAT A LOSER! using people if i ever see her ima yell pedofile and see if she looks up! LMFAO 🙂

  • Ashley

    Ok, this is some very compelling stuff that you write. I believe it 100%!! One of my best friend’s dad is friends with Justin’s tour manager, and my friend flipped out when she heard about their dating. She told her Dad an he said, “Don’t worry, it’s not going to last a long time” …. Just made me a lil suspicious

  • adriel

    I totally agree with this ! Ok first of all Selena Gomez is definitely a fake F-ing B**** . It totally makes sense , Selena Gomez has dated by far the most popular teen celebrities of this decade and now she’s after JB . I think she is using Justin Bieber for all he’s worth and getting all the publicity whether negative or positive out of this relationship and turning it into a plus for her (by the way JB is worth a whole LOT). And ofcourse little Justin is falling in love with her , yet maybe still having doubts about whether she is into him or his pocket and his cover of Rollingstone magazine. Afterall, he’s a mega rich teen , with a movie that just recently came out with more views than Michael Jackson’s This is it ! So how can you not beliebe that Selena is simply using him for his popularity, exactly how she used Taylor Lautner and Nick Jonas. I know for sure that Selena’s manager told her all the things that she could get out of having a relationship with JB. But . . . Maybe just Maybe Justin could be nieve enough to keep dating her despite her plan of decieving him. And I totally agree that he’s definitely getting what he said he’s “WANTED” for a very long time. She has this sqeauky clean , pretty girl , innocent and helpless girl image (which keep in mind try to think of a few VERY famous female teen celebs right now that have a CLEAN image to young viewers + parents) , which is not very common lately in the entertainment world. Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato are too busy cutting and starving themselved (if you dont believe me research it up in google!) , so can you blame JB for who he’s chosen , unless she’s chosen him ? Anyways I hope he knows or maybe has some type of clue of what’s going on around him . I really love him and support him and would just be devastated to see his heart crushed. And yeah girl’s if she hurts him . . . . . Goodbye !

    • sophia

      selena is soooo going out with him so she can launch off hwr music career this is why i dont like either of them because he is so easy 2 trick hes ugggggggggggly and shes using him but one day she will tottaly c wht she did and how its wrong and one day she will addmitt tht in front of milllions of people she will leave and there willl b lotttttts of drama and i willl b sittting here lmboing cause im right anyone agrreeeeeeee

  • adriel

    I’m so glad some people understand that you can’t beliebe something just because entertainment in Hollywood says something, you have to investigate a little bit further, so you don’t look like a ding bat. Love you guys ! ♥

  • In the know

    i feel like scooter tried to give us a heads up about this being a fake relationship when he did that random tiny chat after the pics from st lucia came out and there were rumors about a belieber killing herself. he said stuff like “theyre just good friends and have been for a long time as far as i know” and “I always told justin not to get involved unless he could give a girl everything” and heres the big one… “did u see any pics of them kissing? cuz i didnt. but i did see pictures of him kissing jasmine”
    READ INTO THAT LAST STATEMENT.. what scooter is saying is….. we didnt see pictures of selena and justin kissing because they never did on that balcony. BECAUSE THE WHOLE THING WAS ORCHESTRATED. scooter even went as far as to throw poor jasmine under the bus by basically saying, “hey she’s the one yall shoulld be worried about. she’s the one he put his lips on!”. SMH

    ur crazy if you dont think this was all pr from the start. Its pathetic really, and im sooo over it. also, jb and gomez both are represented by CAA talent agency, who is the most powerful talent agency in hollywood. THEY are the one’s who come up with all these elaborate plans to dupe the public. and they use the same basic outline for each fake relationship. One of the big one’s was john mayer and jennifer aniston.. If you study that PR scam, its basically the same things with “jelena”. i can explain this last part in more depth if anyone is interested, but i just want to say… DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE. and also, EFF SELENA cuz i still dont forgive her for ignoring those fans outside of the st regis hotel. that was a bitch move. she aint as sweet as shes cracked up to be :/

    • Carly

      I get what your saying about the St Lucia no kissing pictures, are there actually ANY pictures on the internet of them kissing, not just St Lucia. Does this apply for the ’embrace’ they shared on Santa Monica Pier? There were no kissing pictures after that!

      • Anonymous

        Yes, it most certainly does! all the tabloids and blogs reported them as “making out” on the beach….. well if they were in fact making out, and YOU WERE RIGHT THERE SNAPPING PICTURES THE WHOLE TIME, then how did you magicallyyy manage to not get THE MONEY SHOT of the two of them with their tongues down each other’s throats???? Just think about that one. Lol.

        Like i said before, this is so pathetic and embarrassing to watch, but in all honesty, i think it is a good plan for its purposes. We, beliebers may not think of this, but a LOT of ppl think Justin is gay (and Selena, too, for that matter). Being with a gf slowly but surely gets people to see him in a more mature light, which is the direction he is looking to lead into. And dont get me started on how much Selena needs the press………. lol, i dont think i have to, do I? Basically- no one currs about Selena Gomez. She has a tour, new CD, new movie… her management NEEDS her to do well. And now that everyone is paying attention to “justin bieber’s girlfriend”, she is capitallizing on her new found popularity to its full extent.

        It really just makes me admire Miley Cyrus and her star power . Sure, Miley fcks up… But she is STILL is the reigning teen queen. she STILL sells like crazy and has soooo much support. Never has Miley had to shamelessly attach herself to the “new hot thing” to get attention. She gets it because she is MILEY CYRUS, not “*insert name here*’s girlfriend”. selena was poised to be the next Miley, back when Miley started acting “bad”, but Disney quickly realized that Selena is as charismatic as luke warm chicken soup and as likeable as expirered cold medicine. so this is just how it goes.. I say dont hate the player, hate the game. 🙂

        Oh, and the reason Justin and Selena ( I refuse to call them “jelena”, wtf no. lol) look so cute and “in love” is because they DO love each other! They are close friends. I remember Selena saying a while back that Justin was mad that she lost her phone when she was overseas because he couldn’t call and talk to her everyday anymore. Like, THATS how tight they are. (Ignore the fact that even before they were “dating”, Selena STILL couldnt resist using him for attention). So in that way, they aren’t like a lot of other pr coupes who are literally almost strangers.

        Its nice that in a world where Justin is constantly around people like Chris Brown, and Diddy and all of these not-the-best role models, that he has found a friend in Selena, who while i still think she’s an utterly basic troll, IS a decent girl from a decent family.

        wow, that was long. yikes. Oh, and remeber people… She IS an actress 😉

        • Jeslyn :D


      • Quit it Justin!!! :|

        I totally agree with this Article. I think it is very stupid that they are doing this to their fans. I bet half of HER fans don’t enjoy HER being with Justin. I know for a fact that more than half of Justin’s fans hate this whole thing. I don’t see how they can’t see they are losing fans in a blink of an eye over this. I know a girl that goes to my school whose room was covered floor to ceiling with Justin Bieber posters and tore them all down when she found out about this stunt that they are pulling. Half the reason behind that is because she “heard” that Justin called Indiana people “stupid and hicks” which he probably didn’t say, but I wouldn’t be suprised if he said it by the way he has been acting around her. I’m sorry to say, but I think Selena has changed him. Not for the good either. He has been being rude to fans, the paparazzi, and interviewers around her. I know he may get annoyed by the papz, but I don’t think he should’ve flipped them off. Whenever he isn’t with the wretch, he is completely down to Earth like normal and so sweet. It kills me to see my once inspiration live like this all because of a publicity stunt. I think we should all tweet him this website and don’t stop tweeting it until we get it through his thick head!! Reply and tell me what you all think! ):

        • Random

          That is true and I do remember him saying that if he loses fans while he has a
          gf that he would see they are not right for each other this is a setup but like
          This website said it happens ALL THE TIME so I can tell Beliebers are smart
          cuz they know when somethings up…

        • Courtney

          I really agree with what you say and think we should go with it…

    • tay

      i get what ur saying but i think it was the right thing to do but justin bieber if u r rending this i love u and i would love to be ur friend i am going to fined out when ur coming to SYD next i am coming back stage to see u x.love ya

  • adriel

    Got that right , I dont thoroughly agree with some of the things you stated BUT . . . She is an actress . In addition to that she’s using him for all he’s worth . Just like she did Lautner and Jonas !

    • Anonymous

      what don’t u agree with?

      • adriel

        Not the story , Pay Attention the anonymous person . . . ?

        • adriel

          Oh haha Ooops! Thought you were another anonymous person .
          Anyways I dont agree with you on you stating how Miley Cyrus is this picture perfect girl who has’nt made any downfalls , she has done some pretty dum ish so I would’nt say she has’nt tried that stunt with no male whatsoever . . . What about that old boyfriend of hers , he was a Model , I would’nt put the spotlight on her . And don’t get it twisted many parents can’t stand her , and little girls are mad at her because she ” did’nt wanna be hannah montana any longer” . So yeah .

        • Anonymous

          whoa when did i say miley hasn made mistakes? I said the exact opposite! i said desprite doing alllll of the bad ish she did, Hannah Montana was still the number one tv show, top singles and movies, and shes going on a fast-selling tour. sure, some people may not like her anymore….. but that’s nothing compared to all the millions who still love her to death (for some reason, idk, i am not much of a fan myself). my point was just that no matter what miley does, she will always be the album to selena gomez’s mixtape. : )

          and its quite doubtful that justin gates or whoever was a pr stunt.

        • Jeslyn :D


        • adriel

          WTF ? Whatever you say and if your referring Justin Bieber it is a PR stunt and he has no clue about it.

        • adriel


        • adriel

          Whatever you say girl , all I know is that response below this comment is yours ! Haha , people these days . Oh yeah and if you are referring to JB it is a PR stunt , he just doesn’t know
          ( YET) . . . . ♥

        • adriel


        • Anonymous

          wtf? obviously it was my comment. i just didnt put the name “in the know” on there… your point? lol

          jb knows. he just dgaf. haha

  • adriel

    Haha , what can I say about Rebecca Black?

  • Terri

    I was almost a little doubtful until my inbox was full of Google alerts about how “in love” Justin and Selena are and how wonderful it is for them to be together. But really how would we ever know? He sure seemed pretty down in Singapore and then stage diving the night after she arrived … hmmm … just hope he doesn’t get hurt. That would be ugly.

  • Sara

    This is an amazing aticle. You’re so right, i totaly agree with you. I always knew something was wrong about their relansionship and with this i can finally see how it all make sence. I hope Justin realise she isn’t the best for him..

  • chelseaa

    OHMYGOD!! I never thought i would actually agree with you about this, but really whoever wrote this, this is amazing!! A strong, valid point but I have worries…Is Justin really in this sleaze? He was famous enough, still earned HEAPS of money, but think, Selena wasn’t as famous as she was in the Nick Jonas & Taylor Lautner relationships…why selena? why did u have to brake our hearts?

  • Jasmine

    See I don’t mind them well a least I didn’t USED to mind them. It’s the fact that he always used to say ‘I wouldn’t date anyone over 18’ and now he is and Selena said ‘That’s wrong he’s like my little brother’… Don’t get me wrong I absolutely LOVE Justin and Selena but just not together… but that might just be my jealousy talking :L hahahaha .xx

  • mai mai

    I think Jelena is a cute couple =) Even i hated Selena Gomez when she started dating Justin Bieber they’re still a cute couple :))

    • lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but hes my boyfriend now so back off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HES MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SHE IS UGLY RIGHT BUT THEY BROKE UP 5 MONTHS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DUMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Okay, you are totally biased and dude, the blind item you are talking about is about Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer. Its actually solved already so yeah. And its clear that you don’t like selena. Again, you are a just one of the millions of girls who’s obsession for JB is reading into every tiny little thing and making your own conclusions. The i love you that she wrote MAY not have been a publicity stunt because I of all people know that teenagers like to express how we feel and not mention the person. and the purity ring, she could have just not worn it. Don’t read into everything so biasly and of course if someone gives you something beautiful than you’d wear it the next chance you get. I mean, I would do the same. So IF in fact that this is actually a publicity stunt, don’t blame everything on selena. Justin’s as much guilty as this as her and their managers. maybe your just too in love with him to see that your JB is as flawed and into the publicity stunt as selena.

    • Arianna

      The article in the solved section is not the one supposedly about Justin and Selena that is a different one, to find it you have to go all the way back to March 4th!!

      • Sheisafamemonster

        Agreed. It’s not really reading into everything, it’s just things that we are all oblivious to that are telltale signs the relationship is fake. The girl who wrote this article KNOWS hollywood.

  • Anonymous

    yah its like about like different celebs………..do u really think this is true??????????????????????i kind of do………………….IDK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<;

  • Kameka

    All i care about is when they reakup… which is hopefully soon cause i really HATE selena gomez :/

    • Sheisafamemonster

      when they breakup for real we’re all gonna be so happy we’ll scream and it’ll be louder than the shot heard round the world. XD. I hate her too

      • @kathyjustinb(from twitter)

        me 3 i,ll do a party with every belieber that hated selena or that dident like them 2 being togrther i mean i dont hate her but i really dont like her eather 🙂 -.-

  • dear justin bieber shirne web site , hi my name is david conway and my comments to you here can join the talks with you here , i do have some news off my own to tell you as well how about the time that selena gomez was embrace just on the ellen talk show , and second question they did staid in the hotel just at the bail i just came from the justin bieber zone fan site today ,, i will do continue this toworrow , love david b conway

    • Thanks for the comment David. I can’t confirm that Selena was with him in Bali because there is no news of it but I would not be surprised.

      And btw, JBZone is owned by a perverted gay adult man pretending to be a teenage girl by the name of Michelle. It’s so disturbing that so many Beliebers go on there without knowing the truth. Wanna see what this man likes? Shirtless actors. Drugs. Celebrities without makeup. And many many other websites. That man isn’t a real Belieber. He’s in it for the money. Wanna see his other sites?

  • will all of you !! shu up !! there relationship are not FAKE !! do you understand.. they also didn’t brake it’s just a rumor of justin bieber’s fan because they hated selena..

    sooo.. please stop hating selena.. 🙂

    • Sheisafamemonster

      This whole article just proved that it is a fakee relationship….

      • @kathyjustinb(from twitter)

        exacly!!!!!DUM ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Courtney

      eff this shiz is totaly fake!!

  • nakeya

    idk wat to believe i think its true but i dnt……..but idc cuz dat aint my problem its just funny to me cuz sumtimes cant u tell wen sumbody playin u if justin dnt c it will he just to deep in love…..lmfao then sum of yall fans keep sayin shes a b**** n all dqt.. but wat i dnt get why r yall gettin mad for it aint yall dat gettin played n it aint yall friend or family memeber getin playin so why waist ur tyme n it aint ur problem if he think she aint playin him wll den leave it at dat n if she playin him will he f*** up n he need a new gurl den……but i lyke how justin fans takin up 4 him but yall doin da most dang calm dwn…… n not to diss justin he aint nobody to crazy over yea he sexy…but i just look at him lyke he is a regular person just like all da other famous pple i dnt treat dem no different from plle who aint fmous so stop goin all out yall way for dese famous ppl cuz dey aint takin care of u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sasha

      I agree with u 100%

      • Courtney

        <3 Justin Bieber <3

  • It is fake!! I think they will publiclly break up very soon. Supposedly Selena “lost” her phone overseas and maybe Justin will “convienently” find it and there will be stuff on there that will prove she is “cheating”. Who know?? They will break up now that she has visited him tho. He did his little rap thing at his Brisbane concert that was a little wierd. Like she said, youve only seen them kiss 1 time and he was so not into it he totally knows it’s fake. He realy likes that Jasmine girl and the only reason he isn’t with her is because his PR people wouldn’t allow it is because 90% of people dont know who she is. Most people only know her as the girl in the “Baby” video unless you a hard core Bieber fan and like it or not everybody has at least heard Selena Gomez’s name. Dont think Justin is getting used. Its a tit for tat. Justin’s trying to beat out GaGa and what a way to get followers- create drama, he wants to win all kinds of awards. Don’t get me wrong, I really like them both, that pretty obvious, just like you I’m following them both giving them exactly what they want. I just hate to see so many people getting so upset when it is really nothing and it will be over as quickly as it started.

    • Liberty

      U go girl:)

      • madison

        FAKE FAKE FAKE and FAKE she didnt lose her fone over seas b-cuz it was pokin out of her back pocket!!!!!!!!!!

    • can i date selena marie gomez , just for her girl friend instead off justin bieber , love david b conway

  • Sheisafamemonster

    I agree with every word in both parts. She just wants the fame and that’s what unfortunately every relationship she has been in has been like. The worst part of this relationship for me, would be the fact that Justin is lying to us fans. The ones who got him noticed. If it weren’t for us, he would still be busking, and Selena would have no flipping idea who he is. She only dates people who are up and coming. Take for example the fact that she has always been in the shadow of the biggest disney star, and the posterchild for disney since age 13, Miley Cyrus. Miley dated Nick Jonas, and then Selena came and took Nick Jonas for fame. Niley was one of the most sincere young hollywood relationships, and it was definitely not for the benefit of either. It was true love. Selena came and took Nick for the fame. After wrecking Niley she moved on to the next biggest star, and the next. Even the people that Selena hangs out with are for her fame. At the time Speak Now was coming out, she hung out with Taylor Swift. Another person who is very successful in the industry. She does not have one friend, ex-boyfriend, or current boyfriend that is not famous. She craves the attention, and through that she surrounds herself with people successful. Sorry Justin, but this “relationship” is only gonna break your heart. Let’s be real here. Justin tweets “I miss you @selenagomez” I for one think that Scooter, his manager was controlling his account this day, and this just proves more that it is for fame if indeed that is what happened. I think that Scooter tweeted it to call attention to Jelena (which sounds like some gel insul for shoes to me). Also just recently he tweeted FROM HIS BLACKBERRY I miss you already. If you’re on your blackberry why can’t you just text her instead of shattering our hearts even more then they already are? Why do we care about your relationship? Why should we care? The answer: They want to provoke us beliebers and make us sad. If we get sad, we also get mad, and take it out on Selena. If we take it out on Selena, she makes a BIGGG deal about her cyberbullying (since the internet is the only true way we can torture someone famous) and calls even MORE attention to herself. Everything is a twisted plot. It’s all for fame. When her album drops, and WOWP ends, she’ll be done with him, and she’ll toss him to the curb. He’ll be broken and he won’t have many fans left because he is changing for her.

    • Jeslyn

      I get what your saying i meet him in singapore and he did’nt even want to take a pic with me and my frend because he was spending time with Her….. And she didnt even go like go like go take the pictcure she just sat there smiling at him u dont know how much i wanted to slap the pale out of her i was so heartbroken because it came from my idol :[ until his mom made him ugh & he didnt even smile yeah a stupid fake smile . I wanted to cry when i saw the picture 🙁 & she has a reason to use him too

  • Scarlett

    You know what? I truly agree! & I had felt the same way when they started dating. Because I remembered when she had said that Justin was just like a little brother to her. And I was like what? You wouldnt date your brother. Not only that but she even said she’d never date someone younger. How does that all of a sudden change? I don’t know but I agree with everrything on this article. You’re being honest and I believe that your opinion is true. Because it just seems too suspicious if you know what I mean. Like they could even be planning everthing! :O sadly, this is true! I’m a huge fan who hasn’t met him. &i want to date him but the chances of that happening are low. But never say never! Lol, Im not jealous of her im just looking out for him! How is that not being a true belieber? But whatever. Im so posting this on my facebook page because some Beliebers need to wake up and know what could be going on in the celebrity world. Btw, I wrote this on my phone so woah! This was a long message for me. Lol:)

    • Sasha

      If this was facebook i would “like” lol. 🙂

      • Liberty

        i agree:)

  • Liberty

    Honestly, i think that they are cute together, but…… it seems like Justin was happier without Selena because he hasn`t been smiling as much as before. but if he does wanna be with her and he thinks he`s happier that way with her, then let him be happy. All i want is for Biebs to be happy:)

  • Anonymous

    justin, i’m a rlly big fan of yours but i don’t think that lying to us (fans) will make us think ur telling the truth bcz ur not & beliebers r not stupid. i just want you to be a good justin like u were b4 selena maes u do bad things as far as ive seen you were attacking paparazi, flipping the finger, saying mean things, and its all bcz of selena gohome shes almost 19 and ur 17 ur a kid shes too mature anyway.

  • kirsty

    OMG that is so fake anyway she admitted that justin is like a little brother too her and she called him a dork so its all fake she tries too make attention 🙂

    • Courtney

      yeahh and the whole “Illegal” and “Little” thing didnt help either…

  • kirsty

    they could just maybe be really close friends tbf,or it could be a relationship and i am a really big fan of jb hes gawjuss but selina acctually makes it look like it isnt a relationship<3 <3 <3 <3

    • @kathyjustinb(from twitter)

      mabey they are friends with benefite but they havent gone to the MAX!!!!?????

  • Maryann

    Of course it’s all publicity! Starting with Selena Gomez’s youtube account. Remember that video photo shoot for DOL?(Dreaming Out Loud) Yeah, well believe it or not,we see her really clearly, she was holding her phone and what do we see at the background of it? a picture of Justin Bieber! That’s weird right? but that’s not the weirdest…for just a second, in the video, you can clearly see a ZOOM on Justin’s picture on Selena’s phone! Come on people! It’s not like any fan or random person could’ve edited it! It’s on Selena’s account!!! Clearly she wanted to catch people attention on that…. so that came around July 2010 and then the rumours concerning the Selena/Justin relationship started poping out! Selena’s denial about this was clearly set up! I mean think about it… How suspicious this zoom would’ve looked if she didn’t say he was like a ” little brother ” to her? Especially that this video strangely comes at the same moment Justin was rumoured to date Jasmine Villegas. After the kids choice awards, Selena was left in the back ’cause there were a lot of picture of Justin and Jasmine together! Hum.. did Selena want to make sure everyone knew they weren’t dating to get the all attention back on her ??? And of course all other points that you pointed out just makes the whole thing a lot clearer! Just saying…. Another suspicous thing: Just read that Justin and Selena were planning on going for some vacations after Justin’s tour…. why on earth would they let everyone know that before the time? They WANT to stay in the spotlight for the publicity! Wanna know something else? There were several rumours about their break-up just before Selena joins him in Asia making sure they looked all happy together. Hm… looks a lot like Selena didn’t wanna get out of the spotlight to me… She spent what…3 days with him and then went straight back to LA? That’s riddiculous to me! Just saying… proofs keep coming out one after the other…gotta keep our eyes wide open on that one!

  • justin y r u going out with her ? ;D

    • @kathyjustinb(from twitter)

      yeah y???!!!

  • Naddiiiiine

    I never liked Selena, no not cause of Justin.. from Disney also, and I always thought it was a hoax and for publicity and now that I read this i’m more than convinced. But what I hate is that he seems SO in love with her and she doesn’t give two shits about her. He’s gonna get hurt sooner or later and it won’t be pretty.. I just wish we could warn him somehow cause he seems so clueless to it… </3

    • Jessica

      i’ve tweeted him this website on twitter, but
      he probably wont read it. cause it says there relationship is
      fake. maybe all us beliebers could make a video. &
      tweet him it, 90854945 times. (;

    • Courtney

      Yeah exactly!!! I totally agree 100% like it said he gets what hes always wanted…. Selena and she gets the publicity so in the end someone is going to get hurt and how much do you wanna bet it wont be Selena????

  • Jessica

    yeeuh, know that i think of it.
    its SO fake! thanks for letting me know all
    this. that just makes me hate selena, shes a stupid
    attention whore. & i feel bad for justin cause he doesnt
    know whats coming. he really LIKES her.
    gaaah, SMH.

    • d;ojwfojwf

      guys, leave him alone. he doesn’t need his beliebers to look out for him like this- he’s 17 and he can take care of himself. believe me – i’m a super duper belieber- i honestly don’t now if its real or fake.

      if it’s real, you guys will feel really stupid, and you should feel guilty about making justin have to “choose” between his love and his fans, i personally believe people don’t like her cause theyr jealous- thats just me

      if its fake- he can figure that out on his own

  • Unknown

    OH MY GOSH!! Your still going on that it is fake? What are you guys called fans? Because fans shouldnt care about who justin bieber or selena gomez is dating, they shouldnt care about their private life afterall its their PRIVATE life! It doesnt change them or who they are. I dont get how you think its all fake? Your all overreacting!
    I want to clarify this, its is NOT fake! okay? get it ino your minds! I cant believe the story you guys made up, wow! Unbelievable! I know people who know and met Justin bieber and selena gomez and let me tell you something, their relationship is not fake at all!
    Oh and ONE more thing, they were going way before you even knew! They were dating for months and months ago, since the picture of them being in the pancake place!! They’ve been dating, i think for a year! Its just that they kept it as a secret 🙂 Some people started to suspect, but no one said anything.
    ALSO, people say “oh didnt selena say justin was his brother? i dont think you go from brother to dating ? that doesnt make sense” WELL, you guys dont make sense! I have plenty of friends and i had this guy who we became best friends and I saw him as a brother , but sudenly things started changing and we began to date! Its really normal, for best friends to become couples even friends who they consider each other like brothers and sisters.



    • mrmr

      let me correct you, PLEASE. You have most of your facts wrong. We are fans, because we care if Justin gets hurt or not.
      If you want to believe its real, be naive, and go ahead. They weren’t dating while they where at the “pancake place” she issued a statement that she didn’t like him, and after that even went on to say he was like her little brother, and that it was illegal. They didn’t keep it a secret, because they didn’t see each other AT ALL, and she kept telling news reporters that she didn’t like him. It’s one thing to keep it a secret, but a whole nother story to say that something is illegal. Just saying.
      And yeah, that last part? About friends being like brothers and then dating them? Yeah… that basicly never happens. and it’s kinda wierd. Please get your facts straight before you go hatin.
      fuck you.

    • sheisafamemonster

      Last time I checked just because we don’t walk around praising every move Justin does doesn’t make us non beliebers. I don’t see Selena anywhere in belieber. The story they made up? What facts do YOU have to back up that they aren’t fake? None! It was a secret to drive more attention to it all. If there is more attention toward them, Selena is happy because she gets the spotlight. You don’t make any sense! Stop hating because you are CLEARLY a SELENATOR.

    • a smart fan

      shut up u dont know wat ur talking about it is fake so in ur face

  • Noone

    Even if it is real on HIS part, it’s not real on hers. 🙁
    sorry but you can tell. She doesn’t like him. Fake smile…
    also notice that WHENEVER they go to a public event (big or small) She kissed him. No matter what event it is, it has papparizzi, she takes the change to kiss him(Or, show some sort of public affection.) .I personally think that he likes her, but she doesn’t like him back.

  • ashley

    i believe u this site has its facts and also ur facts r true

  • sheisafamemonster

    THIS IS LAME! I am soooo tired of this all. Jelena is garbage to put it lightly. It has changed everyone all over the world for a few simple reasons.

    It’s for drama. All it has done is cause drama within the tight knit family that is beliebers. We loved each other. We never argued. Now it is either you love Jelena or some belieber who is also a Selenator is gonna come and start saying your not a true belieber. Just because SOME of us don’t walk around praising everything Justin does doesn’t make us any more or less of a belieber than the next person. You can be a belieber and just like his music. That was the point when there were only 100,000 beliebers. So cut the crud.

    It’s for the spotlight. Selena wants the fame. She has never been as famous as Miley. She is jealous of everything Miley is. All the screaming little girls and people who look up to you. She wanted that. She was going to get that no matter what it took. No matter if it took stealing boyfriends, catfights, and more normal Selena behavior.

    Justin gets what he has always wanted. Justin has always called her cute. CUTE. Now he is calling her hot? That doesn’t happen. Justin wants love. He has wanted someone to call his all this time he has been lonely on tour. And now even if it’s fake, he has an idea drilled into his head that it’s real. He ignores the part for fame. Unlike her. It’s confusing but he’s trying to shove the idea it’s fake out of his head. He hates talking about her in person near a camera because he is reminded it’s fake and he’s lying to himself and 9,000,000+ more people. He can tell he’s shattering our hearts more and more with every word that escapes his lips.

    Changing. “He’s growing up!” “He’s trying to find himself” “Selena’s fault!” SHUTUP! I don’t give a flying fladoodle about Jelena and neither should you! Remind yourselves that it’s fake and it’s gonna be over soon. She’s gonna “break up” with Justin and it’s gonna hit him that it’s fake. He’s gonna be shattered and he’s gonna have nobody left because he is changing and we don’t like what he is becoming. Selena is leaving an everlasting imprint Justin and his fans. She wants to blow it away, but with this fanbase, it’s not gonna be that simple.

    Stop reacting. If you stop reacting, and quit giving it attention, it’ll end. The more attention it gets, the better for her. Just remind yourselves. It’ll be over soon.

    Love Love Love,

    • Noone

      ahh this is so true!

  • BeforeDawn

    I really agree with you on this. Justin used to be this nice, down-to-Earth guy, but then Selena came, & now he’s like a completely different person. I never really liked Selena. She just dates the guys who are starting to get like amazing popular, & then she dumps them like trash. I just want Justin to be happy, & so do all his other fans.
    We should all just shut our mouths about it, like Sheisafamemonster said, because all the publicity about their relationship is just making her even more popular. It’s ridiculous. It looks totally FAKE whenever they try to act like a couple. She kisses him wherever they go. We Beliebers just want Justin to be happy, & he certainly isn’t right now.

  • Paloma

    Ok so I’ve been reading this and it makes a lot of sense and so do many other articles that are similar, and I do agree but one thing that called my attention is that these articles dont really talk about how they look for example when I see their pics, I see their ‘love’ when they look at each other. To tell you the truth I think they are happy together, or maybe it could be that Justin(like many of you guys have said) does really like her and since Selena is an actress, she is fooling Justin and all of us.
    I dont know what to think(as you guys can see im all confused) because I’ve thought about it, and I believe that it might be possible that in between all the acting they might actually fall in love, but then again Selena is an actress so it could go both ways.
    I hope that someone here could help me figure this out…its not that big of a deal for me and its not like im talking shit about this everywhere cuz im not but I want it to be clear so that I can stop trying to figure it out, and therefore not pay any attention to it and give it any more fame than it is getting.
    Thanks for your time if you read ha ha =P
    P.S. btw im a belieber and I do truly miss that time when it was ONE family…and now its all torn =(

  • Jeslyn :]

    LOOK AT YOU GUYS COMMENTS TO EACHOTHER ITS LIKE THE CIVIL WAR ALL OVER AGAIN!!! belieber Vs belieber!! this is wrong we’re not a family anymore. THIS MAKES ME UPSET. [tear falls from right eye].
    please read this and injore their realtionship please!!! lets be a family again!!!

  • Chel

    I just have to say you sure put your heart and soul into Selena&Justin huh? Anyways I think you’re looking into it all so negatively. First you should’ve looked at their personalities and realized they would never go for this publicity stunt, especially when Justin’s round his mom 24/7 who was weary about putting him in the biz in the first plaec. But that kiss that you say Selena was begging for it… I pull away from kisses in public ALL the time when my bf wants to keep at, and it’s because I hate PDA and as a celebrity and one of the new ones, I’m sure Justin’s aware if he gives Selena more than a kiss it’ll be all over E! and that’s just common sense. That article you wrote about the publicity stunt is all BS and I only read the first paragraph, though I watched the video and that as well has many explanations, reasoning, even in psychology terms that I’m not about to get in with you. So why don’t you enjoy people talent for what it is and stop berating about a supposed “fake” relationship.

  • ashley

    i believe this is a publicity stunt but selena is an actress so she knows how to make it look real and i think it is set up by selena’s managers so they both know and justin has done some acting so he knows how to make it look real but selena knows how to make it look real more and justin puts on a fake smile you can tell

  • The Voice of Reason

    OH MY GOD!!!!

    I was suspicious from the beginning, but now it all makes sense.

  • Mimi1234

    I agree! God I don’t know how to feel anymore….firstly she’s tearing Justin away from his beliebers…and now she’s tearing beliebers apart…it makes me so sad it really does like I know you guys might say “your just jellous” but We aren’t jellous of Selena we are of what they have…or well pretend to have. Even those people who say “I’m happy for him true beliebers” and all that shit, still deep down…are angry and jellous, please believe me Justin is going to loose his fans, he’s changing no body changed this fast….it’s been like 5 months….I’m not going to be here for him when he’s broken up with slutlena because he put us through too much……i actually am heart broken at what he’s done to us all, there’s nothing I can do really but please don’t be angry at me…if you support their relationship you really shouldn’t be on this website to begin with. I support the J in jelena. Nothing else. But if he keeps going like this I won’t support him at all…..please Justin please you don’t know what you’ve become and what you’re putting us through….it’s not fair.

  • Maryann

    I agree with Paloma! We used to be one big family with Justin and of course we don’t mind him having good times and normally live his life i think that this is just normal but is it only me thinking that Justin should actually date a girl out of the spotlight? At least a little more out than Selena? I have nothing against Selena…I actually like her work. What i like less is her attitude. Have you noticed how sweet she looks in front of cameras and when she’s caught outside it she has absolutely no smile on her face and she really doesnt seem to care about her fans. I’m scared that Justin becomes like that too. He used to share a lot with all of us and look now what he did…he hid this relationship for so long! I miss his flirty tweets too and his little random jokes that he doesnt say anymore… it’s like if Selena makes him be way too serious. I mean come on she’s turning 19 and he’s only 17!

    To answer Paloma’s question though i think that if it’s really fake, Justin and Selena have always been good friends anyway so the chemistry is automatically there… That’s my opinion! I think this is a set up to get money from the both of them and also for Selena’s new tour and movie! We’ll see what happens after summer…if she dumps him we’ll hate her for life because that would’ve been way too suspicious! I just don’t want Justin to suffer from that…

    He’s a teenager and he can date around but i dont think he should’ve gone too serious with Selena…his career could be brought down because of it. Some beliebers are feeling betrayed already because they don’t have the same attention from Justin as they used to get! I don’t know I think he should just be careful because anyway Selena said that she was just ” having fun ” but each time she gets a chance to talk about it, she goes hard on the fact that they DO have a relationship and all… i don’t know this sort of catches my attention!

  • i do believe now that this relationship is a fake. selena is doing it ALL for publicity. That kind of stuff is just wrong, what if justin is really in love with her? What if he thought this was a real relationship and didnt know anything about it being fake? or if he wasnt involved in the scam? thats just wrong. Im ashamed. im still justin’s fan, but i’ll tell you right now, i am not Selena’s fan. this website is an awesome website, please dont close or delete. This is where i get my updates :/

    • Isabella

      i know i do not like selena shes a famewhore so is her mom but justin is doing this for millions of dollars and selena is doing this for fame and i think selena changed justin): i dont like it at all my best friend told me that they are just friends idk i just dont like the fact that justin has to go along with it, it makes me sick he doesnt smile anymore at all and ignores his fans all the time i guess he will realize he is loosing his fans because of this nonsense later but until then im still a belieber idk why i guess im a belieber just not to the current justin, to the old one :/

      • JBBB

        I like this, i think the same! Justin was so much different before he started ‘dating Selena, he did seem so much more happy, and less mature ;D Want the old Justin back!!

  • dear justin bieber shrine fansite blog 2011 web site , hi my name is david conway and my comments to this justin bieber and to mis selena marie gomez , i think i know who the set up was , and the of peple are / stcooter and mandey , and pattie and selena gomez was part of the set up ,, love david b conway

  • page 2 / just by david b conway , i just what the preson who made this web site here just from the top the one who brought this issue here i just him to know , just when i was surfing arounding just on this web site just from the beinging i what say that , i love this web site very munch , and just kepp it up here i love to read this comments here , love david b conway

    • Thank you very much David for your support. Reading your comment made my day awesome xD. Oh and I’m a girl 😛

  • JVBieber_stunna

    Wow uhmmmm Idk what to say. These comments have opened up my eyes…..alot. I think that Selena and Justin are just really really good friends. We all know that right? She was at Justin’s 16th birthday party. I also think that their relationship is reallllyyyy weird! Like where the fuck did this shit come from??? I think we beliebers have to be open minded, about things as well. We keep talking about Selena this, Selena that. I mean what about Justin..do you REAALLY think that he would let some girl use and kiss all over him for publicity? No. And do you think that Pattie would let this shit go on? No. Just think would YOUR mom tell you if someone was using you for publicity or would she just let you go on. I think not again! So im really hypocrytical when it comes to their realtionship. At times I think it’s real, because of the way they look at eachother, but then again it could just be that they are good friends. And then there are times that I think they are fake. For instance, the Hawaii pictures that just surfaced the net. Okay do you SEE how close they are?! They’re basically having sex on the beach!! But if you look really closely at their kisses it is nothing close to being a makeout session! If you are grabbing your gf’s fucking ass then you would expect Justin to be shoving his tongue down Selena’s throat. But nopee what do we see an awkward looking peck. Like what the fuck even when Justin is holding Selena up on his waist they’re not making out!! It looks like one of those on screen kisses that makes it appear as if you’re kissing someone but in reality you really aren’t! And another thing. Usually Justin and Selena get madd when the papparrazi are filiming their every move, but with these new Hawaii pictures they seem to not give a shit! I mean there’s even a couple of pictures where they are LOOKING at the fucking camera! Then again I don’t think that we should get so mad because those pictures had so much PDA. Justin is 17 he’s gonna wanna do those thing with his Gf. (if she really is) And it’s not like they’re at a public beach where there are thousands of people around. Now that would be an enitrely different story.
    Also those St. Lucia pictures looked like a freaking photoshoot or something! It reminds of the photoshoot that Kim K and Justin did awhile ago. Just not so touchy touchy haha(:
    I could go on for forever, but Im gonna stop! So yah that’s just my opinon sorry if you don’t like it but I also think that we should stop talking about their realtionship, because that’s what they want! They just wanna cause drama and for people to keep talking about them. If we all just SHUT THE HELL UP then maybe their relationship will subside. Oh and another thing. To the beliebers that say that Justin and Selena are adorable and a sexy couple. Don’t act like you aren’t jealous!
    Much love JVBieber_stunna xoxoxo

  • a belieber


    • little jealous but noy that jealous cz celebrities rn’t real they cheet n stuff gonna find the one the only that ma heart balongs ttoo bt we shouldn’t say antn cuz its there lives we should keep on ours!

  • OnceAJustinFan

    I personally agree with this article. Poor Justin losing most of his fans. I really used to respect Selena, she was one of the best teen stars out there. Looks like she comes from a very respectful family. But now after doing all of this for publicity is just stupid. She’s losing fans, Justin’s losing fans! Lose fans means lose money. Come on guys, justin if he really loves her that’s him and if she really ‘likes’ him okay I get it they are teenagers who like to date but seriously with all the evidence NOT BELIEVEING it- at all. All I know is that if somebody is threating my life i’d quickly get out of that “relationship”. I don’t understand why she would want to make fans all jealous. Every single Bieliber should read this-seriously.

  • rachael

    i think you should update this and add the pics from hawaii. they were clearly staged, and it was a private resort, no paparazzi. so selena/justin’s management must have taken them and leaked them an every kiss was in public and perfectly posed. totally fake. i think justin knows its for publicity, and thats why he isn’t always smiling anymore, because he knows what they’re doing isn’t right :/

  • rachael

    and also- how selena left justin’s grandma’s house wearing the same clothes as the night before… publicity seeking :/

  • yadira acevedo

    omG i loved how u explained it all!! i stayed till the end 🙂 n thats not something i usually do

  • theGIRL

    i have to admit before “jelena” thing i love selena gomez. i think she’s really cute. but, when i know she just using justin for publicity! it’s just make me sick, and make me don’t like her. ut, still respect her ofcourse. but, if this is what justin want yeah sure do what you want. whatever! bur remember one thing, you’ll be regret it !

  • gurlz

    justin if yoour going to marry her please please THINK! you know what happens when you get married you aways end up havng kids! , and that could happen because shes not wearing her ring and we all know what selena is like ! i mean calling you a kid months b4 you start dating :¬ come on justin if we can see it!, surely you can! xxx

  • JBBB

    Okay, so there were times when i kinda doubted that Justin and Selena’s relationship. With all the rumours going round it was fake, how could you not think that? Then after quite a few pictures were released i decided it was probably quite genuine, and i didn’t think much more of it.. then about a month ago, Justin posted on Twitter ‘@selenagomez i miss you’ and Selena posted back ‘@justinbieber i miss you too’. This was what made me start to think it wasn’t as real as i thought. Advertising it across Twitter where millions, literally millions (Justin has over 10 million followers and Selena over 8 million) of people could see it. Just to get publicity?
    Then i read this. It’s convinced me so much. I think that Justin and Selena should tell everyone it’s not real, so many people are fed up of pictures of them kissing all over the internet, and fans have gone off Justin since he’s had a girlfriend.

  • Have you guys ever think that maybe Justin was the one who is using Selena for publicity? Sorry if your mad

  • random

    well i think that they look cute together.

    • Anonymous

      No offense but in the Hawaii Pics it looked like they were almost posing…..Suspicion Rises…..During their kiss Justin looked around almost like he made sure cameras were there…..It Continues to Rise…..Last, Selena and Justin are sending each other love texts and tweets and whatever else, im a guy but with my girlfriend we never did that crap, it seems like they’re just tryin to get attention…..And We Wonder Why We Believed in the Romance…..Are they truly in love, I THINK NOT!

    • i don’t like them to together justin is hot selena is yuk i am prettier then her

      • Allie

        That’s just really rude to say your prettier then someone, Idk if you are prettier then Selena Gomez cause I have never met you but It’s rude to call someone out on if your prettier then them or not who cares? It just shows a lot of jealously.

        By the way Selena Gomez Is actually super pretty.

      • dakota

        hunny Selena is a star and shes really pretty no homo… and look your never going to date Justin Bieber because your a regular girl so forget it!! idk if your prettier or not bit if you were you would be a model or famous so shut up and stop hating!

        • Nia

          Child please!I my be 11,but I know hate when I see it! That was really stupid saying that u were prettier than Selena Gomez.Who knows.U might but u even had the nerve to say quote”Oh,I don’t like them toghether.I am prettier than her.”Who cares!!!!!!!!!Anyway,I beleave what that girl is saying up there.It took me a couple times to read it and understand it but I thik she is telling the truth and I do think that Selena Gomez is using Justin Bieber.Everything the person was saying was down to earth and true.I beleave the person and think that Selena Gomez really showed her TRUE COLERS in the pictures and videos and the stuff that she said.

        • Sunev

          wow you dont know that do u have a time machine?

        • Jewelz

          Like 4 Reall Do You Have Aa Time Machine……!!!

      • Justin Baranski

        He is an ugly little person and you my dear are an even uglier person who likes a boy with a lesbian haircut…

        • Jess British Belieber

          She’s the one in the wrong so why slag him off if he is the one just used for publicity… why go on a page about Justin just to slag him off? It’s kinda pathetic if you think about it….

        • Anonymous

          Selena is sooo pretty, can sing, can act. Look at Bieber ugly, rude, no talent. Selena should date someone like Roshon Fegan or James Maslow, Justin should date ugly Betty who looks like him

      • sarah goldstein

        well you know what Lauren? You’re probably uglier than a naked mole-rat!!!!!!! If you’re prettier than her then why aren’t YOU on Disney Channel or the tad bit famous!? HUHH HUHHH!

      • Faith Takacs

        First of all Justin bieber is just One of those stuck up celebrities and he is also so ugly he can’t even sing they just edit his voice to make it seem like he can and Selena at least can act and sing but she isn’t pretty but Justin isn’t anything but a over dressed celeb and well I really feel bad for his fans that think he is so cute and he is a great singer (they must be stupid or something) at least some people arnt like that.

      • sam

        i highly doubt that get off her back you pathetic haters

    • kelly

      ya well your stupid because they look terrible together… but i do love both of them

      • belieber.right.here

        okay, let’s get this straight: selena is sooo pretty and i love her hair and i want to have a body like her. she used to be my BIGGEST-and i mean BIGGEST role model,but then she started to act different-like crazy different. like look at her show wizards of waverly place a few years ago..now watch it and see how she has changed-it’s not so much the show, but the way she started to act when justin was famous. she took off her purity ring, started acting all bitchy. then there was the rumor she made up about a jb fan punching her lip-SO NOT TRUE!! then came along that news update saying that selena was more famous than miley cyrus because of jb. like wtf is this shit? i loved selena but she wrecked that for herself! then she started to dress slutty-really short dresses, low dresses, dresses that show her sides and stomach and much much more! like, get over urself selena! can’t you be thankful that you were on disney channel for 7 years, adored by kids and teens across the globe. you’d think she’s thankful, but NO, she wants MORE! and now i’m scared justin’s changing because of her. he is becoming like..he took a photo of his lower body! but i still love him <3 but just to say, GO AWAY SELENA! UR NOT WANTED!!!!!! thanks for reading xx

    • bieber sucks on beavers

  • wow i never thought about it that way! wow, selena is such a sleezy whore! i never used to hate her i actually loved her at one point, and i wanted to be her! she was a role model to me, but not anymore. she disgusts me. i also dont think she is a whore for “dating” justin. shes a whore because she’s playing justin. look at the facts, selena isn’t too big of a star out of disney’s little world, and justin is like the biggest star in the world! he could give anyone the headlines they wanted. at one point i was actually SUPPORTING jelena! i was happy justin was happy, but wow selena. how low can you get you dumb WHORE! poor selena? no, she know what she got herself into. i say poor justin. hollywood is so fake. fck selena she just lost me as a fan!

    • Justin Baranski

      They are together to boost both their careers the only difference in ten year Selena will still be acting Justin will be on Celebrity Rehab as the singer no one remembers!

    • marissa nevarez atayde

      i kno whatever u said was right i loved her alot n when i found out they were dating i tried not to cry but if he was happy then im happy,but now that i found out the truth i fuckin hate her i would never use justin for publicity so fuck u SLUTINA DUMMY BITCHY HOEMEZ (selena marie kayleigh gomez)

    • sam

      Ok lesliee if JB is the biggest star in the world how come he has only played in
      like 3 movies and selena gomez has played so many shows and movies so um
      i think she is way more of a star then he is

  • JennaDoesntCare!

    i agree but i never liked selena ive always disliked her since 2009 because she thinks she the cutest and best thing disney ever had. NEWSFLASH, she’s wasn’t and her 15 minutes of fame is almost up on disney. i admit she can act, but she cant sing and shes not cool! ive read in many magazines like ok! and glamour and stuff (not the teen ones like bop cuz theyre always up on selenas ass) and they all say “Selena who?” like seriously she needs to get over herself. many guys love u selena, go be with them and stop using justin! and she wonders why they call her slutlena hoemess, its true!

    • sarah goldstein

      @Jennadoesntcare! YEAH WELL NO ONE CARES YOUR ALIVE!!!!!

  • mee

    here are some words for selena: FAME-HUNGRY. USER. FAKE. HOE.
    here are some words for justin: WHY HER? you. can. do better.

    • Justin Baranski

      Other way around she can do better

      • Jess British Belieber

        Not really if she had to sink as low as leading a boy on and pretending to be in a relatiopnship for publicity…

    • sarah goldstein

      @mee here are some words for you: YOU. ARE. A. NAKED. MOLE. RAT.

  • kelsey

    It’s reported that Justin wants to marry her but she told a reporter that she would never marry him because he isnt the one

    • The Recording Machine

      Really, I cannot believe that. It sounds as if you made that up.

    • cheyy

      well, i never liked “jelena” only cuz i never thought it was a true relationship, cuz she dated nick when jonas brothers were famous. and i kinda thought that should have helped alot of people realize it was fake… but some people will never fully understand the whole story. they call us haters aginst “jelena” but really some of us reconize stuff and just wanna PROTECT justin. just sayyyinn.:)

      • Jess British Belieber

        agreed 🙂

        • they just both are not gonna be couples so jus foge about the relationship selena move on and stop playing the guy hes cool and needs his life going on at first whn i heard he was dating you i thouth it was a joke but then i realized it was true i was just so issapointed at him picking you and not miley i do not like likeyou beacuse you said you were going to tak all of miley fans i hate you for that before i was your fans but now no although i do not like miley too know of you

        • sam

          you all say that she is playing him but you dont know if he is playing her

      • Anonymous

        i know right we are not haters against jelena we are just trying to protect justin from getting hurt we don’t care about the other one the only person we care about is justin so get that in your little tiny heads

  • A Fan of Noone

    Both of them are lying, can’t you see it. The pics of them on the beach posing. THIS IS ALL A HOAX!

  • bubblezgopopz

    wow! whoa! ;o hehe i knew it was fake but never really had enough facts! job well done 2 u! i don’t like either of there music! so i don’t really care for the fake couple! but there just doing it for the show business its funny how fame and Hollywood can change people! smh


    I.Feel.Betrayed! Im not buying his perfume Someday cuz of this ! OUTRAGES it all makes sense now!

    • Carla.Bieber. xoxox

      Don’t Hate

    • Jess British Belieber

      He didn’t do anything wrong so why hate him?

    • sarah goldstein

      @OLLGA~ aren’t you a hater!! it’s not his fault and YOU SHOULD buy the perfume because it smells AMAZING and it goes to charity.. because unlike you he actually cares ABOUT PEOPLE and not about himself! so you’re just gonna let that charity have one less user?? hmph! you jerk!!

      • Mrs.Bieber

        @sarahgoldstein why don’t you stop judging everyone’s opinion and calling them rude names. people can have there own opinion and your being rude picking not to respect there opinion. they have there reasons to say what they say maybe you should go back and read it a couple of times and see if you get it.

        • Anonymous

          i agry everyone should have there own opinion but justin said he just uses girls is that true if it is i still thank he is totly hot and sweet

        • Mrs.Bieber

          what do you mean uses girls??

  • tony

    ur just jealous so just get a life

    • sarah goldstein

      @tony~ and you think YOU have a life?? maybe you should rethink that…..

  • biebergirl

    you could tell it was fake from the beginning like the girl said up there she just wants attention.

    • 143_dreamer

      i soo agree!! it all adds up!

  • Nicki

    Now Thaat i Think Of It… it Sounds True.
    1st. In The Hawaii Pictures, Justin Was Grabbing Her Ass! He’s A Sweet Boy, And When His Career Started He Always Respected Women.
    and 2nd. The whole maturity thing is also true. Face It. Selena Only Tweets ABout Buisness And Her Whole Album Comming Up Soon. But Justin, Sure he tweets about how many views his videos get && His producs like someday once in a while, but he also tweets jokes and pranks and messes around most of the time. That’s why fans love him. He reply’s to as many ans possible and if he cant, he retweets them to let them know he saw their tweet. (:

  • 143_dreamer

    did selena want justin to quit doin the ollg?

    • Mimi1234

      Yeah she did 🙁 but Justin said no coz it’s a tradition 🙂

      • Jess British Belieber

        whats the ollg?

        • Anonymous

          It’s the one less lonely girl song/thing he does in every show where he calls one girl on stage and serenades her and gives her flowers.

        • sarah goldstein

          how do ya’ll know that she said that?? If she did that’s really mean:(

  • 143_dreamer

    i think shes controlling him

  • Courtney

    I can believe all of this.. in one of her music vids she has brown hair just like Justin’s used to be and it shows it almost the whole time…..

  • Justin's Next GF

    I always knew something was fishy. They look so wierd together. They were always a little too touchy and I found it strange how they were almost always scared to officially admit that they were in a relationship. Trust me. Now that Selena’s got her Album out and Monte Carlo, Im sure their “relationship” will be over soon

    • Christina

      thts excactly my point!

  • Kayla

    Ugh I hate her she use to be my role model when I was younger and to hear this is so shallowvof her ad Justin. Hollywood is so fake these days.

  • dakota

    Yalll need to shut the fuck up bitches who cares if you dont like them its none of ur damn buisness get a life..

    • sarah goldstein

      someone’s got a pottymouth…… you need to go wash your mouth out with soap!! hmph.

  • hay it is sulienugomase i love you

  • Matt

    Let me just get something straight. If your not 100% around Selena and Justin all the time (which I’m sure your not) then you are in no position to judge. You don’t know how they act when the paparazzi is not around or how they feel about each other. I don’t know either so I can’t say they are really dating and neither can you. Lets leave it at that.

  • he’s definitely not her type because she liked shia labeouf and look at him compared to justin..

    • Christina

      i know right

  • Christina

    I Am not a JB fan at all but my best friend is and when all my friends that love jb and even my best friend told me he was going out with selena gomez i felt like laughing soo hard but i literally told everyone nah they arnt really dating and then when it was all over i was like weird a week before they even started dating selena said she would NEVER date him…haha so much for Never Say Never. and for not being into JB that much Selena Gomez is N0T honestly right for him. when i look at these two i dont even see sparks i see a freakin set up so thats why i’ve been searching about this and ya your right about the video and you shouldve seen at the billboard music awards i was like wow so obvious and everyone else who saw it with me said the exact same thing if anything this is for publicity but their gonna keep going with it until theirs a marriage then a divorce then probally over and ya just watch right after selenas album comes out and her show is DONE this relationship is possibly gonna be over

  • Christina

    Honestly I Love Selena (NO HOMO) I love her music she is pretty but i can tell she just wants the fame just see it this way:
    When The Jonas Brothers Became famous,Who did she date?Nick Jonas
    When Twilight Became famous,Who did she date?Taylor Lautner
    When Taylor Swift Became more famous,who did she become BFF’S with?Taylor Swift
    When Justin Bieber became a Sensation,who did she date?Justin Bieber
    im just stating the obvious fact and look at demi and miley you dont see them in her life no more sooooo i agree thats all she wants and like i said im a fan of selena but im just stating the obvious fact….

  • Minka

    Ok, let’s say this is a whole HOAX. It’s not new, many celebrities do this in the beginning of their careers, both are superstars, and both want to be the biggest known superstar couple, just like britney & timberlake.
    YES, it’s hollywood people!
    I honestly think like Selena, my mind and way to think of her never has changed because of her appearance of a couple of meaningless blogs & rumors. Justin, very sweet boy, but yes, I do believe it’s all fake, maybe they like each other, but no love, & that’s OKAY. They are young, I think it’s insanely stupid for many to think they should get so serious & engaged at such a young age, I mean for justin of course, he’s young, she’s reaching her 20s. Negative comments like these are just sad to see from the public, just shows how hatred and common low people and children are these days.
    LET IT BE. Best thing you can do is not care, then the fling will be over!

  • arianna.g

    I am so confused about Jelena’s relationship I don’t know what to bielieve! I wish this whole thing would stop! It’s not healthy for all this stuff to be goin on in there relationship.But it did look like they were posin in Hawii.


    i have to say tht all tht makes a lot of sens but if u look at it in a nother way we never kno if theyre relashionship is real or fake i love selena and justin more but if theyre happy together let them and if they both kno its a set up there might be a reason for that becuz obviously justin wouldnt agree on what selena is doing so if he knows its a set up why would he agree with it he must be getting something in return so i just say leave it ;like it is becuz saying all that might mean something to the fans but not to both of them and like i said it means to the fans but fans cant do anything about it and also sometimes things could start up as a set up and end up in a real relashionship,in real romance. maybe all that is true or maybe its not but ull never know so just leave the couple alone and let them deal with theyre own business cuz saying all that wont help at all if u want to change things arround with them. my opinion is that they actually look cute together and if they both know its a set up then there must be a reason for that 🙂 love you justin <3

  • Reaghan

    This is so true!! One of my good friends recently moved to California and he was out somewhere and got to meet either one of their publicists or someone that knew they’re publicists or managers or something and they told him all about how the relationship is fake and it’s just a big publicity stunt, but I’m pretty sure he’s in on it too.. I don’t think they’re doing that behind his back

  • sarah goldstein

    Hmph. to all of you!

    • kelly SHORT

      why are you insulting people and throwing it out there like that?? I thought we WERE ALL FRIENDLY here but i guess not so i guess that the word of the day is “letdown”..
      you people DISGUST me!!!

  • Hey everyone i have to admit me and justin are just good friends. hes like my little brother! I wouldnt wanna date my little brother. Hope u will take a peek at my new album When the sun goes down. Bye guys!

    • Nia

      your movie Monte Carlo soon and try my best to buy your new album.Have a good day!!!!Bye!!!!:D!!!!!!!!

    • grace

      we have no proof that this post was by Selena :S

    • sam

      sound like someone is a selena gomez wannabe i mean she is so busy in life do
      you think she has time to get on the computer and write that lets get real here

  • Nia

    Iam sorry about my comment about u showing your true colors.I am 11 and big enough to apoligize to u and if he is like you little brother then why are u all kissy fa
    ce with him??????:-|.Suspicious.I have nothing against u but I’m just saying.Be carfull.U don’t want to hurt Justin.I am a fan of u and Justin.Good luck on your album!!!!I will try my best to buy it and see your new movie Monte Carlo.Good luck and have a good,blessed,and fantastic day.:D!;-)!

  • Anonymous

    Can you get a life and leave them alone?

  • Natalie (Future Mrs.Bieber)

    wow i didnt even know their managers set them up…weird. and if selena never wanted to date him cuzz he is a “little kid” then treat him the way you wouldve when u said he is a kid. wtf…? and all you selena and jb supporters cant u understand the relationship is a setup? if u dnt then re read the story until u do.

  • camilla

    1. Justin AND Selena are such a down to earth human beigns
    2. they are good people
    3. they are not crazy…like lilo or demi
    5. SOOO WHAT???
    6. Yes…i do believe they take advantage to the fact that they are dating
    8. they are going through a real scary time of their lifes they made the transition or die as stars
    9. sooo…they need each other —if selena goes stronger as a celeb so does justin… so they can make the transition
    10. i mean Scooter once said they need strong brand…just like the smiths plus Jb or slenea plus jb or drake plus jb or chris plus jb….all them are rising stars!

    • Mimi1234

      Don’t insult jasmine V, shes amazing!

    • grace

      you said it! 😀

  • anonomyous

    you all are stupid jealous bitches. THEY’RE DATING. get over it! only they know if they’re in love or not or if its for publicity or not. unless your personal friends with them both then shut the hell up and stop acting like you know what your talking about. you’ll never know; none of us will! like who the hell cares if its for publicity or not..and they don’t need to be dating each other for attention. they were both perfectly fine when they weren’t together. you all are physcos and the fact that you went THAT deep into there lives is a little weird..you’re ovbiously jealous of everything they have. oh and you probably have no life since you probably took a matter of days setting that up. yeah, we all love them, i know. i do too. i feel like more than half of you don’t love them for what they do..their music, acting, clothing line, ect. all of you are too busy checking sites like these to see what the latest “jelena” news is while you could be out somewhere actually living your life. stop staying home and blogging about things that DON’T MATTER. get out of your house for once and grow up everyone.

    • Squeeky

      I totally agree with u!!!!!!!!!!!!11

      • saraboo

        literally, this is perfect.

  • Squeeky

    I don’t beleave it, they are in love its not fake and why would u do that do them. ur not them to know whats happening in there heads i beleave in the relation ship. sorry for u………………………………………
    Go Justin & Selena u guys live ur live the way u want to
    p.s Selena Gomez is not fake

    • grace

      ^ agreed 🙂

  • ..

    wow if you really did like selena, you wouldn’t even be writing this whole article about how she’s using justin. your artice is in full detailing, that most people don’t even look into. kind of creepy don’t you think? if two people are happy together, why can’t people just let them be? even if their relationship is for publicity, it isn’t any of your business anyways. it’s not even your place to say anything because you’re not even suppose to know about their relationship in the first place. you don’t know who or how they are 100%, judging from pictures on the internet or appearances on tv. they could be the complete opposite of who you think they are. just grow up and stop getting into other people’s business, that most likely don’t even know you exist.

  • grace

    I find this completely untrue. I personally hate JB and ADORE SG. me and a friend of mine know EVERYTHING about her, and she would never do this.

    • grace

      and by the way even though i dont like him i respect that others do 🙂

    • rachel

      hey grace, im not being disrespectful or anything but you dont know her personally. in showbiz, a lot of stars are forced into relationships, for publicity and to make money, its sad but true. it is more than likely that selenas management thought about her new album and film, and wanted to get more attention for the media. and we all know justin’s liked selena for ages. it was the perfect plan.

  • Shawn

    Wow how you look at this as Selena was begging for the kiss clearly your not seeing this. She was looking at him smiling and about to speak when he looked over and seen the paparazzi and went in for a kiss which surprised her couldn’t you see her go off balance after the kiss. Why would Selena need to have that kind of publicity when she is already famous and he was still rising on the charts and now that they have been dating he is bigger then ever. Now wait and see the real truth in why they were dating that’s going to blow your mind.

  • Shawn

    Selena isn’t the one using here she was already famous long before JB came out it was him who needed the publicity with his movie and career her Album and new movie would be a hit with JB in the picture. Look at it again why is Justin looking away from Selena and looking at the camera he wanted the camera to get a good look at the kiss. Plus if JB comes out and tells the truth then it will be him who will lose a lot of fans not Selena it was JB’s manger and public relations people that wanted this to happen to cover up the truth.

  • Shawn

    Just finished reading the rest of the article yes Selena’s show is coming to a end but her fame was not in danger it just ment that her singing career would be greater and she will be doing more movies she doesn’t need to date anyone to make her more famous she already is famous it was JB who need to be more famous so he took a ride on Selena’s fame to make him look better. But his mom and public relation people and JB himself is hiding a secret that a lot of people can see and his fan will be shocked when they hear it. So JB start teling the truth.

  • nicki .

    umm . if they werent really dating and they just wanted it for pulicitly they would have said they were dating and they wouldnt change the subject or not just answer it on the interviews when the interviewers asked them . JS.

    • Mrs.Bieber

      they didn’t say anything because it makes it seem more like a mystery witch gets more pap and media attention

  • Trends

    Wooh! Great Analysis, but bad conclusions. If you are trying to prove a point and you have already made up a conclusion–you will try every means to prove your reasoning correct in order to derive to the point in whatever conclusions you want to end up with. That’s how it works with theories and conclusions. You have to be neutral. You are basically picking up every negative statements to prove your points. But, the proof you have given are not at all conclusive because your proof are purely speculations. You probably have never fell in love before so you can’t see the possibility of falling in love with a person of whom you thought you would like to be a friend with forever. There are so many signs showing that their love did evolve through friendships, but regardless if Justin didn’t make the first move, nothing would have happened. He is smart enough to wait for the right time to confess his love for her and was able to convince her to jump into working on their relationships. She probably did hesitate before because of the age difference, but later on decided why risks losing somebody you love by being afraid–you should take control of your life and be happy. She used to be a lot more cheerful and lively than the way she is acting currently, now. She definitely is working really hard to drive all these negativities away to live her life and to be happy. I am really impressed with both of their efforts. Both of them are very down to earth and compassionate people. You can not fake the feeling of being compassionate and being in love. Unfortunately, you are wrong in proving your points, everything they did and have done are part of their growing up. Whatever they did in Hawaii was plain innocence, they didn’t expect the camera to be all over them. They did tone down their PDAs. If they are really after the publicity then they would have done worst. I think what they are doing now is the right thing–putting in as much time to stay together, and supporting each other 100% since both of them are busy in their own careers. This will make their relationships grow stronger. There are a lot of the news circulating in the web about them. Most of them are old news made new because they are now trying to stay in low profile as much as possible. These news are mostly repeats of other news generated again and again. Some articles are even taken out of context and are formulated with the writers own opinions and speculations. These are media created frenzies which are not funny any more and are very annoying. These are just created for the sake of creating more gossips. It is not Justin and Selena’s faults when this happens. With their kind of upbringing and personalities, I don’t believe in every conclusion you make. I have to give you a failing mark and thumbs down for your analysis.

  • Trends

    The couples are fighting against all the odds and trying to stay above everything.
    I am sorry to say that there’s such saying as Love conquers all !!! People who are hating on other people should stop hating because you have to remember that whatever you are doing right now will come back to you ten folds. That is the universal law of nature–the law of attraction–that’s also karma and that’s life.

  • Anonymous

    dude, when the Jonas Brothers were big, she dated Nock Jonas, when Twilight was big, she dated Taylor Lautner, and now, that Justin Bieber is big, she’s apperantely dating him!!
    i just soooo dislike selena sooo much now!
    no offense!!!

  • Anonymous

    I Live In Hawaii Maui, I Saw Justin Bieber At McDonald And He Wasn’t Even With Selena & They Pictures Are Fake. They Wasn’t Even At Kanapali Beach Hotel Where The Pictures Was. Plus Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Isn’t Even Dating That Fake. They just Want Fans To Believe They Are When They Are Not.

  • Jelena

    Why do you guys care so much? Can’t you just let them be? You can call it fake, but I know it’s REAL. Selena was the only one to go to Canada to meet Justin’s family. If you hate or think Jelena is fake, then don’t even care about it anymore ok? Selena is gorgeous and Justin is hot. They might not make the perfect couple, but they’re in love <3 So shut up about it please 🙂

  • i love selena gomez is nice to everone like to justin bieber are demi lovato are miley cyrus and i love your songs selena gomez and i love you goodbey selena gomez have i good night

  • i dont like justin bieber i like and love selena gomez i love you selena

  • Mimi9323

    I don’t like them together. Fake or not. I’m sure my opinion doesn’t matter but I just wanted to say that. I was once a huge fan of Selena and sometimes still am but sometimes seems different about her… I can’t put my finger on it though. I think the mean tweets toward her are soo unnecessary. It’s rude and would you say that to her face? Yeah, no. But it’s completely…. ugh! I can’t even put a word for it! Selena shouldn’t play Justin like that, whether he wants her to be his fake girlfriend or not. She should be nicer and not play with his emotions. She shouldn’t care about her popularity that much to play with a 17 year-olds emotions. It’s not right. I don’t like it. I mean I can’t be sure if it’s real dating or not but what the girl made their relationship seem very fake. I don’t know Justin Bieber but I saw his movie and he seemed like a great kid. It’s unfair and cruel to lead a guy like him on just for the benefit of yourself. I hope this makes sense to ya’ll. We should all probably stay out of their social lives but… look at what we’re doing now! 😛

  • malak/angel

    hey whats up, my name is malak (thats my arabic name) but u could call me angel…i see these days the story about justin bieber and selena gomez’s fake relationship, pretty popular story huh..well let me share with every body what info i got…the only reason they were {fake} dating was because their mums or parents had some business going on between them {which i dont know what it was} and i dont know whats the point of them fake dating any way, so im guessing they forsed them or some thing..thats all i got and first time to know that selena dated taylor lautner and who ever else she dated…i need to read about that 😀

  • cookieface

    i don’t know if there dating game is real or not
    but i think if selena was talking about how young he was and all when she wasn’t dating him and started dating him right when he was famous it could be fake nothing to selena but u need to remember he has over thousands of
    girls screaming his name and would do anything for him but think justin could have spent so much time with selena that he fell in love cuz he spent like lots of money on her unless someone paid him to act like he really loves
    that girl and also remember that kiss totally fake he’s standing there looking at the cameras think if that kiss is real he would look in her eyes or her face
    like I REALLY LOVE U GIRL YES I DO DON’T TELL ME I THAT I DON’T nobodys buying that cheap kiss

  • cookieface

    are u jealus are u just trying to keep justin from getting hurt

    • Belieber

      Listen! She’s not jealous…what she’s saying is actually true! Ur just saying that because u can’t handle the truth!

      • cookieface

        i can handle the truth trust it’s just that some people r hating and i don’t know but i’m trying to figger it out for myself and if i do i’ll letcha know what i got

        • Belieber

          I like Selena she’s really pretty, I like her songs & all but I’m not THAT big of a fan anymore now that I know she’s fake…she’s just using him & the said thing is that Justin doesn’t care. Selena is the most prettiest girl closer to his age plus he’s 17 so do the math…She wants him for publicity & he wants her because he’s had a thing for her since way back.
          U might have noticed that Justin didn’t seen happy in some of his pictures like when he was all jolly before, he seemed serious, maybe because he found out that she’s just using him. But now he seems happier, maybe he doesn’t care anymore, he just wants the girl…=/

        • Anonymous


        • You are just weird selena you stole my boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • ashes

          IM NOT KIDDING BIELEBERS ARE SOOOOOOOO STUPID sel & jus did………….NOT!!!!!break up theres a jusin bieb club & it sais hes actually waning to mary her! im serious! i hate bielebers it woud not be selens falt if they did break up i mean my gosh u could date a guy 4 a sec and he would b a total jerk!!!!

      • Anonymous

        of first Belieber i h8t ur name but i aggre all the fans who say o ur just jelous of him cuz he has so much thalent. he dosent have tallent and why would any 1 b jelous of him they have there own life to live why want his?

        • biebergod

          i think u kid an missed the point here dude, i think belieber was trying to say that fans arent jealous of selena, justin wasn’t in that part. and if u don’t like him then why did u go on thins website in the first place???

        • biebergod

          Kind of**

        • because he is hot! you are a loser!!!!!!!

    • LOL . whuut ? Are you stupid or what ?
      ITS HER OPINION. IT KINDA LOOKS LIKE ITS SET UP. i think justin didnt know this. he’s like really in love with her.

  • Mimi

    Listen this is so true listen to her she tell the truth and nothing but the truth…. I use to like selena but now i hate her wit all my gut… She using my boo SMGDH…. TTYL..

    • Jamie

      Yeah I used to like Selena too, but now she’s just plain horrible.

      • Anonymous

        i just found out on another website that selena has got justin biebers name on her arm but from seeing that i still wonder if they get married ?

  • JustinBeatuyFan


    • sh'kara


  • tyler

    i think selena her mom and scooter schemed justin into a relationship with selena gomez.

    • tyler

      i really do think selena her mom and scooter schemed justin into a relationship for selena gomez,her mom and scooter’s fame and fortune.selena doesn’t deserve such sweet boy like justin because he desires much more and way better from her.and i also realise that he is a hugger and he likes to fingle.alli have to say is watch where you touch and be very careful and good luck with your relationship/thank-you for your time reading this comment if you are reading it.

      • Anonymous

        that is not fake selena love justin

  • malena

    omg this is so true.
    i never actually thought about being this way, although i sometimes would think it was fake. ur truely amazing.

  • cookieface

    but must addit after seeing all these people say their relashionship is fake i’m gonna figga it out so

    on ellen selena says “oh brother he’s so little oh no he’s like my little brother
    i don’t that’s wierd”and look at her face
    on another interview selena says he’s 16 i’m 18 not it’s not (okay to date him)
    i’m 18 that’s illegal now justin addmits he does’t like selena go to youtube interview justin bieber talks selena gomez ” i think selena gomez is pretty but i don’t like her she cute i think she’s a cutie but uhm”
    not jelena hater

  • cookieface

    NOT A JELENA HATER but on the david letterman selena says she and justin met when his manager called her mom whitch is problie her manager so thats means thats their meeting is a setup by their manager and they problie started hanged hang’n and dating then too.

    • Anonymous

      Seriously! i mean if she l=thinks of him as littl ewuldnt that be a bad rep for her?? and if she thinks of him like a brother hwo dates there brother?! thats sick man.

      • cookieface

        yeah i mean if she didn’t say that then people would be all the
        relashionship is fake

  • Anonymous

    ok #1 slena dosent need the publisity shes already really famous.#2 if she really did want it why go out wuth him hes young and fadeing into the backround.#3 it seems to me like hes the one who wants her i mean i saw this pic of them walking down thw street and it looked like he saw a cammra and turned to her and pullled her in for a kiss.#4 when they were on there trip in almost every pic they are kissing or playing pattycake (lol) but is that a set up? idk all i know is i wouldent want to go out with a kid i considerd my brother or someone that was to young for me. i just say to slena its ur life but you are way too good for him!

  • lindo justin biber hoje ele vai fazer um show na globo 2011

  • Bravo51

    i cant help but laugh at the people who say your jealous and that selena doesnt need the publicity because if she didnt start to fake date bieber 90% of the people wouldnt even know her name she would just be yet another washed up and forgotten disney girl with a cancel show, two failed movies, and some of the worst auto tuned garbage music going. BUT she start to fake date bieber and suddenly all his brain dead fans became fans of her because he told them too. his fans are so lame and brain dead they would kill themselfs if he said too despite the fact he said he doesnt like his fans.

  • Ok, first of all, you can’t completely and definitely say that their relationship is fake. I’ve seen ur evidence and i agree it’s tempting to say that, but i dont think justin (in ur point of view) is stupid (although in my point of view…well lets not discuss that right now) therefore he wouldnt act like a leech and just be with selena in a fake realtionship becuz she needs it and he “always had a thing for her” no no no he has to either be gettin a shit load of money, or he has to be just like her (in the bad sense that u put her in) so he’s just doing it becuz he wants to use her for kissing or whatever so while i do agree that their realtionship could turn out bad in the end, it’s working and been working for quite a while now, no one sticks around that long and i think maybe they are real because ur vid of him kissing her at vanity fair, for example, is flawed. the opinion of it that is, becuz bieber culd have been looking at the camera becuz he saw them while about to kiss selena and thats y he was looking at them. also, selena titled her head down, but not to get his attention, she was looking at something and then bieber turned around and she looked up, causing her head to do the lil tilt-y thing and then they made eye contact, he swooped in, and noticed the paparazzi on the way, and then kissed her and prob whispered something about cameras to her (which was y the kiss was so short) and that was y she turned around.

  • Justin But not SELENA

    I used to think that may be sel popular was down so she has to be coming popular again by dating with justin bieber which is the number one superstar if they dating paparazzi will more focus at sel cuz of she is justin girlfriend i think justin might know but u know evyboy like pretty girl ryt? i see somepic of them when dating it such sel begging justin to kiss her when they in public or with the paparazzi and if u guys have younger boyfriend will u say he’s a kid or illegal if it me i wont do that if i really love him evyboy dont like his gf look him a kid ryt? I not 100 percent trust that they fake but almost 99 percent i think lol and i almost love the way ‘belieber’ think I LOVE HER POST wowww!!! But i also like sel’s song 🙂 thx for readingggg

  • biebergod

    U R MY HERO!!!! this is exactly how i have felt from the beginning and everyone just says its because i love justin and am just jealous of selena, but its not. i mean yeah I’m jealous but there was totally something messed up with their relationship, it just wasn’t right.

  • biebergod

    Bravo51 i agree with ur first part and thought it was funny but the fan thing…i seriously don’t know 1 of my friends who loves him and actually likes her. people may say they do just to be like “oh justin would so like me if i said that i liked selena” but deep down, come on people, u don’t actually like her.

  • viola

    I had my doubts too. I mean Justin seemed very into her from the starts and she never really did until it was official all the sudden.And then that weird kiss in wich they both looked so awkward.But now it seems like he is using her for publicity too.I mean when she was at his concert.So whatever i am used to this puclicity dating celebs do it all the time

  • sgivaetrpvbhsdbufg

    GOD!!! jealous cow!!! just get over it he loves her!!! farrk and she loves him stop being a b!tch

  • i love selena gomez and justin bieber too but more selena they are amazinnngg <3<3

  • RaeBieber

    Look at that, all Justin did was peck her, looking straight into the camera. and on one interview, she called him a dork. Look it up on youtube. I would understand a Belieber who’s nice, down to earth, and sweet to be dating him. But Selly? and I saw him at the bahamas. wanting an autographs, what does he say “sorry not now guys.” Not even sorry. and Selena was giggling the whole time -____-

    • Anonymous

      i wonder if justin is ever gena let selena go

      • chatterbox341

        I think in the summer of 2012 justin is going to come to his senses and break up with her and finally date one his fans or even go back to dating that jasmine girl. Either way i think selena is a good person deep down but her mom is the enforcing her decisions to do all of this publicity junk.

  • Sierra

    I wish i had a chance with justin 🙁

  • a justin fan

    justin is beautiful a want let sel go forever

  • anti biber fan

    estupid idiot

  • a biber fan

    CALL ME JUSTIN 6670 9654

  • Anonymous

    Hi i am a friend of Justin and Selenas and i can say that some of the evidence you have here is true but i can’t say what exactly

  • I hate idiots

    This is true, I like Selena but yes she is a attention wanter when she was younger she copied everything about Miley Cyrus she copied Miley & wanted all the publicity if you do some old research back when Miley Cyrus was huge she copied her and made a joke about her and it was all over magazines and all of that and she didn’t care so it made Selena bigger. People just like Selena for her looks she can’t really sing but I still like her it’s just they really want to make Selena a big star like every family star. Demi Lovato is someone who can sing & she was the first famous person to ever go on a date with Justin if you remember she kissed him then the next day all the sudden Selena is interested in him? Honestly Demi post “He’s so mature and a good kisser” then all the sudden she starts dating him right away? Demi has less fans & I think she would be better for Justin if you throw all the things she did like cutting herself (she never did drugs or drinked) she would be an actual good match for Justin no one really cared about Demi Selena hogged all the fame she dumped Taylor lautner who was big in twilight after that was done she dumped him, she stopped hanging out with Taylor swift after she stop being as big as she was, she never talked to Miley ever since Miley stopped being famous, Miley was the most popular person in the world apparently if you search her up, I like Selena but she has changed to greedy. Sorry for horrible grammar –


    here is some thing now one knows ME AND JUSTIN ARE DATEING WE ARE TOTTELY IN LOVE IAM SUPRIZED POPEROTZY HASNT SEEN US WE HAVE BIEN IN PUBLIK SO MENY TIMES selena JUSTIN IS SO TOOKEN GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry what no iam not


    i ued to like selena but now i totellty dont not at all not a tiny bit

  • Hater


  • Sharon

    I don’t think that Selena want’s to do that but her mother is making her do that..

  • canyouthink

    You are all dumb as dirt. Selena Gomez’s parents have paid a promotion company millions of dollars to promote her. This includes getting her apearances in music videos, recording a horrible CD and paying people to let her into celebrity events. Selena Gomez is a no talent prostitute willing to do anything to be perceived as famous. She is the worst sort of useless human on earth.

  • Taylor C.

    I want Justin to date me and not that stupid Selena.Justin should be with one of us fans.who is with me.If your with me hit the thumb that is green and reply. I hope Justin can make a show.Justin if you see this I like the part of the kids choice award were you got slimy.I voted for you to be best male Singer and for you to get slimy.I wish I could meet you in person I’m your #1fan. I love you and you fans.

  • Emma

    I dont like Justin Bieber but I know they are dating for publicity because my friends brother went for his job to see JB and he and Selena don’t even like each other they technically hate each other.

  • рома

    ты пидр ебаный

  • Poor jus………

  • I selena really gonna break justin’s heart if someone else comes up i’m gonna hit her.

  • nicki

    wow who ever is buying this psycho fans story is pathetic and gullible.my younger brother had a friend and i was kinda friends with him.when my friends would see him they would ask me to hook them up with him and i did 3 times.his name was brad.i never liked brad like that because he was normally the guy i wouldn’t go for,but he would tell my brother that i slept with him but i never did.but after a while he kept asking me out and i started to like him.and nobody knew we we’re together until my family caught us kissing and it was a shock to them because they know my type.my mom didn’t like that because i was 17 and he was 18 but its not a big age difference just like 16 and 18,so get over you morons.

  • Trinity

    I am sorry for u bothe. It must be hard. I feel sorry for bothe of them

  • Trinity

    So u guys r saying u like Justin Bieber more.
    Then Selena

  • likeg6

    justin bieber still wants to play selena and be passionate eternal
    disguised but really he not love her
    because he wants to show others how a loving couple
    he see she as friend best
    but selena does not want to play anymore really want something serious with him

  • roxy

    Yes, it could have all started as a setup and no one could disagree with that. However, what they never thought is that these two would actually fall in love. Right now I don’t think Selena still sees him as a little brother. She loves him and he has loved her from the beginning of the ‘fake’ relationship. Now the managers are not so happy because they have feelings for each other and they are not done yet. And for all the haters out there, I hope they never will be. They seem to love each other. Yes, Selena has been influenced by her mom and others but let them be. I think by now they have built a strong relationship. Let them be happy and you yourself be happy and don’t envy the happiness of others. I wish them the best. 😀