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justin bieber ice skating

Ice Skating with Jaden Smith & Justin Bieber Mix

Justin posted this on his twitvid. Love it when these guys are together.

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  • Lol

    So they Say Justin isn’t himself when he’s around Selena, Yeah She was recording this. lol So yeahh there you goo….That smile when he walks towards the camera Kills me everytime.

    • crrrrrr

      yeah but the thing is they mean when he’s alone with her not his friend and her, just them two he’s not always smiley really, plus he’s with jaden having fun selena is just recording and when the camera is off? is he still smiling, not really there’s other pictures where he’s just skating and jaden went off somwehre. he’s not smiling sooooo thats what they mean

      • Haha.

        2 pictures.You can’t determine if someone is happy by looking at pictures. I just don’t get why fans can’t accept the fact that he is happy. You don’t know what happens behind that camera lens. You have never went with them somewhere or on a date with them. From all those sittings and people commenting on them, all that’s said is the they super smiley. I used to hate Jelena. but Justin is happy.

        • crrrrrr

          i never said i only saw 2 pictures, i saw pictures and a fan video someone took. he didn’t look happy. justin was happy with all his girlfriends he might even be happy when he gets a new girlfriend

        • Anonymous

          so cool !!!!!! i love his move !!!!!

  • heather

    So i was incredibly impressed with his on-ice dancing skills until i remembered he’s a canadian and he plays hockey haha then i wasn’t so much impressed as i was super jealous.

    • OMG

      I Agree.

  • Haha.

    I love how Sel focuses on Justin the whole time. He is himself around her, I had my doubts about them dating. But his smile is just to Precious. I support them Now.

  • CoolBelieberBro

    My favorite part was his swaggy fall haha

  • Jelena

    OMG!! i love those 2 they r the perfect couple nd justin is pretty good at skatin

  • christina

    I don’t Get Selena First She Says Justin Is Like A Brother Like Her Own Family Then She Says He’s Little Then She sayd Its Illegal To Date Justin. Justin Said Selena Isn’t My Type Uhmm Nothing Changed About Selena. Justin Asked Her Out A long Time Ago She said Now But Now She Says Yes?

  • Bella

    When he fell OMG. I am dying. This was my morning laugh.

  • MJ

    Did Anyone notice the SWAGG laugh imitation of Jaden probably by Justin….. that was AMAZINGGG !!!!

  • chelsea

    Jaden smith’s laugh was to die for. You heard the way it sounded. LOL hilarious!!!!!

  • beibsbestbeliber

    why does Jaden have that little crutch thing?

  • [o0


  • cookieface

    ah ha justin u almost feel it looks u r shaking your but

  • Belieber

    If Justin Wasnt happy then he wouldnt be with her!